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Jessica O'Neill had made a desperate bid to save her family from ruin and was likely to bring it on herself Not only had she become a remarkable talent on the London stage but she was sought by one of society's darlings the handsome wealthy Earl of Linton as his mistress Oh what a tangled web we weave

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    I am giving a low rating to a perfectly adeuate Fairy Tale Regency romance because I am familiar with the author's other works and I know she is capable of better than this In her other Regency books like Golden Girl and Lord Richard's daughter she has been able to create independent intelligent women with a true vocation painting in the case of the former and writing in the case of the latter aside from marriage while remaining true to the historical era and social conventions I thought she was doing the same with the heroine of this book a very proud brave and passionate girl who sets out to both save her legacy and pursue a true passion for horsebreeding As nice as the romance was overall I was disappointed that the book concluded with her simply relinuishing both dreams as the necessary payment for matrimonial bliss and social acceptance The heroes in the formerly mentioned books were supportive of their lady love's vocation to the end and it was actually the biggest part of why they fell in love in the first place I wish it had been the same here because it was a waste of a great heroine

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    It's the H who lifts this book a book with a most intricate and fabulous plot for a regency While the h mostly irks with her oh so good at everything perfectionview spoilerImagine a gently bred lady deciding to become a mistress to earn her way out of a mortgage Not just that the guy holding the papers her neighbour offers her marriage or loss of her property but of course she chooses independence rather than be bound to a man in marriage an institution she perceives no less than slavery Thoughts we all can applaud but it was difficult imagining a regency miss striking out to become an actress of the Covent Garden theatre an idea snatched out of thin air as it would be an ideal place to chance upon a rich benefactor AND then she becomes a hit In this stumbled upon profession and rules the stage a la Mrs SiddonsAnd she does find her manthankfully she waits for the H to appear as all of London is enamoured with the new wonder of the Covent Gardens And during their 'association' she easily accept money from the H while jewellery makes her feel like a whore Sex for money or euivalents is the same thing imo Their relationship soon turns from the customary lord mistress to something much and which is decidedly sweet and satisfying to read The H is a strong steadfast type who decides that he’d marry her despite all the expected obstacles But the h baulks at the harm to his social standing if he does so and expectedly bolts Of course he tracks her down and wears her down as wellNow for the irritants and weaknessesThe h has to be the most unimaginably capable far sighted and lucky person possible considering her troubles and the risky actions she takes as everything turns up trump for her And so proficient at everything too managing a household acting being a mistress securing loans from loan sharks and starting and running a stud farmNow all through the book I waited for the sword that dangled to fall that is someone to recognise her I wouldn’t be far off if I expected the villain the neighbour to saunter in one day to watch her play and recognise her but that man just vanishes off the pages of the bookBut the H and the hH relationship makes up for all the eyeroll able stuff and so definitely a 35 hide spoiler

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    Loved this bookLady Jessica Andover needs money to keep her beloved home after her stepfather has frittered away all of her money Thanks to a governess who has a love of literature and Shakespeare and who today would be considered a vocal coach Jessica has a deep and abiding love and understanding of dramatic literature and the voice to move peopleShe embarks on a desperate scheme Telling her family a great fib that she is going away to visit friends in Scotland Jessica instead goes to London and using the name Jessica O'neill becomes an actress with an eye to actually becoming a well kept mistress to some wealthy manJessica's scheme works only too well She becomes an overnight sensation and she catches the eye of the Earl of LintonShe becomes his mistress and to the dismay of his friends and family they can see the two become even deeply involved than is wise What else are well meaning friends and family are supposed to do? Interfere for everybody's own good so that Linton doesn't ruin his lifeAt first I thought Jess was a little too high on herself And to be fair she realized how arrogant and wrong headed she was about her feelings of love and marriage But over the course of the story I absolutely came to enjoy JessAnd then there is the Earl of Linton Yummy hero He and Jess fall in love and begin to realize because of her having been on the stage that they may not be accepted by polite society if they marry Linton is determined but Jess is pragmaticShe decides to save him from himself with heart wrenching resultsThe love affair was so lovely to read about these were two people who absolutely adored each other The emotional upheaval when they realize they possibly can;t marry is the stuff that romance novels were made forLovely lovely read

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    The h is very young decides it's up to her to save her home and stepbrothers from the debt incurred by her wastrel stepfather She has a particular attribute her voice so she auditions to be an actress When the H sees her he's attracted to her voice but he sees her sweetness too and she is very attracted to him The trouble is they fall deeply in love and this just won't do for anyone It's a great story one of my favorites as it's well written with genuine depth to the characters I loved it

