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The First Full Length Stephanie Plum Between The Numbers Novel From Bestselling Author Janet EvanovichTurn On All The Lights And Check Under Your Bed Things Are About To Get Spooky In Trenton, New Jersey According To Legend, The Jersey Devil Prowls The Pine Barrens And Soars Above The Treetops In The Dark Of Night As Eerie As This Might Seem, There Are Things In The Barrens That Are Even Frightening And Dangerous And There Are Monkeys Lots Of Monkeys Wulf Grimoire Is A World Wanderer And An Opportunist Who Can Kill Without Remorse And Disappear Like Smoke He S Chosen Martin Munch, Boy Genius, As His New Business Partner, And He S Chosen The Barrens As His New Playground Munch Received His Doctorate Degree In Quantum Physics When He Was Twenty Two He S Now Twenty Four, And While His Brain Is Large, His Body Hasn T Made It Out Of The Boys Department At Macy S Anyone Who Says Good Things Come In Small Packages Hasn T Met Munch Wulf Grimoire Is Looking For World Domination Martin Munch Would Be Happy If He Could Just Get A Woman Naked And Tied To A Tree Bounty Hunter Stephanie Plum Has Munch On Her Most Wanted List For Failure To Appear In Court Plum Is The All American Girl Stuck In An Uncomfortable Job, Succeeding On Luck And Tenacity Usually She Gets Her Man This Time She Gets A Monkey She Also Gets A Big Guy Named Diesel Diesel Pops In And Out Of Plum S Life Like Birthday Cake Delicious To Look At And Taste, Not Especially Healthy As A Steady Diet, Gone By The End Of The Week If Not Sooner He S An Ber Bounty Hunter With Special Skills When It Comes To Tracking Men And Pleasing Women He S After Grimoire, And Now He S Also After Munch And If Truth Were Told, He Wouldn T Mind Setting Stephanie Plum In His Crosshairs Diesel And Plum Hunt Down Munch And Grimoire, Following Them Into The Barrens, Surviving Cranberry Bogs, The Jersey Devil, A Hair Raising Experience, Sand In Their Underwear, And, Of Course Monkeys

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    Book Review 3 of 5 stars to Plum Spooky written in 2009 by Janet Evanovich This book is the 4th mini release in the Stephanie Plum cozy mystery series, an in between read set of books based on different holidays throughout the year, involving Stephanie and the mysterious Diesel, a character from another one of Evanovich s series starring Diesel and Lizzy.It s a great idea to combine two series with fan favorite characters, but Stephanie already had 2 men chasing after her or is she chasing them , as well as her mother s blind date fix ups now she s got a vibe from Diesel, but can t tell if he s real or a ghost He s saved her from some jams, but she can never find him he just appears So what gives It s fun drama, cute romance and a good time.I enjoy them, but they re a quick less than 2 hour read, and often the mystery isn t very big or complex It s sort of romance mystery where it s a day in the life of Stephanie and her associated capers Worth reading to see the chemistry between the two, as well as to decide if you want to pickup another of the author s series I didn t, but only because I am trying to read different authors I m sure it s a fun series tho About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators.

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    More fun than a barrel of monkeys No, really, there were a hella lot of monkeys in this book No, Mr Monkey, I m serious You would love it As is always the case in these half books of the series, Diesel shows up in Stephanie s apartment And, somehow whenever Diesel is around Morelli is only available by phone How s it going Morelli wanted to know It s average Stole a truck Blew up a house Brought seven monkeys home with me And now I have a naked man in my shower Yeah, same ol , same ol , Morelli said. Morelli s pretty jaded at this point And, I actually think Ranger might consider her of a comic relief person than a girl he s attracted to Ranger got out of the SUV, walked over to me, and looked in the Jeep Babe, he said.I blew out a sigh I had five monkeys in the Jeep and two sitting on the roof. I understand both of these guys Stephanie Plum novels can never get crazy enough to surprise me any, and yet I always end up laughing.

