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Kidnapped by an elderly member of the peerageKate Farleigh was absolutely stunned when her refusal to accept Lady Cahill's offer of charity resulted in her being swept away in her sumptuous carriage But the real reason behind the older woman's antics became stunningly clear upon meeting Lady Cahill's enigmatic grandson Jack Carstairs Wounded in the Peninsular War disowned by his father and dumped by his fiancee Jack had shut himself up in his country estate but Kate had no patience with such behavior Suddenly Jack found himself with a purpose trying to steer clear of Miss Farleigh's attempts to interfere with his chosen lifestyle Why if he wasn't careful Kate just might succeed in her attempts to make him want to rejoin the human race

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    Call me a sap but I loved it from the first read years ago I love it each time I re read it SUCH a tearjerker scene at the ball SUCH a tender moment in the old cabin Such a happy ending The letter Satisfied sighI know it's not really a 5 star lovestory butwhat can I say? I loved it The writing isn't glorious but it's fine with good dialogue some witty banter camaraderie among the guys some stormy kitchen fights that raised a chuckle and a real sense of chemistry and sexual tension Smexy but clean for all that But the story is honestly stuffed with tropes and clichés It's sappy yet not The author pulls on my heartstrings with obvious emotional manipulation creating such horrible wounding for Jack and Kate — wounds of the heart and soul I knew I was being manipulated Loved it anywayBut the hot and cold routine gets old and Jack was a bit immature than once He jumps to conclusions especially when drunk So does Kate but she has cause IMOAnd REALLY the characters were SO tragic That jilting scene alone Yup From page one chapter oneLoved it anyway Even shed a tear The BALLROOM scene

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    My first book of this year and it was good A wounded soldier Jack and a destitute Kate The word destitute might not the only one I wanted to use here because she was a lot other things too I absolutely loved Kate and I admire her Jack was a jerk and jackass but he was good also Both of these have their own share of darkness but how they fight their darkness is what mattered most here Definitely a good read The debut of this yearbook was good so I hope goodness is yet to comeHappy Reading ❤️❤️❤️

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    When Kate Farleigh is kidnapped by Lady Cahill her deceased mother’s supposed “godmother” and brought to a ramshackle dirty house owned by the crazy woman’s grandson she doesn’t uite know what to make of the turn of events Making the best of an odd situation she cleans the filthy kitchen and cooks the first real meal she’s had in ages only to find it being eaten by the man of the house She’s been slowly starving after losing her father and both of her brothers in the war and lets the guy have a piece of her mind Can you blame her?It turns out the old lady isn’t totally off her nut She’s been hatching a plan to bring her grandson back to life Jack was scarred and wounded so badly in the war he is unable to ride his horse and can no longer hunt This is a great big deal to Jack because it’s what he loves doing most in the world After being disinherited and then jilted by his heartless fiancée who is terribly cruel to him he has hidden himself away from the ton and drinks all of his troubles away The smell of bacon and eggs was irresistible and it is his home after all so when the little waif gives him lip he’s a bit surprised But he keeps on eating The two don’t exactly hit it off but there’s a small spark and Jack is amazed that she isn’t at all bothered by his wrecked face and body And there’s a reason for that she’s seen some terrible things and his scars aren’t nearly as awful as he thinksKate is coerced by granny into getting Jack’s house in order She has had an unconventional upbringing but is a gently bred pretty young lady and granny has ulterior motives Bet you can’t guess what they are?Jack is used to being in charge and doesn’t trust women especially the pretty ones Kate is hiding secrets and is headstrong and bossy They butt heads from their very first meeting to almost the very last page I should have despised this book from the very beginning for many reasons Here are a few1 He calls her “a little vixen” and a “little minx” Yes it’s true2 He drinks his sorrows away acts like an ass and lashes out at Kate to keep love at a distance 3 He gives her angry kisses which she loves and then he storms off in a huff just when things were starting to get exciting because he thinks its “for her own good” She deserves better than to be besotted to the likes of him Yep he acts like a child and kisses angry Le sighBut I liked it I know I shouldn’t but I did The writing was cute and witty and Kate was a charming character very well developed caring and a real sweetheart Loved her I wanted to love Jack too I adore me a tortured scarred hero but I’m not a fan of grown men who act like spoiled children spouting off insults stomping off and mumbling an apology after sleeping off the drunk Ugh After a hundred or so pages of this my love affair came to an end and it became a bit of chore to slog my way to the end which is a shame because it had such promise The drama And oh the angst It goes on for hundreds of pages but the endless fighting continued for too long and he was a pretty rotten drunk Kate does stand up to him and throws some stuff at him good on her but she always forgave him too uickly and I tired of the repetitive antics long before the book ever thought of being overIt ends with everything all nicely tied up and the last few pages are much better but I fear theirs will always be a tumultuous relationship

