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Moose And The Cons Are About To Get A Lot Closer In This Much Anticipated Sequel It S Moose Flanagan Lives On Alcatraz With His Family, The Other Families Of The Guards, And A Few Hundred No Name Hit Men, Con Men, Mad Dog Murderers And A Handful Of Bank Robbers Too And One Of Those Cons Has Just Done Him A Big FavorYou See, Moose Has Never Met Al Capone, But A Few Weeks Ago Moose Wrote A Letter To Him Asking Him To Use His Influence To Get His Sister, Natalie, Into A School She Desperately Needs In San Francisco After Natalie Got Accepted, A Note Appeared In Moose S Freshly Laundered Shirt That Said DoneAs This Book Begins, Moose Discovers A New Note This One Says Your Turn Is It Really From Capone What Does It Mean Moose Can T Risk Anything That Might Get His Dad Fired But How Can He Ignore Al Capone

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    There were a lot of things about this sequel that worked better, but I felt like I wanted there to be to Moose The author states that Moose is a pleaser, but I felt like I didn t get a good enough window into Moose s internal conflict about this or as much as I would have liked.I liked what the author did with Natalie in this book It was interesting to see how she progressed as she settled into her visit from Ester P Marinoff and see her become than a helpless character.The author offered some great twists based on problems that had started in the previous book There is a scene at the end that is so vivid and intense that I didn t want to put the book down during.Overall, I would say it is a worthy sequel.

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    A juvenile book , but one that would be excellent for a middle school student questioning autism.The story is simple but will hold the interest of a 12 15 year old , and teaches patience and tolerance

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    It is so rare to find a sequel to a winner that is, itself, another winner, but here it is Frankly, I expected to be disappointed, as sequels seem to be well, blech Not this one I am not sure how the author manages so well to make a protagonist of the gender opposite hers, sound so real, so believable but she does I wonder if she has taught middle school, or been a den mother, or something like that The setting of Alcatraz in the thirties is just as fascinating as it was on her first go round, and the air of mystery is engendered not only by our knowledge, as we read, that the nefarious Al Capone is lurking, albeit behind bars the children themselves make even mystery, suspense, and adventure, as well as a lot of humorous asides The dialogue is so realistic, and feels genuine whether it is the kids, talking to each other, or the parents to the kids, or ESPECIALLY, a guard to that famous prisoner Noteworthy the continuation of our hero s sister s own special story This is handled so well, yet so delicately, and is very poignant Her relationship to each character with whom she comes into contact is dealt with masterfully I love this book I did not put it down, until I finished it I hope it sells a billion copies It should be recommended to middle and upper elementary readers and should be recommended with gusto

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    This is such a wonderful Middle grade series This book was not as sentimental as the first but an original storyline Not a recap of the first book Love these kids

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    In the second book, it was fun times returning to an adventure on Alcatraz with Moose and the other kids I ve enjoyed these young teen adventures from back in the 1930 s set on Alcatraz where the families of the guards and Warden live.Al Capone Shines My Shoes picks up right after the events of the previous book Moose is happy his sister is able to attend her special school, but he knows its never a good idea to owe Al Capone a favor It isn t long before Moose gets word from the man and has to figure out how to fulfill the request.Meanwhile, he gets entangled in troubles with his friends and finds that trouble has found him and his family once again Baseball, fly collections, new babies, girl troubles, a guard out to sink him, and troubles he never saw coming make Alcatraz a rather exciting place to be for a young teenage boy.I was captivated when I read book four so now I ve gone back to get the rest of Moose s story in order I love the blend of history and fiction the authors does She paints a vivid picture of life in the 30 s, but particularly life for those living in the shadow of the prison on Alcatraz Color characters entertain Moose is a great hero He is an average teenage boy who loves baseball, can t figure out girls, and loyally helps his family care for his sister with her special needs.It s fun reading and then it had a fabulous grand finale at the end that had me riveted I can t wait to snag the next book in the series.

