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A Family With An Ancient CurseAnd The Girl Who Will Change Their Lives ForeverEver Since Tohru Honda Discovered The Zodiac Secret Of The Sohma Clan, Her Eyes Have Opened To A World Of Magic And Wonder But With Such A Great Secret Comes Great Responsibility When Her Best Friends Hana Chan And Uo Chan Come To The Sohma Home For A Sleepover, Tohru Has Her Work Cut Out For Her Keeping The Cat In The Bag And The Dog On A Leash I do still have a crush on Hatori Sigh Tohru is very sweet, but also, likekinda dumb. Still fun I am excited to finally get past where the anime ended This review only covers volume 2 I have to say wow This series is really dramatic First, we finally get down to the reasons as to why Kyo and Yuki seem to hate each other so much They are both seeing something that the other has that they cannot seem to have in their own life It s interesting and kinda makes you think and wonder how much freedom the Sohma s really had outside of the family We also meet Momiji and Hatori Momiji can seem annoying but I think it s because of what he went through It seems like Momiji may have gone through tough experiences as a child which could be why he is how he is now Hatori s story was even sadder He wanted to marry and be with this woman that he fell in love with but is unable to because Akito the leader found out about it and basically cut his eye for it As I said, this is very dramatic This reminds me of the fact that the family isn t really free because of their curse and because their leader is very controlling and manipulative Not only that but it shows that a lot of the Sohma s family members are not very accepting of the curse It shows that when you find someone who is like Hatori did, it can make life easier and you actually have a chance at being happy Overall, I liked this volume but I did get annoyed with the other student council members I feel like a lot of the random shit that happens at the school is a bit unnecessary but it may lead up to something later so who knows. I love Fruits Basket As I finsihed this book, it s pretty interesting about Hatori has the spirit of the dragon I would add this kind of quote to my profile from this volume 2 Hatori When snow melts, what do think it becomes Tohru Huh AhUm, wellHmm It becomes spring No matter how cold it is now, Spring will come again Without fail It s strange, isn t it But it s true ALSO Hatori Please let her find someone who can make her happy I pray Even if I die surrounded by snow that never melts I don t care Please Please Sometimes it feels like the whole world is conspiring to destroy my house Shigure SohmaI feel you Shigure I didn t connect to this volume as much as I did to the first one It dragged in the mud a bit, to be honest, and was pretty predictable Perhaps I ll come back to the series with a different mindset later on, but for now, I m going to go with dropping this one. Ah i so loved meeting Tohru s friends ,Uo and especially Hanajima with all her electromagnetic waves I also so loved reading Hatori s backstory.It was so sad and touchingTo meshe was spring It was as if while imprisoned inside the dark cage of the inner familyI had completely frozen into snowand then there she was fresh, clear spring It was almost inevitable that..I would fall in love with her Hatori so after the snow melts , spring comesIt was so sweet watching Tohru getting along really well with the familySo let me get this straight You were living in a tent in the woods, but now you re living with Prince Charming and anger management boy SERIOUSLYand i am sooo into Kyo s jerkiness.His fights with Yuki are just mmSometimes it feels like the whole world is conspiring to destroy my house Shigure Sohmaexatly that Okay Tohru is so sweet Maybe TOO sweet and upbeat Does this girl ever get angry or frustrated I love her but she doesn t feel real Momiji is adorable I am glad we are getting to meet other members of the zodiac and getting a better glimpse of this curse Why is the Sohma head is nasty I don t know if I really want to meet him I hope he stays away for Tohru Still getting used to manga, but it s getting easier to read Reading this series on recommendation of a really good friend She loves the series, so I m trying to stick with it It s growing on me a little. SpoilersThis was just as good as the first volume it was perfectly weird and wonderful.What s what The Sohma family are possessed by the spirits of the Chinese zodiac, and if they re ever hugged by the opposite sex they transform into their zodiac animal I still found the premise kind of wacky but in a good way Tohru the clumsy homeless heroine quite literally stumbled onto their secret She now lives in the Sohma house with three of the Sohma boys good guy Yuki rat , moody Kyo cat , and pervy Shigure dog Oh and Tohru stays with them rent free in exchange for cooking and cleaning Yea, it was all rather sexist, but it kind of felt satirical I m not sure whether that was intentional or not though The plot was sort of all over the place Tohru s friends have a sleepover at the Sohma house to make sure she s been treated right Then Tohru Kyo Yuki and co sell rice at school, also Tohru meets of the Sohma family, and then everyone celebrates new year It was actually really entertaining I loved Tohru I was worried that I would get sick of her Mary Sue optimism but thankfully, I didn t Mind you, this is only volume 2 I ve got another twenty or so to go So no doubt, she ll annoy me soon enough.The best thing about Tohru was how funny she was most of the time it was unintentional on her part Things like Tohru falling down because she was walking and thinking at the same time, and her getting excited at the most silliest things, and making really naive idiotic remarks It all should have been annoying but for some reason it wasn t it was just strangely charming I loved Tohru s female friends Hana and Arisa Uo were brilliant They had good personalities that I felt rivaled Tohru s I get overly happy when the heroine has strong female friendships, and I get even happier when her friends aren t written poorly just so the heroine can seem amazing, deep and worthwhile in comparison More heroines should have friends as amazing as Tohru s I m intrigued by Hana s psychic powers, I m hoping there ll be some focus on that in future volumes I loved Uo Arisa s attitude she was supportive, witty and confident It was cool that Hana and Uo were genuinely concerned about Tohru and her life at the Sohma s I liked it when Uo and Hana made it clear to the Sohma boys that if any harm came to Tohru they would hurt them Females sticking together, that s what I like to see Yuki was kind of irritating in how great he was at everything, he was a total Gary Stu And his personality was too smooth and bland He was okay but just not my cup of tea Kyo was sweet in that sullen, moody and angry way I definitely ship Kyo with Tohru Momiji was lovely and cute And Hatori was likeable enough his break up with Kana was rather sad The artwork was great But at times it was difficult to tell who was who Also, Yuki looked like a girl in a lot of panels I m finding it easier to follow the dialogue and speech bubbles I struggled slightly in the first volume.I ll definitely be picking up volume 3 ASAP I can t wait to read of Tohru s silliness and Kyo s moodiness.