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Man of MysteryIt was simple for Miss Verity Jolliffe to find out a great deal about Gabriel Rainsford Lord Sherington His good looks and wealth were evident His arrogance and ruthlessness were legendaryStill a uestion remained What could Sherington see in a modest young lady like her when he had the voluptuous Eleanor Lowndes as his mistress and the most beautiful belles of the town eager to be his bride? Did he want her as a plaything for his jaded desires? Or as a wife in a mockery of a marriage? Or as a means of revenge on all womankind? But whatever he wanted Verity feared that one thing was certain Caught in his spell she would find it heartbreakingly hard to say no

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    Charlotte Louise Dolan like a shooting star blaze through leaving behind only a handful of books to her name Fallen Angel is one of those books that relies heavily on character driven story of Verity Jolliffe Gabriel Lord Sherington Both characters had their strengths and weakness that made the book and the story so engrossing Gabriel is hard as nails and “ruthless” to the point of just being down right cold At the start of the story his Aunt throws in his face that his father wasn’t his real father This doesn’t bother Gabriel in the least as he has no love lost for his father whom at the age of eight sent Gabriel to the sea where he faced many of hardships These hardships shaped the man you see but Gabriel is a true diamond in the rough and it takes the steady and gentle hand of Verity to bring out the diamond in Gabriel In Verity he sees the perfect dutiful wife one whom once interfer with his life and sets out to make her fall in love with him and taking out his spoiled cousin out of the way to the title What he doesn’t uiet see is the hidden spark in Verity this spark that not even her overbearing family who uses her to their own needs but she still ends up loving can destroy Verity and Gabriel are two kindred sprits with Gabriel’s so called family making him a hard man and Verity shy and almost weak willed but very matter of fact and knows when she’s being played Verity sees early on that Gabriel wants something from her she doesn’t can’t place her finger on and Gabriel hates to see how Verity lets herself be taken advantage of time and again In Gabriel you see the true kindness but his actions and his protective thoughts he still shows his cold side by forcing Verity to see the peers whom only cater to those with true power and even her own family pamper Gabriel because of what he could do for their family It takes a few gentle pushes to have Gabriel break down his cold wall with his discovery of his mother’s past and his own grandmother These events tear at your heart but this doesn’t change how pushy Gabriel is but has his heart in the right place and full of love he didn't know he could feel or be gifted with Verity has her spark baked down due to her family and it took sometime for him to warm up to her She had a huge heart but she was pushed around so much even by Gabriel I wanted to shake her and make her grow a back bone This was a weakness and her strength If she used a heavy hand on Gabriel I don’t think he would have changed as he did It warms the reader's heart the way both change and fall in love with one another The change is gradual and not over a few pages and both characters make you feel joy and anger but they make you “feel” instead of the reader just being a passive passenger You feel many emotions that Charlotte Louise Dolan brings to this book from both leads and all the secondary characters There is some parts that brought tears to me eyes but two scenes I loved that “made” this book so lovable for me Gabriel Tell me what kind of a husband you want and I will be that man As Verity wakes after her wedding night to find Gabriel beside her and her eyes widened and filled with joy like a child who has received a most wondrous presentOverall While Charlotte Louise Dolan only wrote a few books I can understand why many readers say their true hidden gems and after reading Fallen Angel I couldn't agree The characters were truly the backbone of this story instead of the other way around While not perfect still truly memorable like a shooting star in the sky

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    ★★★★★ Whoa I’d heard this book was very good but it surpassed even my expectations There is so much here than meets the eye The characters are nothing out of the ordinary – at first But as I turned the pages they developed a depth and uniueness that is not often found in this type of publication Yes I’ve heard the set up before; nevertheless Ms Dolan managed to make these characters have their own distinct personalities and experience individual growth after spending time with one another Truly a story of the power of unconditional love I cried in two places and gobbled the book down whole last night in one sitting Definitely a book for my keeper shelf I’ll be looking for by this “new 2 me” author

