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alt cover for ASIN B004YWHNKUTwo sisters on the edge of poverty have a chance to meet wealthy titled unmarried gentlemen when they are unexpectedly invited to a house party at a famous country estate owned by the Duke of Carlisle Though courted by a wealthy earl Catherine Forsythe finds herself falling for the handsome estate gardener and faced with the choice of marrying for money and security or following her heart

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    This was a novel that's a bit reminiscent of the traditional regencies The strength of the storyline rests in the character development and character interaction as well as the setting dialogue and the author's fine storytelling skills It's not filled with hot sex but the chemistry between the MC's is palpable throughout In this novel it's the little things that we often don't find in romance novels that help to build the romance between the MC's It's a whimsical old fashioned tale of a H who adopts the disguise of a gardener to court the woman with whom he's falling in love The H is Stephen the Duke of Carlisle and he's not a rake or a manwhore Stephen prefers to stay away from the societal demands of the Ton and spend his time working on the management of his many estates His mother the dowager duchess decides to give a month long house party at his favourite country estate Chissingworth and he's unable to leave and go to another of his many estates because he's in the process of supervising the construction of a special conservatory in his garden At the same time he is peeved because he disdains having to participate in the house party because all the single women will be running after him and flirting That's when he decides that he will just stay at Chissingworth but not communicate with the guests; he'll live in another part of the mansion and spend his days hiding out in gardensThe heroine Catherine is lucky to get an invitation to the house party because her widowed aunt Hetty is an old friend of the dowager duchess Catherine her sister Susannah and her aunt Hetty are close to starving because all their money has almost run out The heroine is the only practical member of little family and she thinks that the only solution to all their problems is if she and her sister are able to get rich husbands This is set in the regency era so women of the heroine's class have little option except to take jobs as governesses mistresses or companions but to look to marriage as a solution to abject poverty Catherine's not a gold digger type of young woman though She's just very practical and has a keen need to survive and she has to take care of her sister and her aunt as well since they're not as capable as the heroine In fact her sister Susannah is a stupidly delightful character; in other words Susannah's an airhead with a heart of gold Lol Susannah's the older sister but she looks to the heroine for assistance with everything The MC's meet in the splendid gardens at Chissingworth and the H is immediately taken with Catherine because she's everything he ever wanted in his perfect woman Stephen's breath was almost knocked out of him as he listened to this extraordinary speech Here was a very pretty young girl with dark blond curls spilling out of her bonnet and huge gray eyes peering at him guilelessly who knew about rare flowers and special hybrids—his favorite subjects—and wasn't fawning all over him And she actually had no idea who he was It was delicious It was too perfect He could not keep from smiling Candice Hern Garden Folly Kindle Locations 1027 1034 Catherine thinks he's just the ordinary head gardener called Stephen Archibald and so she is comfortable around him She confides in him and tells him everything She tells him about her poverty and about how her butler McDougal had managed to used his connections to borrow gowns jewellery and even the carriage that conveyed them to Chissingworth That was one humorous aspect of the story because McDougal came across as a kind of fairy Godfather since his ability to borrow stuff for the heroine and her sister turned these 2 ladies into Cinderellas who were outfitted for the house party This novel reminded me of a modern Jane Austen story because of the way the plot unfolded Catherine is falling in love with an impoverished gardener or so she thinks but she is determined to be practical and wed only a rich man I felt sorry for Catherine especially when the wealthy eligible Miles the Earl of Strickland started to court her Miles is a widower with 2 little daughters and he thinks that Catherine will make the perfect wife for him and the ideal stepmother for his girls Miles ends up getting a novel of his own called The Best Intentions The big conflict in this novel is that which occurs within Catherine's heart She loves Stephen but she's afraid to consign herself to a future filled with poverty There's a scene where she actually tells Stephen all about her plans to get herself a rich husband and she doesn't realize until it's too late that he's angry and disappointed to hear these revelations Just before the duchess's invitation arrived she continued I was this close to looking for a position as a teacher or governess But what on earth could Susannah do? She is too pretty and too scatterbrained to be a governess She is an excellent seamstress of course and probably could have found employment with a dressmaker But that is a difficult life at best Susannah is much too delicate for that sort of hardship I cannot even bear to think of it So she added in a