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An odd little fairy tale about, yes, an elephant But also love, and truth, and hope A boy and his sister A policeman A countess A magician And others who are affected by the elephant s sudden, magical appearance Beautifully illustrated in a way that added even to the hushed quality of the book. A charming story of love and hope, The Magician s Elephant was a delightful surprise I can t recall who recommended it to me, but if I could remember, I d thank them I loved the writing, the descriptions, and most of all, the story of a little boy and love Absolutely wonderful, and just begging to be read aloud to the children in your life Now I m off to read all of DiCamillo s books, to see if I adore them just as much I haven t read this much children s lit since I was in elementary school What an unexpected treat In A Highly Awaited New Novel, Kate DiCamillo Conjures A Haunting Fable About Trusting The Unexpected And Making The Extraordinary Come TrueWhat If Why Not Could It Be When A Fortuneteller S Tent Appears In The Market Square Of The City Of Baltese, Orphan Peter Augustus Duchene Knows The Questions That He Needs To Ask Does His Sister Still Live And If So, How Can He Find Her The Fortuneteller S Mysterious Answer An Elephant An Elephant Will Lead Him There Sets Off A Chain Of Events So Remarkable, So Impossible, That You Will Hardly Dare To Believe It S True With Atmospheric Illustrations By Fine Artist Yoko Tanaka, Here Is A Dreamlike And Captivating Tale That Could Only Be Narrated By Newbery Medalist Kate DiCamillo In This Timeless Fable, She Evokes The Largest Of Themes Hope And Belonging, Desire And Compassion With The Lightness Of A Magician S Touch Kate DiCamillo has a unique voice This is my 6th book from her and I don t think I can compare her to any other author The way she thinks it s different and unexpected, but in a good way This is the story of a little boy who tries to find his sister with the help of other characters, including a peculiar, magical elephant Except, while Peter is technically the main character, since the story revolves around him, the author focuses on many other people.And even though that makes things interesting and moving fast there was always someone to talk about, something to focus on I found it problematic in the sense that it makes it hard to connect to the characters It was like the author absolutely wanted us to learn everyone s back stories to not forget them, in a forceful way The writing is excellent This is a children s book, so obviously it s young, but very enjoyable for a mature audience too Miss DiCamillo has a way with words No wonder she s America s Beloved Storyteller Quite a prestigious title I can picture myself reading this out loud to a kid Could make for a wonderful magical bedtime story Not realistic in the slightest but the emotions and themes are true Strong ties to family are beautiful Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin This is my first Kate DiCamillo book and it has made a deep impression on me The best children s books work on an adult level as well This one is the best I have read in a long while She writes beautifully, and her characters have depth than you would expect The plot falls into place as a small boy squanders his guardian s money on getting his fortune read When he hears that a elephant will take him to his sister who he has been told died at birth he struggles with what is true and what to believe You with find the characters in the city of Baltese magical and not just the magician, but the stonecutter, the beggar, Sister Marie of the orphange and The story is over in 200 pages and that is much too soon. Profound, dreary and dreamy all at once, The Magician s Elephant is a magical story of questions left unanswered and the power of hope. Part of me wants to say I loved this book, that it verges on Trumpet of the Swan or Jane Langton territory, and part of me is afraid I ve been sucked into the next Jonathan Livingston Seagull or Kahlil Gibran I finally put my finger on what this book reminds me of The Polar Express And that s perfect, because I can never decide about that book, either I think the prose is very lovely, and I don t always go for lovely prose, but this is funny, too There s humor and pathos both in the continually repeated lines, like I intended only lilies.I have no idea whether I would have liked this as a kid I have no idea whether kids will like it now But I like it now It evokes art to me that isn t as pretentious as it sounds, or at least I hope it isn t, but I was an art history major and it s how I think Impressionist in style and setting and mood, and then Italian Renaissance for complicated reasons that have to do with Florence keeping a pet giraffe And I like anything that makes me think about art.Newbery No, people would flip And I don t think you could really call the development of plot distinguished. Every fantasy book poses the following questions Why not What if Could it be and in this book every character is asking the same questions Kate DiCamillo has the ability to take you on a great adventure where you re not paying attention to anything except what s in the book and again in this book is she does her own special brand of magic Full of surprises and charming characters, this is a fun story about believing in the impossible and watching it happen right before your eyes a spellbinding tale of love, longing, hope, finding home and forgiveness in long ago France Kate DiCamillo, is the author of the award winning Because of Winn Dixie, The Tale of Despereaux, The Tiger Rising, and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane The 3 hour audio version narrated by Juliet Stevenson is superb. This book was like eating cr me br l e, with the satisfaction of breaking the burnt sugar spine to eat the warm and sweet center It would be perfect to have it read aloud while you fall asleep to falling snow Favorite Quote Magic is always impossibleIt begins with the impossible and ends with the impossible and is impossible in between That is why it is magic It is a bad thing to have love and nowhere to put it He had been so lonely, so desperately, hopelessly lonely for so long He might very well spend the rest of his life in prison, alone And he understood that what he wanted now was something much simpler, much complicated than the magic he had performed What he wanted was to turn to somebody and take hold of their hand and look up with them and marvel at the snow falling from the sky This, he wanted to say to someone he loved and who loved him in return This The undoing is almost always difficult than the doing. good story before go to sleep