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In the tradition of Amanda uick New York Times bestselling author Jo Beverley has won the hearts of readers everywhere with her historical romances set in the Georgian and Regency periods An Arranged Marriage is the first of Beverley's beloved tales that began her popular Company of Rogues series Eleanor Chivenham didn't put much past her vile brother but even she had not anticipated his greedy scheme to dupe a rich earl into mistaking her for a lightskirt With her reputation in shreds and her future ruined a defeated Eleanor was forced to agree to a hasty wedding But marriage to the mysterious Nicholas Delaney was than she'd bargained for He doubtless thought the worst of her but when society gossip soon told her all about his beautiful French mistress Eleanor tried to act with the cool dignity reuired in a marriage of convenience But how long could she hold out against his undeniable charm or the secret desires of her heart? For the sake of family honor Nicolas Delaney agreed to wed a wronged lady In truth such chivalry ran counter to his carefully wrought image of a carousing dissolute rogue the guise so vital to his secret political mission He hoped to keep his new wife in the background until a spy was trapped but Eleanor's beauty and fighting wit were impossible to ignore In fact she presented uite a challenge to his prowess with women and a test of his formidable will

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    OK This was me at various points in the bookwhen I wasn'tHere's the basic story—maybe you'll see what I meanEleanor Chivenham is in a bad situation that just keeps getting worse Before their parents died her brother Lionel persuaded them to make him her guardian She can't claim her inheritance unless she either marries with his consent or turns 25 without shaming herself She's stuck in his house with two years on her sentence since she’s not meeting anyone worth marrying among Lionel's drunken lecherous cronies Which is not to say there've been no offers Lately Lionel has been urging her to marry Lord Deveril The dude's an earl and all that but something about him makes her feel like she's got spiders in her drawers So she said she’d rather die At the time Lionel let it drop but she knows he's not giving up She's lying in her locked bedroom wondering what he'll try next while her brother is entertaining downstairs A maid scratches at the door and offers her a nice hot toddy to help her relax You'd think she'd see it coming wouldn't you? But you'd be wrong Unbeknownst to Eleanor Christopher Delaney Earl of Stainbridge has been drugged as well Lionel and Deveril had initially offered him a pretty young man But he had his wits together enough to protest that he was a ladies’ man was married you know So Deveril offers him the doxy he has waiting for him upstairs Stainbridge aka Kit can't have people getting the idea that he's a Backgammon player so up he goes Eleanor tries to protest as the stranger slaps her and demands that she perform But the words help don't stop just won’t come out of her mouth She does manage “please” though Because that’s so much easier to say than “stop” and not the least bit ambiguous Her last impressions as she drifts into oblivion are the look on his face and the pain Downstairs Lionel and Deveril talk about how it’s a shame they couldn’t get Stainbridge to show his true colors so they could blackmail him As for the sacrifice of Eleanor's maidenhead Deveril's cool Taking her when she's unconscious wouldn't be that much fun anyway And now that she's been shamed she has to marry him He'll enjoy her hatred even when she's compelled to conceal it The next AM Kit goes back to Lionel’s place to try to make sense of what happened and he sees a cloaked figure slip out a side door He follows and he catches up just as she’s fixing to jump off a bridge He snatches her down They recognize each other She faints Shortly after she comes around he says You are the woman who wasintroduced to pleasure last night Now me I'm thinking that statement coming out of the mouth of a man who slapped and raped me last night might just make me a little Not Eleanor though This gal is the poster child for Flat Affect She just calmly clarifies the situation He raped her She recognizes him and besides her brother told her who had the honor of doing it At this point in the book I was attributing her passivity and emotionlessness to shock or the near death experience or something but nope that's not itAnyway once they have that sorted out Kit suggests they go back to his place and she's like sure why not? Once there he insists she have some tea And because she's had such good experiences with drinks lately she's all pass the sugar Meanwhile Kit decides to tackle the problem suare on Yes he really does have a twin by the name of Nicholas Who is in Paris at the moment but Kit pretends he just skipped town after expressing concern about the events of the previous night I can hear that conversation now Hey Kit I think I raped a girl last night Bit concerned about it Off to Paris Eleanor is skeptical—for a second Then she's like You mean it wasn't you? Whew So now what do we do? Kit proposes that she marry Nick because that's just a super idea Exact words “P 28 He is very kind hearted and when he learns of this affair he will want to marry you and make all right” Eleanor evidently misses the obvious logic problem here If Nick did it then