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I have a lot of say about this book I had so many feels I have cried and I have raged BOOKS MAKE ME FEEL FREAKING SPOILERS In this book we meet Melody I m going to write a good amount of excerpts about Melody Melody had a pink wheelchair until she upgraded Melody had a goldfish named Ollie until he jumped out of the bowl and died she got blamed Melody got a dog she names Butterscotch by pointing at candy until her parents get it right Melody has cerebral palsy Melody can t speak, walk, eat on her own or take herself to the bathroom Melody had a doctor tell her mom that she has brain damage bastard Melody has a photographic memory Melody tells the story in her mind through out the book Melody is fictional but there are many Melody s Melody has a wonderful neighbor named Violet who taught her to do things she couldn t Melody has a very loving mom and dad Melody has a new baby sister Melody has a wonderful aide, Catherine that helps her in school Melody goes to school with a couple of ssholes Here is a little about Melody I have no idea how I untangled the complicated process of words and thought, but it happened quickly and naturally By the time I as two, all my memories had words, and all my words had meanings But only in my head.I have never spoken one single word I am almost eleven years old When I sleep, I dream And in my dreams I can do anything I get picked first on the playground for games I can run so fast I take gymnastics, and I never fall off the balance beam I know how to square dance, and I m good at it I call my friends on the phone, and we talk for hours I whisper secrets I sing When I wake up in the morning, it s always sort of a letdown as reality hits me I have to be fed and dressed so I can spend another long day in the happy face room at Spaulding Street School.Melody is smart as a whip Like I said before, she has a photographic memory But no one knows this She memorizes the shows she watches on Discovery Channel Well, she memorizes everything I would love to have a photographic memory Melody s next door neighbor, Violet, would watch her when she was little while her parents worked She taught Melody that she could roll over while she was on the floor Melody knew everything Violet was saying to her She learned from Violet When Melody got a little older, Violet taught her how to fall out of her wheelchair correctly if someone forgot to strap her in, so she wouldn t bash her head Violet made a board with as many words written down so Melody could point to certain words and people could sort of communicate with her It wasn t much but it was something I felt bad for Melody at school because she was in that one class with all of the handicapped kids and they weren t really taught much of anything Melody was too bright for all of that but couldn t tell anyone One day though, the school decided the kids should start being put in the normal classes for one day a week or so Melody is so happy This is where she thinks she meets a good friend in a girl named Rose and she does for the most part Rose just messed up a couple of times But she also meets the evil bitches, Claire and Molly I will get to those ssholes in a few minutes One day Melody sees someone with a new lap top and she starting thinking about Stephen Hawking She manages to give enough hints to Catherine about getting something just for Melody They start searching online and they find the Medi Talker Catherine gets all of the information for Melody to take home to her parents Melody is so excited when she gets to Violets and they research the Medi Talker so that when Melody s mom comes over to get her she sits down at the computer and they all discuss trying to get one It turns out the insurance will pay for half of it So they have to go through all of this stuff and paperwork and signatures and paperwork and then FINALLY it gets there Violet and Melody work on it until her parents get home They were okay with it because of all the excitement It was such a special moment I cried, yeah Melody got to actually speak to her parents for the first time Hi, Dad Hi, Mom I am so happy Mom gets all teary eyed, and her nose gets red She is looking at me all soft and gooey When I think about it, I realize I have never, ever said any words directly to my parents So I push a couple of buttons, and the machine speaks the words I ve never been able to say I love you Mom completely loses it She bubbles up with tears and grabs dad I think he might be sniffling back a couple of tears himself.But he has recorded it all.At one point in one of the classes, Melody wants to try out for the Quiz Team She was the highest one to score when they did a sample test Mr D was reluctant at first but apologized later I thought I was going to have to smack him too Anyway, Melody s little Medi Talker also prints out anything she types if she wants it to so she can participate in class and all kinds of things Let me tell you, these bitches named Claire and Molly mouth off about Melody from the get go and I wanted to beat the shit out of them I DO NOT TOLERATE PEOPLE THAT SAY BAD THINGS TO HANDICAPPED PEOPLE, ANY KIND OF ABUSER PEOPLE ANIMAL ANIMAL KILLERS, PEOPLE KILLERS, PEDOPHILES IT S SAD THAT I CAN PROBABLY GO ON AND ON But, I digress Here is just a little excerpt from them that made me want to snatch them up out of their chairs I found the perfect gif for that too When we arrive at Mr Dimming s room, a group of kids from my history class are already there, whispering together and going over note cards They look up in surprise when Catherine wheels me in Hi, Melody, Rose says What are you doing here Her voice doesn t sound as friendly as usual Quiz team, I type She can t be on the team, I hear Claire whisper to Jessica, wrinkling