lighter tone here we are at Chissingworth looking for rich husbands Stephen was stunned into silence He would never in a million years have pegged his guileless Miss Forsythe as a fortune hunter It went against everything he believed about her He stared at her in painful disbelief His silence must have alarmed her for she turned and looked over her shoulder at him Candice Hern Garden Folly Kindle Locations 1939 1946 I felt sorry for both MC's because I understood what each wanted out of life Stephen wanted someone to love him for himself rather than for his money and title while Catherine was just tired of all the suffering and horrific poverty she'd had to deal with after her father died I totally understood why Catherine felt she needed a rich husband especially after her sister Susannah fell in love with Captain Phillips at the house party This guy was the H's cousin and although he was employed as the steward at Chissingworth he didn't have the financial resources to help take care of Susannah's sister and elderly aunt The closer the Earl of Strickland comes to proposing the depressed and worried Catherine becomes The H is aware of the agony that she's feeling and he accelerates his own courtship of her The heroine is emotionally tortured at this point because she's desperately in love with Stephen and so she lashes out at him How many times do I have to ask you to leave me alone? she said in a voice that was almost a wail She launched herself off the bench and stood to face him from a few feet away Her hands were balled into fists at her sides It is all your fault she said You are ruining everything What are you talking about? There is an earl—an earl—who may want to marry me And yet you keep pushing yourself on me ruining everything Candice Hern Garden Folly Kindle Locations 3871 3877 This part of the novel was intensely dramatic and Catherine ended up making the right choice when the Earl proposed She broke down in a fit of ugly crying and told the Earl that she didn't love him N n n no she sputtered It is j just She gave a great choking sob before going on You are m much too n nice a m man to be s s saddled with m me Lord Strickland gently lifted her chin so that she would look at him Only she could not bear to look at him Saddled? he said in a soft kind voice His eyes were so full of concern that she began to feel even wretched You know I would not think any such thing I would not have asked if I had thought marriage with you would be so disagreeable Come now Catherine Tell me the truth What is it really that has upset you so? I c cannot m m marry you my l lord Her voice was choked with tears and she took a deep breath to try to compose herself She was making such a mess of things Tell me why he said B because it would not be f fair she blurted I do not love you— Oh but Catherine— —and I only wanted you for your f fortune even though I I loved someone else b but he is not r rich Candice Hern Garden Folly Kindle Locations 4255 4271 This was almost as if Catherine had undergone a sort of mini emotional catharsis and it led to the most beautiful denouement ever Catherine finally decided that it would be better to take her chances with a man she loved even though he was just an ordinary poor gardener She made me feel so ashamed of myself because I would've totally accepted the handsome kind and rich Earl because I'm lazy and shallow and sob sob and I would've ended up crying well deserved mercenary tears of blood after I realized I'd given up true love with an even richer guy who was a duke And now all you readers will be shaking your heads and laughing at mesob sob but I know I'm not strong enough to say yes to an impoverished gardener I'm a terrible person Lol I loved the reconciliation scene between the MC's It was like something out of a hollywood golden age romance movie I am so s sorry she stammered burrowing her head against his shoulder She had wept buckets of tears this night and could not seem to stop I did not really mean any of those horrible things I said to you before I was so hateful to you Hush love It doesn't matter But you do not understand I know you must have thought I was heartless and greedy But I was so scared I thought it was my last chance I didn't want to lose everything like my father did Hush love Candice Hern Garden Folly Kindle Locations 4444 4452 My selfish mercenary heart almost cried at the pure goodness and wonder of this scene and my dog Harold probably thought I was going mad again The dialogue that continued was the stuff of great romance Shh It doesn't matter But I didn't mean it Stephen I didn't mean it You are not an ignorant gardener How could I ever have said such a thing? You are the most wonderful man in the whole world And you are not at all ignorant You know so many things about plants and history and you've been to America and you've taught me so much and you are such fun to be with and you make me laugh and you find me flowers to paint and you look so handsome that you make me weak in the knees and you make me feel tingly all over when you kiss me Oh how I wish I had never said those horrid things to you Can you ever forgive me? It doesn't matter love None of that matters any He lifted her chin and kissed her so tenderly she thought her heart would break from the sweetness of it He pulled back and looked into her eyes I love you Catherine he said and then pulled her close against him once Candice Hern Garden Folly Kindle Locations 4457 4467 And the final scene where the dowager duchess announced the MC's engagement was even dramatic view spoiler Catherine still didn't know that Stephen was the rich duke so when she was called to the centre of the room for the announcement to take place she actually fainted with shock That was the cutest thing ever especially when Stephen entered the ballroom dressed in his finest ducal evening wear looking so hot and scrumptious hide spoiler

