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This Stunning Set, Complete With Five Editions Of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, And The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner An Eclipse Novella, Makes The Perfect Gift For Fans Of The Bestselling Vampire Love StoryDeeply Romantic And Extraordinarily Suspenseful, The Twilight Saga Capture The Struggle Between Defying Our Instincts And Satisfying Our Desires

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    I ve added the Twilight Saga Box Set on Goodreads for sorting and bookshelf purposes, since I ve already reviewed and rated all 4 5 books separately Those reviews do however need to be updated and I am planing to do so, but I figured I d write a new short review for the box set I am, and have always been a fan of the Twilight Saga specifically the books I think the only reason I was able to enjoy the movies was A because I ve read the books and know there s much than the lame one line dialogue they chuck out in the films and B Robert Pattinson Sigh I will admit to having watched the first Twilight film before I ventured into the books and thought it was awful and overrated Then a coworker started reading the books and kept gushing about how MUCH BETTER the books were than the films Eventually I caved and started reading them Within the first chapters, I was hooked and I have now read this series 4 times I love this series Not because it s a revolutionary piece of YA fiction and not because it is perfect I have plenty of other reasons as to why I enjoyed this series and here they are I love the idea of living in a world where Vampires Werewolves exist And the concept that vampires would not be all bad, but some would try to uphold some normalcy to their existence by striving to not be monsters I freaking love Edward I do I know tons of people see him as obsessive and possessive, but for one thing Stephenie Meyer establishes this as being a vampire trait that exists amongst all vampires they need to mate for life, it s in their nature And since the whole world has seemingly become infatuated with THE KING of all obsessive and controlling men in MR Grey, I hardly see what the issue with Edward ever was He would have let Bella go had she chosen differently, but admittedly he would have loved her always regardless Plus, I mean Robert Pattinson Sigh I love the danger that comes with Edward and I love the fact that he s from a different time It makes him so mysterious, the way he speaks plus the huge secret he s keeping He s by far the swoon worthy male lead I ve ever read about Especially when you add Midnight Sun to the mix an really get a sense of understanding as to what his character was really experiencing an thinking when her first meets Bella I really like Bella in the books I find her extremely relatable, being that I was an awkward, clumsy, low self esteem brunette myself in high school I also disagree with many people who see her as setting the feminist movement back Again, I ll bring up Midnight Sun where we clearly see that Edward feels the exact same way about Bella So how can it be anti feminist if both parties feel the same way Is Edward anti masculinist I ve always seen The Twilight Saga as a sort of modern day Romeo Juliet with vampires and werewolves Edward Bella were an unstoppable force, it was inevitable that their love would change both of them Edward sacrificed a great deal to keep her alive and safe And I don t see Bella s choices as being much of a sacrifice view spoiler I remember the first time I read Twilight and within the first half of the book I already felt she was meant to be a vampire I mean she lived in the desert and she was ice pale Hello I just felt she didn t really fit in to her life, until she fell in with the vampires hide spoiler

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    Hmm, what can I say about this book series It s been a while since I ve read it, and for what I can remember, the fist book was good, quick paced and interesting, the second, darker and got a better view on Bella s feelings, the third seriously boring and the fourth just did not worth it So, 2,5 out of 5.

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    This was the first chapter book I read I was starting 6th grade I finished the whole series in a week yes, I skipped a few chapters and the majority of New Moon Breaking Dawn I don t know about anyone else, but I like my male characters to act I don t know manly Not like some possessive, always depressed, stick up his ass glittery fairy princess He wasn t a man to me, I couldn t picture him as a man No matter how hard I tried, I pictured some girl with red hair and obsessive personality disorder Bella I named my dog Bella just because I disliked her so much She was spineless, depressed, and treated herself like a little woman I found that the only character I liked was Rosalie and that was because she hated Bella And, on top of all that, she described Edward as perfect Hate to break it to you, sweetie, I don t care what he is no one is perfect.I hated the shoddy writing and lack of plot I honestly could ve made a drinking game out of the book How many times does Bella say Edward is attractive, someone says an asinine line, and how many times I wanted to chuck the book in the trash.The characters were static and very annoying to read, the plot in all four books could be described in one short sentence, the writing was shoddy, and it didn t convey a good message no, I would become a vampire for the guy I just met and always date crazy obsessive people doesn t countHonestly, as a fellow writer, I wrote a better story at 11 than this Wanna read good vampire books Look at these Vampire Academy Morganville Vampires Those books actually have a plot line and amazing characters and none of them are perfect.