up her nose She s from the retard room Molly thinks that really funny She screeches like a blue jay when she laughs.THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF THAT Anyhoo, Melody gets into the group and they are all going to DC after they win the first round Well, lets just say some stuff happens and they didn t win And some other horrible things happen but we won t talk about that, you can read all of that I was so proud of Melody though She held her head up as high as she could and told the whole class off in her own way I totally loved this story I love Melody I love all of the wonderful people in the book I loved how the author told the story I just LOVED IT, K And to think, I might never have read this book if I didn t get the paperback from for 5 and some change for a goodreads challenge I thought it sounded good but I had no idea how good MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List I can t even begin to explain the importance of this book and how it has the power to influence so many people in how they treat others I honestly don t even have words to describe my feelings for this book just yet, but once I do, I plan on screaming them from the rooftops so that everyone reads this book. Oh, man I m finding this book very difficult to write about I really want to like this book Before I was a librarian, I was a disability rights advocate and of the many experiences that I had during those six years, one of the most intense and formative was supporting a young woman my age who had CP and was nonverbal She was a client and then a friend, and much of our time together was spent supporting her to learn how to use a speech device to communicate in her own words She passed away a few years ago, and I miss her Our friendship, and the experience of supporting her to learn to speak using her own words, necessarily colors my reading of this book and others like it so that s why I feel the need to include it in a book review My family experience with disability in general and CP in particular changes my perspective too It makes me an unobjective reader, and prone to judge the book on my own experiences so of course, take my review with a grain or ten of salt Please excuse any rambling So as a reader, and in my librarian life, I frequently look for books for teens and kids that star characters with disabilities There are truly wonderful ones Rules and terrible ones So B It I particularly keep my eyes open for books that star characters with depth, complexity, and personhood, rather than ones that use people with disabilities as a foil or plot device acting on characters without disabilities And I frequently get irritated at authors who write ridiculous, inauthentic portrayals of PWD cough So B It cough I know that gifted authors can write anything whether or not it s close to their own life experience but I have found that for the most part, authors who write what they know about PWD rather than what they ve gleaned from inaccurate pop culture representations, tend to write better books So when I heard about this book, shaped in part by Sharon Draper s own experience as the mother of a child with CP who is nonverbal, I had high hopes Even though she s not writing about her daughter, her writing must be informed from her experiences and in some ways, it s really successful When Draper describes Melody s physical reactions really all the ways that everyone can see her from the outside it rings true Her descriptions of Melody s physical reactions are pitch perfect, as are the reactions she gets from many people around her, the special ed classrooms, and the incredibly frustrating nature of being confined to limited language Clearly Draper has a lot of insight and an insider perspective that s valuable to us as readers And she has a worthwhile agenda she wants young readers to question their assumptions about PWD, including nonverbal people, and to recognize that Melody is brilliant, than she appears, and underestimated I think this is where the premise derails from the first page, really The story is unapologetically didactic, but also stilted in its writing Melody lacks complexity as a character she s brilliant in kind of an Encyclopedia Brown way, with a photographic memory, the ability to retain anything she learns, and perfect spelling Unfortunately, she has about Encyclopedia s level of depth and well roundedness as well It s not just that this is unlikely that people s brains don t develop their neural pathways in quite that orthographic way without a lot of verbal and written practice, regardless of their intelligence It takes a long, long time with a lot of practice to learn how to be fluent in verbal and written communication, whether you have a disability or not It doesn t hold water it s unrealistic and painfully hopeful But let s assume that we accept Melody s Encylopedia Brown like reality, and suspend disbelief If we believe that Melody has instant facility with spoken language or learned how to use a complex speech device in a single weekend without the support of a speech pathologist it makes no sense that Melody wouldn t have been able to communicate effectively with her family and peers If she has access to even a low tech letter board which we know she does , with her perfect spelling and syntax she can communicate almost as effectively as a person who can speak With a speech device that she can program and use fluently, and the will to use it and 24 7 access to it, she s unstoppable It s impossible to believe that with such skills and involved parents, she would be so totally disenfranchised in her school and her life in general Why is she in that isolated special ed classroom in 2010 Where is her IEP and her case worker She has a 1 1 aide and an effective speech device clearly her