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    4 stars for enjoyment 3 stars for ualityThis Regency romance was very sweet and lovely and I had a really good time reading it Our heroine Miss Catherine Forsythe is a penniless young woman as stubborn as a mule and determined I repeat determined to get out of poverty somehow And here we're talking about real actual poverty as in bread and water for dinner and barely any clothes and furniture as possessions Fortunately though Aunt Hetty with whom Catherine lives with her sister Susannahhas a good friend who decides to invite all three to her annual summer party at her estate Ladies and gentlemen welcome to ChissingworthAunt Hetty's friend is none other than the Duchess of Carlisle If I would have been Catherine I would have died of a heart attack right thereBut our dear Miss Forsythe although highly impressed and awed by the place and its inhabitants is thrilled as the prospect of spending a month there because she sees the invitation as the PERFECT opportunity to find a RICH husbandBeware the most determined and professional fortune hunter has arrivedCatherine's obsession with marrying a fortune is understandable given her conditions and the circumstances when rendered her and her family to such a state of poverty I sympathized whole heartedly with her She isn't so silly however to arrive at Chissingworth hoping to ensnare the Duke himself or anyone above her who wouldn't be willing to take her as a wife She just wants someone richStephen Manwaring the Duke of Carlisle son of the present Duchess is rumoured to be eccentric and half witted avoiding society as much as he can and spending all his time in his gardens and in his apparently very small office unworthy of a duke at the back of the house which probably looks like something like this anywaysThe Duke is in fact simply tired of everyone liking him for the sake of his fortunes and ardently wishes he could find someone to love him for himself Very understandable as well and he also had all my sympathy He decides to avoid the party and hides in his gardensbut Catherine is also very fond of flowers and the two collide literally and sparks instantly fly even though Catherine believes the duke is no than a simple gardenerthis isn't a spoiler as the reader knows within the first few pagesLet the fun beginStephen and Catherine had good chemistry but I wish he could have tried harder to persuade her with words instead of his tongue I don't mind a passionate kiss or two but in this book there were many and they were a bit on the steamy side than what I usually go for I think I would have accepted them better had there been talk between them Instead of talking her to reason he would grab her by the shoulders and kiss her until she melted in his arms but view spoiler that method only served to show her attracted to him she was but it did NOT completely decide her to chose him over Lord Strickland WORDS persuaded her and those were spoken by her sister Susannah hide spoiler

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    This was a very sweet read about a duke pretending to be a gardener and trying to win the heart of one woman by making her love only him not his title The Duke of Carlisle is rud to be touched in the head But he is in fact a botanist often spending his time in his garden and avoiding society as much as he can Stephen can afford to be excentric of course being the only eligible duke in the kingdom His mother organises a country party but he refuses to attend forcing her to tell everyone he's not in residenceCatherine Forsythe is very poor she and her sister are living with their aunt and barely surviving So when the invitation for the Carlisle party arrives it's in the right time now both sisters can try and find themselves rich husbands It all doesn't go according to plan as you might suppose Catherine stumbles upon a man in the gardens and thinks he's the head gardener It's of course Stephen They form a friendship through a mutual love for flowers they meet in the gardens every day and slowly fall in love It's all well untill she tells him she's here to catch a rich husband she doesn't want to be poor any Stephen being duke almost all his life and hating the fact everyone wants him only for his money regards her with contempt as if that wasn't what every single woman in the Marriage Mart had in mind Gah he really frustrated me there and that's the only reason this is going to be a 4 star read But still they work it out in the end which was hilarious bad bad Stephen I'd kill him if he put me through something like that Anyway having read all CH's books I have to say I adore her she really does romance well I love her style of writing it seems so authentic and although she doesn't write extreme hot sex scenes I don't really mind at all The story is great and that's what captures me

