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Amazing EPub, Olivia Author Ian Falconer This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Olivia, Essay By Ian Falconer Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Olivia is a girl illustrated as an adorable pig who is ready to try anything and everything She dreams big, wears others out and eventually wears herself out These stories are about family dynamics, joyful growing up years and wonderful adventures The books are beautifully illustrated, whimsical, and witty Olivia is a character to love and read repeatedly. When I heard about the popularity of Olivia, I wanted to give this book a shot and I am glad I did Olivia is a Caldecott Honor Book by Ian Falconer which is about the adventures of an energetic girl piglet named Olivia who does all kinds of activities that tires her family out Olivia is the perfect story for children who love trying out new things everyday Olivia is good at many things such as wearing people out and dressing herself up in different types of clothes Olivia also has a little brother named Ian, a mom and dad, a dog named Perry and a cat named Edwin that she lives with Olivia loves going to the beach and building sand castles and she loves going to museums and imagining herself as a ballerina dancing on stage After Olivia has a day of strenuous activities, she goes off to bed, dreaming of doing things.Wow This book is so amazing I always wanted to know about the hype that Olivia had received over the years and now I know why this book was so popular Ian Falconer has done a brilliant job at both illustrating and writing this story about a young piglet who shows the audience about what it truly means to be hyperactive I loved the way that Ian Falconer based this book on his real family life as he actually has an older sister named Olivia who loved doing many things and he is the younger brother in this book, which made this book extremely memorable I also loved the way that Ian Falconer made Olivia into your average energetic child who loves trying out new things, even though her parents do get tired out by such an energetic child Ian Falconer s illustrations are extremely beautiful and creative as the illustrations are mainly in black and white colors, except for Olivia s clothes, which are always shown in red colors and that makes Olivia truly stand out from all the other characters I also loved the images of the paintings that Olivia sees in the museum as they are real paintings from the museum and the image I thought was the most breathtaking in this book was the image of Olivia imagining herself as a ballerina Overall, Olivia is a truly beautiful book about children just having fun in their lives I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog This past weekend, I got to spend some quality time with my adorable and amazing nephew, Zach During that QT, we read this book together Or rather, I read the book to him, and he tested it out for edibility And while he seemed to enjoy it he s one his bar is pretty low right now , I personally expected something better, especially considering how freaking popular this book is But I think that the popularity is mainly because of the mommies who can relate to being worn out by their kids having to clean their paintings off the walls having to pick up every single article of previously clean clothing that someone had to try on before deciding on something to wear etc I expected something of a storyline, and got instead a random day filled with random acts of kid stuff Which is fine if that s what you re looking for or expect, but it was a bit disappointing for me I ve read other children s books which have great art, hilarious antics, AND a story, so this one just missed the mark for me. Thanks to some rave reviews from GoodReads friends, I decided to meet Olivia I admit she did not look like the sort of piggy I would usually welcome into my library but I was being judgmental by looking at the exterior and I m glad I gave her the chance to share her true spirit with me What a delight Love her creativity and humor. We went through a long Olivia phase here at the Weeks household Sweet and slyly witty, with a dash of haute couture, and a lot of well loved but misbehaving child, these books are just great Take note that I think Ian Falconer sold off the rights to this series There are several by him, and then a bunch by Nickelodeon or something My review only holds for the originals by Ian Falconer. 1 October, 2001Olivia is pure, unmitigated awesome I love her energy, her enthusiasm, her style, and her sand sculptures I love the way she carries her cat around I love her icons I love her, even though she wears me out.Also, I love Falconer s style. Our Olivia was kind enough to share this book with me an introduce me to this lovely character I enjoyed it immensely and fell in love with the little piglet I never paid any attention to picture books but from now on, I will, because it seems like I missed out. I spent about a year in an awkward situation that started out with accidentally babysitting two adorable little kids Bundles of joy are those two, and I m not even being ironical Mommies and daddies, when you ask nice single gals of even age with yourselves if they ll do you a favor and watch your kiddos while you go wine tasting for a night, do you usually mean, Will you be my nanny I hope not It is very uncomfortable to get out of that kind of situation Anyway, Olivia was an invaluable friend during that year.Last Christmas, I went shopping with the grandma of the kids, who we ll call Mima Mima told me that she had been Christmas shopping that day with the girl, and they had come across something that made the girl exclaim, Mima, that s Miss Meri s favorite This family requires Miss and Mr before any adult names, which I personally find really creepy Most kids I know call me Mers pronounced Meh rs not M er s When I told the girl she could call me Mers, she replied, with some attitude, Why would I call you Mers That s not your real name I had to shamefully admit she was right, and we compromised with Miss Meri Back to the story Mima suggested they buy this favorite thing for me as a Christmas present, and the girl agreed When Mima told me about the present, I spent some time trying to guess what it could possibly be and hoping it wasn t a princess dress, but I m a bad guesser Unfortunately for surprises, when I was dropping Mima off that night, I helped her carry in a bag of presents As I was setting it down, it fell open, and seeing what was inside I involuntarily exclaimed, Hey That s my favor wait a second Yes, as you may have guessed, it was a stuffed Olivia doll She s wearing her Christmas outfit, which is pretty spectacular Olivia is my favorite, it turns out I think it s because she s good at lots of things. First a note on prior reviewsIf this was a story about a pig who s a boy would all the reviewers still be saying that this is a must have for your daughter Let s remember that Olivia first and foremost represents a child I read this book to my son and he could identify with it just as well I understand that there needs to be strong female characters for our daughters to admire but I am so sick of hearing that girl characters such as Olivia, Dora, etc are for girls If you really want to empower woman let your SON learn that girls can be worthy of admiration.Having said that, I found Olivia to be in need of much than a time out and I really don t see what all the fuss is about The story tries to make up for what it lacks in story through illustrations To me this gives the story what I like to call tickle me Elmo syndrome It seems really impressive to adults but does little or nothing for the child whom it is purchased Further, Chrysanthemum does a much better job of teaching children to be intrinsically proud.