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Elements style the characters are Owen Birnbaurm main characters ,Jeremy Birnbaurm, Mason Ragg, Nima, mr Wolly The climax is when Own finds out about how his sister Jeremy was faking the break though that Owen was finding who killed his parents The antagonist in the start was Mason Ragg a guy with the swicte blade in his sock, so Owen hough he was taking his oreos.My mood when I was reading this book was dark sad Characteriztion Owen is a fat tweleve year old boy really he is fat 57% fatte than the average weight of a twelev year old boys Jeremy is Owen s older sister she want s to look like a boy she is part of a group called gwabb girls that want a be boys Mason Ragg is a dark looking guy who is suppose to have a swicte blade in his sock not.Nima is a forien guy that sells momos Owen loves them Mr Wooly is a mean coach that trys to humiliate Owen Plot the plot starts with Owen at school one day when his oreos are missing at lunch time the oeros are his only blis in life he confrunts Mason when mason doesn t know what he is taking about owen thinks he is lieing Owen tries to find who killed his parents with a TV so retro TV magazimes when Owen finds out that his sister was making up how he tryed to find who killed his parents he find out that his friend took his cookies that Mason was nice they became friends Owen exsepts that his PARENTS are dead he lives with the operator that hread his call when he thought his parents were killed. Reviewed by Natalie Tsang for TeensReadToo.comEllen Potter s SLOB is as delicious as its main character s beloved Oreo cookies on the cookies later Things are not going well for twelve year old Owen Birnbaum Even if you re one point from having a genius IQ, there are still some problems that are almost impossible to solve.Owen s 57% fatter than the national average, which is bad enough, but after he embarrasses his gym teacher, Mr Woolsey is out for revenge Plus, someone is stealing his Oreos, which is the only thing that makes his school lunch of tofu and tea bearable Owen suspects it s the school sociopath who keeps a switch blade in his sock.Some people would shrug and say that s how the cookie crumbles, but not Owen He s not a quitter Admittedly, he s not much of a fighter either, but he s great at inventing contraptions to solve his problems For over a year now, he s been building a TV that can see into the past.While Owen tries utilizing his sleuthing skills to get to the bottom of the Oreo mystery, readers also have to discover exactly why he s spent the last two years trying to look into the past The characters are full of quirks like Nima the Buddhist who sells momos in front of the Museum of Natural History, and Jeremy, Owen s little sister, who insists on dressing and acting like a boy.Ellen Potter manages to keep the perfect balance between dark, gritty cookie and smooth, sweet cream Being a kid, especially being Owen Birnbaum, is no joke, at least not in the hardy har way Though Owen is inevitably the butt of some jokes, his own witty and wry observations make his adversaries seem like amateurs I found myself laughing plenty at the insanity of grownups, both well meaning and diabolical, of sixth grade feminist groups, and kid sisters.This is a book that doesn t make being a kid seem like either a cakewalk or a prison sentence Five stars Outrageously Funny And Smart, This Story Of An Obese Boy Who Takes On His Bullies Is As Heartwarming As It Is CleverTwelve Year Old Owen Birnbaum Is The Fattest Kid In School But He S Also A Genius Who Invents Cool Contraptions, Like A TV That Shows The Past Something Happened Two Years Ago That He Needs To See But Genius Or Not, There Is Much Owen Can T Outthink Like His Gym Coach, Who S On A Mission To Humiliate Him Or The Way His Oreos Keep Disappearing From His Lunch He S Sure That If He Can Only Get The TV To Work, Things Will Start To Make Sense But It Will Take A Revelation For Owen, Not Science, To See The Answers Are Not In The Past, But The Present That No Matter How Large He Is On The Outside, He Doesn T Have To Feel Small On The InsideWith Her Trademark Humor, Ellen Potter Has Created A Larger Than Life Character And Story Whose Weight Is Immense When Measured In Heart Moving story about brilliant boy who can t forgetIn present day New York City lives Owen Birnbaum Owen had something stolen from him 2 years ago He can never get it back, but he can get revenge on the one who stole it from him, at least he thinks In this realistic fiction book by Ellen Potter, Owen is a 12 year old kid who is probably fatter than you He s also probably smarter than you Owen isn t the class clown or the class bully, he s the class loser Throughout the book Owen struggles with his self image and past, and tries to put it behind him I found the point of view of Owen very interesting, because he was almost always the smartest person in the room, but got bullied and didn t stand up for himself His sister Jeremy thinks that he is great and popular As he says, She has this idea