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    Catherine Forsythe along with her sister and Aunt are invited to spend a month at the Dowager Duchess of Carlisle's house party Meanwhile her son the Duke aka Stephen Archibald Manwaring is not in residence which is code for UNDERCOVER As a gardener So he can built a fancy greenhouse I MEAN MODERN GLASS CONSERVATORY PARDON MY FRENCH Stephen runs into the beguiling Catherine and finds himself ENTRANCED until she makes plain the fact that she needs to marry for money Then his warm feelings get hotter in a hate y sort of way before skipping right over to lust HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT WHERE ARE YOU??1 This had a few moments of entertainment before the very real DANGER WILL ROBINSON vibes choked out the rest of the story2 Entertaining Undercover dukes Love in disguise The uestion of heart vs logic All the maternal figures being in on it The sister blindly falling for the wrong man who turns out to be the exact right man for her MacDougal as the fairy godmother the girls didn't know they needed3 The bad vibes The fact that Stephen's feelings so clearly fall into the She's not like other girls → I like her → She is like other girls → I DESPISE HER → But I want to kiss her face off → So I'm going to kiss her face off and convince her she wants me → Oh yeah I guess this feeling in my chest in addition to the despising and lust is love? → Still going to force unwanted physical attentions on her in order to convince her she's into meI mean this game of emotional ping pong is literally so gross His emotional rollercoaster should have been closed it is a danger to passengers Stephen is just gross The whole thing is so gross 4 Meanwhile Catherine I empathized with her a little—OK a lot— than I did with the Douche of Carlisle but she really wasn't that much better Her problem is a little straightforward because her sister is in love with a poor house steward Catherine needs to marry So there are no burgeoning feelings for the gardener she likes chatting to him She likes seeing him Then he's kissing her and confusing her Then she's in love with him So the emotional aspect? NOT GREAT But her reasoning for refusing her acknowledge the potential for a relationship with the gardener? MAKES SOME SENSE 5 I was frustrated with the fact that Stephen didn't put together the pieces of Catherine's poverty She literally tells him that she is wearing semi stolen clothes And he's like CAN'T BE THAT BAD It isn't until his mother shares the whole sordid story of her father's ruination that he's like OH I GUESS SHE DOESN'T HAVE ANY MONEY??? and even then he doesn't engage with it in a fulfilling way He doesn't feel remorse for his shitty assumptions; he doesn't understand her overwhelming fear of starvation; he doesn't engage with the reality of a woman in his shitty society falling on hard times He's got money and can make the decision to wait for love so she should too 6 Stephen's predatory behavior is totally portrayed as A OK which it is most definitely NOT There are several references made to 'stalking' Catherine through the woods or in other forest y areas so that he can get her alone and assault her He 'likes' following her this way WHAT THE EVER LIVING NIGHTMARE IS THIS This is SO EMPHATICALLY SCREWED UP DON'T ROMANTICIZE IT; DON'T ENCOURAGE IT

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    This was the story about a fabulously wealthy duke who was miserable because he couldn't tell if people liked him for who he was or for his title and money and his relationship with a poor noblewoman whose parents had died leaving her and her sister virtually penniless and one step out of the poor house years ago She watched her sister her aunt and herself go through horrible circumstances without complaint and when the chance came for her to marry into money she decided she would take it so that her children would never know the suffering that she hadApparently this made her a Terrible PersonThe other reviewers talk about how it was so sweet that he wanted to be loved for who he was That he wanted her to pick him even though she thought he was poor as a church mouse living in a house that did not belong to him and only on the sufferance of a crazy mad duke That he lied to her for the entire book yelled at her for wanting to provide for her family and then emotionally manipulated her refused to try to see things from her perspective and then when she capitulated and told him in tears that everyone was telling her that her life choices were disgraceful and that maybe all you really did need was love he decided to make tell her in front of everyone that he was the Duke and wasn't she pleased She fainted told him she loved him and that was it Nothing about how he lied to her for the entirety of their relationship Nothing about how he should have respected her experiences and given her the benefit of the doubt Nothing about how his emotional manipulations hurt her NothingLove Is The Only Thing That Matters And She Was Wrong The End^^Moral of the story Because wanting your children to never starve is a horrible horrible ambition and she should be ashamed of herself sarcasm

