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One Of Children S Literature S Most Memorable Characters Returns In This Christmastime Companion To The Newbery Medal Winning A Year Down Yonder And Newbery Honor Winning A Long Way From Chicago The Eccentric, Larger Than Life Grandma Dowdel Is Back In This Heart Warming Tale Set Years After The Events Of A Year Down Yonder , It Is Now And A New Family Has Moved In Next Door A Methodist Minister And His Wife And Kids Soon Grandma Dowdel Will Work Her Particular Brand Of Charm On All Of Them Ten Year Old Bob Barnhart, Who Is Shy On Courage In A Town Full Of Bullies His Two Fascinating Sisters And Even His Parents, Who Are Amazed To Discover That The Last House In Town Might Also Be The Most Vital As Christmas Rolls Around, The Barnhart Family Realizes That They Ve Found A True Home, And A Neighbor Who Gives Gifts That Will Last A Lifetime

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    I quote Hoo boy This is just a great series of young people s books, which of course can be read by all ages And I quote A rollicking celebration of an eccentric grandmother and childhood memories.It s a series of three, A Year Down Yonder and A Long Way from Chicago are the other two previous ones, A Season of Gifts plays in 1958 It s all about Grandma Dowdel and a family who comes to live next to her in a small town where a lot is going on and Grandma seems to be in the middle of everything The stories are light, hilarious, funny, heartwarming Laughing out loud, chuckling can t avoid it when you read this After reading some tough, dark books, or after some period of hard work, these books are as light as a feather and just lovely and fun Therefore I can certainly recommend Peck s books for everyone Richard Peck wrote a lot of books, I need to check of his work Loved it

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    Trouble is, Mrs Dowdel observed, after you ve turned the other cheek four times, you run out of cheeks This is Peck s third go round featuring the inimitable Grandma Dowdel, and though not as funny as A Long Way from Chicago, nor as touching as A Year Down Yonder, it s still a delightful read Though life inside and outside Grandma Dowdel s house hasn t changed much she still needs to protect her privy every Halloween the year is now 1958, and a young minister and his family have moved in next door Grandma reluctantly comes to the rescue of twelve year old Bob who s being picked on by some of the local ne er do wells, and gets her own Mini Me, as Ruth Ann, Bob s little sister, imitates Grandma s every move We get to spend a few hilarious months with Bob as he observes his eccentric neighbor, and the book concludes with a true Christmas to remember Richard Peck s novels are by far the best literary discovery I ve made this year But as the saying goes, if you can t get justice, Mrs Dowdel remarked, get even.

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    This book is the third and final book in the very short A Long Way from Chicago Series It is a moderately funny little story but I can see why the series stopped at this point The characters changed from the sister and brother who visited their grandmother, Mrs Dowdel, in the first two books to a new family in town who lived next door to her She was up to her old antics, which was amusing, but I missed the original characters and I found some of the humour wasn t really funny There was a lot of bullying which, in this day, I don t feel should be presented to young people as humour.

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    My reaction to this, hard on the heels of the two excellent predecessors is a loud and incredulous, What the HELL It s well written, technically But it s soulless and awful and parts of it made my skin crawl The Grandma Dowdel in this book is not even shirt tail cousins with the Grandma Dowdel in the first two And the stereotypes Goodness me, the stereotypes Bah, humbug.

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    Maybe not as good as A Year Down Yonder , but anything with Grandma Dowdel is interesting to me Little Ruth Ann s way of adopting the sayings and mannerisms of Mrs Dowdel made me laugh A small disciple All her gifts were supposed to be secrets That may be what I like most about Grandma D she didn t want praise or attention She had a hidden well of talents and an overflowing generous impulse She makes abundance from almost nothing Anyway, I could rave on Read it yourself and see what you think of her.

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    I was so anxious to read A Season of Gifts as the final episode after the hilariously entertaining A Long Way from Chicago and A Year Down Yonder I even thought the picture on the front was delightful but oh how the whole book left me baffled, and frankly disappointed It starts out with hijinks by the local bullies to the poor new kid, new neighbor of Grandma Dowdel The Grandma Dowdel of old would have done something to avenge the obvious rotten bullies, leaving us laughing and having at least some dignity restored to the poor, humiliated new kid on the block I kept waiting for Grandma to do her thing and nothing ever happened Huh There was barely any character development of Bob, the preacher s son, put through so much misery Little sister Ruth Ann, who apparently was over at Grandma s house a lot never were we privileged to get a glimpse of their relationship Grandma has too much personality for us readers to be satisfied with assumptions I felt like chapters were left out The ending was just fine Grandma Dowdel has a streak of warmth and it was nicely tied up with her gifts Yeah, I got the point Overall, this sequel only gave me a couple smiles And that s not anywhere close to the hilarious entertainment of book 1 2, and wonderful raves they deserved.

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    Light, easy read that is funny, heartwarming, and thought provoking l like the idea of an older woman being the centerpiece in this story Mrs Dowdel gives gifts that can t be measured by size or price to the young family who moves into her neighborhood.

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    Head back to the wonderful character of Grandma Dowdel In this third novel, it is 1958 and a family has moved in next door to her They are poor as church mice, appropriate since the father is a Methodist pastor The children include Bob, who immediately falls prey to the town bullies in remarkable fashion There is his older sister Phyllis, who is obsessed with Elvis and with one of the bullies who bears a resemblance to The King And then there is his younger sister, Ruth Ann, who is a little lost until she meet Grandma Dowdel This delightful novel tells the story of the year the family spends next door to Grandma Dowdel who insists that she is neither neighborly or church going, yet manages to always be both.Peck s characterizations are as always clever and revealing He has such a gentle touch with his characters even as he is showing far of their psyche and personality than one might realize Peck s humor has a vintage feel as is appropriate to the time and place It is uproariously funny After reading two werewolf books and setting both aside it was a real breath of fresh cold air to read Peck s novel.Tightly plotted, humorous and beautifully wrapped up in the end, this book is a real treat Appropriate for ages 8 12, I can see entire families enjoying this one as a read aloud Classrooms would also enjoy the escapades and fun while learning a touch of history along the way.

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    Bewildered by accolades I really expected to like this a lot I can generally lay aside isolated incidences of racial insensitivity when I m deciding how good a book is otherwise, or how much I like it , because I ve liked many of Peck s other books, including the previous one in the series, A Year Down Yonder I read that when it came out and commented that it was the best new kid s book I d read in years The writing is good here, of course, because it s Richard Peck it s technically good But I thought it so lifeless in comparison to his other books and other books I ve read this year The protagonist never came alive to me at all I looked back at the flap to see if he even had a name I don t feel like I know a thing about him Grandma Dowdel grated on me after a while I don t get a sense of a good clear story arc, unless it s the thing about all the gifts Grandma Dowdel has given, as spelled out so obviously in the last pages, but even that didn t come across very clearly to me.Ruth Ann was my favorite character she was funny and interesting and real to me.I usually roll my eyes when people say this about books, but I really do think this is one adults adults older than me, mostly are going to enjoy than children.A very thin year for children s fiction, indeed.

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    I liked reading about Grandma Dowdel again, but it just wasn t the same without Joey and Mary Alice It was an okay read, but not something I would pick up right away.