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HE HAD NO INTEREST IN LOVELeander Knollis Earl of Charrington was tired of gadding about the Continent on diplomatic missions It was time he settled down in his family home with a wife at his side and enjoyed a proper English Christmas But his search for an intelligent woman without fanciful notions of romance was a frustrating one indeeduntil he met the very sensible Judith Rossiter Her figure was most attractive her manner most pleasing and her heart kind and gentle All he wanted was a marriage of convenience but soon he began to wonder whether his eminently practical mind would be overruled by his surprisingly foolish heartLOVE WAS ALL SHE COULD OFFERIt was an odd sort of marriage proposal which left Judith perplexed Why would an earl and a most attractive one at that have any interest in marrying an impoverished widow with two children? It was a peculiar notion to consider but the opportunity to better her family's fortune particularly in the advent of the approaching holiday season prompted her to accept his offer It seemed an ideal arrangement in which she had nothing to fearunless it was losing her heart to this most enigmatic earl

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    Leander Earl of Charrington has huge problems Every woman he meets is madly in love with him Thing is he's bummed about it since what wants is a loveless marriage Judith Rossiter is the widow of a popular poet who slept in curlers yes he didand wrote all his odes to her including the perennial favorite Angel Bride She scrapes by with her young son and daughter as her husband’s annuity ended with his death It’s only the small charity sent by her brother in law that keeps the wolves from the door Judith is known as the Weeping Widow because she’s never stopped wearing black mostly because she can’t afford new clothes Leander hears about her from Lucien Maruess of Arden and his wife Beth and thinks that a woman who's still grieving her dead hubby might just be the loveless wife he wants So he goes to have a look He likes what he sees so after a two second conversation he proposes She reacts favorably Ah the perfect woman But Lee is relentless and eventually she succumbs to his blandishments whatever that means The happy new family sets out for Temple Knollis Leander’s primary estate The mausoleum elegant mansion was Leander's grandfather’s obsession and his father’s bête noire Leander's father fled the place and warned Leander that if he returned he might never be allowed to leave When Leander returned to England for school his grandfather's increasingly forceful demands that he visit made him nervous; he feared that if he ever acuiesced he would be kept captive there His father's warnings took an even ominous meaning when Lee became the earl and the urgent summons now came from his uncle loaded with dire words that sounded a bit like threats A careful examination of the earldom's books revealed that vast sums were being siphoned off Would his uncle kill for the earldom—or to hide the misappropriation of funds? And when they meet his cousin who claims he's fleeing the Temple which is stricken with ebolathe clap diphtheria what does that mean? After years all but dragging Leander there why are they suddenly warning him off? The new family diverts to London where the kidlets explore the town and Lee does some digging into this newest mystery Judith uses the time to buy some non black gowns and settle up her husband's debts with his publisher That's when things get spooky Judith sees her dead husband's ghost—and he looks pissed And someone gives the kids some poisoned candy when they aren't trying to push the boy off a bridge Which sets off a string of mistaken assumptions a mystery that isn't all that hard to figure out and a lot of I love him but I can't tell him because he wants a loveless marriageI love her but I can't tell her because she still loves her dead ex hubby angst which got on my nerves a bit It all happens around the holiday season so there's talk woven in about family Christmas traditions etc Hence the title Another not her best work book IMO But three stars Best line Why are you scowling at the pudding mama?