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    In landscape design a garden folly is a structure whose only objective is to deceive They have no purpose other than as ornament—to delight the eye and draw one to their door to evoke a romantic scene or time How apt that author Candice Hern chose to name her Regency romance A Garden Folly since her main characters are follies themselvesSet at the Kent grand country estate of the Duke of Carlisle two impoverished sisters impersonate aristocrats to entrap rich husbands while the wealthy and titled owner of the dukedom and the continuing custodian and creator of its grand landscape hides behind the mantle of head gardener to avert interaction with Society Both hero and heroine have serious trust issues How they will overcome their personal challenges is a serpentine path that teasingly twists turns and surprises the reader until the last pageCatherine and Susannah Forsythe are down on their luck Living in genteel poverty in the wrong side of London with Aunt Hetty was not what they had expected at this time in their lives Their father Sir Benjamin Forsythe suandered their family fortune before he died two years ago but they still have beauty and wits in their corner A surprise invitation from Aunt Hetty’s childhood friend the Duchess of Carlisle for her annual summer house party at Chissingworth may be their only chance to catch rich husbands Determined to pull off the deception that they are wealthy young ladies Catherine with the help of their servant McDougal magically acuire all the tools needed to disguise their poverty clothes carriage jewels and servants Now they must set their caps for the right man steering clear of the wrongs sorts “penniless younger sons clerics or half pay officers” Arriving in style the deception beginsStephen Archibald Frederick Charles Godfrey Manwaring Duke of Carlisle is a serious gardener and devout bachelor At two and thirty he has managed to avoid marriage and his mother’s annual summer garden party devised to introduce him to marriageable young ladies for years Since the enigmatic duke has succeeded eluding polite Society most of his life he has been tagged an eccentric half wit He has however devoted his life to the management of his estate’s landscapes collecting rare plants and avoiding love Catherine also a great admirer of rare plants is thrilled at the chance to be in the country again and happily strolls the gardens to drink in the verdant countryside and profuse flora of the magnificently landscaped Chissingworth gardens When the young duke and young the masuerading fortune hunter collide in the garden he is roughly dressed and she mistakes him for the head gardener She is a passionate admirer of rare flowers especially hybrids which are his favorites too—so he lets the deception continue They agree to meet again the next morning and thus begins his infatuation with a new rare flower named Catherine She on the other hand is deep into discovering the “right” husband for her beautiful but dim sister Sukey and herself and with the help of McDougal who runs recon to determine who among the 60 guests are listed on the top 50 bachelors under 40 in Britain is totally oblivious to who she is actually meeting every morning to tour the gardens Also among the guests is Stephen’s friend Miles the Earl of Strickland a recent widow who takes a shine to Catherine There are many other eligible bachelors to pursue until nearsighted Susannah goes after the wrong green coated man and all of the weight of finding a rich husband falls on Catherine As she and the head gardener become than friends and an earl is courting her Catherine must decide if she should marry for love or moneyThe British are indisputably passionate gardeners Setting A Garden Folly at a country estate at the height of August the peak blooming season allowed the author to take us on a fabulous journey through the gardens as they would have appeared in Regency times“ With this in mind she wandered through the surprisingly informal arrangement of gardens In the dressed grounds nearest the house high clipped shrubbery hedges of sweetbrier box and hawthorn surrounded each garden Moving through the enclosed hedges was akin to walking through the various rooms of a house each room different from the last One was awash in bright colors of summer the gravel paths bordered with stocks pinks double rocket sweet Williams and asters The morning sun fell upon spires of delphinium sparkling with dew Her artist’s eye was drawn to the glitter of the moisture on the indigo and royal peaks and she paused to seat herself on a nearby stone bench She pulled a pencil and a scrap of paper from her pocket and roughly sketched the familiar blossoms” p 36Hern is renowned for her Regency research and descriptions in her novels Usually we are treated to vintage clothing fabrics and home interiors but in this case we are delightfully entertained with flora and folly The landscape as an artist’s canvas can be formed and molded and admired So can people and I was not only struck by our journey through the gardens of a vast country estate but through the transformation of the charactersCatherine was determined that she and her sister marry for money to save and protect their family During Regency times that was not uncommon but her mercenary motives eventually catch up with her as she reveals her true motives to the head gardenerStephen as a fortune hunter of the worst sort As her “veneer of perfection” to Stephen crumbles he sees her fierce determination to bag a fortune—a large fortune—and is disgusted Her heartless calculation repulses him and reinforces his trust issues He is certain that no one can love him and not his title He will not reveal that he is duke until he has secured her affection as a commoner; she will not let herself love a man who cannot provide for her in a grand style Two people who have been forced by circumstances to be “follies” destined for heartbreakI can’t honestly say that I admired Catherine and Stephen’s motives nor their personalities but by the end things do evolve and their facades change How we are taken down the garden path is a delightful excursion This garden geek was not only entranced by the picturesue views and swooning fragrance of an English garden but by the transformation of the characters by love A Garden Folly was the perfect antidote to a dark winter of rain and snow A refreshing journey of discovery and delightLaurel Ann Austenprose

