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I Have Been In Love With Titus Oates For Quite A While Now Which Is Ridiculous, Since He S Been Dead For Ninety Years But Look At It This Way In Ninety Years I Ll Be Dead, Too, And The Age Difference Won T MatterSym Is Not Your Average Teenage Girl She Is Obsessed With The Antarctic And The Brave, Romantic Figure Of Captain Oates From Scott S Doomed Expedition To The South Pole In Fact, Oates Is The Secret Confidant To Whom She Spills All Her Hopes And FearsBut Sym S Uncle Victor Is Even Obsessed And When He Takes Her On A Dream Trip Into The Bleak Antarctic Wilderness, It Turns Into A Nightmarish Struggle For Survival That Will Challenge Everything She Knows And LovesIn Her First Contemporary Young Adult Novel, Carnegie Medalist And Three Time Whitbread Award Winner Geraldine McCaughrean Delivers A Spellbinding Journey Into The Frozen Heart Of Darkness A young girl named Symone is taken without her mother s permission by her uncle on a trip to the Antarctic Uncle is obsessed with the idea of a world or worlds within the Earth and is convinced that the access portal to these worlds lies at the South Pole Sym is a whole lot naive and completely too trusting of this uncle but as the story goes on she becomesandaware of how crazy her uncle is The trip is dangerous with hazards you can t even imagine and is driven by the obsessed madman and fed into by some con men who think Uncle is rich What they don t know is that he s spent every penny on this last chance to find Symme s Hole Young Sym has to find a way to save herself and her crazy uncle in the middle of the Antarctic plateau. Do you have any idea how to live in a freezing dessert called South Pole Or have you tried reading thousands of books regarding South Pole and the failed expedition of Captain Oates What if you fall in love to an imaginary character just by watching an old film about South Pole This book is sympathetically all you need to live in the South No need for maps or self help books and most of the entire journey is effortless.I never wished to go to the South and I don t have any idea how to fall in love to an imaginary character This thing only happened to social declined people, I m not insulting but that s how the book described the character When I was young, I never have an imaginary friend to play with all I have are real kids who wants to play karate and Power Rangers Imagine how old I was when those types of games were still on its peak, now kids have to sit and play with their play station or PSP Life is too short guys, why not enjoy it outdoor Scared of the sun Well, go to the South and play with Sym Wates who enjoyed clinging with her imaginary boyfriend The White Darkness is the story of Sym Wates who enjoyed watching and reading books related to South Pole, and have a relationship with an imaginary character Quite disgusting for a lady character and interesting for a 14 year old girl who enjoyed that kind of stuff Because of her love to her uncle Victor, who taught her everything she needed to survive in the cold and taught her everything about books, she was mesmerized of her opportunity to go to the South because of her uncle s stupidity about Inner World When they arrived to the South Pole, life turns upside down, everything changed into frozen dreams Sym s beliefs will change forever as the story progress, until she knew the true meaning of oneself and the true meaning of love Love not only to benefits others but to posses the power of judgment Whatever happened to her in the end, I never cared to know it any.The true motif of this book is to portray the abuse and the deception that her Uncle did to her since she was young, imagine she was forced to dream like him, she was fooled about her parents and lastly she was planned by her uncle to destroy her father In this way her dillusional problem about her imaginary boyfriend was applied in the story and most of the children who have abused have this kind of psychological disorder.The thing that did not work for me is that this book is to disgusting, okay, I m not here to judge the characters But I can t imagine having a relationship with an imaginary boyfriend Second, the sentences, the words and her style did not work well It was like talking to yourself than to know the true essence of the book.It took me hours orthan what I expected to finish this book You have to read it well, read it slowly to understand it The book also mentioned the true meaning of the title, although it was vividly explained, I can t still get the whole point But describing it as the mist of the South Pole and the treacherous natural characteristic of the place which I don t have any idea since I never been there before.This book was awarded by Printz Award in 2008 and so far I did not appreciate this I recommend this book to young readers who enjoyed reading South Pole related stuff This can be also enjoyed by mystery and adventure book lovers and lastly, those kids who have the same boyfriend like Sym Enjoy reading The aurora australis snakes across the South Pole sky in 2002 in displays whose beauty awed researchers spending the winter there Photo courtesy of the U.S Antarctic ProgramReview posted on Old Fashioned Reader.Rating The White Darkness by Geraldine McCaughrean, 3 SweetsChallenges Book 205 for 2011 Book 120 for Off the Shelf So many people have loved this book I think it s just not my thing After the death of her father, 14 year old Symone, excruciatingly shy hearing impaired geek with an imaginary friend, is whisked away on a surprise trip to Antarctica by her Uncle Victor From the start you can sense that something s not right here Victor s acting fishy, lying to Sym about their destination, stealing her mother s passport so she can t come with them and things just get bleaker and bleaker as the journey goes on My frustration is that Sym is so blinded by admiration for her Uncle who s actually just a close family friend, not a blood relative , that she can t see that things are horribly wrong I kept waiting for her to take charge and save the day or at least save herself , but she just kept going with the flow as things got worse and worse Also, the fact that Sym is so shy and the person she talks to most is a dead historic figure who only exists insider her head well, it s a very odd perspective I will say that there is some great writing in this book, though The plot and characters just didn t do it for me. I wavered over whether to choose I really liked it or It was amazing for this one, but I went with the four stars in the end because it s such a dark book in so many ways that I m not sure I d want to read it again On the other hand, I might just to pick up on all the details I d missed.The gorgeous yet narrator appropriate language in this book, the amount of research that must have gone into it about Antarctica, just staggers me It is possibly the weirdest book I have read all year, and I m quite sure it has a large number of people who hate it with a rabid passion just because of that, but I didn t find Symone difficult to care about or sympathize with even when she seemed almost impossibly strange and naive, and I definitely wanted to know what Uncle Victor was up to the author does a very good job, I think, of giving you an ominous squirming feeling right from the beginning that something is Not Quite Right with this whole scenario , so I kept reading.Oh, yeah, and of course I was shipping Symone Titus If you don t buy into Titus then you are not going to like this book, but I could readily believe that Symone could retreat into her own head to the degree that Titus became real to her, and yet be intelligent and aware enough not to deep down TRULY believe in his existence and there are ample clues to that throughout the book she really does know better.One possible flaw is that the circumstances in which Symone finds herself, and the characters who surround her, are almost too wildly eccentric to seem real and yet it seems like such a quintessentially British approach to storytelling, and I ve seen it done so many times even with real people Gerald Durrell s MY FAMILY AND OTHER ANIMALS comes to mind, or the works of James Herriot that after a little while I gave up being skeptical and went with it Your mileage may vary.Anyway, it s weird and brilliant and drives me to total despair when I think of my own attempt at writing a psychologically complex novel with an emotionally repressed heroine, so I have to say I admire it.