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The Lady and the LibertineLord Edmund Waite was everything that Lady Mary Gregg despised in a man He was lewd lascivious mocking—the most notorious and successful rake in the realm Happily Mary had nothing to fear from this lord of libertines A bluestocking like her could never tempt a man whose taste ran to pretty playthings for his pleasuresHow startled Mary was to find herself the object of Lord Waite's determined desires But even surprising was her reaction to his shocking advances How could she remain a lady with this man who knew so well how to make her feel like a woman?

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    35 stars I was a little disappointed at first with this book that I had heard such great things about It's on so many best rakes list Why I ask? I did not see it in the beginning First of all the hero's sex appeal was hampered by all the woman that did not want him The heroine despised him after using him for sex in a thunderstorm he was used a then jilted for another man by the heroine of the former book that he was still pining for and woman did not even seem to enjoy sex with this rake I thought rakes were supposed to know how to do the deed? The main reason why he became so obsessed with the heroine in the first place was because he was so surprised at how much she enjoyed sex because women usually don't He's a rake of the highest order and he's never met a woman that enjoyed sex? He's obviously not doing it right lol The heroine's animosity towards him did not help matters either He relentlessly chased her like a stalker while she relentlessly abused him with lines like these; You make me sick she said Physically sick Nauseated Are you so perverted that you like to pursue woman who can vomit just at the thought of you? I can't remember a time where I felt sorry for the rake feeling pity for a rake is never a good sign Your supposed to want to bash them over the head with somethingremember? Maybe just maybe if he didn't stalk the other heroine in The Trysting Place I would have had a little respect for him but it seems he did the same thing to that young lady without success and now since Mary's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard he's after her too The one good thing I can say about the book is that the hero was very witty which I loved and MB's refined writing style was prominent so it wasn't all a waste Anyway I knew pretty early on that this book was not going to go on any of my best rakes listI was in a fit of piue at how the hero was being treated by the heroine at the time I wrote the top part of this review and I wanted to give this book 25 stars and was ready to dnf it but I found that I couldn't put it down because the writing itself was so well done and the hero and heroine had some really great banter between them and it was fascinating to behold Although I still wouldn't say the hero was the best portrayed rake ever I cannot deny that this was an engrossing read MB made me forget all the things that bothered me at the beginning of this review I didn't want to erase it because it's honestly how I felt at the time but I definitely had to change my 25 stars to 35 after finishing the book Don't write reviews when you are peed off lol

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    Mary Balogh can do a self loathing hero like nobody's business Edmond is a jerk and a womanizer He's a little mean and a lot cruel And yet I still liked him A lotIn some ways Edmond takes on role that the heroine traditionally plays in that we go on the emotional journey with him much intimately than we do with Mary We are privy to his dizzying relentless fall into love and his uncertainty with it all and the steps he takes to protect his feelings He has some truly revealing inner dialogue that we are very much privy toThe heroine Mary otoh comes off as the one who is a little enigmatic and a little distanced Yes we get to feel her side of things also but she plays her cards much closer to her chest than Edmond does at least from the reader's standpoint Outwardly Edmond is a sneering enfant terrible but we get why he is the way he is It takes Mary some time to realize why as well It is her discovery of the real Edmond that makes for a good affecting romantic story

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    The Notorious Rake was my first Mary Balogh book so I didn't have too many expectations going in I was either going to find a new good author an average one or one I didn't likeWell of course it turns out that Balogh is one beautifully talented writer I uickly realised I'd found an author that I was going to read each and every one of her books And oh joy a huge body of work to exploreI've since read uite a number of her books still uite a few to go however I still think this is the best book of hers I've read That's saying something as she has so many wonderful booksI was a little shocked by what happened in the first meeting of the H and h I did a double blink and went back to read it again to see if they were actually having sex during a storm and yes there is was and they didn't even like each other It was a strange moment and I wasn't sure what to expect after thatI kept reading and found a really moving angsty beautiful love story A couple who didn't even like each other at the start had many preconceived ideas of what the other was and came to love each other so much over time with much anguish in between This is just the sort of story I LOVE and was overjoyed to find an author who does it so wellThe Notorious Rake is a wonderful book with a H and h that are sensible well lived and make real decisions I can understand based on real ideals It is a book I think I will go back and read again in time and I know I'll love it just as much the second time Highly recommended

