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The Unscrupulous New Council Chair Has Charged Jace, Marc And Me With Trespassing, Kidnapping, Murder And Treason Yeah, We Ve Been Busy But Now It S Time To Take Justice Into Our Own Hands We Must Avenge My Brother S Death And Carve Out The Rot At The Heart Of The Council It S Not Going To Be Easy, And Loss Seems Unavoidable, But I Have Promised To Protect My Pride, No Matter What With A Target On My Back And Marc At My Side, I M Heading For A Final Showdown That Canthat Willchange Everything Forever A Showdown I M Not Sure I M Ready For But Life Never Waits Until You Re Ready

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    Well, that was disappointing I m honestly sorry that I ever read that first book which I got free somehow I remember being annoyed at the spelling of the main character s name, Faythe I should have stopped then.The way the plot wound up, for the most part, had no real surprises Anybody who has followed the series has to have figured out what was going to happen by now It s been foreshadowed heck, shouted from the rooftops.No, my disappointment is in the way the damned romance thing was handled If you ve bothered to read this but haven t read the series, I m surprised Anyway, we have a classic love triangle between Faythe, Marc, and Jace The setting is supposed to be current day America with a twist the characters are werecats, part of a hidden subculture.We all know that mainstream Americans are supposedly monogamous but serially monogamous and closet something in practice Anyway, werecat society is fiercely monogamous Females are rare, and they re supposed to hit puberty, get married, and produce the next generation with their One True Love Period No other options.So Faythe has defied tradition so far She went to college Good for her She had a boyfriend there Even better A non Pride boyfriend Great To my way of thinking, not her subculture s She left her guy, Marc, standing at the altar to do all that, though Eww not classy But after she goes back home, she gets back together with Marc Hmph Then she connects with Jace That means has sex with Ooo, bad idea, since she was in a committed relationship with Marc at the time Very bad idea But Oh, They were Grieving Together For her brother and his best friend, who had just been treacherously killed by enemies So of course the way to do that, instead of talking about their memories of him, is to roll around naked in the middle of a public room, right Um, not the way I d do it, but, apparently that s their way They do their grieving with a lot alcohol than I would too, though.They don t get caught, at least not then No, an enemy figures it out due to how the three interact, and tells Marc, and he believes the enemy because everybody believes enemies over allies in the heat of battle And they re all too immature to put the crap behind them and just deal with the fact that they re in the middle of a war, too.I kept wanting to spank all of them, and it wasn t because I found any of them sexy.I did hope, at first, that bringing Jace in as a love interest and Faythe does repeat, over and over and over again, that she loves Jace, that it wasn t just sex might mean that there was hope for some sort of surprise in the end of the book That would have been nice, right Something of a twist that didn t lead to an unhappy ending I would have loved to see that She s going to be the first female Alpha, so why not the first Alpha with two husbands She ll be the first Alpha who has to deal with pregnancy, so why not have one husband to protect her while she s pregnant and another to get deal with what has to be done in person What a concept My hope was buoyed by the fact that Vincent deliberately developed Jase as a decent potential partner, showing him taking care of Faythe well when she s injured, supporting her as she would need to be supporting when she takes over the Pride as Alpha, and working well with Marc and others repeatedly.Marc, on the other hand, is a jerk, slamming doors, stomping around, and doing everything but pissing on the furniture to mark his territory.Just once, I want to see a hero or heroine walk away when someone says, I cant live without you I want to see someone say, Whoa that s WAY unhealthy, babe You need THERAPY Instead, Faythe s father tells her to Choose the one you can t live without UGH Thanks, Daddy Codependent much Do I think she chose the wrong Tom Absolutely But she s a spoiled brat, and she chose a jealous ass They deserve each other Let the sweet, loving man go find the sweet, loving woman he deserves Hopefully he ll stop the drunken escapades and keep it in his pants from now on Maybe Kaci will grow up to be his Tabby Anyway, there you have it Volume Eleventy Billion and thirteen of How To Do Dysfunctional Relationships.Next, please

