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The Last Thing Harry Dit Sims Expects When Emma Walker Comes To Town Is To Become Friends Proper Talking, Brainy Emma Doesn T Play Baseball Or Fish Too Well, But She Sure Makes Dit Think, Especially About The Differences Between Black And White But Soon Dit Is Thinking About A Whole Lot When The Town Barber, Who Is Black, Is Put On Trial For A Terrible Crime Together Dit And Emma Come Up With A Daring Plan To Save Him From The Unthinkable Set In And Inspired By The Author S True Family History, This Is The Poignant Story Of A Remarkable Friendship And The Perils Of Small Town Justice

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    I rather enjoyed this tween historical, set in Alabama, 1919, told with southern fried aplomb and sass, and with a surprising bit of depth At its core, The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had is a story of friendship A multifaceted friendship of diversity between a boy and a girl white and black, an Alabamian and Bostonian It s also a story of small town life, family, baseball, racial prejudices and volatility, and a bit of WWI in the background M y mama had a rule we didn t have to like anyone, but we had to be nice to everyone Sometimes hilarious, sometimes sassy Moments of pontificating, in the ways of tweens And brief bouts of sorrow, heartache, volatility and suspense All the way engrossing, enlightening, and downright entertaining And the narrative voice of young Dit, reminds me of tales told at storytelling festivals A hootenanny, matter of fact sort of regaling.However, I wasn t thrilled with some of the language I was all set to give it five stars, until two thirds in up popped expletives I was totally Shocked Especially the utterance of G d it I mean, really This is a book written for 11 and 12 year olds Why on earth did the author think profanity was a necessary embellishment for a children s story Whatever her reasoning, it didn t make a good impression with me If this were a young adult novel, I might not like it but I wouldn t lower my rating because of it Now, to end on a positive note as the good far outweighs the bad Overall, Levine did a fabulous job exploring friendship through the lens of history, diversity, economics, southern traditions and family dynamics Some of the best novels are rooted in family stories and remembrances as seen through this book It makes everything feel all the genuine, vibrant, endearing, and heartfelt And that, is delightful FOUR Southern Fried, Friends and Family, Community and Diversity, PG13 Historical Fiction STARS

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    Set in Moundville, Alabama in 1917 this charming juvenile novel was based on the author s grandfather s handwritten memoir Folks who didn t grow up in the South may not buy that children of different races played together and often became friends, and Levine s story captures perfectly the truth that among White Southerners there was and still is a vast difference between those who were and are unencumbered by prejudice, those who hold their prejudice inside and allow graciousness and good manners to take precedence over personal feelings, and those who are just no count In my own experience as a child growing up in the South in the 1960 s, I can tell you that if I had ever used the n word, or been otherwise contemptuous of those of other races I would have had my mouth washed out with soap But I digress.Dit and Emma become very good friends when her father comes to Moundville to serve as Postmaster there No one in town was expecting Mr Walker and his family to be black, but Dit is crushed when he finds out that the Postmaster s child whom he d been told was a boy turns out to be a bookish girl.Their friendship develops in spite of all their differences and than a little peer pressure, and in many ways I was reminded of another great story of childhood friendships that has long been a favorite Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson.Levine s understated writing drew me in, and the bittersweet ending was powerful.

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    I loved this book so much It really shows true friendship when friendships of that type was not allowed in 1918 I also love that kids were just kids and there were no electronics that took their time away from nature I smiled and almost cried It was just that good GO NOW AND READ IT

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    I AM NOT LYING ONE LITTLE BIT ABOUT THIS BOOK I THOUGHT I WOULDN T LIKE IT THAT MUCH, BUT I THOUGHT, I LL GIVE IT A SHOT It is the BEST BOOK i have ever READ I AM NOT LYING It is my new favorite book It is set in the 1900 s like the 1915 s 1917 s, and it was at a time when blacks and whites did not hang out with eachother A boy named Dit I know weird name meets a negra which is what they called them, named Emma, and they become BEST friends They are about 12 years old, and it tells about the things that go about in their town with other characters and other things You may be thinking, WOW, it sounds like an old fashioned book It is NOT That s what I thought, 2 It is a new book, like it just got published about a month ago, and is at the New Book Section at my library It is very fresh, and has modern new ideas about how things were, and they are all true It is not boring, and reading it has been SO fun for me I love it so much I cannot put it down