about me She thinks I am a better person than I actually am Nicer, funnier, and smarter 25 But he knows that he isn t nearly as popular as she thinks He feel grateful and unfit of her praise It is really cool to hear that perspective During the book, Owen tries to catch notorious psychopath in the act of stealing his oreos He also is almost attacked by scavengers at a demolition site.The book is fun and suspenseful during moments.The book shows how human he is He just wants to get back what he lost Owen tries to get his homemade machine to work, so that he can catch the culprit of the crime He may be over hopeful at times, and he wants help but never thinks that the helper is right I think the theme of this book is that everyone deserves a second chance at life, and you should have a second chance of being able to give them that chance This theme exhibits itself in a lot of forms in the story From what he is told to the new friends he make to the ones he already had, Owen learns how to think in another person s shoes The theme is an important one and it showed me a few ways I could be a better person.Owen realizes that what he needs isn t food, but friends and hope Slob by Ellen Potter is a moving story about brilliant boy who is stuck in the past and struggling with his future.Potter, Ellen Slob New York The Penguin Group, 2009 Print. I adored Owen I absolutely loved his voice and honesty and the twists threaded throughout the plot Not just a fun story, but also leaves a few subtle messages that kids need to hear Enjoyed everything about this A contender for read aloud next year I gave this book a 5 5 because I really enjoyed reading it and it meant to me something I will recommend this book to the all the 6th grade students because maybe they will learn something about the book that will make them think or change the way of looking at someone or even mean something to them This book was about a 12 year old boy that weighted 200 something pounds and everyone bullied him at school because he was the fattest kid in school, Owen Also, his parents died and he needed to investigate who the killer of his parents was. 2017 BookTubeAThon Read a book you bought because of the cover.This book was so boring. Owen is fat Really fat He s 57% fatter than most 12 year old boys And he s a middle schooler Ugh He wasn t always that way Food for Owen Birnbaum fills the ache in his stomach that comes when he thinks of his past Hints are slowly revealed as to what the tragedy is that happened to Owen and his sister, Caitlin or Jeremy Caitlin is dealing with the past by joining the club GWAB, Girls Who are Boys, where she cuts her hair, wears boys clothes and changes her girl name to the boy name, Jeremy Owen builds a contraption called the Nemesis, a device that will go back in time and capture a specific moment Owen thinks it will make things right for both of them and put to rest their awful past Owen is picked on at school mercilessly by other students and his bully gym teacher, Mr Wooly When Owen s oreo cookies are stolen from his lunch every day, he sets out to find the thief He thinks it is Mason Riggs, an outcast like Owen, who has horrible burns on half his face and is rud to carry a knife in his sock Owen comes up with a plan to catch Riggs in the act, but things don t turn out as he planned While the story is realistic the ending reveals the mystery of the missing cookies with an unexpected twist The writing has nice character development and a slow revelation of the tragedy Nima, the man from Tibet, is a refreshing and unique character I wasn t sure why the author had him be a smoker I would like to ask her that question Maybe so he didn t seem so perfect and wise He is only 21 years old in the book Some might think the start is a little slow but I liked the character development The plot takes off pretty quickly and the tragedy is revealed about two thirds of the way through the book A teacher at our school said that this book is a great read aloud. Are you fat and real smart and someone killed you mom and dad,then you would love this book But I hate it This book is realistic faction And this is the most boring book I ever read.First of all, this book took place at a school and sometime at a fat kid house name is Owen Birnbaum Not only he is the biggest kid at his school he is the smartest His IQ is so high that he promise his mom that won t tell no one He is really a normal kid, but someone is still his cookies and Nemesis to work Nemesis thing that Owen is building to see who killed his real mom and dad.But he could never finger how to get Nemesis to work Plus, he know who stilling his cookie,but he can never see who do it So he came up with up with a plan to see who is really taking his cookies For Nemesis he will have find pieces to get it to work Then, Nemesis started to work and his cookie were still gone.His whole story is person vs person because he know someone to is taking his cookies.I was moved by how Owen little sister stand up for him, because no matter what she would fight anyone whoever