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New York Times bestselling author Jo Beverley brings the Regency Period to life Joan Hammond Emily Grantwich lives uietly with her crippled father and eccentric aunt managing the family's land until the fateful day she walks down the main street of Melton Mowbray and is showered with Poudre de Violettes thrown by a lady of loose morals at the handsomest man Emily has ever seen He is Piers Verderan known by many as the Dark Angel His friends lay the blame for his scandalous ways on his troubled past No decent woman should be seen in his company but Emily must dutifully manage her father's estate which Verderan's land adjoins Soon Emily learns that the Dark Angel is very dangerous especially to her sanity and her heart

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    Still fun on reread Light on plot flexible with logical behavior and a bit on the insta love side but I uite liked the early acknowledgement of feelings the lack of games and I really appreciated the limited angst I adored the witty dialogue and laughed aloud here and there Sweet engaging couple with interactions that captured and held my attention It is an easy light hearted relaxing read And of course generally the author has a writing style that’s always competent and often stellar

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    One reason I didn't like it was because I didn't like the male protagonist He is supposed to be some tall dark dangerous guy but he comes off being slightly unchivalrous to women going so far as to throw things at women That happened in the very first appearance of him and is supposedly to show that he's not to be taken advantage of even by women Granted the woman was a harlot and she showed bad breeding but still not a fan of a guy who's going to act out against women Since that first episode I kept feeling there was an edge of violence in him which might be what gets some women's rockets in orbit but something that I find truly unacceptable Violence against women? Truly ungentlemanly and yes I know the guy was supposed to be ungentlemanly and not care how he appeared In that case the author made her point and I'm sorry that I have to write a bad review because of thatHowever another reason that the book failed to grip me was how the guy became so enad of Emily This is a seriously dangerous sort of dude and involved in various broils and etc Emily is pretty much a good girl but there is absolutely nothing gripping about her appearance or behavior She doesn't even grip the reader She comes off as exactly what she is meant to be a wallflower So the part where he starts to notice her is extremely contrived as to be entirely unconvincing I felt it was for the sake of the book that he starts to find her attractive I find it extremely hard to believe that this hardened sort of dangerous and not in a good way in a violence against women way guy is going to be suddenly enraptured by someone that he rescues sort of offhandedly He was well written if nothing else He is the kind of a tortured impassioned soul that people find unpredictable and with an edge of violence Heathcliffe ish I guess I don't really think that the female protagonist had the ability or the depth to handle and soothe the tortured beast no matter how the plot was spinned Nor do I think they are right for each otherAlthough I do like the history embedded within the writing and felt it added a lot of period voice to the story The picturesue descriptions of country life and the booming economy of the town due to hunt madness made me feel I was actually there

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    Review originally posted at uote “He’s called the Dark Angel The devil His horse is called Beelzebub He shoots men who like sago pudding”“Seems fair Only the lowest form of life would like that slimy stuff”Jo Beverley’s Emily And The Dark Angel was originally part of a series that began with Lord Wraybourne's Betrothal I have waited a very long time for Piers Verderan’s story and am pleased that it lived up to my expectationsEmily Granwich is a 20 something spinster who lives a uiet life in the country with her invalid father and eccentric aunt Her brother is considered missing in action so she handles the family's estate business much to her father’s dismay When in town on business she is “assaulted” by a flying box of violet body powder which erupts and covers her head to toeThe intended victim of the powdery weapon is Piers Verderan Dubbed the “Dark Angel” by enemies he is considered a deadly man without a conscience In town for the start of the hunting season he comes to Ms Granwich’s assistance and soon appears in Emily’s life often then she likesYet for all the rumors surrounding him Emily can’t help but wonder if Piers is as bad as he is painted? Though warned that no decent woman should be seen in his company Piers shows remarkable restraint and courtesy when in Emily’s company As our hero and heroine begin the intricate dance of romance and love will Emily listen to her heart or her family when dealing with her Dark Angel?So now you all know My secret vice is Regencies I adore them The older and cheesier the better I’m not sure why because they offend my feminism on all levels lol But I think we all have a teeny tiny place in us that wants someone to take control That’s what Regencies do for me They give me a larger then life hero who annoys me frustrates me and utterly captivates me He maneuvers and manipulates my whole world so that I will marry him and live happily ever after sighPiers Verderan is a proper Regency hero Handsome autocraticand deadly Ms Beverley takes him up a notch by injecting humor and snarkiness into his personality His witty conversations with Emily and other characters was rather like watching a “who’s on first” skit While you have no doubt he is deserving of his moniker the Dark Angel you feel assured that circumstances will reveal to you and Emily that he is not as black as he seemsEmily is a bit innocent the pudding fiasco cracked me up but she is also strong in mind and emotion She doesn’t fight the current but merely flows along until another avenue opens upI did feel she jumped to the wrong conclusion a bit to much but forgave her because with Piers she’s just in over her headJo Beverley has a way of creating characters that follow the society’s dictates for this time but also mesh well with the modern reader We are not given wimpy vaporish females nor condescendingly boring males They are an unconventional lively bunch that has you cheering them on in abundanceThe story flows along at a fast pace and the end result is a delightful Regency filled with memorable characters a delish little scandal wicked stolen kisses and a wonderful ending that had me heaving my happy sigh