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    While I was reading this series, I often thought about Greg Sanders, Faythe s father and Alpha of his Pride I wondered about his decision to train Faythe as his successor Was it a sound decision What leadership skills did he see in Faythe Throughout most of the series, Faythe s decisions often seemed misguided and impulsive I know many readers were put off by her attitude and some did not continue reading this excellent series In Alpha, Faythe begins to shine I understood Greg s choice of leader and Faythe was the logical successor Yes, Faythe still made some stupid, angsty choices in her love life we ll get to that later but she fought with determination for her Pride and for the benefit of all werecats, Pride or Strays I loved many things about this book but the father daughter moments were my favorites I was touched when Faythe confessed to her father and spoke to him about her relationship woes Greg helped Faythe understand the repercussions of her decision Faythe s relationship triangle angst drove me bonkers I m not really a fan of the love triangle I love Marc Jace always struck me as a bit of an opportunist Now you all know which side I m on I hated how Faythe strung both men along, putting her decision off This aspect of the book really bothered me because Faythe s inability to choose made her seem weak and immature Faythe s father said it best You have to choose You cannot make decisions for the rest of them if you can t make this one for yourself I enjoyed the inclusion of the Thunderbirds in this book Faythe s negotiation with the Thunderbirds was a highlight for me It provided some insight into the Thunderbirds mystical culture Alpha is an intense read It is filled with action and a lot of violence At times, the grief and sadness made me go through a lot of tissues At times, it felt as if Faythe and the Pride would not be able to overcome their obstacles I felt frustration and despair as Cal continued with his dirty tricks, staying one step ahead of Faythe I did find the violence level quite high with Faythe getting beaten almost to the point of death For a society that values its females of childbearing age, I really was surprised how many times Faythe was attacked or beaten I m sad that the series is over It ended well All the right decisions were made I wish there was Maybe Ms Vincent could write about some of the other werecats A book about the Thunderbirds would be interesting, or maybe Kellar Favorite quote This place is like a scary, furry soap opera Update 8 3 12 We ve highlighted this series in our Sucker for a Series feature on Badass Book Reviews Check it out

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    It is going to be damn hard to review this book without spoilers, but here goes nothing.This was, without a doubt, the most amazing rollercoaster ride of emotions I have ever been on From anger to anxiety, fear to hatred, joy to love, pain to healing, and everything in between It was all there and in spades I must first say I balled my eyes out at least three times and felt my heart break at least six, so be prepared Yes, you read that right At least six times Three of those were for each Faythe, Marc and Jace Obviously, the love triangle will be a major concern with most readers As I know it was a huge reason why I tried reading into every little tidbit that concerned the trio This was probably the only situation I had some small bits of concern Again, not much I can say without spoilers, but I was happy, disappointed, resolved, and then happy again You do not know how bad I want to comment on the finality of this triangle, but I fear it may be the main result everyone is waiting on This isn t giving anything away, but I loved it nonetheless.there s never been anyone for me but you Not in my bed, not in my life, and not in my heart And there never will be I felt every emotion and action Faythe was experiencing and wanted all the revenge bloodshed, love comfort she deserved with every single turn of the page You cannot believe how great I felt when the blood finally started to spill, but none of it was without consequences Just as every action demands recompense in some way, it is not always in the form we would like As it is proven repeatedly throughout this entire series, though none than in this final book Hope Finally, there are great things to look forward to I mean, there was so much hope in the end that I cannot help but be greedy and wish there were another 2 books to continue with all the possibilities they could encompass But alas, we will have to figure out the details of how this world continues on our own Barring some miracle Rachel announces she will continue in a spin off However, I say the hope is enough to keep me feeling great about the final words splayed out over the last pages.

