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Miss Charity Duncan has no illusions when she agrees to the marriage proposal of Lord Anthony Earheart The arrogant aristocrat makes it painfully clear what he wants from her Will Charity agree to be the wife he needs to enrage the father he hates? Of course Will Charity then depart from his life in return for the money she and her family desperately need? Of course Is Earheart as heartless as he is handsome and as remorseless as he is rich? Of courseIt is only when Charity enters into this mockery of a marriage that she discovers that things are not as simple as they seemed at first For when the libertine lord takes her in his arms it is not only their contract that threatens to be broken but her heart as well

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    I've finally landed on the Mary Balogh novel that really warms my heart I saw this book recommended by someone somewhere and found a copy at my local library It's chockfull of Regency romance tropes but it pushed all of the right romantic buttons for me In The Temporary Wife Anthony Earheart is the oldest son and heir to a duke from whom he's been estranged for the past eight years living the wild life The duke is now ailing and wants Anthony to come home and by the way marry the proper well bred young girl the duke picked out for him years ago Anthony prompted by his vengeful feelings decides to marry the mousiest lady he can find and advertises for a governess so he can find just the right timid colorless unattractive woman to drive his father absolutely nuts When Charity Duncan whose family has fallen on hard times interviews for the position Anthony thinks he's found the perfect mouse for his scheme He offers to marry her bring her to his ancestral home for a few weeks to appall his family and then pension her off for 5000 pounds a year she negotiates him up to 6000; way to go and they'll live their own separate lives forever after Of course nothing turns out the way Anthony has planned Charity who at first appears completely drab and unassuming turns out to have a bit of feistiness and attractiveness that she was hiding in order to land the badly needed governess job But than that she sees how dysfunctional and unhappy Anthony's family is and being a rather managing sort as well as a loving person decides to do what she can to fix it starting with winning over the irascible duke She surprises everyone but mostly Anthony who's not sure he's entirely on board with the unexpected ways his new and supposedly temporary wife is behavingLots of fun to read if you like the marriage of convenience tales It's not extraordinary literature and it doesn't really have any surprises to it so I'm giving it 4 stars But it totally gave me all the romance feelz so emotionally I'm awarding it 5 starsContent advisory a couple of mildly explicit sex scenes

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    A great rags to richesmarriage of convenience story Lord Anthony Earheart soon to be the Duke of Withingsby was such a tortured character His pain and stubbornness regarding his self imposed exile was stressful He was so pained so hurt it was sad watching him trudge through life with such a chip on his shoulder Charity was a wonderful heroine who managed to penetrate Anthony's armor of coldness His feelings for her were unwanted but he eventually admitted what he had so adamantly refused to dohe was in love with his own temporary wife This was lovely and really managed to pack uite a thorough and intricate storyline under 250 pages The writing was moving and managed to evoke so much without saying a lot I loved seeing Anthony change and finally lose the burden and hopeless feelings he dealt with for so long A couple scenes were very powerful one being when Anthony was presiding over his fathers deathbed and the other was when he followed Charity home Both showed how much he truly grew I just wish we got an epilogue but regardless this ended beautifully

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    This started off as somewhat of a struggle for me as it reminded me greatly of another of Mary Balogh's novels Ideal Wife which was cute and annoying at times not one of my favorites The Temporary Wife may have had the common thread of a rushed marriage of convenience with the hero thinking he married a plain mouse of a woman that is where the common thread ends and the story truly begins Charity Duncan had that uiet strength with a deeply underlining bit of common sense that helps her heal a family torn from so long While I don't think it would have been such a uick fix MB made it work with some just plain face to face talking It started to healing progress instead of making it feel like a band aid over a bleeding wound Anthony Earheart was a blind hard ass So he was the who changed the most through the story As a reader there was a few hard pills to take when it came to him and his family Anthony and the Duke his father put their family through ALOT of heartache and pain In the grand scheme of things we do tend to hurt the one's the love the most often then not There needed to be forgiveness in order for the past to truly rest for for the living to finally heal It was truly beautiful to see Charity and Anthony find peace happiness and love and the healing of past and looking to the bright future