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    I really liked Jo Beverley's contributing story to Irresistable Forces so I thought I'd track down some of her other work which apparently completely resides in the world of romance Out of four of her books I only really enjoyed two and this was not one of them First off Beverley's Regency romances are a romance of manners there is passionate kissing scenes but no hanky panky as I suppose high society guards its chastity vigilantly Emily is moderately competent running her family's estate in a time of uncertainty but her mind turns into pudding when she meets Ver the Dark Angel in one of those silly situations that romance is so rife with Frankly Emily seems to come off a ditz even though she is supposedly befuddled by strong attraction to a unsuitable suitor The book seems to be held together by the anticipation of the fox hunting season which is described in detail for those of us who admire historical context and can ignore the ridiculousness of huntingterrorizing an inedible animal who will be ripped to shreds by dogs The whole story ends abruptly with a solution of prodigal sonfamily unitedmagical healing

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    Full review at Smart Bitches Trashy BooksWhen Jo Beverley passed away last month and we were discussing recommendations several people mentioned Emily and the Dark Angel I realized I had a copy but had never read it It was just the sort of charming uietly hilarious comfort read I neededIt has the best meet cute I’ve read in a long time too Emily Grantwich is walking through her hometown Melton Mowbray when a man bumps into her Another woman in an upstairs window furious with the man who has knocked Emily over hurls a container of violet scented powder aka Poudre de Violettes at them covering them both This is likely one of the most extraordinary things that has ever happened to Emily which is saying something she’s been running her family’s estate since her older brother went missing in the war and her father suffered a paralyzing injury after trying to duel a neighbor over some disputed land You know what they say good sabers make good neighbors and if that doesn’t work there’s always pistols at dawnThe heart of the romantic conflict is relatively simple Emily doesn’t think she should have anything to do with Verderan due to his reputation and the effect of said reputation on her own standing in the small very attentive and gossip fueled community Verderan meets Emily and is poleaxed by the scented powder of love and adjusts to the development of his unexpected feels with aplomb and determination It’s not so much “will they or won’t they” as it is “will they be able to make the choices to be together in a way that preserves as much of their happiness and dignity?”Emily and the Dark Angel is written in a historical style that’s rather sedate and uiet; fans of older style Regencies may know what I mean If you expect bombastic characters and sweeping grandness that isn’t in this book; the story moves at a deliberate pace with a balance of character evolution and plot development that is part of what I look for in a comfort read along with world building that includes community care taking and excellent dialogue Emily and Verderan change one another – and if there’s one complaint I have it’s that the emotional declaration and determination came a little too uickly for me to believe in every moment of that change But by the end of the book the difficult impossibility of the choices facing Emily the painful history that followed Verderan and the circumstances surrounding them both were all resolved to such a charming and satisfying degree I had a big deep Good Book Sigh at the end I can see why so many readers love this book and count it among their favorite comfort reads SB Sarah

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    A reread for me This is actually the 4rth book in the series though it has some characters from the other books it can be read as a stand alone Copyright 1992 but I have the reissue with the better updated cover I actually believe the couple on it is Emily Ver This is a fun read Regency romance Ver is a wild bad boy Emily is a straightlaced practical old maid of 26 They meet when Ver is leaving from a woman of loose morals She's angry with him throws a container of violet smelling powder on him Emily who's just walking bySparks fly There's also a running joke about pudding that's amusing There's a lot of history of fox hunting also I wanted this book for a while it was out of print I was glad they brought it back I do miss Jo Beverley She was a fabulous writer of romance occasionally paranormal stories RIP Jo

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    Enjoyable if not as much of an emotional read as I'd remembered