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    Fleeing London after an argument with a spiteful aunt Gabriel the Earl of Sherrington runs across a woman stranded at a burned out coaching inn Despite his inclination to ignore her and keep moving something about Miss Verity Jolliffe's straightfoward reuest and lack of feminine wiles compels him to drive her the short distance to her family's home After a lengthy discussion of sheep they arrive at her family's modest home where Gabriel discovers an ill tempered family to rival his own Upon picking her up for their return trip he asks her why she should go to the trouble of caring for such a bunch of ungracious louts as they'll certainly never mend their ways When she explains that love is not given with the expectation of getting something in return or with the aim of changing a loved one's ways Gabriel has an idea Marrying Verity would net him the perfect wife She doesn't natter on about fashions or gossip and by her own admission she'd never try to manipulate him with her love He resolves to court her when they reach London He'll turn up the charm make her love him and get both the perfect wife and revenge on his distasteful heir apparent in one fell swoopWhile I guess it was just another jaded rake seeks biddable miss regency I really liked the characters Gabriel was an arrogant alpha which I normally despise but I found him completely likeable Something about his brusue brutal honesty endeared him to me Sure he was domineering and demanding but he was pretty clear about it He says to himself that he's deceiving Verity but I'd hardly rate being a bit nicer than usual while courting a girl I fully intend to marry as a grand deception He's pretty much himself a forceful personality who plays to win from the start All he leaves out is why he's courting Verity So while he may not have initially been motivated by love he's still not planning a bait and switch He can tell himself he's a callous businessman just trying to close a deal but only a man totally smitten gifts a heirloom cookbook to a woman who's said she loves managing a householdFor her part Verity rather likes the big jerk just the way he is I should have thought her a Pollyanna doormat for how she just took her family's ill treatment of her in stride Somehow she managed to look strong doing it I'd guess it's because she didn't excuse their behavior or let it alter how she looked at herself They were boorish but they were her family and 26 year old spinsters don't get a lot of options in the housing department It made sense that she'd be attracted to the demanding but forthright Gabriel After years of being manipulated by her family's false smiles and hollow praise as though she were some half wit she finds his open demands uite refreshing When he also treats her like an actualized person by grumpily urging her to stand up to her family and stop being so damn meek she's a goner They make a fine pair he the hard nosed power broker and she the uietly determined peace maker I couldn't help but enjoy the book well worn premise or not

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It's OOP and very hard to find in the UK but the libraries came up trumps and found me a copy from the wilds of t' NorthIt tells the story of Verity Jollife rather plain twenty six and unmarried and Gabriel Earl of Sherington She is almost a generation younger than her older siblings and is regarded by them as a source of unpaid labour and generally treated as the poor relationGabriel has a reputation for being a cold hearted calculating bastard He's incredibly rich having made his fortune in trade but knows having inherited his title that society will nonetheless flock to his door He doesn't get on well with his family either although in fact it turns out that those he had thought his relatives are not; at the beginning of the book his aunt maliciously reveals that he may not be his father's son at allHe is mistrustful of pretty much everybody especially women all of whom he believes are crafty and deceptive and only want him for his money and his title He knows he will have to marry at some point but is reluctant to select a bride from the ton believing she will eventually reveal herself to be a manipulative harpy who seeks to change him and his lifestyleSo when he meets Miss Verity Jollife and reluctantly agrees to take her up in his carriage he is constantly surprised by her reactions to him which are never what he expects them to beHaving spent a little time in her company he decides she is exactly the sort of woman he could marry she is uiet sensible and her definition of love indicates to him that she would be content to leave him to his own devices after marriageThereafter he sets out to win her affections little suspecting that she has already fallen hard for himTo be honest though I have to wonder why because throughout almost the whole of their early acuaintance he is rather cold and off putting He is actually angry when she doesn't declare her love for him after a week which makes him seem rather like a petulant schoolboy who isn't getting his own wayBut when his history is unfolded it becomes clearer why he might act that way; he was sent away from home and into the Navy at the age of 8 and spent much of his early years separated from his mother so he has never been shown love or affectionAs the story progresses Gabriel is shown to be a good man at heart even though he denies this and insists on reminding people how ruthless he can be it's clear by his actions that he is fair and straightforward treating his servants as people rather than objectsIt also seems to me that although his aim is to have Verity fall in love with him so that he can marry her he is hardly indifferent even though he doesn't admit it He misses her on the days he doesn't see her; where he had at first thought her plain he finds to admire in her ever time he sees her; and he understands her well enough to know that she will enjoy the gift of a book on housekeeping which is also a generations old family heirloom than one of valuable jewelleryHe gets angry with Verity for letting her relatives treat her as a dogsbody and even though that is true she is not diminished by it Somehow Dolan has written her character in such a way as to make her tolerance of their behaviour towards her into a strength rather than a weakness But I was glad when she finally realises that although she might love her family she doesn't necessarily like them and when she finally stands up to her overbearing sister; something Verity admits her acuaintance with Gabriel has given her the fortitude to doI rattled through the book in a few hours eager to discover about the protagonists and to watch their relationship developIt's a lovely read and the ending is just perfect

