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Scarpetta, Now Freelancing With The National Forensic Academy In Florida, Digs Into A Case Bizarre Than Any She Has Ever Faced, One That Has Produced Not Only Unusual Physical Evidence, But Also Tantalizing Clues About The Inner Workings Of An Extremely Cunning And Criminal MindShe And Her Team Pete Marino, Benton Wesley, And Her Niece, Lucy Track The Odd Connections Between Several Horrific Crimes And The People Who Are The Likely Suspects As One Psychopath, Safely Behind Bars And The Subject Of A Classified Scientific Study At A Harvard Affiliated Psychiatric Hospital, Teases Scarpetta With Tips That Could Be Fact Or Fantasy The Number Of Killers On The Loose Seems To Multiply Are These Events Related Or Merely Random And What Can The Study Of One Man S Brain Tell Them About The Methods Of A Psychopath Still Lurking In The Shadows I used to love the Kay Scarpetta series In an attempt to revisit an old friend I picked up Predator I was sad to see my old friends had been replaced by a poor resemblance of themselves I hardly recognized the characters as the story was told in a confusing third party narrative making the people dark, depressing and very impersonal The constant shift in storyline was difficult to follow I m only half way through the book and I can honestly say I m not sure what the story line is For the first time ever I m not finishing a book and I sure don t want to pass the book on to any friends I feel badly as I know each author puts a great deal of talent, heart and soul into writing but I felt the author was trying to revitalize old characters by changing format It doesn t work Keep the original characters, help them grow as individuals and involve them in a suspenseful story That s the way to do it Patricia Okay this was the worst Scarpetta book I wanted to like it but it seems all the characters have become annoying caricatures And in addition to that, the story was incredibly confusing We have an evil criminal called HOG The Hand of God, suicides that were actually murders, a scientific study Benton is running on the brains of serial killers, problems at the forensic center in FL Which is tied up in the end, but not in a satisfying way.And my biggest gripe Scarpetta is attacked not a surprise happens a lot and then we jump to a new chapter where she and Benton are driving along as if no big deal Then we go quite a ways in the book, before Cornwell sums up the attack in a sentence Huh The book left a bad taste in my mouth SPOILERS AHEAD I was horrendously disappointed with this book, though not for obvious reasons I found the author a very competent one and if that sounds like an underhanded insult, I don t mean it that way She s a fine author, and the majority of her characters have subtleties and nuance, especially the older ones, who I became attached to almost instantly.The problem was the specific story was horrendous It was a mash up of every bad crime novel I ve ever read, and even the intelligence of the science and the characters themselves couldn t save the book I was particularly disappointed by Lucy it felt like the author was writing about a character she knew nothing about, could never identify with, and belonged in some silly erotica wish fulfillment fantasy novel I was terribly sad by the end not only because of the embarrassing plot I kid you not it was a lesbian serial killer with multiple personality disorders, and the whole book is spent trying to convince you her personalities are different people , but because I felt I d met the author at her worst, that kind of awful first impression you ll try, but never really succeed, forgetting A sad, confused, depressing novel, with a storyline that horrifies far less than it embarrasses. First Read April 2006Re read January 2018The plot Predator is made up of several storylines that at first seem unconnected Benton is working on a new project, codenamed PREDATOR that is assessing a killer named Basil While Benton is interviewing him, Basil confesses to another murder that he says he was never caught for the murder of a woman in her Christmas themed shop Lucy is dealing with problems of her own view spoiler she has been diagnosed with a benign tumour in her brain that is mimicking the symptoms of pregnancy hide spoiler I ve been a Cornwell fan since I read her first book I ve had some complaints about her recent books Blow Fly was probably the worst This is getting back to her roots, but still the magic of her earlier books isn t there I hate what she has done with the character of Marino In earlier works, I kind of pictured Marino as an Ed Asner type, but now he s buff and bald and riding motorcycles and I ve lost my picture of him I also loved the working relationship they had, and now it seems non existent I also don t like the way she has taken her niece Lucy The thing I ve enjoyed in previous Cornwell books was the weay that these three and Scarpetta s male friend, Benton Wesley worked together to solve crimes NowI don t know The story was so convoluted and there was such a dark undertone to everything Lucy hates herself, Kay isn t speaking to Benton because he kept Lucy s confidence about a health problem, Marino is whoring after anything with tits and has a love hate relationship with both Kay and Lucy The story held my interest, but it just wasn t her best Also the evil Basil Jenrette, on whom the story appears to hang, has an almost non existent role that fizzles out in the end He can t even try to kill Kay and make it gripping For Cornwell fans, this is a good read If it s your first Cornwell book, go back and start at the beginning, when they seem to have had substance.I was going to read the next book, Book of the Dead, but all the negative reviews on.com made me decide it would be a waste of my time, since it seems to be even worse than this one Sorry, Ms Cornwell Remember when you could actually read and enjoy the Kay Scarpetta books from Patricia Cornwell Back when the series started, Kay was human, had a sense of humor, enjoyed cooking, did things normal people do As the series has gone on, it has gotten darker, weirder not a word, I know , ominous, justhorrid The characters have degenerated into caricatures of their worst selves The world has become sinister and evil Honestly, there isn t anything enjoyable about reading these books Who wants to read an extended description of torture It makes me remember why I quit reading them a while back. The problem with this genre is that there are only so many ways to kill a person The only saving grace is when the characters are delineated with depth and originality, which was only partially true in this book A mildly surprising epilogue saved this book from a worse rating. I ve read every single one of Cornwell s K Scarpetta series, and they ve gotten progressively worse I used to love these books, they were so GOOD, but now it s like she s just writing anything to get another book out there Sad, b c these really were some of my favorites back when she first started writing them I don t even know if I can bear to read another one, the characters have gotten so bitter and unpleasant. Although well into the series of books featuring Dr Kay Scarpetta, this one is genuinely stand alone, so if the reader has read none of the previous titles there will not be a problem This is not the case with all of them For example, the Last Precinct takes up where a previous title finished and having read the previous book helps a lot.Continuing the comparison with The Last Precinct, Predator moves much rapidly and contains several narrative strands woven together with uncommon skill It is not possible to go into detail without spoiling the book for a new reader, but the last quarter should be read with care A number of strands come together here and much is explained, though often with such great economy that you might miss something as I did and have to re read several chapters to track down what you missed Reading this book I am impressed, yet again, by how intelligent an author Patricia Cornwell is The combining of plot, narrative and character with such a complex sequence of events required a great deal of skill.One strand of the plot I liked a lot had to do with Detective Marino s strong dislike of Joe Amos, a member of Scarpetta s team, and how Marino managed to suss him out Unfortunately, being specific would ruin it for the reader.