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    the between the numbers books are never as good as the real deal And Evanovich is losing her grip on her characters I think I did laugh out loud in some spots, so that was nice Though her comedy is less satisfying, simply because she uses it all the time and it seems forced any Diesel seems to be the supernatural answer to Ranger in these books, in this one in particular, their parts are really interchangeable The whole Sasquatch, Jersey Devil and Easter bunny not to mention the flame farter were such a flippin stretch I don t know, it s just gotten a bit old.The one good thing I found from Fearless 14, which was the possibility of at least one relationship of these series getting resolved Lula and Tanks , is now not going to happen Irritating and frustrating to realise that Evanovich is just going to keep these characters going with no end in sight While I ve loved the stories, and was glad that they continued, I think there s a time to tie up lose ends while the stories are still good Tank moving to an old lady house for the sake of 3 cats seriously I read an interview Evanovich did a couple years ago, saying that her fans would kill her if she ever stopped writing about Stephanie, or had Stephanie finally choose once and for all, Morelli, or Ranger I don t think she s correct in that assumption I feel disappointment that this once great series will never be allowed to grow, change, ageanything It s aggravating to realize that Janet will continue to write this series into the ground because of some idea that her fans wouldn t like her to allow growth, answers etc Forgive my rant, it s just been a love of affair of years that has disappointed in the end I have grown and changed, and the characters never will Maybe the problem is me.

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    I m a BIG fan of Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum series Not a big fan of the between the numbers holiday novels But what can I honestly say about Plum Spooky BEST BETWEEN THE NUMBERS EVER.If you are not familiar with the series, Stephanie Plum works as a bounty hunter in Trenton, New Jersey, for her sleazy cousin Vinnie In this installment in the series, Stephanie is on the hunt for Martin Munch, boy genius, for failure to appear in court Uber bounty hunter, Diesel, pops back into Stephanie s life like birthday cake as he in on the hunt for Wulf Grimoire who just so happens to be working with Munch in his quest for world domination Lots of monkey business going on in this one because Carl the Monkey returns Carl and his entourage of helmet wearing monkies practically dominate Stephanie s life while they wreak havoc on the Pine Barrens.Lula and Tank are fighting over pregnant cats, over allergies, over the wedding, you name it.Throw in the Jersey Devil, Sasquatch and the Easter Bunny and you ve got one heck of a funny story My favorite part of this book When Stephanie was kidnapped by Wulf to be used as Munch s sex slave I about keeled over laughing when she kicked Munch in the munchkins.Oh And yes, JJ was right, Ranger finally did smile More than once actually.My least favorite part Morelli Joe Morelli gets stuck taking care of his cheating, no good brother Anthony and working on a gang related case This is what I least like about the between the number novels Diesel shows up to steal the show, and we see very little of Ranger or Morelli.I think I am having Cupcake withdrawals

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    Love these books Easter bunny, Sasquatch, New Jersey devil, and The Fire Farter was truly imaginative Next we re off to Salem for wicked stuff.Read again June 2016 Still love it Ok, I ve decided this book must be added to my yearly Halloween fair along with It s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and Hocus Pocus Reread May 2018 So much fun Lula falling in the bog was one of the funniest scenes I ve ever read Add to that Carl the monkey and Tank with cats.

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    Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie Plum Spooky is Janet Evanovich s latest hilarious trek through the life of confused, inept, and somehow lucky despite all that, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum This is the longest between the numbers novel yet at 309 hardcover pages Diesel is back, as are Ranger and Morelli, along with Lula, monkeys that I could count, and a host of other interesting characters Stephanie is after what should be a fairly easy recovery Munch is a 24 year old kid sized genius with no friends or social skills who beaned his boss with a coffee mug and ran off with a prototype invention he d been working on Of course, once Stephanie goes after anybody, it s never easy and Munch has apparently managed to hook up with a seriously dangerous dude His name is Gerwulf Grimoire, or Wulf for short, and he s also Diesel s cousin So now Stephanie has to deal with Diesel while trying to track Munch Morelli has become the unwilling host to his lothario brother when he s kicked out of his home by his fed up wife Add in a reappearance by Carl the monkey who has been foisted upon Stephanie while his owner is on her honeymoon, and all this adds up to another wild and wacky adventure.No sex Thus the four stars But for sheer entertainment and hilarity value, Stephanie s quandries are hard to top There s injuries via staple guns, rioting monkeys, Lula s wedding antics, an actual grin from Ranger , assorted dead bodies, and too many failed retrievals to count Plum fans will certainly be thrilled with Evanovich s latest.

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    While this is a pretty decent story I think she is really pushing the out there qualities of the characters I could totally go with Stephanie, Lula and Grandma, but monkeys, global weather control and characters with powers are too much.

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    Another disappointing book I used to love the Plum books, don t know what happened to JE.

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    This might very well be my favorite in between the numbers book yet More Carl, I so wasn t expecting that So darn funny Full review to come.

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    These Stephanie Plum books were SO funny when they first came out, but have become SO repetitive and boringI honestly think the author writes them during her lunch hour in one sittinghard to believe it s 1 on the New York Times Bestseller List