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    My first Mary Balogh and I am hooked If you are looking for historical research accuracy and a lot of torment and upheavals this is not for you This is Escapism at its best A light fluffy Regency romantic comedy in the manner of Lisa Kleypas where the players sound suspiciously modern and things like plausibility class structure and social conventions don't mean a hoot I absolutely adored every bit of this story If I have to nitpick I would say that I wish the heroine was not such a Mary Sue and that the rakish hero did not thaw at such a super speed as if he was nuked in a microwave The whole courtship marriage of convenience and Fundamental Life Change occurred in a week for Pete's Sake But this is minor gripe in an otherwise wildly entertaining uber sweet charming and kind of hot story I will have seconds of Mary Balogh for sure

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    35 starsThis was uite unpredictable but in a good way I'd gone into this story expecting the heroine to be a meek mousy wallflower type without a mind of her own Well she pretended to be meek mousy and passive because she needed to market that image in order to get a governess job The 23 yr old heroine Charity is a gentlewoman who has fallen on hard times She has 6 younger siblings and the youngest 5 depend on Charity and her brother Philip to provide for them Charity agreed to marry the H Anthony in exchange for an annual income of 6000 pounds for the rest of her life Anthony was an entitled and annoying H He has some major daddy issues; his father's the duke of Withingsby and the latter wanted the H to marry a neighbour's daughter The H's act of rebellion was to marry an unsuitable woman Charity It was supposed to be a marriage in name only and the H started off acting like a sour jerk Charity was an optimist though and she never got depressed or disillusioned Each time he acted like an asshole the heroine would respond in a dignified and sometimes humorous manner because she kept reminding herself that it's just a job Charity never allowed herself at least for the first 60% of the story to hope for a happy ever after fairytale ending with Anthony Charity was a very brave heroine because she put aside all her fears and tried to help the H and his uptight relatives At first his relatives were extremely snobbish to her and mocked her dowdy ugly clothing but she still ignored them and held her head high The H and his relatives all needed some counselling; they were cold and uncommunicative Charity helped to heal the fissures that existed in the relationships between the H and his relatives She persuaded him to communicate with his 2 brothers and she helped him to end the conflict with his father That was a lovely part of the story because the H and his dad reconciled just before the old man died None of this would've happened had it not been for Charity The part of the story that I hadn't liked so much was the sexual relationship between the MC's Their sex life seemed a bit mechanical and at first Anthony treated her as just another woman he was having sex with He was so cold and severe towards her after they made love and the heroine felt so hurt because it had meant a lot to her The other selfish thing that Anthony did was to take Charity to his family's estate without providing her with any new clothing I understood why he did that but I didn't like it He did it because he hadn't seen the H as a person in her own right He hadn't considered her feelings All he wanted to do was to use her as a pawn to hurt and embarrass his father Anthony knew that his father would be extremely angry to see that his new daughter in law was a mousy dowdy governess It was very mortifying for Charity when she discovered that she was nothing than a pawn to be used but she still didn't let that get her down Her upbeat attitude salvaged the story because she was a very self possessed young woman who didn't reuire fancy clothing to have confidence Anthony's relatives were very shocked when Charity wasn't cowed by all the grandeur around her She also spoke up when she needed to and this usually happened when his bitchy sister made snide insulting remarks It's only near to the end of the story that they all get to see the real Charity when she's dressed up in a fancy ballgown Anthony was pleasantly surprised and temporarily dumbfounded to see his little dowdy wife looking so fabulousThen Charity got me a little angry when she pulled her littlest Hobo act and ran away at the end just after she'd helped Anthony and his family to reconcile all their differences The Littlest Hobo was a heart warming Canadian tv series about an adorable roaming dog who went all over Canada helping out families in trouble He would help the families and when his job was done he would leave It was fabulous and I loved it This is the intro to the tv series for those who never heard of it so Charity reminded of the dog from that show because she was so sweet and selfless She helped out the H and his horrible relatives and then she left when she thought her job was over That part was so sad for me to read because she had grown to love some of Anthony's relatives and his 8 yr sister Augusta had come to love her too The H's father had even told the H while on his deathbed that he was happy that Charity was his daughter in law because she would make a splendid duchess His grace's penetrating haughty eyes startlingly alive regarded him out of the gray face and from beneath heavy lids You are my son he managed to say Always my favorite son as you were hers You will have children of your own my son Your duchess will be a good mother and a good wife You have made a fortunate choice There will be mutual love in your marriage I envy you You have not succeeded in annoying me Mary Balogh The Temporary Wife Kindle Locations 3194 3197 Penguin Group USA Incorporated Kindle Edition Anthony went after her and for the first time forgot all about his silly pride and revealed his love No it was not he said uietly But you played unfair Charity You did not tell me you were not a uiet mouse You did not tell me you were beautiful or charming or warm with concern for others or courageous or—wonderful in bed She jerked at her hands but he would not let her have them back You did not tell me you were a thief I had to come after you to recover my stolen property But the pearls— She would have died of shame if she could She had thought the pearls were a gift Are yours my love he said They were a wedding gift What you stole Charity was my heart I have come to get it back if all else fails But I would rather you kept it and brought it back to Enfield with you Mary Balogh The Temporary Wife Kindle Locations 3711 3717 Penguin Group USA Incorporated Kindle Edition I felt like crying happy tears towards the end when the proud Anthony became so humble and I even felt sad that the old duke had to die just when he had found his son again after they'd been estranged for 8 yrs I'm so glad I finally read this because it's than just a romance between 2 MC's It's a story about what it means to be a family and how family members make sacrifices so that their loved ones can have a better life The H Anthony the Maruess of StauntonThe heroine Charity