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    He went down like a cheerleader after prom Unfortunately while the series starting improving in the middle, it fell apart again at the end I wanted to kill half the characters in this book myself, on both the good and bad side.This book was supposed to be the wrap up all the other stories was leading to and we do get to see internal power struggles with the annoying council I want to choke There weren t really surprises with the decisions and outcome since it was already to us in previous books who would vote for whom Even if the final book holds no surprises, there are some crucial events that happened a few fights, Faythe actually loses a few things for a change, a major death, and of course an ending that I expected.I don t care how good, bad, or average the storyline is it was hampered a lot because Faythe was incredibly irritating I ve said in previous reviews that her smug attitude came across bitchy rather than heroic, and she does sometimes make things worse for herself I can understand her temper here, but the main issue I hold now is her constant whining about feeling lonely by her two men because they re keeping distance from her Yeah, she feels bad about her betrayal and the luv triangle , but the author kept showing the character with a broken heart and moaning how much she needed someone It even goes as far where she has to have conversations with her parents about it separately, then her brother, and anyone who would listen I kept expecting one of them to finally say, well, what d you expect It was beyond trashy for her to allow a kiss to happen in the room next to the alphas meeting when they all know what s been going on and the situation is already hostile, especially with the other half of the love triangle sitting outside Her brushing it off as needing someone is never an excuse to act like that, I hold no sympathy with that scene.Then there was the annoying problem where she kept thinking to herself that she can t choose, she can t lose them both and we have to hear other characters randomly bring this up to her too There is a major character death and he used dying advice to tell her how important it is to choose her love triangle Really Really It s not small potatoes but is the stupid decision elevated to that importance, for last dying words Sigh I want you I want you so badly I can t stand it When you left, it felt like the world got darker Like I couldn t truly see anything Couldn t feel anything It makes little sense to me she d start having heartbreak and panic attacks before major war fights or in these emergencies because of her hormonal cravings The end makes sense of her choice, I guess, but it s not surprising All that build up was wasted, there was no point to this love triangle through the last books, except perhaps to irritate me.It doesn t help that I no longer really feel romantic attachments to any of the characters Their relationships are just kind of there but I m not feeling it.The major death was a sad blow since it was a favorite character of mine I saw it coming a mile off and figured before picking this up that it would be the case, but it was still difficult The author wrote the grieving scenes convincingly well and isn t the type who dismisses loss easily.I was happy to see the Thunderbirds return for brief stints they re fierce and vicious but the ending was awesome with their inclusion.Overall I had too many issues to rate this book higher than 3 stars the good rating was earned because of the wrap up being well done for important plot points and decent battles, but there were plenty of problems to endure.

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    5 Alpha Stars What an OUTSTANDING Series I love it so hard This book had me crying I mean that s not really a big surprise but crying people I was happy and sad and happy and sad This book put me through so many emotions And I was still left with a smile on my face Faythe really is badass and I loved that she was her true self through the books She may have faltered here and there but she was always true to her pride Even at the her own expense I wish the author would do a spin off because there are still so many character left hanging and I want. no NEED to know they get their own HEA.I am so glad I gave these books a second chance because I really needed a change from Contemporary Romance and these hit the spot You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.

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    Contains spoilers if you haven t read the previous books in the series I literally jumped up and down when I got the chance of getting this book early and I was than thrilled when I got in my email box I stopped everything I was doing and just started reading it right then and there Less than a day later I am here writing this review of the closing book of one of my favorite series ever and it could not be bittersweet Being Alpha was a burden and an enormous responsibility, not a license to push people around And That was what Calvin Malone had never really understood Alpha starts not long after the events in Shifter and Faythe s Pride is getting ready to go to the Pride Council meeting, where they will vote on the new Head honcho But before Greg, Faythe, Jace, Marc and some enforcers can go, they are preparing for a visit from Ethan s human and pregnant girlfriend, Angela The whole family is nervous and hoping to make a good impression so Angela will let them be part of the baby s life It was a great beginning to the novel and really emotional I can t help that I love him, but I can live without him I can t live without you, Please don t ask me to A lot happens during the Pride Council meeting and than once we get to see Faythe s life get thrown around for a loop But, It also awesome to see how much Faythe has grown and evolved from Stray, not to mention that it is always fun to witness her kicking some serious butt I really don t want to give away any spoilers, but I ll give some tips of things to come NOT too spoilery, I promise We get to see the Thunderbirds again We get to see Elias Keller again he is so awesome I cried like a baby than once Faythe does make a choice between Jace and Marc And the blood shed is far from overI hope I didn t give too much away, but I have to say that this book was all shades of amazing I could not put it down for a second and every line of it kept me on the edge of my seat and hanging on to every word Rachel put on paper If I have one bad thing to say about this novel is that I wanted , I wanted to see further in Faythe s future at the end, but that in no way stole away from my reading pleasure and just like real life, the end made it clear that even though the series the storytelling is over, Faythe and the Pride s life goes on Alpha is a wonderful end to an extraordinary series that will be missed immensely in the Urban Fantasy world Rachel Vincent brought something new to the table with the shifters series and she stole a piece of my heart with every single one of these books If you have yet to give this series a chance, don t waste another second and pick up the first 5 books on it to get ready for the release of Alpha, you will not regret it