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    I ve been wrong before Oh heck, if I m being real honest, I ve been wrong a lot But I ain t never been so wrong as I was about Emma Walker When she first came to town, I thought she was the worst piece of bad luck I d had since falling in the outhouse on my birthday It s the summer of 1917 in Moundville, Alabama Harry Dit Sims can t wait for the new postmaster Mr Walker to arrive on the train from Boston with his family He s excited because he s heard Mr Walker has a twelve year old son, the same age as Dit He sure hopes the boy loves to play baseball and go fishing He hasn t had anyone to pal around with since his best friend Chip left to spend the summer with his grandmother in Selma He and the townspeople are very surprised when the new postmaster arrives and is not the white man they were expecting Mr Walker the new postmaster is black And to Dit s utter disappointment, he also doesn t have a twelve year old son he has a twelve year old daughter named Emma To Dit s way of thinking, things just couldn t get any worse Emma and her parents move into the house right across from Dit s It s so close he can watch her sitting out on her porch in her fancy dress, reading her books His mom has always told him that he doesn t have to like everyone, but he does have to be nice to them In other words, go make friends with Emma, show her around, and find something the two of you can do together He really didn t want anything to do with her and is not happy about this He didn t give a hoot that she s black it s the fact that she s a girl and doesn t play baseball or go hunting or fishing that upsets him How could he be friends with someone who always wore a frilly dress and shoes and had her nose in a book Dit has many preconceived ideas about who Emma is What was he going to do with a prissy girl who is the only kid in town who wears shoes, and clean shiny shoes to boot He figures he can get rid of her if he can find something that she would probably hate Climbing one of the mounds what Moundville was named for seemed like the perfect thing I figured that Emma wouldn t like getting sweaty and dirty and that climbing the mound would be the best way to get rid of her He was right that she didn t want to get sweaty and dirty That s how she was raised, plus she hadn t had any opportunities to do any outdoor things in Boston Her family lived in a row house with no yard and the park to play in was a bus ride away But she hung in there and proved him wrong She loved the view from the top of the mound, telling Dit it was worth the scolding she was going to get from her mama when she saw how dirty her dress was I had to laugh a bit at Dit s reaction I frowned She wasn t supposed to like it that much Later Emma asks Dit to teach her how to throw a baseball so she can join in when all the kids in town get together for a game Dit tells her she has first has to learn to skip stones across the water down at the river I loved how the author described the scene when Dit was trying to teach Emma how to hold the stone correctly before skipping it I took her hand in mine and wrapped it around a smooth flat stone Her fingers were cool and stiff, but her skin was beautiful, kind of like the mud in a creek after a hard rain Oh, I just loved that I started to do some thinking Taking Emma to the top of my mound hadn t gotten rid of her She hadn t cried on the fishing trip, not even when we had to walk through the rain and the mud to Jim Dang It s Now Emma had gone and learned how to skip stones when I had thought she couldn t Maybe there was other stuff I was wrong about too Maybe Emma was someone who d make a good friend What I loved so much about their relationship was how they helped each other step outside of their respective comfort zones For Emma it was climbing hills, getting dirty and sweaty, and learning how to fish and play baseball Without being pushy or bossy, Emma got Dit to begin thinking about things he had never really paid much attention to before, like how much his words and actions could hurt others, or that killing animals for fun wasn t a kind thing to do One of my favorite scenes was when he was walking home from school with his friends Chip and Buster His sister Pearl and her friend Mary were walking in front of them The other two boys started teasing Mary by saying things like I know how to spell Mary, S T U P I D Dit tells them to knock it off but they keep it up Dit remembers how he did the same thing last year to girl named Isabelle Dit had thought it was funny and had spelled her name I D I O T I remember laughing as she cried But this year it didn t seem funny And I finally realized that the idiot had been me In that moment, Dit had just grown years beyond his peers in maturity I also think he knew how much Emma s influence was making him a better person Her voice had begun playing in his head, always asking him why he did or said the things he did Suddenly, doing some of the things all the other boys did that used to seem like fun, didn t seem fun any They seemed mean Without spoiling a major part of the story for those who haven t read it, I will say that Dit and Emma do something risky, but also ingenious, that has a very happy outcome Dit s father tells him he knows what he and Emma did and how proud he is of him Dit asks him if he s ever going to give him the talk His father tells him that his older brother can give him the one about girls But the part about being a man, you don t need that That you already know I completely agree.For Dit, meeting Emma wasn t the bad luck he thought it was Meeting her turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