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    More like 35 because this book veers from Great to Wait what's happening I've been reading a bunch of Joan Wolf books recently They are allll over the place often in the same book Like this one Premise Jessica is a well born but very poor young lady who is determined not to lose her family's property after a step father's death leaves her and her two young half brothers destitute Jessica needs a big infusion of cash to redeem the mortgages and set them up as a horse breeding farm so they have a financially sustainable future Naturally she decides to go to London and become a rich man's mistress Once in London she decides that the best way to meet the right rich man is to go on the stage as an actress but she is so incredibly awesome that she's instantly cast in lead roles and takes the town by storm A young aristocrat Philip asks if she'd like to be his mistress and she says yes Then there's lots of PG 13 lovemaking and falling in love and going around London openly together while Jessica hides who she really is and reinvents Shakespeare because she's incredible Eventually Philip and Jessica realize that they've fallen in love but can't get married because Jessica is tainted merchandise due to being both an actress and a kept woman view spoilerPhilip has a plan to marry her anyway but Jessica attempts to run away and leave him for his own good Oh no Jessica is kidnapped by an evil aristocrat who thinks she's just a mistress not the special beloved kind who deserves human treatment Not to worry Philip saves her BUT in the process Jessica loses the pregnancy she'd been hiding from him Dramarama Then after she recovers she runs away back home to redeem her mortgages and breed horses forever Philip mopes around for a while then coincidentally finds her and they decide that actually all of the obstacles that seemed real earlier are no problem they're going to throw her a big party to introduce her to the ton and everything will be perfect hide spoiler

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    Not always a fan of everything this author writes but this book outstrips most of her other ones The female protagonist is a strong woman who's sort of cold and efficient understandable because she's suffered some losses The plot to go and earn money was born of this sort of cold efficiency and unwillingness to depend on anyone much less a neighbor that she despises So it's a coherent plot not where the heroine just goes harrying off for no reason In enters our hero who's a really upstanding sort of person he's noble he's kind he's a gentleman he's strong willed The two are drawn together although she doesn't reveal to him her highborn status He wants to marry her she also wants this but can society accept them? She being cold and efficient actually seeks out his aunt to find out that of course the answer is no So she starts devising a plan to leave which would of course break her heart but not her will since she's cold and efficient He being of good family would normally not have been able to marry her but for his strong will What a great hero I have to admit that what made this book work was that the hero was one of those strong understated calm nice collected men and the type that loves only once This was done well