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    I was resigned to this series taking its time to get any good So I was pleasantly surprised when this one broke the mediocre trend Unfortunately you'll still want the background from the first two stories That or simply put up with the dissatisfaction of not having the background for key charactersAnyway Leander and Judith are finally protagonists I could engage with wholly They're caring and intriguing and have strengths that shore one another up and support a relationship I was interested in from the start I was a bit worried about Leader's broken idea of love and marriage built from seeing it done wrong with his parents That kind of thing can be flogged to death and become very tedious but I don't think it was here Oh it's present and a significant part of what he has to overcome but he doesn't belabor things and is able to learn from the great examples around him that his parents aren't the only let alone best example of love and familyI do admit to getting a little tired of the harping on the imbalance of marriage in the Regency period Yes we get it It sucked for women who had zero power both legal or social It's a good point and one that bears examination and exploration But so far it's all terribly one note with each story making the same point over and over with very little variation Which is fine except that its all expressed in very modern terms and seems and anachronistic the monotone it becomes If you're going to make a point by contrast I can't help thinking it'd be useful and interesting to illustrate variations around the theme and show the spectrum of attitudes and the things that make the difference between healthy and unhealthy attitudes towards the institution of marriageBut I digressThe thing that made all the difference between this and the others is that the plot didn't undermine the main characters It wasn't a fantastic plot most of the developments were well telegraphed with no real surprises but it was serviceable and served to give a framework for Judith and Lee to work out their relationship So this was a solid three plus stars through most of the story As is a pattern in later Beverley novels it was the ending that pushed me to round to four stars That moment of shared epiphany where trust and love are acknowledged is a powerful moment if orchestrated right and Beverley delivers in spades I really hope this bodes well for the rest of the series and can finally say I look forward to continuing as opposed to saying I look forward to it getting to the uality I know Beverley is capable of producingA note about Steamy There are only two explicit sex scenes so this is the middle of my steam tolerance I actually really liked how this was handled and the mismatch between expectation and reality—particularly that everything wasn't all wine and orgasms from the start as Judith has to rethink expectations built by her marriage to the poetical but essentially detached Sebastian

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    Hmmm lets seeA mildly tormented Love is overrated alpha H who comes around nicely CheckA widowed Mrs Robinson h almost beyond even genteel poverty CheckCute mostly biddable kids with other people CheckHead on collision with a moc CheckMild very mild suspense CheckInevitable falling in love but let's fight it CheckSweetness overload CheckGood chemistry CheckLikeable mcs CheckBut still a big yawn CheckWhat's lacking?A tighter shorter storyThe poppets are cute but do they have to be always always underfoot?The sexual tension is twanging but this or that or something or everything keeps intruding After a late and sketchy consummation we have another pause I cannot imagine a 25 years old bridegroom having the restraint of a much sedater gentlemanMany minor irritants and brow raisers but let's not blame them This apt and lovely review says it better

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    Leander the Earl of Charrington want to marry uickly and start a family but he wants a wife who will not fall in love with him as all the young debutante's do He chooses Judith Rossiter the Weeping Widow who is said to deeply mourn her poet husband and is unlikely to therefore fall in love with him What he doesn't know is she hasn't loved her husband since they were first married and she is in a bad way monetarily and has no choice but to marry him for his money and the opportunities it will provide her two childrenI really enjoyed this third book of the Rogue's series which gives me hope for the rest of them I love that though we know Judith's heart we are kept guessing about Leander I really loved him as the hero he was playful yet serious and kind but stern when he needed to be Also there wasn't much focus on his hot looks but on his personality and charm which is sometimes lacking in other period books I've been reading lately Judith is a fierce lioness and is also complicated and lovely

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    This is an atypical Regency romance for Beverley or so I've read I was really happy to find that the whole woman as possession was tone down to a whisper in this book Both Leander and Judith are longing for a marriage based on honesty friendship and the desire to make a home Judith has been nicknamed the Weeping Widow by the villagers Leander is looking to marry without the foolish emotion of love and wants friendship and a solid honest relationship instead He finds a ready made family with Judith and her two children No real villains in this story just two persons learning to love each other without realizing it I found it an agreeable read something like a nice cup of tea with with your favorite cookies on a Sunday afternoon

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    I feel like in the re read this series is getting better as it goes I liked this story of Leander ready to settle down and take up his lordship but not wanting the romance of a love story and finding a wife And Judith a widow with two kids everyone in the world is sure is the survivor of the greatest love story of them all Her previous husband was a poet whose romantic poetry always revolved around his lovely wife Leander and Judith knew nothing of one another and were set to make a marriage of convenience Feelings were never supposed to enter into the situation I enjoyed Leander and Judith fighting their own feelings thinking they'd be unwelcome by the other They really had a lot to learn about one another and it took time I enjoyed Judith's children as well I liked that they weren't perfect and made mistakes but were still good hearted at their core Leander's joy in them was sweet to see as well This is a cute Christmas story with just a little mystery to make things interesting