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    I read this book last week and already can t remember the plot that well I liked the book but obviously it was a forgettable The story was entertaining if unbelievable I think the author nails it better in Lions of Little Rock, with a stronger emotional pull Dit Sims lives in Alabama in 1917 with so many brothers and sisters, his dad forgets his name When the new Post Master comes to town with his family, Dit becomes friends with their daughter, Emma She s black and he s white Problems ensue and thirteen year old Dit starts to like Emma as a best friend When it takes a romantic turn things turn ugly with his friends As Dit becomes aware of other townspeople and their prejudice toward blacks he is still naive when it comes to the fact that people will kill over this issue His youth makes him blurt out things and act in a way that threatens the black people in the community When he challenges another black man to take a stand, he has no clue that he is asking him to risk his life When he learns of some history regarding the white Sheriff and black barber, his interference has terrible consequences The justice system did not favor blacks in the early 20th century and Dit s ignorance adds to the poignancy of his actions.I didn t really buy the romantic part between Dit and Emma and the cock a mamy staged death was fun, but far fetched I do think Levine is quite good at creating characters and their internal struggles with friendships and life choices The plot has plenty of action and tension but I would have liked a bit history on why Emma was so educated for a black girl I have read about the black middle class in the north and found the book, Crow by Barbara Wright, on the 1898 Wilmington race riots quite fascinating I wanted regarding Emma s background and her father s rise to becoming a Post Master The author addresses it a little I just wanted .

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    What a fabulous book I was hooked by the first paragraph Dit s voice is so strong in this book, I can t help completely loving him and loving watching his bit of coming of age I loved seeing Emma through his eyes, as well as everything else I loved the atmosphere I felt from the book Amazing writing Beautiful story complete with humor, honesty, innocence, knowledge, right v wrong, tragedy, fear, courage, and much Knowing this is based on the author s grandfather s experiences, and I am very curious to know exactly what was his experience It won t make me love the book any less, but, well, you know me and based on true stories.I whole heartedly agree with this as a Beehive nominee I even read a passage to some fellow ULA attendees who in turn gave me such a sweet compliment because I couldn t help sharing this book with as many as I could I remember the book when it came in as a new publication at my last job Though the title was interesting, the cover was eh and I knew nothing about it and the little blurb on the back was not enticing enough to get me to read it Its green cover May book challenge and Beehive nomination were what got me to read it Otherwise, I would have missed out on something great Which is why I want to recommend it to many, many people It may touch you differently than it did me or not at all, but I very much suggest you try just to see.

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    This book was amazing I like it a lot and I think girls and boys my age, older or maybe a year or two younger would like this book this book The best bad luck I ve ever had is about a boy named Dit and a girl named Emma and she had darker skin This book was written with the setting being Moundville Alabama in 1917 The people in Moundville were surprised by there color of the new post master families skin while Dit focused on that Emma was a girl and he was told there was gonna be a boy his age, not a girl They didn t get along at all she was from the city and him the country, she always whore nice dresses and he always whore handy downs because of all his brothers, he had sisters to but he probably shouldn t ware their clothes This book is realistic fiction and I would recommend this book to anyone who was looking to read a really good and a little bit sad book.

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    Some book are just good literature and do not need the adjectival clause young adult examples are The Book Thief and The Bog Child Some probably need the clause but are still excellent literature examples would be Holes or The Keeper This book fits in neither category but is just typical young adult literature, mostly written in that over excited slangy style that we adults seem to think attracts young adults The book is saved by having an interesting topic racism in Alabama in about 1917 and having a sympathetic main character Dit Sims The plot suffers from incredulity and I could have done without the whole murder save the prisoner theme All in all I would advise just re reading To Kill A Mockingbird.

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    This is almost a five star book for me It was just so so good Historical fiction at it s finest.