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    Heroine is certainly gallant but she is no waif having survived some very traumatic times during the war when she nursed many soldiers and witnessed the deaths of her father and two brothers She may be down after false accusations of spying for the French and being penniless but she is undauntedHero has scars from the war including his fiancé rejecting him and his father cutting him out of his inheritance He is bitter and will not accept any helpHeroine’s godmother solves their problems when she kidnaps the heroine to act as the hero’s housekeeper That arrangement lasts long enough for the Hh to fall for each other and to resist the attraction The last part of the story increases the angst when the heroines past is disclosed and hero stands by herThis is a charming story with just enough angst to keep it interesting

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    Two likable mcs and an entertaining romanceThis was a sweet fun read despite the terrible things both the hH have endured in the past especially the h For a change the past did not make for tortured complicated personasI liked the h for being strong and pragmatic despite her sufferings But it’s the H who steals the heart – a scarred embittered man whose innate goodness and honor shine through uite easily No prolonged asshattery and cruelty from him His caring protective personality just cannot b denied

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    Reviewed for THC Reviews Gallant Waif ended up being one of those books that I had a somewhat difficult time rating The writing itself is excellent and well deserving of having been a finalist for the Rita Award but the push and pull relationship wasn't entirely to my liking The hero and heroine of Gallant Waif have a lovehate romancethat is about as tempestuous as I've read to date This is something that I usually don't care for but somehow it didn't annoy me in uite the way that most stories of this type would I think this had a lot to do with both characters still being very sympathetic underneath the armor of their obstinacy The author gives a lot of insights into why they think the things they do about each other which in context made a lot of sense to me I still felt like shaking both of them on occasion though because most their problems boiled down to a lack of communication and sheer stubbornness on both their parts The softer moments are rather few and far between and didn't last long enough for me but are very romantic when they happen The vast majority of Jack and Kate's interactions are spent arguing Sometimes their uarrels are laugh out loud funny sometimes they are merely heated disagreements and still other times they actually say things that are emotionally hurtful occasionally deliberately although usually not Whatever they happened to be wrangling over though it all seemed to be a carefully choreographed dance to keep each other close while still holding each other at arms length and stubbornly denying their feelings Although there were times that I wished that one or the other would lighten up a little I strangely still understood them for the most part which is how I know that this novel was so well writtenJack isn't uite as intensely tortured as some heroes I've read but he does have a tendency to brood a lot and drink too much He was severely wounded during the Peninsular Wars and came home with his once handsome face now seriously scarred and a bum leg that prevents him from dancing or riding Jack's father died just before his return having disinherited him for his choice of fiance leaving Jack with only a run down country estate and 500 pounds to his name Then his shallow fiance broke off their engagement because of his scars and near penniless state All of this has left him understandably cynical so when Jack's grandmother brings Kate to his home he is trying to hide away from the world and drink himself into oblivionKate is orphaned and penniless herself with her father having been a poor vicar He and her brothers were all killed in the war Kate is considered by society to be a gently bred lady but having traveled with the army on the Peninsula she has seen and experienced the darker side of life In fact some unfortunate things happened to her during that time which make her believe that she is un marriageable and have made her prefer a reclusive life away from society as well I liked the dichotomy of her struggling to face what she believed was the reality of her future and still dreaming of getting a Cinderella style HEA Her father had also resented her because of her mother dying while giving birth to her so Kate never had her father's love nor was she as well educated as most ladies would have been Her education was one of experience but she was a strong young woman who didn't shy away from hard or difficult work When Jack's grandmother who was godmother to Kate's mother hears of her plight and comes to whisk her away Kate resists only to find herself thoroughly tricked and kidnapped by the old lady Once she is safely ensconced in Jack's country home she energetically throws herself into righting not only Jack's household but Jack himself Of course she initially doesn't realize that she's having a desirable effect of a different sort on JackIn all honesty I'm not really used to both the hero and heroine being so emotionally damaged Usually when one character is severely battered in body andor spirit the other one is a little lighter While it often takes a wounded person to understand a wounded person I think I tend to prefer that one character be strong and understanding while also being less angsty Jack and Kate carry about eual baggage so they are both very emotionally intense while also both being incredibly stubborn I will admit that it made them perfect for one another in some ways because they were both willing to say what needed to be said when the other one needed a kick in the pants On the other hand it was that angst and stubbornness which made them butt heads so often It also kept them apart until the very end of the story and diminished some of the emotional connection for me The one good thing about Jack and Kate's obstinate natures was that it created a situation that was ripe for sharp witty bantering I loved how sometimes Kate would verbally bait Jack and then he the military man who was used to ordering people around would suddenly become flustered and not know what to say These exchanges had me in stitches and I have to say that I haven't had a book make me laugh like that in uite a while I also liked Jack's grandmother Lady Cahill She was one of those really feisty old ladies who could definitely go toe to toe with both Jack and Kate and without the support and behind the scenes manipulation of her and Jack's friend Francis I'm not sure they ever would have given in to their feelings for one another In my opinion the book could have used a little dialog especially of the non combative type I think that having three prominent hardheaded alpha type characters in one story was perhaps a bit too much but fortunately I still liked them all anyway Also as a side note this story has no love scenes at all or any other particularly objectionable elements which should make it suitable for a wide range of romance readers It was obvious that Jack and Kate both had very passionate natures so I was slightly disappointed by this but not overly so Readers who like a good lovehate romance between two willful but likable characters that lead to both funny and emotional moments should really enjoy this one Even though I tend to like my romances a little on the softer side I actually enjoyed it too which I think is mainly owing to Anne Gracie's superb writing skill This was my first book by Ms Gracie but I will definitely be checking out some of her others as soon as I can