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    I love love love this book Not a review just a happy raveVerity and Gabriel well named Haven’t loved a couple as much as this one in a while It’s beyond sweet how their every waking hour minute is spent thinking about the other when and if they are not together she mooning and sighing him irate and cussing at her for her not doing what he wants her to do fall in love with him uickly so that he can propose and get his convenient mocVerity I love for being the sweet uncomplicated woman that she is I love her for loving the H like she does her little dried up spinster’s heart burns fiercely and passionately for him The way she daydreams about him and lives for the next time she’d see himUsually it’s easy to dislike a h who acts doormat y for her family but this one’s no goody two shoes She’s just good but not too good She strongly detests every woman real or imagined sight unseen she thinks the H’s associated with or will be And doesn’t shy away from saying NO to her stupid selfish sister when it’s most important Gabriel our fallen angel I love adore wanna crush and sueeze the life out of for being the sweetest fella under that grumpy growling bearish façade For not realizing how bad he’s fallen for the plain convenient would be wife whom he’s maneuvering so hard and inexpertly to fall in love with him I totally applaud and admire his propensity to threaten and intimidate people in the most bully like manner to get what he wants or especially if they threaten the h his aunt his mistress his cousin his disloyal servants He doesn’t hold back and threatens to destroy them like no H has ever dared to do Normally the H’s aggression is saved for the h and not the mistressThe mean horribly selfish relatives I want to thank for inadvertently pushing these two at each other Best scene hilariously so the H trying to manage his house and new servantsThe book does get a bit slow and repetitive at times but overall puts up a very strong show It’s not angsty in that exact way but is heart wrenchingly sweet

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    Dry and acerbic humor in this Regency romance that has a touch of Barbara Metzger to itDual POV but the hero takes the honors even if is than a little grumpy suspicious and harsh on the outside It takes him the whole page count to figure out why he is so set on making the heroine fall in love with him PlotThe hero is the current Earl and made his fortune at sea He was sent away as a very young boy because he was not the elder Earl's son a fact that his thrown in his face by his horrible aunt If rotten relatives are a hot button for you then get ready they are thick on the ground for both hero and heroine The hero's aunt and her son plot with his own servants to keep him single and the poor heroine is saddled with indifferent parents and a self centered idiot for a sister There are moments when she verges into martyrdom but she ends up saving herself and us as readers from that namby pamby fateThe hero wants the heroine basically because she is less of an idiot than most of the women out there and his wooing of choice as I mentioned is to MAKE her fall in love with him The best he can come up with is to tolerate her sister and her family Not really necessary as the plain h falls for him at the gitgoTime's awasting for me so cutting this short The H's legal father was a pig of epic proportions and his mother died while he was at sea so the H has very good reasons to be such a hard and harsh man Enjoyable low boil romance that would have been a 4 star if the author had circled back and resolved the rotten relatives The H's auntie needed a comeuppance as well as the h's awful sister It is just not enough to know they'll be chewing the carpet once they find out the H and h married and they are socially banished by the wealthy and powerful H

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    Right now i kinda wish i had waited until Christmas Holidays to read Fallen Angel because of its humor and lively take on emotions of lovebut my curiosity killed me after i read wonderful reviews written by my GR Friendsso i started this book directly after it was my turn in OpenlibraryI laughed and i cried while reading this bookGodwhat a wonderful sense of love this book delievered between the ruthless and self indulgent Lord Gabriel Rainsford who without knowing falls for the intelligent and sensible spinster Verity Jolliffe I love the natural way they meet for the first timethe way Gabriel expects Verity to be an annoying shrew like all the other females around himbut instead gets surprised by her raw honestyintelligence and patienceWhat i love is the way they got to really know each other`s personalitiesand loving each other with all their hearts because of thatHe is not a patient manand not a very nice one eitherTo many he resembles the Fallen Angel Luciferand in proceeding to behave in that notion he decides to win Verity`s love after he decides that she will be the perfect choice of being a wife for himI laughed so much that tears fell off my eyes on that journeyand a very charming journey it was indeed

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    What a great book I absolutely loved it This author is an amazing writer If every author wrote this good I would be giving every book 4 and 5 stars I didn't even like the description of the hero He was described as not being actually handsome which is one of my biggest pet peeves but the hero was written so intriguingly that I couldn't turn away He was ruthless and he didn't take crap from anyone or mince words when putting someone down Here is a conversation between him and his mistress Have your taste become so perverted that you can prefer her to me? My dear do you have any idea how boring you have become? LOL I also loved the story line of the hero trying to make the heroine fall in love with him while all the while she already loved him from the first time she saw him The heroine feelings for him was so adorable She was absolutely gaga over him and I could relate to the way she yearned for him It was like a teenager falling in love for the first time been there done that lol What I loved best about this book though was watching the hero fall in love with her gradually even though he didn't seem at all attracted to her in the beginning Every thought and action he did made the reader know that he was falling in love with the heroine He didn't say I love you until the last sentence in the book but the reader knew without a doubt that he loved the heroine He didn't have to utter a word Now that's what I call great writing LCD can teach some of these authors today Showing and not only telling