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    I m just gonna go ahead and let Stephen King take this one Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend PREACH.The one thing I will hand to Stephanie Meyer, however, is that somehow she is still aware of EXACTLY what a teenage girl wants to read She is aware of the hero the teenage girl wants and the heroine the teenage girl wants to pretend she is When I first read the books, I loved Edward, and I thought Bella was juuuust like meeeeeeee As do most of the other girls on the planet, I imagine Hell even grown women So kudos to Meyer for managing to bottle down in only four books every instance of wish fulfilment a girl could ever need in her literature She is still the antichrist though.

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    3.5 4 starsNot my favorite kind of vampires, but a sweet series.

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    When this first came out, I was young youngER, anyway and easily influenced Okay, so it wasn t like I immediately jumped the vampire bandwagon and started sticking posters of a shirtless Taylor Lautner all over my bedroom walls, but I DID think that it was a great series.Well, it s not a BAD series either It s good the first time around then you read it again and you realize how annoying all the characters are The best thing I can say about it is that the action scenes the very, very minimal action scenes weren t all that bad.In all honesty, it could have been a good story if it wasn t Meyer who wrote it Bella really grated on my nerves She spends the majority of the first few chapters whining about living in Forks if she sent HERSELF there I don t know why she s complaining so much, she can only blame herself , and describing herself as non athletic, slender but soft, with clear and translucent skin That s kind of ridiculous don t get me started on the fact that ALL human skin is technically translucent Bella insists she s not pretty, yet no less than three guys immediately jump in to flirt with her in awkward high school ways, and from what Edward said, that s not what every single male in the school was thinking.If that isn t a shout out to all Mary Sue traits, then I don t know what is.Bella spends half of every book swooning and gushing over his goregeous, angel like model looks, worrying over how plain she is next to him, and how he s so rich and it makes her feel awkward Yet she reacts with hostility towards Jacob when he mentions this and says she loves him, not his looks or money Right, Bella.Edward himself is an unlikeable hero He s abusive, extremely posessive, and has stalker like tendencies, not to mention the fact that every single vampire is basically a Mary Sue Gary Stu all on their own He is so perfect, he doesn t even react negatively when Bella admits she loves another man I m sorry, but no Just no I have no words for this.Besides the outrageously perfect characters, you would think a series filled with bloodlusting vampires and tension between werewolves would be full of action or at LEAST a punch or two somewhere Meyer gave us several hundred pages of suspense in the last book, only to completely destroy our expectations when the heroes solve their problems with the Volturi by talking This book clearly needs to win The Most Anticlimatic Ending Ever award.At several points in the series Meyer attempted to use long, difficult words to make the book adult, probably with the hope that tween girls would skip them rather than run to the dictionary, because most of those words were used incorrectly and in the wrong context This itself is one problem I cannot ignore All authors should have this unspoken rule If you don t know what it means, for heaven s sakes don t use it I don t want to rain on anybody s parade, but my opinion still stands firm This series is, while perfectly for fine for girls wanting PG13 level sexual tension and an entire cast of sexy, gorgeous, shirtless people, go ahead But when the story destroys all vampire cliches in the worst way possible sparkles Seriously and takes a REAL Indian tribe and completely ruins their entire history, it goes just a little too far.

