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Deputy Chief Virginia West Likes And Respects Her Boss, Hammer, But With An Increasing Number Of Visiting Businessmen Being Murdered In Her City By A Maniac With A Penchant For Painting His Victims Bright Orange, She Finds It Hard To Accept Hammer S Edict That A Rookie Reporter Should Ride On Patrol With Her To Better Relations With Their Citizens Her Worst Fears Are Confirmed When The Reporter, Brazil, Presses The Button To Activate The Boot Release Rather Than The Siren On Their First Outing He S Not The Only Blight On Her Life Right Now Her Cat S Angsty, Her Hormones Are Misbehaving, Her Opposite Number In The Uniformed Division Is Behaving Like A Jackass, The Radio Despatcher Is Determined To Trip Her Up, The DA Is In The Middle Of A Hot Battle With The Trial Schedule And Orange Coloured Corpses Keep Turning Up On Her Patch

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    I m sure I ve read a book that is worse than this one, but I can t think of it at the moment From the stereotypes, to the extraneous details, to the adolescent situations, this book has all the hallmarks of an amateur author s first draft It could be used and probably is as a Writing 101 example of what not to do For example, the author wants her main character, Andy Brazil, to be an intrepid reporter volunteer cop who is irresistible to men and women alike But the Andy she shows us is a petulant, whining adolescent whose favorite lament is, It s not fair The two female leads, Police Chief Judy Hammer and Deputy Chief Virginia West, are not quite as annoying as Brazil, but they are wish fulfillment characters smart, driven, and almost god like in their abilities Too bad for them that in Cornwell s world, strong capable women are surrounded by weak, envious men who can t deal with their authority In fact, aside from Brazil there is not a male character in the novel who is not secretly working to sabotage the police chief and her deputy Indeed, not many of the female characters are on their side either because Ms Cornwell apparently believes there are only two kinds of women strong capable executives or spineless, spiteful women who only exist for the men they have leached onto The mystery, such as it is, is forgotten for long stretches of the novel while we focus on West s cat, Niles, and what he is thinking and planning No, really we get the cat s POV for long stretches of time In fact, the cat is able to figure out some of the mystery and convey the information to his owner via feline charades with props No, really But that is no lamer than the way the mystery is actually solved the police reporter approaches ONE person on the street, asks who is committing the murders, and instantly finds out the serial killer s identity Too bad the police didn t do that before five men were brutally murdered The book is riddled with offensive stereotypes such as a southerner named Bubba who drives his King Cab to the convenience store for Red Man, PBRs, and Playboy and the author substitutes phrases like NRA redneck and ruthless Republican for actual character development The world of Charlotte she portrays bears little resemblance to reality, and the portrayal of the bank president who controls the town is particularly absurd All in all, this dreadful book my first by Patricia Cornwell will also be my last.

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    I m not sure how I feel about these characters And why does what I thought to be the Crux of the biscuit keep being pushed to the side for emotional development Good lord is EVERYONE sexually frustrated Well I just don t know what to say about all that

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    This is not part of the Scarpetta series This book is hilarious I had no idea Ms Cornwell had such a great sense of humor

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    I remember picking this up, as I d read a few Scarpetta books by then and obviously thought I d enjoy this Well I didn t like it at all Couldn t get into it much and didn t care at all for the central character.

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    Audiobook that sustained me while weeding in the yard Been seeing Cornwell s name for decades so I downloaded this from my library Also downloaded Southern Cross so I ll give one try.

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    Fun, fast paced, filled with likeable characters As I listened to this book, I found myself falling in love with the idealistic young reporter, Andy Brazil Pulling himself from the mire of an alcoholic mother, Andy works very hard as both a reporter and a volunteer policeman Still viewing the world as mostly filled with good people, and completely oblivious to the sinister and jaded aspects of life, Andy approaches every story and crime scene with an eagerness to help people and to make the world better Completely surrounding this young man are women of incredible strengths and at times it is comical watching him try to navigate this new and foreign realm of femininity The murder mystery part is good, spooky at times, but a good storyline nonetheless However, it is the characters that make this book great.

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    Don t know where Cornwell went wrong but this story line just isn t anywhere as good as the Kay Scarpetta storyline The characters are not as interesting and the story telling is just crappy.

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    Low feedback is okay, with respectful explanations Reviewers have no truck declaring something isn t worth reading The first thing I observe is writing Any story, plain or bizarre, can carry you away if the writing draws you in I love Patricia Cornwell s creative description Fleeting instances that non writers clearly miss Another attitude I can t abide is bleating that a novel Isn t like her usual series Of course not it s another series If Patricia s famous premise is superior, I am in for a treat I did not have Postmortem until recently and enjoyed Hornet s Nest as my introduction.I wasn t keen on all threads and characters, especially the redneck wanting to kill Victoria and Andy for defending themselves How preposterous to harass them at a shooting range and be offended that they deflected him Its especially dubious that anyone would pursue police I wasn t interested in Andy s alcoholic parent but it gave him humanity, after being portrayed as asexual or robotic When he discussed his policeman Father and comforted a shaken officer, I liked him better Humour arrived when it was needed, like a parade and funeral challenging a detour The gift with words I admired came in the first pages, when Victoria eats junk in Judy s office Her crinkling aluminium foil sandwich was described as Something the health conscious Judy would never raise to her lips a titillating little image stated with surprising eloquence There was a complex, grizzly murder to solve and strong willed Judy and Victoria couldn t have made better department heads I especially appreciated how these managerial women showed in a pinch, that they were still police professionals to the core I own hardcovers of this brief series and love the humanity and whimsy alleviating sobering topics I am late to the Patricia Cornwell party but am glad to arrive

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    I have lived in the Charlotte area for 40 years, and you have no idea how much I wanted to like this book At first it was entertaining to read where the characters were, but by one hundred pages in, Charlotte stopped being interesting as a character in and of itself read the book, and see what I mean and became merely annoying Mysteries set in New York do not feel obligated to have the characters mention the Statue of Liberty every three pages to give you the flavor of the mise en scene not a page of Hornet s Nest goes by without Cornwell dragging a local reference into it The mystery itself is an afterthought, to put it mildly Characters behave incredibly on virtually every page, and the low point is reached when we suddenly switch to the point of view of one of the character s cats I am not kidding you The cat tries to give its owner important clues that it is receiving from flashing lights atop a skyscraper in Uptown I am not kidding you I like hommages to Rita Mae Brown as much as the next guy which is to say not at all , but at least the cat is a major character in the series Matters are not helped by the dozens of unimportant characters who float throughout the novel and get detailed descriptions and attention, never to be heard of again This isn t Dickens None of them are interesting enough to do anything but divert whatever narrative tension there is into dead ends.There is also a murky sexuality that runs through the book that is merely distracting No one is getting any, to put it bluntly, and everyone is pretty damn frustrated by that On the other hand, when it comes to simple frustration, they got nuthin on the reader of Hornet s Nest.

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    Since reading my first Cornwell book Postmortem ,I have been a Kay Scarpetta fan reading every book as soon as it comes out I knew Hornet s Nest was not a Scarpetta novel, but I thought some new characters might not be bad I liked West and Hammer and was amused with cutie boy Andy The plot did seem to wander a bit Now I m not really sure what the plot was I did like the idea of some humor thrown in though and I am sure Cornwell is going to pursue these characters in Southern Cross which I just purchased You know, I have a feeling PC is trying to let Kay get over the death of her lover, Benton, and also letting their fans get over it too with the introduction of these new characters So I ll keep reading all of PC s books and hope for a frantic page turner next time.