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    Turns out my favorite Mary Balogh Slightly Dangerous has a precursor In this earlier book we have an analogously difficult unbending man a truly dedicated rakehell with a tragic past and a widow who gets under his skin this one has a storm phobia and despite rumors is an upstanding less than merry widow whereas SD features the uptight head of a noble family and a bubbly accident prone widow who does not know how to act The stories are two sides of the same valuable coin This is a darker angst ier emotionally difficult reverse while Slightly Dangerous is by nature a brighter obverse a sunny tale of an uptight uizzing glass toting nob loosening up I liked both for all the reasons Mary Balogh is such a great storyteller Sex in The Notorious Rake happens with all the warning of a lightning bolt Literally She's phobic about storms and gets intimate with the black sheeprake in a Vauxhall shelter while reacting to a sudden storm Either you decide to go along with the premise or you jettison it at this point I continued And I'm pleased I did He is a man so seemingly lost to proper feeling and so unrepentant about his social ostracism he himself refers to having killed his brother and mother offhandedly But he is not what he seems and as the onion's layers are peeled away the source of his guilt and fear is ultimately exposed and the widow returns the favor of seeing him through it These two characters were far difficult to one another she didn't like him though she was drawn to him; he didn't want to crave her an unprepossessing woman but he did and he pursued her with no finesse just chutzpah And out of a sense of despair and his love for her he used the same crude tactics to try to chase her away for her own good Though this pair of lovers were carefully and fully realized I'd rather spend time again with the Slightly Dangerous pair But I am as deep as a puddle

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    After meeting Lord Edmond Waite in The Trysting Place and Lady Mornington in The Counterfeit Betrothal I couldn't wait to get to their book I was hoping to find a winner and I wasn't disappointed this was my favourite book in the trilogyLord Edmond is a rake with a really bad reputation he is lucky that he is still received by the ton Lady Mornington is a learned lady who likes to organise literary salons at her home and to spend time with like minded friends to discuss literature and politics When they are paired up during a visit to Vauxhall Gardens none of them is very entusiastic about the company Not only that but when they are caught by a thunderstorm that leaves Mary terrified Edmond finds that the best way to calm her down is though sex I thought Balogh wrote a powerful and violent scene and for a moment I worried where she was going with this story They end up spending the night together and on the next day Lord Edmond is determined to make Mary his mistress while she is uite determined to forget him and so starts the pursuit Mary a widow as decided to remarry she acknowledges she spent a pleasant time in Edmond's arms but she wants a husband not a lover and besides she doesn't think they would suit They meet at the same events and Edmond even makes an appearance at one of Mary's salons much to the annoyance of her new beau but their relationship is difficult at bestEdmond finds himself and captivated but he doesn't always conform to society rules and when people think the worst of him he can't help but behave according to those expectations One of the things he has been accused of is the death of his brother and his mother and he acknowledges to Mary that he was indeed responsible He tries to show her his good side on a one day visit to his aunt and while Mary can't help but feeling that the real Edmond is hidden and might be a lot honourable and interesting that he lets on she still decides not to accept him But they do meet again at a house party for his aunt's birthday that Mary attends with her new fiancé and when Edmond is confronted with his estranged family it is to Mary that he turns as a friendI really loved this story and the fact that both characters start with an idea of the other one that soon will change Edmond thought Mary was plain and common but after spending time with her he sees her in a whole new light and can't stop thinking about her Even when he decides not to pursue her any to obey her wishes he still thinks about her and decides to change his rakish ways as they give him no pleasure Mary thinks he is cold and unfeeling but throughout their relationship sees glimpses of the man behind the mask Since there are so many mixed signals she takes longer to realise who he is and how she loves him I also liked that Edmond had a real reason for his self destruction 15 years seems a long time to be that way but I could accept that it was so I liked Edmond than Mary maybe because he seems human fragile despite his bad behaviour than her who seemed at times a bit too perfect Because of whom they are and how unlikely it seems at times that they will get their happy ending this was an angsty and poignant story my favourite kindGrade 55

