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Popular Books, Chasing Lincolns Killer Author James L Swanson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Chasing Lincolns Killer , Essay By James L Swanson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You 3.5 stars While the presentation is rather elementary it is, after all, a scholastic press publication the events are quite succinct Nothing is left out All the facts are in place It matches to the T other accounts I have read and is much brain friendly Probably because students are in mind If one just wants the story behind the assassination attempt and its related conspiracies without other commentary I would recommend this book Also, FYI the audio narrator of The Raven Cycle also reads this book So those of you who liked him will love this book I recommend speeding him up a bit then you really add to the suspense of the hunt He just sounds so darn excited One of my students a delightful young man with autism recommended this book to me He purchased his copy at the school book fair in January, and although he really doesn t read well, he had watched a program on the History Channel based on the adult edition of the book Manhunt and was able to piece together bits and pieces for comprehension.While I found the writing in the book to be somewhat disjointed, I learned a lot about the Lincoln assassination and John Wilkes Booth The book is replete with very interesting photographs a bonus for my struggling reader and quite historically accurate.Both my great great grandfather and his father were Union soldiers during the Civil War As I was reading the book, I wondered how they had reacted to the news that Lincoln was dead I wish I knew of my father s family history This may be the catalyst I need to get back into genealogy.Thank you, Jose, for letting me borrow your book, and thank you James L Swanson for writing this book that captivated my student s attention I believe that you will have made him a reader. As someone interested in Presidential assassinations I got this book for the subject matter rather then for its reading level Thinking back to some of the history books I read during my own youth I was expecting that this book would bring the story down to basics Not only was that assertion wrong I found that Chasing Lincoln s Killer is better written then some of the adult oriented history books I ve read Author James Swanson has done his research and done it well Based on his adult book Manhunt which I have yet to read Swanson doesn t make the mistake many writers of history books for younger readers do he treats his readers like intelligent people Swanson uses his research to explain the backgrounds of the people involved and the context of the events taking place Thankfully he does it without being either patronizing to readers who know the story or being boring to those who don t Swanson also treats the book like a novel then a history book with his attention to details and events Swanson doesn t just list events he describes them and goes into detail about them, giving the reader rare insight into the events of mid April 1865 by bringing words to the mouths of long dead historical figures from actual words of those involved in the events Swanson s descriptions of the places where the manhunt took Booth and his accomplices are worthy of any well written novel and rarely found in the pages of a history book If there is any fault in the book it is that the first half of the book is dedicated to the events surrounding the assassination itself Considering that the book is intended to focus on the manhunt that ensued after the assassination the first half of the book approximately focuses exclusively on the events of April 14th, 1865 While Swanson moves this section quickly and as well described as the rest of the book it seems a shame that half the book is spent on the assassination while other sections in particular the trial of the conspirators come across as being too short Yet while half the book is spent on events that surround the assassination, Chasing Lincoln s Killer is still a fine historical read With its attention to dialogue and details, the book reads like a novel then your average history book The fact that it is written for a younger audience doesn t mean that Swanson brings the story down to its basics The book is a gripping real life story that must be read to be believed. A great little book giving just information that one needs to know without being saddled with a 600 page book with a tiny font.A Its a boring and slow paced book. Chasing Lincoln s Killer by James L Swanson is a nonfiction story about John Wilks Booth, Abraham Lincoln s killer The theme of this book is that drastic events in history can often lead to unexpected conclusions because in the story, Booth killed president Lincoln and he escaped the manhunters for a while, but eventually he got caught.The genre of the book is a biography and it is set in April of 1865 in Washington D.C The setting in this story is extremely vivid and it makes you feel as if you were running away escaping the great manhunt of Lincoln s killer The story starts off on the day of the assanation with Booth preparing, planning and gathering all of his materials for his attack As the chapter goes on, the time of Lincoln s death gets closer and finally when Booth enters the President Box in Ford s Theater and the assanation