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ZANE COBRIANA, COBRA Shapeshifter, Thanks The Gods Every Day For Danica, His Hawk Pair Bond, And The Peace Their Union Has Brought To The Avian And Serpiente Soon, Danica Will Have A Child To Carry On Their Royal Line But What Should Be A Happy Time Is Riddled With DoubtSyfka, An Ancient Falcon, Has Arrived From Ahnmik Claiming That One Of Her People Is Hidden In Their Midst The Falcons Are Powerful Than The Avians And Serpiente Combined, And Syfka Shows Nothing But Contempt For Zane And Danica S Alliance To Zane S Horror, His Own People Seem Just As Appalled As Syfka Is By The Thought Of A Mixed Blood Child Becoming Heir To The Throne Is Syfka S Lost Falcon Just A Ruse To Stir Up Controversy Among Them The Truth Lies Somewhere In Their Tangled Pasts And The Search Will Redefine Zane And Danica S Fragile FuturePraise For Hawksong Atwater Rhodes Has Created A Stunning Adventure That Draws Readers In And Leaves Them Begging For School Library Journal, Starred Atwater Rhodes Takes A Break From Vampires To Create Two Warring Clans With Impressively Complex Cultures Publishers WeeklyA VOYA Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, And Horror List Selection

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    First, I thought the characters kind of regressed in characterization Zane was so bland I frequently forgot who was narrating They all seemed a bit lifeless The last book focused so much on Zane s Danica s developing relationship, it was a bit of a letdown to see how far into the background the characters were pushed in this story Every character was just there to move the plot along, and there wasn t even that much of a plot But my main problem with this book is the lack of world building We learn a bit of the history of the world which is interesting But Atwater Rhodes just skims the surface of things I know she is writing a series, but these books are way too short for what she is trying to do Aside from the history, I don t feel we really learned that much new about the world she s created I mean, the falcons supposedly have this incredibly powerful magic, and we only get to hear about it We never see it We learn nothing about it other than it exists Though I did appreciate the deeper look into the sha Mehay, that was the most we got for world building, and even that was a bit shallow.This brings me to another problem All the telling I hate telling I want to see it All this worry and conflict over the falcons and what they might do, and we don t even get to go to the falcon city with what s her name There was no sense of urgency in the story or the conflicts We didn t see how much Syfka s interference with the Keep and the palace affected people Aside from the assassination attempt, we didn t see much danger, really There was lots of talk about how complicated things could be with the baby, but we don t really see much reaction from the people We never see why any of this is a problem, we only hear various characters telling us it is.It seems that nothing actually happened, all people did was talk, and everything was skimmed over And then it ended abruptly while they are planning out their new court, and the next book takes us years into the future when this is done Why Wouldn t that have been a great opportunity to explore of the society and the conflicts that come from trying to integrate two vastly different cultures The first two books deal with this integration in a kind of shallow way I do like that the main point is, how do we get these warring territories to get along How do we manage to learn from each other And I really, really appreciated that she showed that just because two groups stopped fighting and are united under one leader, that does not mean all that history and all those ingrained prejudices magically vanish But it s just all approached in a rather shallow way.I wish she had done with the creation of the new court There was the beginnings of the joy and exhilaration and optimism of a dream, of radically changing society, of taking charge and doing something some may think mad And I appreciated that, but it still felt flat and rushed.I think there is a foundation for a really interesting if predictable story if she would just take it a bit deeper.

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    Danica and Zane are still trying to heal the rift between their two peoples the avian and the serpiente clans Their marriage is about to bear fruit, as Danica has become pregnant But now there s some concern from both groups about how the child will be raised, and how she will be able to hold the two peoples together once she grows up It s even important to make a decision when Danica is attacked Her guard is able to save her life and that of her unborn baby girl, but informs Danica that this will be her only child The attack is instigated by a member of the falcons, whose powers rival both the avian and serpiente They are a haughty race, accustomed to taking what they want, and doing as they please They come to Danica and Zane looking for a falcon masquerading as something someone else, and when they discover Danica is pregnant with a serpiente s child, they try to destroy her Everything is, of course, fine in the end The falcons find the ones they re looking for, and Danica and Zane decide their daughter will rule a different people domain entirely one that will incorporate people from both clans, and eventually their children It will mix their cultures effectively than they ve been able to thus far The renegade falcons are also returned to them, albeit, stripped of their forms and powers.I was really pleasantly surprised by Amelia Atwater Rhodes Hawksong, which I thought was pretty phenomenal especially since she was a teen when she wrote it well done, AAR I didn t like this one as much I think part of it was because it was told mostly through Zane s point of view and I didn t like how he suddenly came to eclipse everything about his mate, Danica Also, things happened too easily and too quickly Conflicts are introduced and resolved almost instantaneously While this worked well for the first book where there was an understanding that the war between the avians and serpiente had been going on for generations , it just diminishes the importance of said conflicts in this follow up I would have liked something a little meatier.