look at her brother in a bad way She must love him a lot to fight for him I didn t understand a lot about the book The way he set it up was weird I said that because he talk about what his mom was like to his mom, it wasn t in till the middle of the story he said his real mom and dad was died and he was taking in by someone I was thinking why she don t remember all this stuff that he was stalking about.Why did Owen let his cookies sit out there in the open.He is just let people take his stuff I said that because he leave his cookies in his place where he always leave it If i was him i would put his somewhere that no one would look or keep them with me.Also, I think he is over acting about the cookies I mean he is fat he should be trying to eat better And cookies are not good to be eatingI gave these book 1 star,this book is boring, confusing book I ever read Some of my friends stared to read this book but none of them had finish the book They said it was boring so I wanted to read it for myself to see what they are talking about, and they was right I was only on the first page and i could tell it was going to be boring To be honest I wouldn t recommend this book to no one The one thing they said that was toughing was, That no matter how large he is on the outside, he doesn t have o feel small on the inside. He lost his mother and father, but doesn t know who killed them He gets bullied for being fat He is having his stuff stolen You would think this is the worst of his life, but it s not These are some things that are happening in the life of 12 year old Owen Birnbaum who is also the smartest kid Also if you are curious at all about what his IQ is let me just tell you this You may never know I am still curious about his IQ It doesn t say it anywhere in the book This is a dramatic funny fictional story that has you laughing and sad at the same time This story had me angry, sad, laughing, and curious throughout it This book is placed in New York, manly in December It takes place in Owens home and middle school This book is about a boy named Owen who is trying to make a device that will help him find out who it was that killed his parents Not only is he having this on his plate, but he also needs to figure out who is stealing his Oreo cookies, and trying to stay away from his mean gym teacher who keeps on trying to humiliate him Owen calls his invention Nemesis and Owen is trying to use it to go back to the date that his parents were killed and find the man who killed them Days go on and he finally gets somewhere Nemesis starts to work SPOILER ALERT Nemesis does not actually start working It is actually his sister Jeremy making it seems like it is working Owen later finds out and is angry with his sister, but later is over it P.S This is the worse part, next to the death of his parents SPOILER ALERT this story also has how he is trying to find the person who stole his Oreos His new mother is having him on a diet, and the only joy of it for him is being able to eat those Oreos during lunch, but when they are stolen he wants them back The story would have to be person vs person people, because Owen is against the cookie stealer, his gym teacher, the guy who killed his parents, etc I am going to tell you my opinion on the book now The book got me angry It got me angry because it talked about how in the beginning of the story it tells how Owens gym teacher, Mr Wooly, put a strap around Owen s neck and had him sit and stay He was treating Owen like a dog This got me so angry He only did this just because Owen didn t do the summersault because Owen new if he did he summersault the way Mr Wooly was teaching it, he would topple over This is not the only thing he does to humiliate Owen Throughout the story, during gym class Mr Wooly has many different tricks up his sleeve just to torcher Owen You could tell that he is only torturing Owen because he is fat This is why the story got me angry This story also got me laughing because the story has different funny jokes all around, such as, I ate another PBJ, a bowl of cereal, and a hunk of cheddar cheese I scaled the chair and phone book and the dictionary to the Stop and Think Cabinet without stopping to think, and grabbed five Oreos out of the package and devoured them in less time than it took me to get them I d be sorry later, I knew, when Mom discovered it, but it seemed totally worth it After the cookies were finished, I had second thoughts, but of course it was too late to do anything about it That s why I climbed back up and ate seven This had me laughing so much I had to keep rereading it The whole story is full of little things like this That is what makes it funny I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars I rate this because at some points of the story it got boring There needed to be things added I would recommend this book to everyone because this is also a story of the life of someone who is getting bullied This is a story with many things going on in a 12 year olds life and how he goes through it, so if I were you I would read it.