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Originally posted here.I ve been reading a lot of dark and violent books lately I recently joined two challenges, both of which requires me to read those kind of books Not that I m complaining or anything because it s those kind of books I enjoy reading the most I just thought I need to read something different, something light and positive, something as my friend Tina prefers to call them fluffy As it turns out, Wendelin Van Draanen s Flipped was the right book for the break from gritty novels that I needed.The moment Juli Baker sets her eyes upon the blue eyed Bryce Loski, she fell in love with him Bryce, on the other hand, thinks that she s a dangerous maniac and wants nothing but for her to leave him alone From 2nd grade up to 7th, they had this stable relationship wherein Juli is chasing after Bryce and Bryce is trying his hardest to avoid her Eight grade came, they found themselves in reverse situation Juli realizes that Bryce is nothing but a tactless arrogant jerk while Bryce started to notice Juli s iridescence.If John Green have written an 8th grade he said she said coming of age novel, it would have been something like this Strong willed female lead Check Brilliant character development and interesting minor characters storyarc Check Spot on potrayal of being young hence, giving the reader a sense of nostalgia Funny yet poignant story Perfect and optimistic ending Check, check and a check The only element missing is the geeky guy which is quite prominent it Green s novels.Now, I m not saying that Van Draanen is a John Green rip off To be compared to John Green who ranks high on my favorite authors is probably one of the best compliment I could ever give The difference between the two of them is how they start their novels John Green will make you laugh really loud, whereas Van Draneen will make you smile from ear to ear A smile that is so optimistic, it can cure cancer. I guess the other difference is that Van Draanen s novel was already adapted into a film while Green s, for the moment, is only optioned.Flipped is also a good companion novel to John Green s Paper Towns It touches the same theme Paper Towns discussed the idea of misimagining someone At the beginning of the novel, it s clear that Juli loves her idea of Bryce and Bryce hates his idea of Juli They grew up developing those ideas they have instead of actually knowing one another It goes to show that we really have that tendency to idealize a person rather than actually knowing him or her.And just like Q in Paper Towns, Bryce also had this revelation when he finally see Juli which leads to my favorite line from the book which is a pretty simple line but, in my opinion, says everything not verbatim She lookslike her photo in that stupid article that the photo itself If that makes any sense. Damn, if only these books about empathy could only make me a powerful empath. Edit I just watched the movie and it was SO FREAKING CUTE Please don t laugh Or do I DON T CARE I m just gonna smile like a big moron all day Don t you ever want to saythis is JUST meand then realize that maybe, just maybe, you d better keep your mouth shut because it might change how people see you Yeah Because that s what I feel right now Okay let s go Ready She didn t just barge into my life She barged and shoved and wedged her way into my life Juli is just like me Like I was, anyway The girl can t take a no for an answer The girl can t take a hint The girl is an annoying, know it all prep pupil The girl can be clingy as hell when she decided that that boy was amazing Hmm sorry the nameless guy at this summer camp Okay give me a break, this was me from 6 to 13 Fortunately I learnt in high school that if you didn t chase boys, they chased you But that s another story Anyway, what I m trying to say is this in my honest opinion Juli has such a refreshing, believable and relatable voice that I couldn t help but love her from the very beginning She is clingy, annoying as fuck, yes, but loyal, funny, daring and did I say that she was relatable Yeah I think I suggested it Somehow No Moreover, her family was a real breath of fresh air especially her parents, who were wait for it present I know, astounding and in my opinion they share great morals and values, without never being moralizing Oh, and Bryce s granddad Best Human Yoda Ever or something Bryce now Oh, Bryce What an amazing evolution you showed us From the judgmental but hilarious little boy who s afraid of Juli yes, I said afraid, deal with it boy to the Well, a little less afraid teenager Now, let s face it, he was really believable I remember my baby brother being teased about a girl friend he had in elementary school he hated that Like, hated hated it he remembers So, the Juli and Bryce are kissing in a treeeeeee Yep I can understand Anyway, I loved how we get to see the slow changes in his personality and found them gradual and believable The chapters are organized in alternative POV, and we basically get the same events related first by one of them and then by the other one Frankly, whilst I found often interesting to see how the same events could be perceived differently really, really, differently, trust me , it was tiring at times and I had to stop me from skimming some parts I mean, I see what the author is trying to do and it s a success most of the time but it s difficult for the story not to drag.Oh, but maybe you want me to talk about the plot Yes At first sight, it seems pretty simple Girl meets Boy at 7 Girl is obsessed with Boy Boy tries to escape Girl s attention a very long time Boy realizes that Girl is pretty great, in fact End of storyHahahaha NO Because Girl gave up on him on the road All my life she d been there, waiting to be avoided, and now it was like I didn t even exist I loved this story It was exactly the good level of cuteness and laughter without never being cheesy For real, that s one of the first time where a book is making me want to see a movie apparently its really famous Lmao, I ask because I have almost no movie knowledge Not that kind of movie anyway This book is young adult but on the middle grade side, and I know it will stop a lot of readers, because we re all grown up and all that stuff, but under the fluffy cute layers, what we find are questions about difference, appearances, judgments why do we like people How our parents or friends opinion can influence us Are we always looking at the bigger picture no To be frank, I was ridiculously impressed and surprised to see how meaningful this story could be How endearing and moving While I could understand Bryce s reactions okay, Juli can be a little overwhelming emphasis on overwhelming, not on little Well really, I only wrote little to be nice Kind of Oh, whatever Juli shows so much kindness to him that even though I was mostly smiling throughout my read, I suddenly reached a point where I found myself the stomach in knots because the bastard didn t want her eggs All that is to say that if the entertaining side of the story is obvious from the start, trust me, the story haslayers than it appears and manage to feel so real at some point that you can t help but feel involved, you can t help but care Deeply I tried to convince the kids at the bus stop to climb up with me, even a little ways, but all of them said they didn t want to get dirty Turn down a chance to feel magic for fear of a little dirt I couldn t believe it This book made me so happy, I would recommend it to everyone you, teenagers, adults who want to smile yes, it s a middle grade book So what Do you think that New Adult is deeper I don t Forof my reviews, please visit Flipped Is A Romance Told In Two Voices The First Time Juli Baker Saw Bryce Loski, She Flipped The First Time Bryce Saw Juli, He Ran That S Pretty Much The Pattern For These Two Neighbors Until The Eighth Grade, When, Just As Juli Is Realizing Bryce Isn T As Wonderful As She Thought, Bryce Is Starting To See That Juli Is Pretty Amazing How These Two Teens Manage To See Beyond The Surface Of Things And Come Together Makes For A Comic And Poignant Romance Reread June 1st 2018Rereading Flipped for the third time I will never get tired reading this book After all these years, I m still in love with Bryce and Juli s story It was unforgettable and their romance still gave me butterflies A love so pure and innocent It never gets old and I love it My forever favorite I have to say this is one of the most underappreciated YA books It deserves the hype, one hundred and ten percent Reread May 5, 2015I m proudly obsessed with this book and this has a special place in my heart I don t know how many times I ve read or watched the movie nth time , I can t remember but it s absolutely good and I still flipped all over it Definitely one of the Best Book to Movie Adaptation of All Time and I m dead serious I highly recommend this book to everyone If you haven t read this, you better read it because you re missing a good contemporary romance It s so damn adorable First read June 2, 2011When I first watched it online, it reminds me of my elementary days of having a crush just like Julianna Baker I flipped when I saw that guy whom I really liked when I was in 6th grade But I didn t stalked him ahahaha At first, Bryce Loski hated Juli in a way he was really annoyed at her , But Juli likes Bryce so much, then. it flipped D Bryce then likes Juli, and Juli ignores Bryce I just love it It s cute and it s really an essence of a true teenage love story It s so beautiful It may happen in real life, you ll never know.Totally recommended for everyone. I