he probably wouldn't need to learn about it But she's not one to uestion I guessKit to his credit is at least concerned about his unintended victim and wants to help her He’s not the marrying type himself not to mention marrying a woman you raped has to be a little awkward But if she springs a brat in nine months he’d like to keep it in the family Still if she's totally opposed to marrying her rapist he says he will set her up as a widow in some little burg somewhere with enough money to live comfortably Eleanor considers her options 1 Return home and marry Deveril 2 Go back to the bridge 3 Marry her kind hearted rapist 4 Be a fake widow in some distant rustic place #4 right? Independence respectability enough money to get by Maybe some neighbors might suspect a widow with no connections but with an earl supporting the story it would die down uick enoughButyou guessed it Eleanor calmly decides on Door # 3 Now if her reason had been that she feared her brother and Deveril could track her down and as a woman alone she'd be vulnerable I'd buy it Instead she worries that she'd have to tell the truth to any man who wanted to marry her and no decent man would have her once he learned she'd been raped and faked a marriage to cover for any child she might have Apart from the obvious fallacy of that reasoning most recent rape victims would be just fine with the no decent man would have her part But not El Nope She decides she's better off marrying the rapey slimeball Because that's clearlythe best optionKit tells her about her husband to be “He lives for excitement and can be careless of who he hurts” Eleanor's reaction to that? She's a little dismayed that “Nicky” won’t be the “comfortable helpmeet” she’d hoped for Because apparently she couldn't guess this from the fact that he raped her Eager to reassure her Kit reiterates that Nicky is kind and charmingand experienced with women” Me?But Eleanor doesn't even blink about the experienced with women bit Instead she reflects that men can be different when they’re drunk and then remembers a nice guy she knew that used to beat his wife “This was not a reassuring thought” we’re told Um yeah Meanwhile in Paris Nicholas gets a letter from Kit who admits that he sort of accidentally deflowered a virgin the other night and just stopped her from killing herself the next day He tells Nick that his allowance will be cut off unless he marries the girl Nick doesn't need the money and he's ass deep in espionage but hey why not? Got nothing better to do than marry a suicidal rape victim Eleanor receives a ring and a note from her groom to be that reads “You must know I share all your feelings and anticipation at the thought of the ceremony to come” Me Horror? Revulsion? Wow that’s comforting Reading on”Please wear the small gift enclosed as a sign of your kindness towards me Soon I will have the right to give you much ” Now if I read that last bit coming from a rapist who is being forced to marry me? But here's what Eleanor thinks “An ambiguous and alarming note but Eleanor realized it could be read as expressing devotion Because devotion from a rapist is a good thing When Eleanor meets Nick as usual she's just all matter of fact The one time she snaps at him she immediately apologizes And when he takes her aside to “their” room she thinks of it this way and she looks nervous he asks what she’s afraid of Me Are you f ing KIDDING ME?Eleanor “I suppose I am afraid of the abnormality of things” A bit later El encounters a slutty Frenchwoman who seems very possessive of Nick So the next sharp words out of her mouth are catty uestions about the whore Because God forbid her rapist should cheat on her with another woman Mind you Eleanor still hasn't said one word about the rape Apparently she's just going to go uietly to the altar without any effort to find out at least whether what he did was an aberration or whether he's in the habit Me I'd think that was somewhat importantThat night after the wedding she tries to put him off He accuses her of being prickly than a hedgehog Am I really the only one who thinks that from her POV that comment is a little outrageous? But of course it doesn't faze EleanorThen Nick smiles at her and it takes all her resolution not to melt and smile back WTF???OK I’m going into excruciating detail here But this is just the first 60 pages Am I the only one who thinks this woman is several fries short of a Happy Meal?So then finally they talk enough that they both realize that Kit has deceived them that he's the actual rapist and he's let her think it was Nick Nick points out that he'd prefer it if he could believe the kid might be his everybody just assumes that she's knocked up So El agrees to consummate Because of course there'll be no problem shagging a guy who looks just like the rapist At least JoBev had the good sense to make it a challenge for her and not an orgasmic experience But still Seriously WTF Once they settle at Nick's house he tells her that he's going out—he's going to go pay a call to her brother Lionel who Nick assures her will not trouble her again Me Ooo Can I come? Can I watch? Or at least maybe Do be careful Eleanor Shrugs and goes back to thinking about how to do her hair I'm not kiddingBefore he married Eleanor Nick was recruited by his country to seduce a former lover the French whore to obtain information about a plot to help Napoleon escape from Elba The marriage obviously complicates matters but he's determined to go ahead