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    OK so I borrowed this book from the library I needed another book to read like a hole in the head I have enough paperbacks and ebooks at home but I have just started to read a few of Ms Balogh's short stories in some anthologies Run on sentencemy apologies I was intrigued Let's blame the book for my excitementYes I am slow to discover this author I seem to like the older books before someone becomes popular What can I say except this book hit me in all the right spots I didn't want it to end It wasn't long enough and yet I was satisfied OK I am blathering again It is the book's faultIn a nutshell the Maruess of Staunton is a supreme jerk Ruthless cold calculatinghe has been summoned home after having left eight years before And not on good terms He decides he needs to take a wife with him Lie #1 He advertises for a governess even though he doesn't have any children In response to a uestion from a friend She must be a gentlewoman I'll go no lower than that you see She must be impoverished plain demure very ordinary perhaps even prim She must have all the personality of a a uiet mouse His plan is to marry someone to embarrass his father a person he loathes His intentions are to use her then pension her off A governess could hardly ask for a better fate can she? His sixth candidate is none other than Miss Charity Duncan A woman with a few secrets of her own The interview goes well and then he scares the bejeezus out of her by proposing marriage Lie #2 he didn't tell her he was a Maruess at this point Just Mr Earheart What a nameCharity is stumped and you feel what she is going through but she needs the money And it is just temporary right? She saw her future as an aunt a sister but never a wife or mother The wheels are turning in her head yes she can do itAt this point I have to mention that some readers considered this a traditional regency romance I usually think of those as clean romances ala Georgette Heyers This one has some sex which is unusual for a Signet Regency Romance Now I am usually put off when a hero and heroine meet one day and then have sex immediately I like things to build Perhaps a friendship first some tension the lookyou know when they see each other after something has clicked The Look THE TEMPORARY WIFE doesn't work that way And it is for the bestFor some reason everything in the plot makes sense Ms Balogh did a fantastic job with the characters driving this story Charity does a complete turn around in her husband's eyes She is not as drab as he first thought; she is beautiful after all She has a personality and it becomes important for Staunton to see that she doesn't get hurt when everything is overStaunton makes a 180 degree change because of her I wouldn't normally say a guy can blossom but he blossoms THE TEMPORARY WIFE is a swoon worthy soulgasm and why I love romances This love story won five stars not only from me but it was also the 1997 RRA Best Regency Romance