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    Just the read I needed to get over the last nerve wrecking one I had.I read the first book in this series when I was in college as part of a group assignment to teach us about grouping for literary groups based on interest and the use of visual representation as a tool to help students express what they pulled from the story Al Capone Does My Shirts was a lot interesting than I had expected it had been so long since I had read children s or teens literature and my group went all out and designed a shirt with baseball logos, Capone s name and his face behind bars, buttons with the characters names on it and presented it to the class My COLLEGE PROFESSOR was so proud she hung it in the hallway It s funny how you can still get giddy when you re a 22 year old college student when your teacher puts your work on display.That aside, I had been needing to read Al Capone Shines My Shoes It s a story about a boy named Moose and his relationship with his autistic older sister, Natalie, his relationship with his parents, and the friendships he forges on the island of Alcatraz where his father works as a prison guard In this installment, view spoiler Moose has received a note back from Capone requesting a favor in return for helping him to get Natalie into a special school for kids like her hide spoiler

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    First sentence Nothing is the way it s supposed to be when you live on an island with a billion birds, a ton of bird crap, a few dozen rifles, machine guns, and automatics, and 278 of America s worst criminals the cream of the criminal crop as one of our felons likes to say The convicts on Alcatraz are rotten to the core, crazy in the head, and as slippery as eels in axle grease.Premise plot Al Capone Shines My Shoes is the sequel to Al Capone Does My Shirts Both books are set on the island of Alcatraz in 1935 Both are narrated by our baseball loving hero, Moose Flanagan.In Al Capone Does My Shirts a desperate Moose turns to Al Capone for help His sister, Natalie, needs to be admitted to a special school a school for special needs children The school has rejected her twice claiming that she s too old to be helped or that she s just not a good fit for their program.Moose s plea for help worked or at least he thinks it did Natalie is now away at school Life should be moving smoothly But it isn t It s a MESS His relationships with his friends are all over the place There s his off island friend, Scout, his on island friends Jimmy, Annie, Theresa, and PIPER From day to day, Moose is never sure who is going to be MAD at him But his problems aren t just juvenile He s got a few ADULT problems as well Al Capone wants a favor How can he say yes How can he say no No matter what happens next, it could be big, big trouble for him and his family.My thoughts Al Capone Shines My Shoes is an action packed, emotional roller coaster There s some melodrama with Moose and his friends, but, there s also some very real DRAMA with an attempted prison escape.I definitely liked this one It was a quick, compelling read.

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    This book is a sequel to Al Capone Does My Shirts The main character, Moose, is a boy at the age where he begins to recognize girls What makes his situation unique is that he lives on Alcatraz Island The year is 1935 and Moose s father is a guard at the notorious prison I learned that the island was home not only to the prisoners in lock up, but also to civilians who lived in compounds and ran the prison facilities The children of the prison warden and the guards are close friends and always have each other s back I learned that prisoners actually were assigned many domestic jobs for resident households I found it interesting that prisoners worked as plumbers, handymen, and did laundry In this story Moose and the gang foil a prison breakout and there are some interesting twists to the tale Al Capone, a criminal gangster, was an extremely famous inmate that everyone wanted a look at Having him as a minor character gave the children a lot to discuss, especially when he began writing notes to Moose and leaving them in the laundry It seems that despite terrible crimes committed by the mob boss, Al was idolized by many Looking back at old photos of my dad during this time period, I can see how the gangster look must have been quite popular.

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    What s not to like about easy, breezy historical fiction for young teens Moose Flanagan is the son of a guard on Alcatraz and lives on the island with his family and the families of the other guards The kids of these guards form a small group of friends like the little groups that form in school classrooms with favorites and least favorites, dramas and intrigues The only difference is they do all of it within view of some of the roughest prisoners in the United States When Moose asks the most famous prisoner, Al Capone, for help getting his autistic older sister into a special school it sets off a chain reaction that no one on the island is prepared for This has all the elements of a grown up prison story notes passed between prisoners and civilians, sprays of bullets into the Bay, secret meeting places, mean spirited prison guards, clandestine rendezvous with visitors to the island, a visit from J Edgar Hoover and Eliot Ness and plans for a big escape attempt But since I usually can t tolerate the fear and suspense of these genre books of adults, I loved that this one was written for young teens An Alcatraz book even I coud handle was really fun So fun I m actually thinking it might be worth making a visit to Alcatraz.

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    I was a big fan of the first book so approached this sequel a bit hesitantly, but I found myself completely pulled in and enjoying it as much as the first Budding romance figures in this a bit, and jealousy and Moose, our hero, finds out that it s hard being all things to all people, some people dislike him for trying too hard to be nice His sister is doing better at her special school but the issue of her illness spawns some clear prejudice which is handled very honestly and adds to the strength of the book There are secrets, as there always are between children, and some of these secrets could end of being dangerous, so there is that element of suspense A good read.