with the plan view spoilerHe calls his friends the Rogues together and asks them to distract Eleanor while he goes about it Several of them offer to take his place in the mission instead but he refuses even tho his buddy Lucien is described as looking like an angel and supposedly never fails with women Nope it's gotta be Nick By the time we find out there's an actual reason for this I'm already way too convinced he's a sleazy asshat Anyway he doesn't enjoy banging Therese I guess that's supposed to make it OK but because he feels guilty he treats Eleanor like a crapcicle to the point where she actually has to beg him for a little kindness God forbid he should just explain to her what's going on because that might hurt her feelings When it is finally over Eleanor does make him cool his heels a bit before she lets him know whether she wants him back but since she knows from the minute he walks in the door that she's going to say yes it feels like a stupid game or a petty punishment Everybody else treats it like a game too and warns her not to let it go too far because it's all on HER to keep HIM from feeling unwanted or something Oh and Nick supposedly agrees to court her while she's trying to make up her mind So he gives her a couple presents No spending time with her actually trying to get to know her No drawing her out about everything she's been through and how she feels No rides in the country or flowers or serenades He's just all Honey I'm home I'd like to stick around but only if you want Hurry up and make up your mind already When she asks him how she can trust him he asks her if he ever broke a promise to her you mean other than your wedding vows? Eleanor tells him to go away and give her a few weeks to decide and he's actually peeved about it enough so that he then makes her worry a bit hide spoiler

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    Although Forbidden is still my favorite because I loved Frances and Serena as a couple so much plus Francis is a virgin hero this is an incredibly effective book There are so many reasons why this story could have gone the wrong way for me First and foremost the hero commits the unthinkable for me in a romance adultery However he has reasons that I could not argue with He has been asked to cozy up to his former mistress who is actually a morally bankrupt spy and in order to do that pillow talk is essential Also Eleanor and Nicholas do not have an emotional commitment this alone would not have been enough for me Eleanor is dealing with the trauma of having been raped also living in a household with a brother who is a complete libertine and never feeling safe She is way too traumatized to be a 'real wife' to Nicholas initially Then there's the fact that Eleanor was drugged and offered out to be raped from a person she should have been able to trust her brother She is raped by Nicholas' titled brother who is actually gay but is hiding it He rapes her to help preserve his reputation as a heterosexual there are uestions So you would think okay this is a romance? But yes it is It's a bit different for a romance And the relationship between Nicholas and Eleanor develops very slowly There is a sexual enconter between them on their wedding night but it's fairly passionless Nicholas felt that they should have this so that in their mind the child that Eleanor could be carrying could be her husband's Okay I had no uarrel with that I liked the aspect of seeing this couple come to know each other and build a marriage together on what should have been a very shaky foundation But somehow a strong bond develops between them It is nice to see them in later books as they form a happy family and love each other deeply Of course Eleanor has issues with Nicholas' brother I can't blame her at all I think he was a loser and a jerk In a way he seemed surprised at how much Eleanor despised him Hello Not only did he wrong Eleanor terribly but then he begged his untitled brother to marry her in case of conseuences I have nothing against him as a closeted gay person I just thought he could have been a man and owned up to what he didAt any rate I really did like this book

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    So I'm home sick with a terrible cold and thought to myself self you need to read something pleasant Perhaps a re read of a book you love? Nope did that yesterday with Goddess of the Hunt Aaah LOVE that book Maybe I'll try one I bought last week at the used book store Like this one An Arranged Marriage Sounds promisingMy first inclination that this book was going to be a BIT different was the rape at the beginning Notice I said rape not forced seduction This is a drugged forced against her will with others in the room holding her down rapeThe heroine has a repugnant brother who has gambled away his inheritance and seeks to get his hands on Eleanor's He has set up a marriage for Eleanor to one of his drinking buddies Eleanor describes him as smelling like a corpse and in order to get that done he drugs Eleanor He then drugs another man Lord Stainbridge and threatens to expose his unnatural proclivities to society and offers him a valuable jade threatens and bribes all at the same time wow in order that he will bed his sister Of course he tells Lord Stainbridge she is a prostituteIn the immortal words of Bill and Ted WhoaAs if all that isn't enough the next day Lord Stainbridge feeling rather icky to say the least goes to the brother's home to spy and