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    After Hawksong, I was immediately filled with a desire to know about Zane, Danica, and their tumultuous world Thankfully, I had Snakecharm on hand and began it almost at once Yet, this sequel leaves much to be desired While Danica is expecting a child, which puts both herself and Zane in the difficult situation of figuring out how to rear their heir, the haughty falcons have come into their world to search for missing falcons who have hidden among Danica s warriors Although these two plot threads converged rather cleverly, Snakecharm as a whole never felt as cohesive as Hawksong. It had a heavy focus both on politics as well as character, but neither was given the depth it needed Atwater Rhodes, quite simply put, writes her books too short For epic fantasy, a certain degree of length needs to be persistent in order to convey the scope of the novel that is being told While these books are excellent, especially for those wary of thicker and heavier fantasy novels, I feel as a series this may leave many readers disappointed I, for one, will not be continuing, simply because the next three novels are connected and though Falcondance had received strong reviews, the last two books have not I d rather leave this series on a good note Nevertheless, I cannot recommend Hawksong enough It works brilliantly as a stand alone and is likely to become a favorite of many.

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    I read Hawksong years ago, twice, and I really liked it for the little bit of romance it had in it To a young teenager that was really exciting Since then I ve read quite a few books by her and realize how actually terrible the writing is Like one of the worst I ve read Very simple, fast, not deep at all in regards to both the plot and characters I don t remember much about Hawksong Pair bond seemed a stupid way to refer to someone s mate Why not just mate Pair bond seemed like a word for affection rather than a title like mate or boyfriend Like did you see Danica and Zane They formed a pair bond between them somewhat like you d say there s attraction between them Or a verb, such as yeah, the new pair of birds have bonded with each other So stupid.I hated being in Zane s perspective I like being in the girl s POV, especially since we were in the first I thought it was terrible that he didn t tell Danica that his brother died attacking her people, and he went there to kill her mom He didn t know how successful he was, but that s something he should tell his mate I don t think we knew that he had ridden out when he was 16 to avenge his older bother s death He went to attack but came upon her room where she was sleeping and fell in love with her and just wanted peace Just like that I also didn t like that someone else suggested he take the enemy queen as his mate I thought it was his desire This was so hard to keep up with, so confusing to the point where I had to go back and reread some things over and over again because I didn t understand what was being said I kept getting confused if people were male or female, falcon or avian, and if falcon what type of falcon and if avian what kind Then the names didn t help Andreios was nicknamed Rei without anyone telling me that so I thought they were two different people All of the titles were soo hard to keep up with I couldn t remember if they were for a male or female, serpiente or avian The names of the place were weird and I didn t know how to pronounce them A world that only the author knows what s going on or maybe she hasn t clearly defined it to herself that is barely explained at all There needed to be a glossary of all of the characters, who they were, along with the titles and what they meant, and the names of places and where they were at I was dumbfounded throughout this whole thing Tuuli Thea.Namir da sha Mehay, the dancers nest where the guild lived, slept, ate and danced Naga, title for Danica in the snake world Diente was a title for Zane Alistair was his title in the Keep If a female was serpiente leader her mate was named Nag Arami is some title that Zane had.The dancers guild and serpiente dances were really interesting They re considered the blood of the serpiente It was cool that they had complex, traditional dances.Danica was unlikable and hard to relate to, mostly because I didn t get to hear her thoughts and know about her A terrible idea having Zane tell the story When she said Come, my love, let me dance for you I wanted to gag I HATE the expression my love It s so mushy it makes me want to puke And how old is she Isn t she a teenager, so why the heck is she talking like an old woman I wasn t liking it at all I resented Danica for her cardboard cutout presence and no personality I felt so old for it I wish I had read it back in middle school after Hasksong because my taste in books has evolved to where this doesn t do it for me I m definitely too old for it I was irritated that Zane used male pronouns to refer to the criminal the falcon was looking for, despite the falcon saying it could be a he or she Zane just took it upon himself to dub a criminal a guy, and then said she for their child If she was born with red eyes and wings That bothered me that he assumed a criminal must be a guy but a baby would be a girl Sexist It pissed me off