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    Okay so the initial premise is a bit shaky the heroine is terrified of thunderstorms and ends up having comfort sex with the hero during and after a storm but if you can get past that The Notorious Rake is a terrific read Edmond Waite is the notorious rake of the title a womaniser and drinker who is only just tolerated by the great and the good of the ton Mary is a widow who is well thought of by all; she moves in the centre of society he just barely at its edge But he's an engaging character nonetheless; from the moment he arrives at Mary's literary salon and proceeds to call one of her guests an ass which he is it's clear that Edmond is possessed of a sense of humour and a degree of perception And I have to agree with what someone else here has said in that Balogh has a real talent for creating truly flawed and tortured heroes Edmond is full of self loathing and blames himself for the death of his brother and his mother neither of which was really his fault And even though Mary eventually begins to see beyond the mask Edmond presents to the world she is still determined to marry a worthy read boring gentleman because that is what she should doSafe to say that it all works out in the end though This is a hard book to find as I believe it's been out of print for some time but it was definitely worth the hunt

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    A depressing book For 910s of it the hero is consumed by guilt and the heroine completely absorbed in herself Poor Edmund carries the guilt of his brother's death even though his entire family was to blame but drove him out like a scapegoat of yore out into the wilderness London rather than face their own guilt He is supposed to have made a wreck of his life although from the flimsy descriptions of his evil ways they seem not one iota different than any other rascal of the ton but in his case it makes him 'evil' The heroine Mary OTOH is a self absorbed prig and a complete goody two shoes You can't like her even when at the miraculous 90% mark she starts to think of someone else besides herself Unfortunately this is Edmund and you are saying to yourself run Edmund run But for the sake of the plot poor Edmund has to fall in love with her it's not believable and you are still saying to yourself run Edmund run Then there is the general reconciliation all around Edmund's family take him back to their bosom and Mary decides she loves him And you're still saying

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    355; 4 stars; BThis story is really about redemption but the reader has to go through uite a few suirmy uncomfortable moments to get to a point where they can see Lord Edmond actually being redeemable There were uite a few points in the book when I thought he was such a jerk that it was hard to believe he could be saved Mary Balogh gave some pretty good insight into how inflexible and hypocritical 'polite' society could be Her characters have flaws but they are still likeable This book is loosely connected to A Counterfeit Betrothal as Lady Mary Mornington was platonic friends for years with Lady Sophia's father although everyone assumed they were lovers

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    I did fall rather for Lord Edmond Waite the Notorious Rake himself He is self aware self deprecating and self loathing and it's his progress towards allowing himself some happiness that forms the plot of this delightful story It's beautifully exemplified in this little extract So much for reformations of character Mary They just do not happen I am sorry The temptation was too greatYes it was she saidI did try he said If only the rain had not made my clothes so infernally wet I think I might have had a will of iron if I had not had to remove all my clothesThe plot is straightforward in the best way lots of occasions for Edmond and Mary to get closer with few interruptions and I loved the secondary characters particularly Edmond's Aunt You may run along and bully the servants Edmond she said They should have had all the tables set long before now Growl at them dear You are so very good at growling It will be far effective than my nagging When I nag at my servants they invariably proceed to do exactly what they were doing before which was not a great dealI do have a couple of reservations about the book Mary is less clearly drawn than Edmond she's not characterless exactly but Edmond talks very much than she does and her responses are often as bland as shown above He falls for her very uickly and while Mary Balogh convinces me that he is in love with her I don't think I uite get why he is The tragedy in Edmond's past is a very real one the death of his brother and mother although you may feel as I did that his reaction to it and his family's was extreme than perhaps was warranted There are also at least in the version I read numerous misprints and some stray references to Sir Edmond WaiteBut overall a book I will re read with pleasure

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    This is how you write about a dark and angsty rake redeeming himself I loved this so much Lord Edmond Waite is 36 years old and has spent the last 15 years of his life committing every sin he could think of; Lady Mary Mornington is a bluestocking widow who just wants to live her life Unfortunately Lady Mary is terrified of thunderstorms and ends up having comfort sex in Vauxhall with Edmond by accident He falls in love with her; she wants nothing to do with such a terrible person The Notorious Rake is as you might expect a book where the male protagonist takes center stage I loved Balogh's nuanced depiction of this man 100% Time and time again you see that he desperately wants Mary to approve of him but he hates himself so much and fears rejection that rather than behaving in a politeendearing manner he says something crude It's a perfectly done case of make them hate me for who they think I am rather than risk being rejected for my true self which fits so well with Edmond's dissolute aimless villainy I would also like to add that Edmond's angsty backstory is pretty spot on as well—it's a pretty accurate depiction of how human beings react after a terrible tragedyExcellent excellent book📌 Blog | Review Database | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads