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Hannah Fairbanks would gladly leave the marrying to her beautiful refined older sister She herself would much rather tramp about the countryside muddled hems and all studying the ancient ruins and architecture that are her one and only true passionor so she thinks For on a fateful visit to a dashing widowed earl she receives an even fateful kissand proceeds to throw everyone's plans awry

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    This started out promising with a charming heroine who really cares nothing for marriage flirting etc I mean really does not care The hero is a widower who makes a point to chat at his dead wife's grave once a week He needs to marry both for an heir and to provide a mother to his two little girls His choice is the heroine's older half sister an accomplished flirt and great marriage materialWhat romance there is starts out very slowlyyyy The heroine is fine with no romance as she would rather moon over the architecture of the area and play with the two little girls but eventually notices what a nice guy the Earl is Two things did not sit well and dropped the book from a nice three star to two The very slow burn slow slow burn is sweet and all but it was derailed for me when the heroine gets abandoned in a well or something and nobody including the hero does much to get her out Where is Lassie when you need her? Okay he worries but still the new love of your new life is stranded in a church hole well whatever Two side romance of his younger brother and his childhood sweetheart is reborn after several years and a stint in the Napoleonic War Nope going off to war didn't derail it view spoilerthe fact the his sweetheart found him in the barn lolling around with an experienced widow and when I say lolling around I mean having sex was the kicker This note was very jarring and frankly kind of gross after all the other PG sweetness and light hide spoiler

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    This was such a fun and delightful type of traditional regency that holds a special place in my heart Everything was plain fun from the very top lofty Earl to the unconventional young miss that are surprised when they fall in love with one another Miles Earl of Strickland wants a loveless marriage and a mother for his two daughters Hiding his emotions behind very correct in his thoughts and manners and losing his first love and wife he doesn't believe he'll ever love again His life is changed 180 when he meets Hannah the outspoken miss who finds Saxon architecture amazing and tells it likes it is while trying to be a true lady for her sister who has her eye on Miles for her next husband and believed vice versa on his account It's very sweet how both slowly start to fall in love with one another Hannah feels Miles has his eye for only her beautiful older sister so when her feelings start to develop she wants to hide them away Miles finds Hannah's widow sister delightful to the eye but she leaves him feeling cold Hannah on the other hand makes him laugh and brings him out of his shell after the death of his wife He brings a sort of mature calmness to Hannah and appreciates her mind and her love for architecture I did feel that Miles and Hannah took a little longer to reveled their feelings toward one another and the big chase scene in the end could have been left out This was a clean romance with a few kisses and great secondary characters that just added to the great mix of this wonderful book

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    I loved this book It was lovely cute and charming I read it in almost a day just like the previous book in the series A Garden Folly but I preferred this one It had a bit substance than the other one and the two leads did not spend their time fighting and arguing or French kissing I already liked the Earl of Strickland in the previous story better in fact than the Duke of Carlisle the hero of AGF so it was wonderful to get to read his story It can be read as a standalone but anyone who has read A Garden Folly previously will remember that Miles is looking for a wife as a mother for his two daughters He does not want nor hopes to make a second love match and for that reason he'd rather have an older mature woman who could understand him better than a green girl wont to secretly hope for love and passion His sister Winifred who cannot wait another minute to see him married arrive on his doorstep with two of her husband's relative the beautiful flirtatious widowed Charlotte Lady Abingdon who is everything ladylike and proper and her younger half sister Hannah Fairbanks who tumbles out of the coach after handing first her papers and books about architecture in the arms of the bewildered Earl Miles lives at Epping Hall which is said to be one of the most beautiful estates around It probably looks like this I actually googled Epping Hall and it gave me thisYet Hannah is all excitement about thisSt Biddulph's Church situated near enough Epping Hall so she can sneak out and go explore while Charlotte tries to bring Miles up to scratch Hannah loves old architecture than anything else In fact knowing that there was St Biddulph's at a walking distance was the only thing that reconciled her to going to Epping Charlotte hopes to introduce her to Society for her first Season soon but Hannah has different ideas She has absolutely no intention of sitting tranuilly in a drawing room adding to her embroidery but much prefers running along the country side with her notebooks making discoveries in old buildings Charlotte spends all her interactions with her scolding her about her childish and unladylike behaviour telling her she will never catch a husband if she doesn't mend her waysI loved Hannah She was uniue and fun and her passion for old architecture was wonderfulMiles the prim and proper starchy Earl of Strickland does not know what to think It would unthinkable to marry Hannah he reasons because she is just a child and he has solemnly vowed not to marry a young woman Charlotte is beautiful and he feels attracted to her but the fact that everyone seems to consider them already as good as engaged has him confused And plus Charlotte doesn't seem too enraptured with Amy and Caro his little daughters whereas Hannah is creating a lasting bond with them playing listening and drawing things for them His girls are uicker to recognize who is best for him it seems ;Nevertheless he cannot deny that he is extremely pleased his girls get along so well with Hannah Amy used to be so introverted and she feels very at ease with Hannah calling her her friend Miles finds himself saying many time bless you Hannah Fairbanks whenever he thinks of how happy his daughters are The romance was really cute Miles can call Hannah a chit and a child as much as he wants it doesn't change the fact that he's obviously falling for her and is saying that only as an excuse to try and hold himself in check There were some really good moments in this book which I won't spoil but it was very heart warming and fun The Hh had good chemistry and watching their relationship develop was amusing The secondary characters were meh nothing exciting and the writing style was good but very simple there wasn't enough Regency slang for my taste P I strongly recommend it though it is a great story for escapism and very cute and romantic I suggest to skip A Garden Folly and read only this one unless you're on a fluffy read streak

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    Miles Strickland the Earl of Prescott is furious with his sister Winifred Winifred has written to inform her brother that she will be arriving for a month long visit with two female cousins in tow one a girl just out of the school room and the other her older widowed sister Miles can see through his sister's matchmaking plot and he has no intentions of marrying a young girl whose thoughts of matrimony undoubtedly include love and romance Miles is done with all that He buried his heart with his wife two years ago If it weren't for his two young daughters and his need for an heir Miles wouldn't even consider marriage Hananh Fairbanks a nineteen year old bluestocking also has no interest in marriage She would much rather study ancient architecture than attend a country house party with an eligible earl Her sister Charlotte has other ideas Charlotte a young widow has every intention of capturing the Earl and introducing her hoydenish sister into Society However as they say the best laid plans of mice and men Hannah determined to be herself rebels against her sister's strict ladylike rules with very unexpected resultsThis story is a must read for Georgette Heyer fans It's a true comedy of manners with well drawn characters and a lively entertaining plot Miles is the perfect hero He's rich handsome charming a devoted dad landlord and brother What's not to love? Charlotte is an interesting character I didn't really like her methods but yet I feel bad for her being a young widow in a society that isn't kind to women I wish she had been fleshed out a bit The story is told primarily from the points of view of Hannah and Miles It never gets inside Charlotte's head though from Hannah's thoughts we gain an understanding of what Charlotte is really like Hannah is one of the best heroines I've come across I was a bit nervous because she's so young but she's a very appealing heroine I love that she studies ancient architecture and her passion and enthusiasm for the subject is almost catching At any rate it provides some of the funniest moments in the book I especially like that she's forthright and determined to be true to herself Though I think she's a bit young to be married I really enjoyed her story and found the romance believable The plot made me giggle in many places especially when Hannah forgot to act like a lady The climactic moment had me breathless and amused at the same time Hannah is just so much fun you can't help falling in love with her I haven't read A Garden Folly but this book stands on it's own because the events of the previous spring were explained This book is almost one for the keeper shelf but I will pass it along to someone else to enjoy

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    Edited to add a very favourable review from a Regency web site I adore check it outI came close to clicking liked it but the spectre of Balogh's An Unacceptable Offer loomed the age gap was pretty huge I couldn't decide whether the older sister was an eeeeeevil wicked stepsister or just misunderstood What else the secondary couple was difficult to get behind Basically the younger brother slept with a married woman before he went off to war IN the special place for him and his local sweetheart and now he's back seven years laterWhat I liked the heroine's unbridled enthusiasm for Saxon ruins for archeology for research and for mostly liking herself just the way she was I'm glad I read it but particularly the interaction between the two little daughters and the heroine that was very reminiscent of Balogh Oh and the hero talking a lot I mean a LOT to his dead wife on the one hand great that he loved her and that he mourned her still but it was too much In my opinion Did I really buy into the hero loving the rather slapdash heroine for herself? The jury is out

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    I was misled by the good reviews once again I was expecting laughs sweetness Taking that aside it was a good regency novelI did not know this was the 2nd of a series but thankfully it is not necessary to read the first one to read this Hannah the clumsy heroine was likeable most of the times She loves architecture and to read books and she is not interested in marriage and clothes and that kind of things And I mean she really isn't not like other novels where heroines are like her but they uickly fall in love with the hero and they get instantly interested in looking nice There is one scene where Hannah actually cries because she is clumsy For that scene only I consider her not a Mary SueMiles was an OK hero What I liked most about him is that he loves his deceased wife for the entire book He talks to her he reminds her always he looks after her daughters And not because he becomes attached to another woman he forgets his wife Thank you Author for not making the hero remind with contempt his previous marriage or to forget his first wifeHannah's older sister Charlotte seemed like she was going to be the wicked one At least there we have a twist Not because she is looking forward to marry our hero it means she is meanMiles' brother on the other hand If I were Rachel I would have never forgive him MenAnother negative aspect the age difference 10 years is really not so much but it is if the girl is just 19 barely out of school and if he has married before with 2 daughters A 19 years old with a 5 years old daughter already She should be going to parties and have fun instead of having to raise a girl so early in her lifeThe end was very pink I put this on my clean romances shelf although at the end there are some steamy kisses

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    DNF at 20%Honestly it's a good story but the writing style annoys me a bit and life is shortJust too much nitty gritty details that I found distracted from the flow of the storyEx The story starts with a conversation between the Earl and his friend over breakfast that takes 9 pages The dialogue was interesting but it's interspersed with detailed accounts of what they are eating and how much of it they ate and how they ate it I can see the details supporting the Earl's OCD problem But I couldn't care less about what his friend ate especially as it was beef tongueThis is the pattern through out the story at least to where I left off

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    A low angst sweet romance in which the heroine was totally likeable I suspect she would not think much of me at all because I have zero interest in architectural styles Anglo saxon or otherwise and when ever this book took to prosing on about some such thing I skipped those passages It did make be google 'StBiddulph' only to find that it was fictional Really if you're going to write pages and pages about the style of a particular church you should at the least pick one thats real

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    not goodesp the secondary storythe h is willful and childish and a whiner throughout never liked her oh so soft of her to build a gud relationship vit childrenand she was not soo much artful as she was willful and determinedly childishyet she was whining about people not seeeing her as a ladycome on one must at least put some effort on itand the H wasi did not get him i only understood that yes he loves his kids and wife a lotthroughout the story there was his love of ameliafirst wife shownbut hhis attraction to the h was not shown muchand he din't much respect her i feeland the secondary romance was every bit as badif not worse i do not condone adultery and thats precisely what george didno excusesno grovellingnot enough suffering on his part for my likinghe doesnot deserve the galhe does nt appear to be made for herneither does he appear to have done much to win her trustthere was no spark between themit seems he canoot be trustedi dont think he will be faithfulhe is not sorry enough about the past

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    You don’t expect feminist icons in a regency romance But the self assured ladies who preserve their courage and kindness integrity and compassion in an era with strict societal norms is the draw for me None of that here Candice Hern probably thinks packing the story with crypts hidden in apses mysterious sunken ambulatories unadorned arches that convey “the simple faith of the converted Saxons” add gravity to an insipid and unkind 20 yr old brat She speaks of her elder sister in downright acrid terms on with complete strangers Her “scholarship” of medieval architecture did nothing to endear her to meEach of the other female characters are similarly lack luster the conniving widow on her second go round the girl next door who was cheated on at 18 and unable to move on after 7 years Need I say ?