absolutely love this book It s soo cute because it talks about a seven year old boy and a seven year old girl that just moves into his neighborhood She likes him alot but he just wants to get as far away from her as possible Later on, he starts to realize that she might not be that bad and that he might actually like her BUT, she starts to realize that he might not be the one she was looking for after all It s all FLIPPED I LOVEEE THIS BOOK I DEFINETLY RECOMMEND IT FOR EVERYONE. edit rounded down to 4 StarsREVIEW TO COME SOONOne s character is set at an early age, son The choices you make now will affect you for the rest of your life I don t know where to start to talk about this book but first of all, I want to tell you that this book changed my life I will never be the same any and I m not being exaggerated I m going to tell you this now few months ago, I had a crush that I liked so much and he s older than me he s 19 years old and I m 18 years old and we started getting to know each other and I thought he was sweet and he s pretty cute and pretty handsome so yes, I was attracted to him and that time I felt like I was falling in love so we chatted through our phones until past midnight for a few days and then I realized that thewe chatted, theI realized that I was the only one who fought for him and I tried to talk about everything so our conversation would always go on but he didn t do the same for me so by the time I realized that he didn t feel the same for me and I was the only one who fought for him, I felt heartbroken and he also made me feel worthless, So I stopped trying to make our conversation long because I was just so tired for fighting for him alone and we finally stopped chatting each other a few months passed and I moved on but not completely, I still quite felt hurt and sad until this book came into my life When I finished this book, I realized that I didn t love my crush and I wasn t falling in love with him or maybe I was, but only to his appearance and I finished this book, I felt completely moved on now, I no longer feel hurt or sad or disappointed or anything because theI think about him, theI realize that he s not as cute or amazing or whatever I used to think about him so many quotes I love from this book and one of them is this quote because this quote changed how I think about that guy I used to likeGet beyond his eyes and his smile and the sheen of his hair look at what s really thereif you haven t read this book, I highly recommend you to read it because this book was really great and the romance was also sweet Man, I ll dive after her into a chicken coop full of poop if that s what it takes I ll ride my bike all the stinkin way to school for the rest of eternity if it means being with her. isn t that really sweet Seriously, the romance between Julie and Bryce was so sweet that my eyes even got teary over how sweet it was actually, I intended to give this book 4 stars but I gave one extra star because it helped me to move on and to be a better person this book changed my life and I know I ll never be the same any and I m truly glad that I read this book This book taught me to not see from the appearance but to see what lies on the inside 3.5 Cuteness overloaded. That was so stinkin adorable I was a bit nervous at first and I did have some quibbles, but, PEOPLES It was so cute I love the hate love relationship and the writing was super beautiful and had some really poignant lines and just YES THIS IS GOOD STUFF.It s dual narrated by Bryce and Juli And they re voices are so addictive to read Also very different I could tell from their tones whose chapter it was, but I loved Juli 100000% and Bryce, like, um, 2% He was awful okay He was really justmean And, even to the end, I don t really like Bryce But Juli is like this tree loving, energetic, bouncy, exuberant person who I JUST ADORED I wanna be Juli when I grow up She climbs trees and gets dirty and isn t afraid and most of all she loves Bryce from the moment she laid eyes on him Too bad he ran away HEH But, I did love Juli too much and kind of thought Bryce didn t deserve her at all BUT ANYWAY.It s VERY family orientated too Juli s family is poor and kinda messed up and have a few skeletons in the closet and Bryce s family is all rich and neat andkinda poisonous His dad, thougH Like he was so passive aggressive and downright uncomfortable to read about And I ADORED Bryce s grandpa Without him, I think Bryce would still be a delude fish brained melon I liked the contrast of the families I liked how functional and dysfunctional were explored.Ohhh, but one thing did annoy me every chapter was repeated but from a different perspective AGH I just can t handle this, okay I ve read other books that do this and it drives me nuts every time Bryce would say it from his POV and then Juli would And it was interesting seeing their perspectives, but, sheesh, I always felt like I got the scene TWICE Tediousness abounds.But basically THIS IS A CUTE LITTLE EGG OF A BOOK I was 94% sure I d adore it since my bookish twin Zoe loves it And I liked the cute, quirky writing, and the characters that fairly leapt off the page OH OH BUT THAT ENDING THO I don t know whether to scream or cry at it It s one of those endings that leave you going, UM, AHEM AND THEN WHAT And I kinda love thatbut I did take a moment to rage BECAUSE ANSWERS OMG AND IT S A STANDALONE.Now I m going to go away feeling like a warm, mushy omelette of happiness. Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss He turned to me But every once you will find someone who s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compareInitial Final Page Thoughts Eyes tree outside window I wonder High Points.Juli The entire Baker clan Why don t all YA characters have fun families Authors, you re missing a trick Bryce eventually Chest Front yards Eggs Chickens Basket boys Pie Girls with iron backbones Tree climbing Newspaper articlesThere s a bee in her hair, stupidPaintings The sum of all parts Mystery Pisser Science projects Retractable pointers Champ Boys who smell of watermelonsProper lighting is everythingSyca trees.Low Points.Even though I adored this book, I would have liked to have seen Bryce and Juli s reactions be drawn out for a bit longer This book was so short and it didn t exactly feel rushed but I think it would have been really fun to see how both Bryce and Juli felt about each other when they were in high school Also, this is definitely because I m a Brit and, after god knows how long I ve been watching reading American high school stories, I still have no idea about the schooling system.Middle school Grades Sophos GRADUATION AT 18 So, with that in mind, I did get a bit confused as to how old these kids were But I still loved it, even if it did make me, you know, think a bit shudders Heroine.I wish Juli would be my best friend We would go climbing trees and we d do the gardening and I could watch her as she tended to the chickens while standing at a safe distance because birds make me twitchy And then we d drink juice and talk about perpetual motion and science projects and then we d turn, as one, and scowl at any dazzle eyed boys who dared come near us Sure she was a little bit crazy when it comes to said dazzle eyed boys but, well, even the best of us can get momentarily distracted by a boy who smells like watermelon.Hero.Oh Bryce, you plonker.My friend, in the first few chapters I just wanted to throttle you OK, maybe not throttle you, but push you off your bike so you landed into some nettles or something You were so cruel and blind and, yes, you were a chicken.Bwark, bwark, bwark Indeed.But you got there in the end, didn t you And you made me smile like a dopey girl, didn t you Yes But if you hurt Juli again, there ll bethan egg on your face scowls Theme Tune.I really hate to do this to you guys, but I have to There s no other way This song was in my head before I even opened this book and then Juli goes ahead and sings it So yes, this is your warning I m officially sounding the alarm The My Girl alarm.If, like me, you cannot think of that film without sobbing like a small child then look away.LOOK AWAY NOW.My Girl by The Temptations.If you ignore the overwhelming flood of angst, this song is one of the sweetest songs in the entire world Oh and also, THOMAS JAAAAAAAAAAY.Cuteness Scale.9 10 Oh this book was absolutely adorable I wanted it to go on forever and ever but it ended.There s nothing I lovethan a he said she said kind of story and first loves and girls with fluffy hair and boys with dazzling blue eyes And that ending I sighed the girliest sigh Recommended For.Girls who have ever been head over heels in love with a blue eyed boy Boys who have ever ignored a girl because she has puffy hair and sniffs them when they think they won t notice People who like to look at the bigger picture People who like to barge and shove and wedge themselves into people s lives People who see huge trees and have to resist the urge to climb them People who would like to bid on the chance to have lunch with a boy who watches Bogart films People who accept they re the kind of person who would get a bee stuck in their barnett You can find this review and lots of other exciting things on my blog here. P.s I have Both,Read and watched flippedBut in my opinion the movie was utterly charming I m glad I watched it first so it was much easier to visualize the sences from the book THIS MOVIE WAS AHMAZING .I laughedI cried AND I fell in love with the idea of all over againThis movie is a definte must see for everyone trust me its just WOW Even the soundtracks ahmazing