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    I like that Stephen and Catherine developed a relationship based on mutual interests and admiration rather than because the plot demanded it but I'm not sure I liked either of them Despite her experience in poverty she still holds tradespeople or cits in contempt treats her ancestry as proof of her superiority and view spoilerthreatens Mr Archibald with termination because he seduced her hide spoiler

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    The beginning of this story was really enjoyable I liked the interactions between the Hh Then it all went downhill when she revealed her motives In other words she was honest and practical while he remained a spoiled liar The hero became judgmental unsympathetic and a stalker That's the opposite of romantic I really didn't like how the last 23 of this book played out The next book with Miles as the hero is SO much better I recommend reading that one instead

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    Catherine Forsythe and her sister need to marry a fortune or at the end at least one of them must The girl's are living in near poverty thanks to their late father's mismanagement They are invited to a country house party by the Dowager Duchess of Carlisle who knew their aunt as a girl With a plan set in place the ladies set off to find their husbands You know what they say about best laid plansThe Duke Stephen hates his mother's parties and assumes people only care about him for his title When he bumps into Catherine in the gardens that he is so passionate about he pretends he is the gardener to avoid detection He allows this ruse to continue as Catherine and he get to know one another and feelings develop despite Catherine's frank admission that she's trying to marry a fortune Stephen and others at the party do their best to make her see that a fortune doesn't guarantee happinessI loved this story even with Stephen not respecting her wishes of space I've loved all of Hern's heroine's so far I find them all very endearing As usual I read this story very uickly it was so hard to put it down

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    Review originally posted at Tea Toast BooksIn Brief Catherine Forsythe and her sister Susannah have been reduced to poverty so when an invitation to a house party arrives Catherine knows they must make the most of the opportunity to find wealthy husbands A certain head gardener at the ducal estate has some different ideas thoughI Thought I wasn’t as immediately drawn into the story as I was with The Best Intentions It really might be unfair to read the two out of order and so close together because The Best Intentions is really one of those rare gems so I find myself making comparisons To me Catherine seemed a little grasping and hard hearted so determined to marry for wealth — at least at first If of the sisters’ life had been outlined I might have had sympathy; as it was I had the same impression of her at the beginning as our hero does of most women of societyHowever that shortly went away because Catherine displayed a completely formed personality with hobbies interests and a sense of humor shortly after arriving at the house party Her fortune hunting though becomes sort of the main bone of contention between her and Stephen and that aspect of her personality continued to grate on me just a tiny bit Only a little bit; but that’s why I had to go with 45 stars rather than 5 Well that and Catherine’s perception of her sister as being bubble headed It’s not that it’s unrealistic for her to think that way; it just struck me as harsh and perhaps slightly manipulative Perhaps on a reread I might not think soStephen our duke is uite charming He’s definitely the outdoor type and he mostly manages to keep his good sense about him through the twists and turns of the plot He has a tiny bit of angst in his background but it just serves to make him real and doesn’t bog down the lighthearted storyMacDougal a sort of expanded butler provides a good deal of comic relief at the outset as he somehow obtains for Catherine and Susannah everything they might need to present well at a house party There’s a little foreshadowing here too that leads to hilarity later in the book Aunt Hetty has a good head on her shoulders as does the dowager duchess And Miles I was so pleased that he was uite wonderful in this book as wellAs I have come to expect from Ms Hern we again have detailed descriptions of clothing and of the estate which really serves to establish a sense of time and place without making me feel like I’ve been clubbed over the head with Extraneous Research FactsWatching Stephen and Catherine fall in love was such a joy And it was based on intelligent conversation at least in part that actually seemed intelligent I don’t think I can say much about the main plot without spoiling the story but the writing is uick light and witty For example possibly my favorite uoteAs if he hadn’t gone round the bend already to be skulking in his own shrubberyAnother keeper from Ms Hern I’m so glad I discovered her books and I’m afraid of what will happen when I run out of them That they are all available at such a low price for Kindle is wonderful though I’d like to own printed editions of these someday I like them that muchAddendum My coworker and I were discussing this book on the ride home having both just finished it 'Tis a happy thing to giggle over a great book with someone else