parents have prevailed through MAJOR negotiations with insurance, school and state funders but isn t mainstreamed full time Where is her internet, for goodness sakes It doesn t make any sense, in a real world context I could believe it if she had insurmountable barriers to communication, developmental delays, uninvolved or uninformed parents, or a school district that really stonewalled advocacy Or even if she wasn t the world s best speller I just can t believe it of her and I think it doesn t recognize the many nonverbal people who DO communicate and advocate for themselves effectively despite massive physical impairments People type out Morse Code with their heels, use a head switch, or use a single working finger to access speech devices The book felt like Julie Anne Peters s books to me yes, the issues in her books DO arise for many LGBTQ youth Is it realistic that they d happen to her characters in that way Not so much Oh dear I could go on about my thoughts on this book for a long time, and I don t mean to disrespect Ms Draper s intelligence, experience, and hard work as an author The book shines in the authenticity of its shown rather than told details it s in those moments that it rises above the didactic and flat elements of the story I wish we d had moments like those, and I appreciate that they were there. I really enjoyed this It s perfect for fans of Wonder by R.J Palacio, and I think this should be required reading in elementary schools Really powerful. I felt like a terrible person the entire time I read this book because I disliked it so much, especially since I think that it s an important book and a really thoughtful book in many ways I was impressed with the author for writing a story from the perspective of someone with cerebral palsy, and thought she did a great job of expressing the difficulties of living with that condition The intentions were good, but wow, I couldn t stand Melody If someone talked like she does throughout the book that didn t have cerebral palsy, then no reader would like her at all But since she does, I m supposed to think she s wonderful She was completely arrogant and unlikable, and I never felt sympathetic for her because I disliked the way she talked about the people around her so much I recognize that the author was trying to show her frustrations, but I still didn t like her at all Additionally, every character in the book is cookie cutter from Mrs V her very name being a cliche to the kids in the school predictable stock characters I hated the scenes in which Melody s mom shows the adults in her daughter s life how wrong they are by humiliating them and putting them in their place I hated the climactic interaction with kids at school I thought the tacked on Penny ending was completely unnecessary The book had really great potential, and I still think that the perspective is important to tell, but I haven t disliked a character so much since I had to suffer through The Girls from Ames. Volunteering at my daughter s high school library has its perks Not only do I get to look at books all day, but I get to borrow I was generifying the senior fiction section before Christmas when I found books on my list such as this one, and books by my Goodreads friends as well Lynne Stringer and Adele Jones Very exciting I see some weird judgemental reviews here on this book This book educates This book is fiction This book shows us life is not always a cup of coffee easy Is it This book should be required reading for Primary school age I loved it The power of the human spirit to have faith in helping another person to learn, and the strength of that person to learn against all adversity and other s ignorance This is highly recommended reading for humans of all ages So I prepared two answers one that is polite but kind of wordy, and one that is a little smart mouthed To those who are genuinely concerned, I push a button to say, I have spastic bilateral quadriplegia, also known as cerebral palsy It limits my body, not my mind I think that last part is pretty cool To people like Claire and Molly, I say, We all have disabilities What s yours What would you do if you could fly Mrs V asks I d be scared to let go, I type Afraid you d fall she asks No Afraid it would feel so good, I d just fly away It took me a long time to type that. Melody Is Not Like Most People She Cannot Walk Or Talk, But She Has A Photographic Memory She Can Remember Every Detail Of Everything She Has Ever Experienced She Is Smarter Than Most Of The Adults Who Try To Diagnose Her And Smarter Than Her Classmates In Her Integrated Classroom The Very Same Classmates Who Dismiss Her As Mentally Challenged Because She Cannot Tell Them Otherwise But Melody Refuses To Be Defined By Cerebral Palsy And She S Determined To Let Everyone Know It Somehow In This Breakthrough Story, Reminiscent Of The Diving Bell And The Butterfly, From Multiple Coretta Scott King Award Winner Sharon Draper, Readers Will Come To Know A Brilliant Mind And A Brave Spirit Who Will Change Forever How They Look At Anyone With A Disability The book Out of my mind by Sharon M Draper has changed my view of how people view others This book is the story of a girl who was born unable to speak, walk, write, or anything on her own Ever since the day she s been born she s always been helped by someone,never able to do something on her, not even talk She was always seen as the girl in the wheel cahir who couldn t do anything So when Melody finally can do something on her, can even speak for the first time, why do people still look at her as helpless and weak In the school Melody goes to, Spaulding Street Elementary School, she is in a goup with other with what they call disabilities They re put in a group from ages 9 11 and they re learning community pg.29 has been