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It S Summer Vacation, The Weather S Great, And All The Kids Are Having Fun Outside So Where S Greg Heffley Inside His House, Playing Video Games With The Shades Drawn Greg, A Self Confessed Indoor Person, Is Living Out His Ultimate Summer Fantasy No Responsibilities And No Rules But Greg S Mom Has A Different Vision For An Ideal Summer One Packed With Outdoor Activities And Family Togetherness Whose Vision Will Win Out Or Will A New Addition To The Heffley Family Change Everything

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    And Dog Days they are Dog days noun When everything you do, the universe some how conspires to undo My very own dog, Eva in the figure above There is a new pet in the family and bringing something into the family without the wife s consent is a bad idea.Bringing something alive is suicide Regardless to say Sweetie did not survive the entire book without being shipped.Humor is all yours to loot The hatred for the comic galvanizing Greg and Mr Heffley is something we can very much relate to Emergency phone is a bogus phone And Reading is not so fun when your mom makes you read stuff that became obsolete.Rolled over the sides reading this one.Mr Kinney,

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    Dog Days Diary of a Wimpy Kid, 4 , c2009, Jeff Kinney Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days is a novel written by American author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney, and is the fourth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series It was released on October 12, 2009 in the USA and October 13, 2009, in Canada The film, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days, released on August 3, 2012, was based on the book and its predecessor, The Last Straw.The book starts with Greg Heffley describing how he is of an indoor person , and how he will spend his summer vacation playing video games in the dark unfortunately, his mother stops him, saying that he has better things to do Money is tight this year and Greg can t go to the beach Greg and his friend Rowley go to Rowley s country club after school closes for the summer, but after a few weeks, Greg is not invited to return because he complains about even the smallest things, much to his disappointment Greg doesn t want to go to the town pool with his mother and little brother because of the shower area he has to walk through to get to the pool 2012 4 1391 224 4 4 9789642980901 1392 21

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    I read this entire book on the sidelines of my eleven year old son s football game on a freezing October day in Wisconsin I laughed so hard at parts that I think I disturbed some of the intense observers of said game That s ok Middle school football is boring.My favorite scenes from the book 1 The idea that the wimpy kid and his dad are united in their hatred of a comic strip,2 The email the wimpy kid sends his mom when he s on vacation with another family,3 The one time he uses his emergency cell phone,4 The hilariously weird reading is fun club his mom tries to start,and5 How much the wimpy kid hates the public pool s locker room.If Calvin you know, of Calvin and Hobbes got a little older he d probably sound like the wimpy kid I can see why so many kids I know love him.

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    Greg has went to vaticon with with his best friend and greg got to go to got on the ride of his life He scared the life out of hem.

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    I personally think that this one is the best one out of the whole entire series

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    Does the same person Gregory got troubles with, in his life ever going to stop their encounter with him No And that s where the fun lies Gregory is having a summer time playing video game all day long While his family is running after him to do something in summer.His dad brings a dog to te family Uh Uh He should have probably checked with his wife first It s a family decision, isn t it Manny gets the dog saying Sweetie, and that s that Everyone is as fun as never before Such a humorous read

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    This hilariously sharp comic book is written from the perspective of 11 year old Greg, whose canny jokes and observations have become a series of popular books Dog Days chronicles Greg s Summer holiday, which he wants to spend playing video games in his room, with the curtains shut and a cover over his head Greg s mum, however, seems to think that Summer holidays should be spent doing useful things such as running around outside, spending time with one s family and visiting the local pool.Through daily entries the reader follows Greg as he gets into mischief at his friend s luxury poolhouse, managing to offend staff with his helpful recommendations of how to improve service and ends up banned, with a huge smoothie tab to pay off It seems that the only solution is for Greg to spend his Summer holidays working off the debt Dog Days is packed full of humour and manages to highlight just how differently parents and children see the world I would recommend this book for Y4 or Y5 children of all reading abilities, however, the diary layout, informal language and relaxed style of the book make it a particularly fantastic resource for less confident readers across upper KS2.

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    Plan to finish this today I like this much better than The Last Straw Anyone out there who has read the Wimpy Kid series agree or disagree So far, my favorite part is Rowley thinking that Greg s family is rich because they ran out of toilet paper and were using Christmas napkins until Dad went to get TP Been there done that