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    Swoon worthiest Scene How often do we read a romance when it isn't fairly clear fairly early on that love and marriage is a possibility? With a well written mistress book in an aristocratic setting a conventional happy ending should seem out of the uestion The definition of a mistress is “A woman who has a continuing sexual relationship with a usually married man who is not her husband and from whom she generally receives material support courtesy Free Dictionary By that definition actress Jessica O'Neill certainly fits the bill The Earl of Linton supports her financially and although he is single he may as well have been married because of the disparity between their stations in life Not sounding so much like a romance is it? But Jessica O'Neill is actually a gentlewoman forced to earn a substantial amount of money very uickly so that she and her two young step brothers and all her dependents will not lose the roof over their heads She wants nothing than to breed horses and live a uiet life in the country but the debts she inherits from her step father make that choice impossible Jessica is fiercely independent and far too proud and fastidious to marry in order to save her family Realistically she is all too aware of a married woman's financial powerlessness Her beauty and exuisite speaking voice propel her to the forefront of the London stage There in the infamous green room she is introduced to a blond paragon Philip the young Earl of Linton He asks her with delicacy and warmth to allow him to take care of her and she accepts They cross the Rubicon of her virginity and settle into a relationship that pleases them both Unusually the earl demands respect for Jessica from all his companions and they are seen everywhere together everywhere that is except the haunts of the haut vol like Almacks and private entertainments Neither has ever spoken of love but in her signature spare show not tell style Joan Wolf makes it clear that deeper emotions are involved in this relationship After a trip to his country seat Philip and Jessica have a passionate reunion She admits she has missed him and for the first time she let her barriers down and thinks to herself that whatever happens that she'll never forget this coming together But wait Half an hour later she was closed up against him watching him with open remote eyes that filled his soul with bitter anger He had given her a ruby and diamond necklace Why Jessica is so angry and why Philip is so bitter and hurt are at the crux of this love story The aftermath of Philip's gift is awkward and fraught with tension Jessica refuses to wear the necklace when Philip takes her to the opera; Philip thinks Jessica is about to embark on an affair with her actor colleague and the estrangement culminates in Jessica telling Philip that she will leave him here commences the pivotal scene from the book “Jess” he finally said uietly “why won’t you wear my necklace?”She tore her eyes from him and turned to walk to the window She rested her forehead against the cold glass and closed her eyes “Because it makes me feel like a whore” she said wearily “Which is a very stupid reason I know since that is exactly what I am”There was a stunned silence then he said in a voice that was barely audible “Oh my God” She didn’t move and he came across to where she stood at the window “Do you think that is how I regard you?” There was a note in his voice that pierced the fog of despair that was engulfing her and she turned slowly to face him“How do you regard me?” she asked simply all defenses shattered“I regard you as the woman I love” he answered and reached out to pull her into his arms The relief she felt was so intense that her knees buckled He held her close and she pressed against him She was shaking“Philip” she said “Philip”“I gave you that necklace because I love you” he was saying “I’d spin the moon out of the sky to give you if I thought you wanted it” “I just want you” Her voice was muffled by his shoulderShe felt so slim and light in his arms “I’m sorry Jess I’m sorry darling” His lips were against her temple Then suddenly his hands were hard on her shoulders holding her away from him She looked up to meet his eyes They were bluer than the sea on a summer day and deeper “Don’t ever say that about yourself again Do you hear me?”Mutely she noddedHe smiled a little and her own eyes clear as the sea but not of its color smiled back “Do you still want to go driving?” she asked huskily“No” he replied his hand lightly touching her mouth “I have another idea”They went upstairs to the bedroom and stayed there until noon the next dayFor a mistress book to end convincingly albeit never uite historically realistically two crucial problems must be solved The first that the relationship shifts from a man supporting a woman financially to a couple who love each other irrespective of their initial union I would posit that this first problem is solved swooningly and convincingly in this scene Many mistress books do not even explore this problem choosing rather to take it for granted that the couple is in love The second difficulty which uestions whether the couple will be able to live with dignity and respect within their chosen community is not the subject of this essay though it diminishes the beloved mistress trope when it is almost taken for granted that all will be well within the confines of the aristocracy Just to pull an example out of thin air a duke decides to marry his acknowledged mistress and the bells ring out Really? If you want to know how Jessica and Philip achieve their HEA you'll have to read this marvelous bookJanet Webb March 2011

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    Jessica O’Neill had made a desperate bid to save her family from ruin and was likely to bring it on herself Not only had she become a remarkable talent on the London stage but she was sought by one of society’s darlings the handsome wealthy Earl of Linton as his mistress Oh what a tangled web we weave On her stepfather's death jessica O'Neill discovers her family estate is mortgaged and will be lost if enough money is not found soon Her sole family are her two younger brothers and to save them all from ruin she devises a plan She will pretend to visit a new found relative but in truth she will go to London to work in theater and find herself a protector who will give her enough money so she can go back home and pursue her dream of raising horsesJessica does find work in the theater but instead of being cast in minor papers she becames a leading actress casting shadow in the great Kean himself She also attracts the attention of several gentleman and eventually she becomes Lord Linton's mistress Linton immediately realises Jessica is a inexperienced woman and although sensing a mystery he is unable to resist her and they become lovers She is an intelligent young woman and Linton enjoys spending time with her so they are freuently seen together and eventually he presents her to some members of the familyLinton´s sister and mother want him to get married and unable to give up Jessica he tells her of his feelings and asks her to marry him Thinking that he will be ostracized by society if that happens and will loose his position she leaves and returns home Linton is heartbroken but later finds out her whereabouts and convinces her along with his sister who is a patroness at Almacks that they will be accepted by societyAlthough it seemed a big coincidence hou Linton finds Jessica and I have some doubts about her readily acceptance after being such a well known actress I did find this one a real romantic story and really enjoyed Linton's and Jessica's love storyGrade B

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    This book was like a good meal Once I finished I wanted to just sit around and enjoy the residual feeling of enjoyment The characters were well drawn complete with faults and insecurities and watching Phillip and Jessica together was so romantic it hurt

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    Joan Wolf is an excellent author but the sex scenes are non existent This makes me sad because if she mastered that particular element of romance then she could leave the reader so much satisfied As it is the novel is charming and shouldn't take than a couple of hours to read