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    I liked the first third of this uite a bit the second third less and the final third not at all The prose is good so I'll call it three stars but that's a bit generous I don't like this nearly as much as the general consensus Premise Emily is the spinster ish 26 year old daughter of a grumpy disabled local landowner whose other daughter has left him for marriage and whose only son is missing and presumed dead in the Napoleonic wars Even though everybody in her family sort of treats her like dirt Emily has learned to efficiently manage the family estate in the absence of a man to do it for her One fine morning at the beginning of fox hunting season when half of England's elite males apparently descend on the area Emily is walking through the local village when a beautiful lady and a handsome man get into a screaming match with each other over whether or not the lady is going to be the man's new mistress he says no in spite of the night they just spent together and the lady flings a box of violet scented powder at him mostly nailing Emily The man is Piers Verderan allegedly a dastardly rake heir to an Irish viscountcy mad bad and dangerous to know He and Emily fall in love blah blah blah there is supposed to be tension about scandal and respectability Okay you guys I thought this was somewhat bad I've been reading a bunch of older Jo Beverley works and I find them a very mixed bag The prose is consistently very readable something I don't always encounter in historical romances but the characters and the plot mechanisms often seem uite silly and dull to me So they do here In the first third of the book where Emily and Verderan are circling each other it's fine In the second third where Verderan is increasingly clear that he's falling in deep love with Emily it starts to fall apart Why is he falling in love with her? What about HER out of all of the many many many apparently he's dastardly enough to not be received everywhere women he has known makes him fall in love? Emily doesn't have much of a character if I may be honest She's sort of practical and interested in being respectable she's sort of competent at managing the estate but she also lets her dad treat her horribly she isn't I don't know I didn't feel that there was much there Verderan is initially painted as being arrogant to the point of actual rudeness but then suddenly he realizes that he's crushing on Emily and he turns into a bag of cutesy sentimentality By 60% Verderan knows he wants to marry Emily and live with her and be faithful to her foreeeeevvvver never fully clear why and then I started rolling my eyes a lot There's a fairly ridiculous to me plot element where Emily decides that she must prove her love to him why? why???? by showing up for the fox hunt that I found so stupid I almost uit There's also some ridiculousness that I don't care for where a couple from another Beverley book shows up to be extremely interested in Verderan's romantic life in that way that only happens in romance novels and would be weird and kind of creepy in real life but in romance novels is supposed to be really charming and prove to you just how special the love of the main characters is I found the depiction of romantic love to be twee and stupid I found Verderan to be set up to be a bad interesting man who would presumably be vanuished by Emily's sturdy country practicality against all his better instincts but then they just turned out to be dull and silly and sentimental in a way that did not at all fit who he was claimed to be at the beginning I mean you guys this is a dude who meets the heroine as he leaves the house of a prostitute he's just spent the night with and is now being physically somewhat violent to and for no real reason by 70% into the book he's telling the heroine that if she marries him he'll never take another woman to his bed Okay but how does he know that? Is that a good bet? There's no wrestling with this he just decides it Here are a couple of things I highlighted as being the type of thing I just find so twee and unenjoyable Until that moment Emily had not admitted how Randal and Sophie annoying couple from previous book that show up to be overinvolved in this romance had affected her They so clearly adored one another and their love had set them free Randal delighted in his wife's every action; Sophie moved through life his care a golden shield between her and all unpleasantness Whaaaa This is a vision of romance I can't handle in my romance novels because it really reminds me that I'm reading a completely unrealistic fantasy that in no way resembles how humans actually are Emily is fussing to herself about how she has gotten FOR RIDICULOUS REASONS into a situation where she must show up to ride at the hunt in order to prove her love to the hero But now she had allowed herself to be worked into this corner where the only honest way to claim him was to do something outrageous something totally against her nature and her upbringing It was not so much that she thought it wicked to hunt but she would have to make a spectacle of herself This makes literally no sense within the context of the book There is NO REASON she must go to the hunt to claim him She could just say Yes the next time he asks her to marry him for instance I felt very strongly that the author didn't have enough plot to keep the book going after she was halfway done and began to invent uite ridiculous elements to eke out another hundred pages In another attempt to eke out pages the hero's estranged mother suddenly shows up out of nowhere and the annoying hero from a previous book comes to get Emily who MUST support the hero during this trying time Emily got cold feet Lord Randal are you sure?I'm sure Emily climbed down and went with him into the house In you go said Randal indicating a doorBut what about you? Emily asked in panicI'll do vigil out here This is I think family businessBut I'm notEmily you're the closest thing to family Ver's had since he was eight years oldHe gave her a little push and Emily wentSo here you have several of my least favorite things the rake who isn't a rake the cold nobleman who is cold because he has a terrible childhood that is very vague the heroine who is the only one who can heal him except the book doesn't know WHY she's the only one who can heal him and everyone around the main couple being extremely interested in their special special love Emily's dad has her locked in her room as a last ditch effort to fill up a final chapter Emily at first doesn't care? Notice? But then decides to make a lot of noise and turn the book into a farce In a few moments the resonant sound of the old gong joined in Just to add to the mayhem Emily took to marching around her room in her boots stamping in time with the crash of the tray The gong stopped After a moment her door was opened by a laughing spoiler but not the hero You're utterly mad he declared I'm glad for whatever iti s has happened to you Emily But be gentle with Father He's confused and afraid Emily's father as a character and as a dynamic with her bothered me He was very mean to her sometimes outright cruel implying that she was old dried up and desperate for a man also accusing her of being loose and probably on the verge of getting knocked up with somebody's bastard Also incompetent at estate management Also he wouldn't actually let her do her estate management job But the book doesn't seem to be clear on if her dad is just grouchy or if he's really mean to her and there is never a moment where their relationship is resolved Like many of the characters here in my opinion there's a fundamental lack of clarity about who he is and what their dynamic is Anyway I didn't like this that much I gave it three stars for the beginning and the prose but I wouldn't recommend it I found it uite silly and annoying and I wouldn't read it again

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    Traditional regency with nothing even resembling a sex scene but very well researched with a sub plot revolving entirely around hunting A very pleasant read the hero falls instantly in love with the heroine for as best I can tell no particular reason but that's not really what you're reading this for; you're reading it to watch him woo her

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    45 starsLoved the character of Emily She had to step up to keep things going due to her fathers illness and her brother being MIA in the war She an intelligent woman who was doing a great job but because of the time she lived in woman were not supposed to be capable except for her forward thinking aunt Good book