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    I finished this days ago but have found writing a review daunting Most of that is because I just loved Charity so much She's kind and determined and strong and really truly cares about helping people even when they don't deserve and reject her efforts The thing is Balogh has Charity drop like a boulder into the still lives of Anthony's staid family And her kindness disrupts a decade of stagnation and despair and overcomes all obstacles and even heals breaches of trust and betrayals Each of which was relatively reasonable on its own but they do rather add up to unreasonable given the week or two she has to do itSo I can't face defending how much I was enthralled by the book or have people point out how unlikely it was I'm not prepared to be rational or reasonable about it I don't care I loved it with the passion of a teen girl for her vampire boyfriend Only deeperA note about Steamy Mid level steam for me There are a couple explicit sex scenes though since they get married near the beginning it's rather surprising there weren't Part of what I enjoyed about the book was Balogh's use of these intimate scenes to break down barriers in the couple's relationship That's a bet many authors miss and I enjoyed seeing it play out here

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    I enjoyed this one but I think my expectation were a little too high I expected him to be of an asshole He wasn't that bad overall

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    I was so pleasantly engrossed that I spent uite a sizeable amount of time busy with this book when I had two practical exams the next day for which I needed to study This was my first Mary Balogh and definitely not my last I'm so excited to read Slightly Dangerous now Thank you Tadiana for bringing this book to my notice ^^

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    Interview to comeStarted out as a solid 4 star but the heroine via Mary Balogh did something so ridiculous and anachronistic it blew it for me HOWEVER as MB can be a hit and miss for me this was overall very very goodEssentially the H wantsneeds an unsuitable bride to drive his father the stern and stoic Duke crazy Not a bride so unsuitable that she's beyond the pale but a tad below par for their lofty status and dowdy so he advertises for a governess The h comes in and is suitably downtrodden and brown wren ish to fill the spot Sadly for the H's plan but not his heart she has a little spirit that appears in the interview She is the eldest of a pack of children and wants to help her brother support the brood so he'll have a chance at marriage She agrees to the H's MOC wherein she'll get 6000 pounds a year for life if she'll marry with him no expectation on a real married life They will go their separate ways after the charadeThe H and h arrive at the ducal manner to all kinds of upper crust British long noses and cold silences and here is where the heroine shines She's amused at the housekeeper's assumption she's a no better than she should be maid and is charming to the less than welcoming committee It's not until she calls the Duke Father that the H realizes he may have under estimated his bride It's okay for now as his own children don't call the Duke father and the H gets a kick out of the inner horror of it all from the rest of his family He adds to the sheer lower class Cockney emo by calling her love and further scandalizing the crewThe story unfolds as we find out and why the H left in the first place as well as the estrangement between him and his siblings It's a little bit of a stretch but go with it The h's winsome ways very open heart and concept of what a family should be go a long way to loosen the family up Not to mention the whole concept of a faux MOC goes out the window when they keep forgetting it was supposed to be platonic The sex scenes are rather erotic in a terse fashion Machinations and strained faces between the H and his father keep the drama going up until the ball and the father's ill health becomes apparent Here is where it jumped the rails for me view spoilerThe family needs her; the H's youngest sisters really needs her as a mother figure and the H needs her so she leaves She leaves because he needs to go off and be a Duke now that his father has died Okay with the laws of the time in Regency England you get a one shot deal for marriage Divorce and annulment weren't impossible to get but darn close Despite the fact that leaving was part of their initial pact the stakes have changed now as the family has changed I just did not buy that this intelligent and warm heroine up till now could do something so stupid It was an artificial plot at faux drama as far as I was concerned hide spoiler