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In Award Winning Artist Jerry Pinkney S Wordless Adaptation Of One Of Aesop S Most Beloved Fables, An Unlikely Pair Learn That No Act Of Kindness Is Ever Wasted After A Ferocious Lion Spares A Cowering Mouse That He D Planned To Eat, The Mouse Later Comes To His Rescue, Freeing Him From A Poacher S Trap With Vivid Depictions Of The Landscape Of The African Serengeti And Expressively Drawn Characters, Pinkney Makes This A Truly Special Retelling, And His Stunning Pictures Speak Volumes This is an almost entirely wordless book The only words are sounds and owl hooting, the mouse squeaking, etc The illustrations are simply lovely and I was amazed that Pinkney could convey the emotion he did while still managing to keep the animals looking real I wasn t familiar with this version of the fable, and don t want to spoil it for anyone else Let me simply say that it isn t a thorn in the paw this time.I especially enjoyed the author s note, where Pinkney says that he was, as a child, enthralled with the idea of the tiny prevailing over the mighty But, that as he grew, he realized that what was truly special was the equality both the creatures had.Definitely recommended Wow this is a beautiful book cover to cover This wordless retelling of an Aesop s Fable is amazing and stunning The mouse running from an owl runs onto the back of a Lion who catches the mouse and then lets him go Later the lion is caught in a person s net and the mouse frees the lion from the trap.I think this is a wonderful story about helping each other It could be a useful tool of understanding how to act right now on a political level Jerry Pinkney has done stories from Aesop s Fables and I am now interested in seeing those as well because this is so well done The nephew is starting to pick up some words, but he s still not reading He loved this and his story was quite exciting, I must say The niece loved this as well and she gave it 5 stars as did her brother I agree. The Lion and the Mouse is a Caldecott Medal award winning book by the wonderful Jerry Pinkney that is about how a bold lion realizes that the smallest creature can be a big help when he is trapped in a predicament that he cannot get out of The Lion and the Mouse is a brilliant retelling of the classic Aesop fable that children will read over and over again.Jerry Pinkney s illustrations alone retell the story of a popular Aesop fable, since there are no words in this book to tell the readers the story Jerry Pinkney s illustrations are beautiful and realistic looking as the reader can tell that the setting of the book is set in Africa since there are dozens of wild animals around and drawings of high yellowish grass The image that stood out the most was the image of the lion itself as it looks extremely realistic and beautiful, especially during the scenes where the lion was holding the small mouse in its paws and has an angry look on its face The Lion and the Mouse is definitely one of the best wordless picture books since David Wiesner s Tuesday and it will definitely attract children of all ages for its beautiful illustrations and uplifting story I would recommend this book to children ages three and up since toddlers would not have problems reading this book since there are no words to tell the story.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog The picture on the endpages is my favorite in the book, but as I can t find that on online, I present instead this one, which I also love This is a really wonderful wordless telling of the Aesop s fable, with the lion and the mouse both depicted with real character, and humor I love Jerry Pinkney s watercolors, and the way he populates his pictures not just with the title characters, but a delightful assortment of animals from the African Serengeti of Tanzania and Kenya, where he set his telling.Winner of the Caldecott medal for best picture book of the year 2009.