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    Re read 14112018This time around I managed to find the error that eluded me the first time there was a spot where Miss Jennings hadn't been corrected for Miss JolliffeI have to admit that the first few chapters really annoyed me Here was perfect Miss Verity Jolliffe happy to let her family walk all over her and her concerns effectively treating her as an unpaid servant instead of a valued member of her family I did however appreciate how easily she could read Gabriel Sherrington and could tell when he was being disingenuous since she was so accustomed to her family's manipulationsThen I slowly fell for her and how Gabriel imagined her Despite initially wooing Verity with a high degree of calculation I loved that over the time that they spent together he slowly came to see her beauty her true and constant heart as well as her uncomplicated and honest nature She really was someone who strove to see the good in people and it took a great deal before she uestioned it If she was naive she was still the sweeter for being able to see the kindness and wanting to soothe the hurt in those she cared the mostI guess that it was hard for me to understand why Verity fell so uickly for Gabriel and on reflection I think that it was because she had been a spinster for so long any positive attention would've been enough to turn her feelings into love But I still maintain that it was a beautifully written story and there were some excellent touches through it all Maybe her relations might've been painted in too broad a brush as were some of Gabriel's but I loved how Gabriel treated his household staff and reduced them to happy tears honestly that was the cutest sceneIn the end it was still a solid read and I enjoyed it as much this time as I had the first time I read it SUEEEEAAAAAAL That was the best I have never read such a beautifully written clean romance and if I have I may have to re read itFallen Angel features two of the most interesting characters I've ever readOn the one hand we have the alpha male Gabriel You know? The one who has been given such looks money and honoured title he should be in want for nothing except that he actually isn't the true son of the late Lord Sherington which has therefore earnt disdain from the Rainsford side of the family Also beneath his uick fire temper and stern expectations there was actually a pretty decent heart beating there in particular the scene where he met his motley crew of household staff for the first time I laughed myself silly to the point where I think my husband thought me perhaps gone in the headThen we have Verity Presented to readers as a mouse of a woman to begin with her intelligence honesty and warmth towards those most deserving was a delight to behold I was glad for her when she finally found her voiceI LOVED that this book focused on their courtship as unconventional as it was rather than just solely their physical attraction Instead of the usual flowers jewellery etc there's a lot of shared confidences meaningful gifts and the lovely idea of just wanting to share your thoughts and moments with the person that you loved the mostI honestly could not think of a single negative thing about this book whatsoever and if I could I probably would've overlooked them for the sheer wonderful feelings I took away from this book

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    I really enjoyed this one It had a few things I would have liked tweaked but overall I just loved our characters especially Gabriel He definitely has the whole tortured hero thing going on While he was pretty rough and considered ruthless he really has a good heart It’s just buried deep down I loved how he handled people especially those that were trying to hurt him or Verity I especially loved a scene where Gabriel is interviewing his new staff it was so funny and sweet at the same time I think it was then that you see his true self and I admit it made me like him all the I loved the relationship between Gabriel and Verity I think he fell in love with her right from the beginning; it just took him awhile to figure things out I loved that the longer he got to know her the beautiful he found her I loved how he was protective of her and would do anything for her Even endure her obnoxious family They are a good influence on each other Gabriel helps give her strength and see that she deserves to be treated better by her family Verity is a great calming influence on Gabriel and teaches him subtly about love I kept wondering why he insisted on winning her love before proposing It didn't seem like him considering his feelings on love The only thing I can come up with is that like I said earlier he loved her from the beginning and wanted to do things right with her The few things I would tweak First the story opens and Gabriel has a mistress one he is uickly getting tired of I just hate those storylines but whatever Second while this is a clean read there are a few innuendos but I will say it always felt like Gabriel loved Verity not just lusted after her Anyway the last thing that really bugged me was Verity saying she would do anything to be with Gabriel including being his mistress She claims she would be happy if he even offered her that much so long as she could be near him DUH I could literally go on for pages of why that is such a bad idea but I won’t I will say she kept her thoughts to herself and I liked that while she had a lot of inner turmoil going on she always presented a strong face to Gabriel And luckily Gabriel always had honorable intentions towards Verity Overall I really loved the story and plot I have probably used the word “love” way too many times in this review but I don’t care This is one of those books where the characters really came alive for me they felt real I was sad when it ended I wanted I wanted to see behind the HEA what would married life be like for them? I wish there were a seuel Content Clean Mild talk of mistresses and mild innuendos Similar Reads Reforming Lord Ragsdale