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    I seem to be averaging two romances a month My mom would be horrified She does not read for escape she reads for learning for improving her mind Mostly I am over her condemnation of my reading habits because I know that there is only so much reading time left I have decided life is too short to read only for improving my mind I want to enjoy what I am reading and there are fewer calories in romance books than in a box of chocolatesI read some of Jo Beverley's books before I started keeping track on this website I like her writing style her characters and the way she links this series together with the male characters All in all this was a fun read

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    I actually liked this book I had not read any of the other books before in the series but it is easy to understand and catch up Leander is an Earl that does not want to marry for love so he chooses a widow who is a lady with two children Judith has fallen on hard times since her husband a self acclaimed poet of only one book passed away When she meets Leander she cannot be sure he is not playing a prank Leander likes the idea of having children brought to the marriage since his home is so large empty and holds very few loving memories I like the way that Leander is kind to the children and that he and Judith work at the arranged marriage So many of these books talk about how little options ladies had in that time period Would it be so different for a widow now left with no insurance and two children? It would still be a challenge and many would turn to remarriage Especially if the gentleman was kind and cared for you and your children Several steamy scenes Not over done Four stars

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    Author Jo BeverleyFirst published 1992Length 4792 locations 351 pagesSetting England 1815Sex Not freuent Explicit but not raunchyHero Diplomat soldier Returning to an England he doesn't know Wants to put down roots 25 years oldHeroine Widow with two children Married at 16 Not a comfortable marriage but not abusive Poor 29 years oldSeries Book 3Includes Excerpts from Forbidden and Dangerous Joy by Jo BeverleyA book about grief and second chances About parenting And about Love accepting and givingOverall it's another solid Regency from Beverley Like Books 1 and 2 it isn't the easiest book The characters aren't as appealing as one would expect of the genre And the story is a bot of a mishmash It works mostlyI find myself wanting to read the series but not exactly enjoying them There are some odd concepts and Beverley seems to be promoting some personal crusades partly as character motivation partly as this was how it was during Regency period but I am also thinking they may be her personal opinionsAn example In Christmas Angel Beverley spent many paragraphs expounding on corporal punishment and it's value in turning boys into men A reader could take this two ways changing times and opinions particularly with society's changing views on the role of woman and wife made the discipline and expectation of youth an important turning point or Beverley feels society has lost something control? discipline? responsibility? in removing corporal punishment from homes and schools In terms of character motivation the punishment and discipline of Judith's son was critical in the two recognising a need for partnership but also Judith denouncing her role as sole carer and Bastian moving forward into a male dominated sometimes brutal societyUltimately what I am finding with Beverley's Company of Rogues are how thoughtful they are I may not agree with them and find myself cranky with characters and author but they stay with me Beverley puts forward some challenging viewpoints Not particularly subtly but they are thereThere's something to be gained in thatFrom the World of The Company of RoguesAn Arranged Marriage Nicholas DelaneyAn Unwilling Bride Lucien de Vaux Maruess of ArdenChristmas Angel Leander Knollis Earl of CharringtonForbidden Francis Haile Lord MiddlethorpeDangerous Joy Miles CavanaghThe Dragon's Bride Con Somerford Viscount AmleighThe Devil's Heiress Clarissa GreystoneThe Demon's Mistress' in In Praise of Younger Men Lord VandeimenHazard Lady Anne Peckworth and Race de VereSt Raven Tristan Tregallows Duke of St RavenSkylark Sir Stephen BallThe Rogue's Return Simon St BrideTo Rescue A Rogue Lord Darius Debenham also Major Hal BeaumontLady Beware Lady Thea Debenham and Viscount DarienA Shocking Delight David KerslakeReferencesAuthor's website ISBN 978 1 61417 447 9 CR

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    WonderfulGreat Love story about avoiding love for something practical I enjoyed the characters each uniue and well written Great children characters They weren't perfect but typical and so likable A very interesting Christmas story