catches the woman he raped the night before just as she is about to throw herself into the river He brings her back to his home where he spins a tale about his twin brother and how HE was the one who raped her and that he will make his brother marry her Lord Stainbridge sends a letter to the Earl of Stainbridge his twin and confesses all to him Then asks him to marry Eleanor and threatens to cut him off if he doesn'tAt this point I'm thinking woohoo This is going to be different maybe a bit twisted and finally I can recommend a book to Karla Mossy Love Grotto that she'll actually likeNot to be alas That first bit must have just been a teaseThey get married have some wooden dialogue some drawing room repartee some really boring sex then we find out he's a spy of sorts and is expected to recommence an affair with an ex lover to extract some secrets for the government So he leaves her at home with all of his school friends after telling them all to keep her busy as they ALL know he is off schtupping his ex for his countryNo mention of the gay brother or her brother Wait the gay brother shows up for dinner and is all snarky with everyone for no reason I can tell Is he a bad guy or just repressed misunderstood and miserable?I actually liked a couple of the hero's friends than I liked the hero She should have cheated on him with either of them That might have made the book interestingOh well when I left these silly people Eleanor was expecting Nicholas was spending all of his time with his former mistress and I couldn't have cared less how it all ended up What happened to her brother in the end? What about the closeted twin? I'll leave that for a day when I have absolutely NOTHING else to read or for someone to send me a message and tell me

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    Eleanor Chivenham lives in a HOUSE OF SIN So obviously when there's a knock at her door in the middle of an orgy she answers it to discover a surly maid with some drugged tea Then her super gross brother convinces the eually drugged Christopher Kit Delaney Earl of Stainbridge to have some sex with the prostitute upstairs to prove he's not into dudes The next day Kit rescues Eleanor from a suicide attempt and convinces her to marry his twin brother Nicholas who he helpfully explains is the one who raped her the night before because he can be a little wild but was concerned about what had occurred at your brother's houseYes this book opens with the literal drugging and rape of the heroine by her future brother in law WHO THEN LIES TO HER ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO HER So she ends up married to handsome suave debonair Nicholas Delaney who is so handsome suave and debonair that she immediately feels trust for this man who she believes raped her LUCKILY FOR HER she discovers the truth allowing her to get on with making the marriage consumed Also Nicholas is allegedly a spy for the British government and is tasked with seducing secrets of a Napoleonic plot out of a French courtesan which TURNS HIS SENSITIVE STOMACH and makes Eleanor WRITHE WITH JEALOUSIES and eventually results in kidnapping estrangement etc Honestly what a ride 1 This book doesn't necessarily paint Eleanor's trauma with a light brush but it absolutely paints it with a ludicrous brush? It's not well handled AT ALL It's really only brought up when there is a need for dramatic tension ie will Eleanor go to bed with Nicholas? NOT IF HER RESIDUAL FEAR RUINS THIS SEXY MOMENT This is gross btw I am by no means attempting to undermine VERY REAL RESIDUAL FEAR AND TRAUMA There's also the very attractive moment where Nicholas chastises Eleanor for not wanting to spend any time with HER RAPIST KIT ALSO KNOWN AS THE MAN WHO LIED TO HER ABOUT COMMITTING THE RAPE AND WHO ATTEMPTED TO PIN IT ON HIS BROTHER INSTEAD Her husband tells her I would ask you to try and forgive Kit however and forget if possible For better or worse we are a family now Though I don't always like what Kit does the bond between us is too strong to be brokenI MEAN WHAT THE FUCKSo Eleanor takes this badly THANK GOD and fucking rips Nicholas a new one Good heavens I had uite forgotten I am the Delaney bride Share and share alike I suppose So am I to forgive Kit am I? And behave with him as if nothing had ever happened And what else? Perhaps I should live with him three days a week And three nights? NICHOLAS FUCKING RESPONDS WITH LOL U MUST BE PREGNANT I HEARD WOMEN GET STRANGE IDEAS WHEN THEY'RE KNOCKED UP LOL LOL2 I would love to say that I was smart and did not finish this dumpster fire of a book BUT I DID I DID I READ THE WHOLE THING THIS BULLET POINT IS ENTIRELY TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE BIGGEST MESS OF ALL YOURS TRULY 3 Eleanor wasn't a total loss of a heroine She has moments of fire and brimstone and intelligence that were engaging and interesting I wanted her to be happy especially in light of the epic bullshit shower she has to deal with Did I like her and Nicholas together? Not particularly Did I find her flirtations with other members of the company of rogues intriguing and interesting? Absolutely I did 4 FUCK NICHOLAS After all of the above listed complaints I am also lodging complaints over the lack of groveling at the close of the novel He fucking kept Eleanor on tenterhooks for sixish months and then has the audacity to be like LISTEN THREE 3 WEEKS IS TOO MUCH like FUCK OFF AND WAIT Grovel Beg APOLOGIZE YOU COCKSURE BASTARD