together from the begining of school But every single one of her teachers with a a exception of one has treated them as if they are babies and know nothing Even they re classroom has been painted as if they were 4 not 9 or 11,with walls of dozens of flowerssmiley faces , and painted with happy bunnies, kittens, and puppies pg.30 They are not little kids, so why is their classroom look like a little kids playhouse Do people really think that they re not even smart enough to see the difference of their classrooms and others Like, just becasue they re not as smart as others, does it mean you have to make everythin surrounding them seem as if for babies, even their learning environment Of the teachers Ms Billups was one of the worst, she would make them listen to Old MacDonald Had a Farm , Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star , and The Itsy Bitsy Spider every morning I wonder what made her do that, like did she really believe that these kids even if they were special weren t smart enough to understand these songs Ms.Billups would also go over teh alphabet every single day with them, when they were third graders This makes me wonder what kind of view society has put on these special kids Aren t they supposed to be treated the same, to teach them like they are no different then the other students Then why is this teacher teaching a third grade class the alphabet and making them listen to PreK songs Does she really believe that they can listen to the same songs over and over without gettign bored, and really that these third graders haven t learned their alphabet yet They may have bisabilities, but they are PHYSICAL ablilities, this has nothing to do with their minds and how they are able to comprehend, think, and learn Melody proves this when she gets the computer that allows her to talk, and speak through a computerized voice that is what is really on her mind The computer is set up with phrases and sentences that she can speak through the computer But people still don t think she s smart , they still think she can t be smart , that just because she has disabilites she shouldn t even be able to think or talk Like what this girl Clarie in the book said, I m not trying to be mean honest but it just never occurred to me that Melody had thoughts in her head pg.143 This makes me wonder of how many other people out there think that, that how just beacuse a person is in a wheel cahir or has disabilities you assume that they must not be smart or even think This book really made me wonder if people judge others too quickly That maybe a person is in a wheel chair or has some disablity doesn t necessarily mean that they are not smart or unable to do what we can There is many people out their with disablities who has accomplished in their life than many of us, with thos disabilities They are still living a normal life, going to work maybe , going to school, just living their life Yet we still don t think of them as equal, and don t believe that they can be as accomplished as we are, when that is not true at all I really liked this book, and thought it was just spectacular The author really made me remember everything, and i learned so much I would reccomend this book for all, and even though it is not really a topic we like to discuss it was different and nice to read about. Sizden bu kitab okuman z rica edece im nk ger ekten ka g nd r okurken mahvoluyorum fkeden deliye d nd m nsanl m zdan daha do rusu insan sand m z yanlar m zdan utand m nk biliyorum ki bu kitapta anlat lanlar bir yerlerde ger ekten birilerinin ba na geliyor Mucize yi okuduysan z ve sevdiyseniz bu kitab daha ok sevece inizi s yleyebilirim size Daha ger ek i nk daha ac mas z Mucize nin sonundaki mucizeyi bu kitapta beklemeyin nk bu kitapta bir mucize ger ekle meyecek Pes etmeyen, muhte em kalpli Melody nin hayat ger ekten ok zor Ve insanlar ac mas z nan n do ru kelimeleri bulup bu kitab anlatam yorum nk ben b yle konularda ok hassas m Ve bu kitap daha do rusu k c k ocuklar n, koca koca insanlar n davran lar tam olarak bam telime dokundu Kitab kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum Sesini asla unutamayaca n z bu cesur k zla tan maya haz r m s n z 5 stars So I m going to tell a little story first My mother is a teacher, has been my entire life When I was little and sick and couldn t go to preschool she would bring me to her class a high school class at the time and I would play with her students I loved them, still do to this day When I began elementary school, that was the first time I ever heard the word retarded and it was aimed at students similar to my mother s I went home and asked my mother if her students were different, and that was when she explained to me what special education students were I had no idea that her students were any different It never occured to me And my mother never treated them like they were different and never coached me to think they were She let me make up my own mind.Reading this book made me think a lot about my mother and her students It also reminded me of a girl I went to elementary school with who is very much like Melody I couldn t get that girl out of my mind while reading this book, and I probably won t get Melody out of my mind for a long time to come Out of My Mind is about an eleven year old girl who is brilliant, and no one knows it Born disabled, she cannot talk and had trouble moving her limbs When a new machine gives her the ability to speak, not everyone is ready to accept her as normal.Sharon Draper is a brilliant writer Words flow across the page effortlessly and I am wowed at how she captured and portrayed Melody I want everyone to read this book It s so special and it shows us how our perceptions are not always accurate,Follow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter