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I love this book I really forgot I read it but I was amazing I read this last year and my heart sank A young girl s brother,Jared, passes on and her life will never be the same When a neighbor she never exspects tures into her friend she is made a new Her best friend and her get in a fight that really takes a toll on what has happened She will have to look down deep and over come an exspect that Jared has passed on It was a great book that shows the true meaning of friendship and a young girls integrity. Umbrella Summer is about a girl who is worried about everything She is so careful about everything that comes her way Everyone keeps telling Annie not to worry so much, and that it s alright But then again that s what they said about her brother Jared and he died Annie is worried about anything whether it s spraining her ankle from walking, or run away zoo animals All of her anxiety causes her not participate in obstacle courses and not eating her favorite hot dogs on the Fourth of July Find out what happens next Does she keep her unmbrella up or does she bring it down I really liked how they added characters that you leased expected to help her build up confidence and bring down her anxiety I also liked how it said how her brother died because I do not like books that leave stuff hanging For example not saying how someone got hurt I loved all of it and there was not anything I did not like This book made me different emotions There were parts that were sad like when she told her new neighbor how her brother died And there were parts that were funny like when she decided she needed to wear a helmet in the car or ace bandages around her ankles just in case she sprained one If you like books with different things all packed into one book then this is definitely the book for you Once I started reading it I could not put it down This book is like Out Of My Mind because it is packed with different emotions and lots of action I would recommend this book to sixth through eighth graders because there are parts that some elementary kids would not get And I recommend this book to people who love a good book and don t want to put it down Annie Richards Knows There Are A Million Things To Look Out For Bicycle Accidents, Food Poisoning, Chicken Pox, Smallpox, Typhoid Fever, Runaway Zoo Animals, And Poison Oak That S Why Being Careful Is So Important, Even If It Does Mean Giving Up Some Of Her Favorite Things, Like Bike Races With Her Best Friend, Rebecca, And Hot Dogs On The Fourth Of July Everyone Keeps Telling Annie Not To Worry So Much, That She S Just Fine But They Thought Her Brother, Jared, Was Just Fine Too, And Jared Died . . . Sweet, with sad bits, but mostly uplifting entertaining And, yes, lol funny sometimes, too Good for readers who have not yet experienced a death in the family Also for readers who fret, who have anxiety issues Might make an interesting companion to Mick Harte Was Here for teachers to be and other scholars.I absolutely love the memorial for Jared s birthday, view spoiler to do the things that he liked to do, in his memory The kids put up a flyer inviting the whole small town to eat a certain flavor ice cream, to go mini golfing, to play the burrito game hide spoiler I love reading middle grade books because the characters are always so quirky and lovable In this book the main character Annie is afraid of everything ever since her brother Jared dies unexpectedly Annie s parents haven t been the same since her brother s death, but they refuse to talk about it, leaving Annie to deal with things in her own way She wears a helmet when walking down the street, goes through boxes of band aids than a family of 12, and knows about diseases than any 10 year old should thanks to Mrs Harper s giant green copy of The Everyday Guide to Preventing Illness Friends and family all tell her that she needs to stop worrying so much Like it s that easy It takes a new neighbor who can relate to Annie to show her that you can t spend your life afraid of everything that could happen because if you do you ll loose out on all the good things life has to offer I thoroughly enjoyed myself while reading this book I liked the characters, I liked the storyline, and I liked the message it sent. Recently, during a 3 1 2 hour flight to Phoenix, I read Lisa Graff s UMBRELLA SUMMER, and I tell you, I cannot count the number of times I cried while reading this book It s the story of Annie, a 10 year old girl whose brother, Jared, died of a undiagnosed heart condition after being hit by a hockey puck five months earlier Now, Annie is obsessed with protecting herself from harm She wears a bike helmet during car rides, covers her mosquito bites with Band aids and wonders if they might be chicken pox , and steals a medical dictionary so she can study every possible disease and self diagnose herself to avoid the same fate as her brother, whose condition wasn t discovered by doctors until after he died.So why did Annie s story bring me to tears It wasn t just that her situation is heartbreaking, or that the way in which she deals with her sorrow by putting all her focus on ways to keep herself safe, so much that there s little time left to think about Jared and confront her grief makes the reader s heart ache for her right from the start It was the idea that Jared wouldn t see his 12th birthday that he would always remain 11 that really tore at my heart My son, Sam, is 13 on the verge of 14 Yesterday, before my flight, I watched his travel baseball team play two games Some of the boys still look 12 young, with just a touch of baby face, still But some of them like my son, who is pushing six feet tall are caught in that stage between boys and men They re tall, as tall as men, and lanky, and they shave, a little But they tease each other like boys Go, Rojo Grande Big Red , they d yell to my red headed son as he pitched or went up to bat , and they still hug their mothers and tell them I love you, quietly, after games And as I read about Jared, who would always be almost 12, I couldn t help but think about these boys, who have so much potential, and so much room to grow And it broke my heart a little to think of Annie and her parents dealing with the grief of having lost their brother and son much too young, and not knowing how to emerge from their grief.Lisa Graff s UMBRELLA SUMMER is a treasure of a middle grade novel, and I highly recommend it She speaks at the Indiana SCBWI event this May I m so looking forward to hearing her speak In the meantime, I m reading Libba Bray s GOING BOVINE, which is also a must read the pep rally scene toward the beginning of the novel is laugh so hard you ll snort funny. Lord I haven t cried so much since the first time I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows This book is amazing It s written so well like it s really from the perspective of a ten year old girl who is coping with the aftermaths of her brother s death It s just so innocent and childish and and completely heartbreaking This is the point where I started crying Don t call me Moonbeam any, I told him What he said Don t call me that any unless you mean it Mom came down the last few steps Annie, are you okay she asked What s going on I shook my head at them, at both of them You still have to be my parents, you know Even if Jared s dead You still have to be my parents And then I bolted past my mom up the stairs and into my room, slamming my door closed behind me pg 148Then I cried even at this part Mrs Finch I said after a little while staring Hamsters are different than brothers, right She took a sip of her tea and then put her teacup back with a quiet clank in the saucer I don t think I understand the question, Annie Z It s just I mean, hamsters are pets, right And when they die it s sad and maybe you have a funeral and you miss them and everything And I know that But when brothers I took another long gulp of tea When brothers die I swirled the last of the tea around the bottom of the cup Annie I looked up at Mrs Finch then Jared died, I told her My brother Jared He died And now I MUST HAVE THIS BOOK FOR MY LIBRARY COLLECTION