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    I cannot say how glad I am that this wasn't my first experience with Jo Beverley What a dismal story The interesting thing is that her general craft and characterization are okay but the plot is a great big pile of suck that distorts every other element into the suck pit of amazing suckitudeI mean if you're going to have a hero that you claim is smart and a natural leader and all then having a story where he's run ragged by a floozy for months on end interfering with his relationship with the woman he loves is going to undermine everything else you try to tell us about your hero In short Nick is a dead loss from start to finish and all his posturing as a sophisticated rogue capable of navigating his world competently and providing for his own is just so much hot air Indeed he loses at literally every single juncture where he might have turned the plot around I'm not sure what Beverley was thinking she was showing but a guy worth hanging out with let alone falling in love with was not itShe might have made up for it with a strong heroine who could have been engaging and maybe redeem our hero but Eleanor was as or of a doormat than Nick was I mean the ten penny villains won against both at every single turn and view spoilerget away with it That's right all the bad guys get off Scott free in the end and with all their ill gotten gains intact hide spoiler

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    What an odd bizarre story presented in a slow measured way Naturally the ratings veer crazily Since I felt invested enough to see where it went so I give it an almost 3 The beginning and the basis of the hH relationship is beyond peculiar to say the leastAs the story settles into humdrum domesticity I almost forgot the icky beginningBut then the H decides to shag the ow for the flag Poor sod Poor Bloody James Regency Bond Twilight zoned with a bangDetails?view spoilerSo the H’s drugged and manipulated gay twin brother rapes a drugged and helpless h all on the machinations of her brother and his eually evil cohorts Ewww is right Then this rapist an earl claims to the suicidal h that it was his good for nothing twin the H who raped her but the H had been in France during the sordids Twin writes to the H threatening and cajoling him to come back and save his skin especially as there could be a child The H arrives and marries the h within hours of arrival The brother actually kills two birds here saves his own skin and potentially gets his own child as his future heir as he himself has no ‘desire’ to marry The h non the wiser at the moment doesn’t cringe but agrees to marry her 'rapist' for a secure future I boggled but almost admired her pragmatic complaisance The truth wasn’t dragged out but gets revealed on the wedding night and the wedding gets consummated as wellOnly her calm acceptance of her rapistthe twin disturbed me She’s okay and natural in his company even when alone And she never calls him out on his deception if not the actual rape Even as she rails at her husband when he tells her to be friendly with his brother I didn’t get it And she’s a very direct and straightforward kind of a person Then the ow business It'd be funny if it wasn’t so unacceptable and distasteful Funny in the hangdog ‘sorry honey but I got to do what I got to do’ way Distasteful in the concomitant bedding way Although it happens just once and the H leaves the h uite well alone for most of the book uite literally as he doesn’t see himself as a fellow who can go from one woman’s bed to another’s Such principles The same principles that make him prostitute himself for his country The little island has a lot to answer forThe book then settles for a slow uninspiring pace but still I was curious enough to carry on But the dragged out ending is torturous and uite dissatisfying The H is annoying as the perpetually good humoured I know it all charmer and the h’s unending patience and fortitude deserves a slapOne thing I liked the author did not go for the convenient miscarriage route in view of uestionable paternity as is the norm in historicals That lets tie it all up neatly with a miscarriage always grosses me outAnd this book has a twin in Never a Gentleman Incredibly even in that book the villains play a role in the hH moc materializing by way of a compromised h Similar absences ‘duty calls’ shacking up with the ow a patient h peepholes humiliations at the ow’s behest the ow too clever for them boys’ club an almost admiring tone for the intrepid ow Only no book can be as bad as the Dreyer book If anyone dislikes this H please read that book and you will love this fella hide spoiler

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    35 starsI have read this one in paperback form many times I found it for Kindle and decided to re read again I like this book and the characters Why did I knock off stars this time? I had forgotten that the ending is somewhat abrupt I would like to see an epilogue No one expected the H to grovel Even though he was a spy and working for the British government the H needed to grovel not just be tormented and he needed to courtwoo the h Also I didn't think the Hh had spent much time together to go from high regard and liking each other to loving each other I have read the other books in the series about the Company of Rogues May do a re read of the series