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    First I want to share one of the sexiest moments in literary history This isn t about you Well, it should be he shouted, and I flinched Everything I do is about you, and I want the reverse to be true, too I wiped tears, my throat aching with words that would only make this worse What, you need a reminder That s what he was doing, right And now you smell like him You probably taste like him You should taste like me He was on me before I could even catch my breath Fans self How can you not love Marc He s everything I want in a man minus the enormous, furry cat claws.This book was amazing Let me say it again amazing, amazing, amazing The stories are so ridiculously emotional and nerve racking that it literally had my stomach in knots Vincent is the only author who can make me forget that the main character is going to prevail in the end I honestly thought that at any moment Faythe or Marc would die even when logic tells me it s not realistic But I must say, Vincent has no shame in killing off well liked characters It s a bold move and I am ashamed to admit that I cried twice during this series but if you tell anyone that, I will deny it I wasn t sobbing or anything I just teared up and a few of them escaped, so don t think less of me, okay If you don t enjoy love triangles, and you have to be insane not to, then avoid this series Faythe, Marc and Jace make up one of the best love triangles that I ve read about in a long time I will definitely be re reading this series again in the near future When he looks at me, I feel like I could take on the whole world and come out standing tall I like myself better when I m with him, because of how he sees me He makes me feel beautiful and powerful, like I m the most important thing in the world, and I don t know how to walk away from that

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    I ve never before seen any series where the main character starts out annoying and then becomes progressively even awful I had hopes after the last couple of books that Faythe would redeem herself by finally making some good decisions, but if anything, her behavior becomes even worse And in the end, she doesn t even make a choicethe guys do it for her.With some decent action scenes but predictable power plays and predictable deaths, the only real question is how the infamous love triangle is resolved Would you choose the guy who yells What are you, brain dead at you If you re Faythe Sanders, you do.

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    What What What But she couldn t complete the thought She keeps saying that, Kaci said, sinking onto the couch on my other side Pound her on the back, and she may actually finish a sentence Was that hilarious or what Tehee Contains spoilers of previous books All I can say is WOW What a great series This was my first series predominately about shifters and I loved it The love triangle between Marc Faythe Jace was something else What annoyed me in this series was the fact that she could not make up her feckin mind She knew she couldn t live without Marc It was like Vic told her Did you even try to not love Jace. NO I know you can t help how you feel but her love for Jace was no where near as strong as it was for Marc, if you ask me But then it wouldn t have been so got dang entertaining I really felt bad for MarcFaythe just handed him his balls throughout the the entire series Well except when he dumped herwhich she deserved BTW Thank you Faythe You just handed me back my balls That was an OSM An even bigger one was when he found out about her view spoiler and Jace s little tryst I was aching for him I loved Faytheespecially for her bad assness But the wasy she treated Marc.she didn t deserve him hide spoiler

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    I am so sad that this series is over This was really a great end to a wonderful series Although I wasn t mad about who she ended up with, I wasn t totally thrilled about it either but I always knew that s how it would beThere were so many loose ends to tie up that I wasn t sure how they would all get addressed, but they did I am really keeping my fingers crossed that there might be a spinoff series with Jace as Alpha of his mother s pride there is sure to be tons of drama with that family There is also Kaci and Manx that could spawn yet another storyline I think she left a good door open if she wants to go there again Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie Reviews___________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group