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    Book 1 Twilight The Twilight Saga, Book 1 by Stephenie Meyer Keeping in mind the target audience and not expecting great literary depth, I highly enjoyed the book The depth of love between the main characters is a bit unsupported and unbelievable in the first book, but it is a fantasy after all 5 starsBook 2 New Moon The Twilight Saga, Book 2 by Stephenie Meyer My least favorite of the 4 books I felt like Bella was slow to come to conclusions I d come to early on in the book It was a bit frustrating to wait out If this book disappoints, hang in there, the 4th is by far the best 3 StarsBook 3 Eclipse The Twilight Saga, Book 3 by Stephenie Meyer The next chapter, a lot action in this one This book had a few twists and turns and is able to go into so much depth due to the background knowledge of the first 2 books 4 stars.Book 4 Breaking Dawn The Twilight Saga Book 4 by Stephenie Meyer By far the best of the 4 books Felt lengthy compared to the first 3 with so much story packed into the book This book could easily have been split into two Probably why the movie was split into two parts They read my mind More character development and some twists and turns 5 stars.

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    Nothing beats the amazing franchise that is The Twilight Saga Though we all have an image of what Edward and Bella look like if we were to read it now but it still doesn t take away from the glorious vampiric world that Stephenie Meyer created However there are a select group out there who read this before the big film adaptations came along Before the days of Pattinson and Stewart and Lautner Before Team Edward and Team Jacob though that was around in its own way The beauty of reading it before the casting was you had your own idea of what the characters looked like and that is the great thing about books You have your imagination to take you into these worlds For me, I was entranced from Page of 1 of the first Twilight book about this meek, clumsy girl named Bella told in first perspective so I immediately projected myself into Bella and saw the world through her eyes and the day she encountered that mysterious and charming man that would change her life forever The beautiful Edward Cullen The journey of these two through four books and the supporting characters is just phenomenal and I loved it Not a bad word about any of the books Though I was greatly saddened to see the end and to read the last ever page It was like taking a long awaited breath and seeing the rollarcoaster ride you took It was sad to end but it was time.So if you haven t read it, shame on you Though these days I think they are a rare breed particularly if you happen to be a fan of Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner.

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    My brain has been a bit burnt out recently, so I felt like reading something a bit lighter, and I was curious about the Twilight Saga having heard a great deal about the sexual connotations of the vampire narratives and the link to preservation of virginity movements in the USA The books were jolly good page turners I initially thought that it was interesting how Bella was presented as just an ordinary teenage girl with nothing really special about her The best bits of the books were linked to mythology and Native American legends these stories were very compelling warning spoilers below What was interesting about the saga too was the subtext to the vampiric imagery of sex and consumption Edward is the gallant hero who must exercise self control, an old fashioned figure from another age, but there is something rather disturbing about the potential that he always has to hurt Bella This is a little reminiscent of the old myth about domestic violence he never meant to hurt me which is brought out disturbingly when Bella and Edward finally have sex in the final book, Breaking Dawn There are many examples like this throughout the saga, e.g Bella punches Jacob and breaks her hand The threat of violence and violation seems to crop up a great deal in the books from the first novel where Bella is nearly raped by a group of human men, to the rape revenge story of the vampire Rosalie s origins.

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    The Twilight Saga is undeniably one of my guilty pleasures I know there are many people out there who have called the entire saga stupid, and there are many parts of each of these books and especially the movies where I could see where they were coming from I would also never claim that Bella Swan Cullen is in any way the best fictional role model for girls But it is entertaining, and kind of romantic I think Breaking Dawn is the very best of the four volumes, and Renesmee, the daughter of Edward and Bella, is a cute little half human, half vampire kid Vampire Bella, as opposed to human Bella is also pretty intense The Twilight Saga, while not a thing to be taken seriously and will never be as good a fantasy tale as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or the Chronicles of Narnia , is still an entertaining wish fulfillment saga with a supernatural twist, which is just what it s supposed to be.