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    From K Ami'I spent all night working and torturing myself listening to Jo Beverley's An Arranged Marriage I think I stuck with it so long because my 50% audiobooks were turning out to be a lesson in you get what you pay for and I didn't want ALL of them to be one huge waste of money This book was just flat out awful If I sat down and wrote out a list of plot devices that I would despise in a romance novel this book would contain them all1 Top of the list Cheating However JoBev couches it in the guise of I'm noble and just doing it for the sake of God and country PLEASE I know I know seton you warned me ; If the cheating itself which continued through most of the book is not bad enough we get treated to an actual detailed LOVE scene of the hero with the villain mistress Oh don't worry she let's us know he's disgusted between each detailed line of kissing her breasts and running his fingers over her thighs just how she likes it Ooww Was that necessary? Did JoBev think my mental picture needed enhancement in that regard? I can't imagine why JoBev felt this scene needed to be included whatsoever After that just throw in some drugging and raping; alluding to I think? the homosexual predisposition by the rapist the brother of our hero whom I can't figure out if he's a good character or a villain or whether the apparent? homosexual traits are supposed to be good or bad as she depicts them? I can't even form a complete thought on it to write a comprehensive sentence about it It's that confusing Sheesh D2 Full of underdeveloped cardboard cliche characters inserted in the story at awkward moments all of which I could have cared less about Some kind of aunt I think? comes out of nowhere at practically the end of the story who had the most grating personality I can imagine I'm certain she was supposed to come off as the lovable in a wise old cranky spinster before her time feminist sidekick aunt Not3 The hero and heroine spend about 90% of the story apart and in practically the last chapter where you think they are finally going to spend some uality time together on the same page the heroine tells him to go away for another three weeks so she can think about it WTF AHHHH Conseuently their relationship falls into the author's telling me they should be in love rather than showing category4 The scenes don't feel like they track well There's just too much going on without enough explanation to fill the plot holes Both the main espionage theme is jerky and underdeveloped and the romance is as well pick a theme any theme but give us at least one that's fleshed out5 JoBev absolutely makes sure you know this book is the beginning of a long series She's all over the place trying to set up future books Toward the end she goes so far as to have an actual scene where the hero sits all their friends down in the drawing room and explains the entire plot to them and us I'm sure LOL I''m not kidding It feels like he needed a dry erase board and flow chart to go with it D Too bad she doesn't focus on writing a good introductory book that makes you want to read the seriesOn my personal scale of good to bad this book made Flowers From the Storm look good I think you all know what that means coming from me LOL At least FFTS was well written and tracked if not a satisfying love story This book is a failure on every front I can think of and I'm amazed it came from the same author that penned My Lady Notorious Complete opposite ends of the spectrum I usually try not to be so harsh on any given authorbook but this time I just can't find one redeeming aspect to rely on'

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    Horrible story It starts off with the heroine being raped by the hero's brother who was drugged by the heroine's vile and useless brother after which the hero agrees to marry her for honour or something although it's advertised to others as an elopement The hero then spends most of the book in an affair with a French whore because he's some sort of a spy and has to have sex with her constantly in order to uncover some plot involving Napoleon It's never really explained why the only way he can solve the plot is to have sex with the Frenchwoman even though it is horribly humiliating for the heroine apparently everyone in London knows what he's doing Then the useless brother gets mixed up in a plot with the French whore blackmails his sister and agrees to arrange to have her kidnapped by the whore and her buddies for no reason that I could figure out At this point I threw the book against the wallFunny how Jo Beverley can write some fabulous books that are on my absolute keepers list and others that are dreadful like this one and Christmas Angel which was the first one of hers that I read I disliked that one so much that it took several years for me to attempt another one by Beverley

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    One of the heaviest and most brutal books I have ever read Heroine gets raped by hero's gay brother to prove that he's a hetero and forced to marry hero in case of 'conseuences' And soon after their marriage there is another scene where the hero practically rapes the heroine because if she does get pregnant the child could be her husband's so they could rest easy knowing that Ugh I don't know how I read the story after that but I did It was several years agoThis put put me off Beverley but I still gave her a chance and read the second one of this series Another 1 star Never read any of her books after that