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    I thought this was a beautiful story I'm not sure how or when I came across this book but I'm glad I added it to my TBR pile After skimming over other reviews I wasn't sure what to expect Some people loved it and others were underwhelmed As for me I really enjoyed it Kate and Jack have a lot in common They've both been jilted both endured horrors of the war and both are penniless They're thrown together by Jack's meddling and endearing Grandmama Lady Cahill I really think Jack was lost to Kate after their first meeting but it takes him a very long time to realize it It's interesting to see how each have handled their trials so differently Jack is broody and depressed while Kate is positive and doesn't give up These two have sparks that would like up the night They fight like cats and dogs but also have some really tender and sweet moments I loved his protectiveness of Kate and hers for him It's almost second nature in a way I can see how his character might rub some the wrong way he can be gruff and say mean things but I thought it was believable for men of the time period And no worries Kate can totally hold her own and had her fair share of mean comments as well She won't let him wallow in self pity Don't get me wrong they have a totally swoony romance and the underlying love is pretty palpable Kate is fun kind and you can't help but admire her Jack is charming and hurt and you can't help but hope Kate can give him the love he desperately needs So yeah I totally wanted these two stubborn people to find a HEAWhile I did enjoy the story my only complaints were the head jumping a personal pet peeve of mine I admit once I got into the groove of the story it didn't bother me any It was a tad sensual in places mentioned below I also thought Jack's ex fiancé would make an appearance but we never see her again I guess I wanted her to see what she missed out on That would have been fun to see Kate really put her in her place Overall I just really enjoyed this story Oh and that Ball scene at the end Wow It was pretty epic and made me cry And that letter at the end More tears So many sweet moments in this book It'll be added to my favorite regency shelf for sure Content PG13 for language and sexual contentRomance Pretty clean No sex scenes but a couple scenes I should mention for my clean reader friends view spoiler1 Jack is injured in the war and while Kate is tending to his injured leg his body responds Its funny than sensual and she's naïve to what is going on 2 A steamy kissing scene that has some wondering hands but ends before anything happens 3 Another kissing scene where he is asleep and she is kissing him Kind of sensual but pretty tame 4 He jokingly rubs against her teasing her Sounds worse than it is And lastly Kate is tricked into a relationship where shes told shes married but really isn't She's intimate with her husband before regaining her memory No real details hide spoiler

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    It was a 35 until That One Scene o mannnnnn my eyes just liuified and exploded You just knew an epic humiliation was coming for our gallant Kate; she was just too good and nice and humble to escape a horrible public degradation Yet when it actually happened it was worse than I'd dreadedAnd ended up so incredibly beautiful More amazing than I could have imagined The most beautiful rescue ever actually And I've read plenty of romances view spoilerAll those wounded soldiers the armless one the blind one and the Great Man himself to top it all off hide spoiler

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    375 starsA lovely story with a likeable hero and a wonderful heroine

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    Oh God oh God oh God I absolutely loved this book loved loved loved it It was such a sweet slow and angst y romance I can honestly say that I enjoyed every MINUTE of it It's exactly the kind of story I like with a grumbling bad tempered cynical hero and a persistent sweet heroine who does everything in her power to make him betterI fell for Jack from the beginning when we first come to know about the scar on his face and the bad leg sigh Disabledscarred heroes FTWI loved Jack's cynicism I loved how he still didn't give up on riding and I loved his hard headed stubbornness even though it sort of irked me once or twice But hey I'm not complaining I'm all for asshole heroes they're my favourite kindAs for Kate she herself was absolutely wonderful 3 She was such a sweetheart and she never gave up on Jack I loved how she was always true to him even when she thought she didn't want her And how she never looks at any other man that way but him What I also loved was their constant bickering and banter I have to admit Kate knew how to give it to him and give it good ; It was one of the best parts of the story Anne Gracie now has my admirationIf I loved it so much why four stars then? Well a couple of reasonsFirstly I didn't very much like the fact that Kate wasn't innocent Actually cross that it was the fact that she'd enjoyed whatever she did with the French admiralsoldier guy I'd have wanted Jack to be her first y'know Yup I have hang ups about that sort of stuff That's why historicals suit me so much than contemps But bleh that was a minor thingThe MAIN thing was that THERE WAS NO PASSION WHATSOEVER Sure the boickering built up the longing and the couple here and there kisses were not so satisfactorily okay but I HATED that there was NO sex none whatsoever It just left me high and dry But seriously it was a great book one that had me suealing and fangirling throughout A fantastic read 3