and made me dislike Danica when she started saying she in reference to their child She even said One queen cannot rule two worlds, even if she is of both Wtf You know, there s two options for the sex of a baby Why do they associate being a baby with female And it also ticked me off that Danica was okay with their kid being taken away from them and raised at the Keep to be that leader I thought what an idiot to give up your child to hardly ever see them, when by all rights it should be Zane s heir of the serpiente and the heir of the avians She s a doormat to give in to the mean people who want the kid to be a serpiente and not avian Weakling.Zane was such an idiot when his sister said it s too early to worry whether Danica s child and wtf was up with that Even Zane said Danica s child, as if it was hers alone and not his Does this author also think if a woman gets pregnant it s her problem and not the father s was male or female and he said he hadn t even considered that Dumbass Ever heard of a baby being a boy For a boy, that s pretty damn stupid.I don t remember what I thought of Rei, but it s kind of annoying when authors have a side romance going on that competes with he main characters I can t say how boring it was to have Danica down and out with a pregnancy Having a young adult deal with a baby was too much It s too mature a theme for this age group There was a girl that challenged Rei to do the snake dances and he was learning for her, which made mad when A isha bared her leg to the thigh for his benefit knowing he likes another girl At least Rei wasn t watching I didn t like that there would only be one kid It would ve been really interesting to see if each kid was different, like one cobra and one bore hawk and one a combination of both Rei defended the identity of the criminal falcon that Syfka was after, so it was clear that was the girl he liked It was soon revealed that Erica is the falcon and she isn t really Erica She masqueraded as her when the real Erica died because falcons can take the appearance of others Valene, the outcast, let her pose as her niece.She saved Zane s life after he was stabbed on the way to the keep with a poisoned blade, by forcing him to change and taking the poison into herself, because it s harmless to falcons And it leaves a mark on her magic, so her hand took on the appearance of snakeskin I was so freaking sick of hearing about Danica and her complexion and how she was acting 83 pages in and it was like the third time that something had happened and she had to recover and he remarked on the color in her cheeks and I couldn t care less Is there a plot or should this book be called Danica s health Danica didn t have a single strong moment until pg 83 Zane told her Erica was the falcon and after she leaned on the wall and said Oh dear I was ready to blast her for her weakness, but at least she did say she wasn t letting Sifka take her.Danica was such an idiot for not seeing that Syfka was behind the attack One of the avian attackers described a female avian that convinced her that attacking was a good idea because the child will be a bad thing So, stupid trusting Danica doesn t think it s Syfka because of the fact that Syfka wasn t present during the attack That s some nice freaking logic there, Dan It s no wonder you re a leaderwhat person do you know that hired an attack would be present at the attack I liked that people feared the Cobriana garnet That was cool.It was a surprise that Rei was the real criminal falcon Syfka had been looking for We were led to believe that he was only protecting Erica, who s really named Kel, so kudos to there being a big surprise It sucked tho that Rei wasnt really himself Just like Kel, he was another falcon that had taken on the identity of someone else His name is really Sebastian and he s Araceli s son When I flipped to the shapeshifter s chart the family tree and saw that Kel s line came from the same mom I almost lost it I thought they were siblings that liked each other and that would be the surprise Then I looked back later and saw that hers was a dashed line which meant a lapse of several generations and an indirect relation So, they re related and no one mentioned that How much older is he He had been sentenced to live with them, and during the serpent attack the real Rei was poisoned Zane didn t know if Sebastian had tried to save Andreios by forcing changing him and then had taken on the crow appearance himself, or if he had seen an opportunity for freedom and took his identity since he was dying Danica never could understand how she survived and Rei didn t die from the poison That s because he didn t survive It was so over dramatic the way Danica fell to the ground, head bowed and then shook her fist until she hid her emotions under a facade Zane thought she was hiding her soul from him and was frightened by her calmness Just another problem we didn t need They barely had a relationship at all Holding hands, I don t even remember if they kissed on the lips, but it was like nothing No heat at all Now he thinks she s an emotionless robot Just what we needed over 70% of the way through marital problems.When he said there had been jealousy between him and Rei I wondered just what kind of jealousy Spell it out for us I m going to need to hear that.While I was reading this I was complaining