happens, the chase for Lincoln s killer begins Throughout the rest of the book it tells all about Booth leaving Washington and traveling from place to place hiding from the cavalry, or manhunters At the end of the story, as many people already know, Booth finally gets caught and is killed.I loved this book, it was such a fascinating story and once I got into it, I couldn t put it down Not only that, but while I was enjoying the book I learned all about the history of what happened before, during and after Lincoln s assanation I thought that James Swanson also did a great job of not just making the story a bunch of facts, but having it flow really well and turning it into an amazing story This book even corrected some of my misconceptions that I had when I was younger of the assanation I also loved how throughout the book there were interesting pictures that were real drawings, government documents, pamphlets, letters and newspapers from that time period that really made the story come to life For example, there was one document that was the front cover of a newspaper, showing a drawing of Booth shooting his gun at Lincoln s head While reading the book I felt as if I was actually there with Booth sleeping under the stars and aching with a broken leg I could vividly picture myself there Although I truly loved this book, it did have a few flaws Once in a while, the author would carry on in certain parts of the book for a bit too long An example of that is when the author could have spent less time on Booth traveling around Washington gathering supplies that he needed, instead of focusing on the actual assanation.You will really like this book if you are into books about history and are the topic of Aberhalm Lincoln This book is great for you if you like a little bit of suspense, making you sit on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what is going to happen next In conclusion, Swanson does an overall great job sharing about history in a way that is entertaining and exciting. The title of the book I read is Chasing Lincoln s Killer by James L Swanson Even though it was a biography, I felt the author s message in the story was even the most horrible of crimes will have punishment and always be remembered The story took place in Washington D.C s Ford s Theatre, where Lincoln was killed by John Wilkes Booth It also took place in Virginia and Maryland John Wilkes Booth was a well known actor who would always be found performing in Ford s Theatre He was also a comitted supporter of slavery and the confederacy, so much so that he once decided he would kidnap president Lincoln while he was in his carriage so the confederacy could win the war, but he did not prevail He had three accomplices, whom he ordered to carry out some missions, then meet in the next state at the Suratt s house, sympathizers of Booth s Lewis Powell, one of them, attempted to murder secretary of state, William H Seward but failed He tried to escape, but got lost George Atzerodt, another of of his accomplices, was assigned to murder Vice President Andrew Johnson, but couldn t bring himself to, so he just stayed in the town, since he did nothing wrong David Herold was supposed to hold Powell s horse until Powell killed Seward, but instead he fled and eventually met up with Booth I really loved Chasing Licoln s Killer, because it focused on Booth and his accomplices journey to a failed escape, so much so that I wanted Booth to get away and not get caught This book really gave Booth s perspective, just like the book Maleficent, which follows the evil villain s plots Some of the things the author did that i enjoyed was left in little details that built suspense in the what felt the safest of moments For example, when Booth, Herold, and Thomas Jones, who was helping them to get across the Potomac, were talking amongst themselves and having a pretty good time, they suddenly heard Union soldiers horses, and had to hide for hours, but reading during the time they were hiding was so suspenseful Would they be noticed Would they ever make it across the river What would happen to Thomas Jones A reader who loves historical fiction or nonfiction or books like Who Was would love this biography by James L Swanson Also, readers who love suspense throughout the whole story and during the whole story would also love this book This book shows both sides of the problem Booth, and Herold, and all of the others who may have known them, and the pursuiters of them all. James L Swanson does a fantastic job of bringing one of the most tragic moments in American history to a younger audience In Chasing Lincoln s Killer elementary and middle school aged children are able to easily follow the story of the asassination of President Abraham Lincoln and the manhunt for his murder, John Wilkes Booth Included in the book are illustrations, photographs and newspaper articles from the time of the asassination Swanson truly knows who his audience is He uses language and storytelling techniques that make this snapshot in history easy for the younger reader to follow The great manhunt of April 1865 comes to life Kudos to my son s teacher, Ms Campbell, for introducing and reading this book with the entire 4th Grade class The enthusiasm that she generated among these young people was almost palpable She also arranged a field trip for the students to tour both the Ford s Theatre and the Petersen House. actually a 4.5