the entire time about how boring it was and how bad the characters were This shouldn t have even been written Hawksong should have been a standalone and well enough should have been left alone What a total letdown from the first and I can t stand when authors take a series and then the main characters are abandoned while we switch to other people I don t care about A fatal decision I can t believe we didn t get to see Danica and Zane together when I read Hawksong all those many years ago I didn t know anything about this being a series and having a sequel, but I can t believe the second fast forwarded to her being pregnant with no in between And what s with them There was not one single reference to sex No We had sex once No We were married for a month before we had sex No I can t wait to have sex as soon as she s well I was stupefied as to how these two produced a baby when all they did was kiss And I mean no details, just she kissed him and that was it and hold hands It was like the immaculate conception No reference to them going beyond the most casual of touches What a snooze fest How is it that a series goes from having a little bit of heat to it, to having absolutely nothing in the next book It s backslid The plot was such a bore It was entirely revolved around two side characters with Danica and Zane playing spectators in their own story First Erica is the missing falcon, then Rei is really it He s taken away by his evil falcon mother because he s the sole heir Not sure what he did to cause him to be banished to the avian Keep, guess it wasn t too clear to me, but now was a good time to get him back, for some reason Erica Kel goes after him and is taken too Valene, the woman who let Kel pose as her niece, goes to petition the court to let them free because they re dancers and the ancient text of the dancers written by the original shapeshifters trumps everything else The dancers get to handle their own, so Valene comes back with the promise that the Empress will consider it The next day I think, Syfka, in what was totally one of the most anticlimactic, easy and convenient copouts I ve ever seen, just shows up and hands Kel and Rei over because she s taking it upon herself to mete out punishment and she thinks being sentenced to stay out of falcon lands is the worst punishment to happen to a falcon So they can t come back to falcon lands or else they ll be killed How convenient And Kel asks for permission to court her alistair, and kisses Rei once it s given Kudos to having the main characters vanish in the misty drapes of boredom as two side characters steal the show and have romance going on This was the only romance happening, cuz Danica and Zane were a freaking snore fest Oh, and there was one reference to an avian man being propositioned as soon as he came to the dancer s guild, which was the only time sex was brought up and this was a very casual reference There were a couple mildly amusing lines that and Danica managed to actually sound strong I think a total of 3 lines in the entire book Other than that she was either injured and recovering or sleeping Oh, a woman s lot in life

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    The war is over What now The story continues in this book The peace has been made Tentative moves are also made to unite the avians and the serpientes Some are successful, some are not.But the royal couple is expecting a heir and it is dubious that the races will accept a mix blood as future ruler Who will raise the child serpiente or avians But the child of a cobra and a hawk is a less certain equation The serpiente don t mind having a hawk as Naga so long as their Diente is pure cobra the Naga s power is always second to her mate s But they aren t fond of the idea of a feathered Diente They are even less fond of the idea that any half avian child could choose an avian mate, leaving the serpiente throne ruled entirely by birds They might tolerate a mixed child as your heir if he or she is raised serpiente, and if they are assured that its mate will also be serpiente, but She trailed off, not needing to say what the other side of the problem was Danica s court would feel the same way They would want a daughter to be given an alistair an avian alistair Even if the child was male, avian tradition would demand that he be betrothed to a suitable avian girl within his first few years of life.Serpiente are passionate, while the avians are reserved one are hot and the other strive to be cold Danica, do you know what you are asking of me Giving up my child to the Keep, to be raised by strangers, to sleep in lonely silence, to be taught to be ashamed of what she feels and what she is and to be betrothed before she can even speak, before she can possibly understand love Another heir in the future could solve the problems one ruler for the avians, one ruler for the serpiente and peace mainained by sibling holding the thrones But the problems get complicated when an attack insures that this will be the only heir Danica will not have other children Poor woman This is just one problem Falcons appearence is another Their threats are serious and disrupt the already complicated situation.Rei is uncovered as heir to Falcon throne and Kel is also a falcon in disguise Their love is not apparent until the end, but it is bitter sweet as she s ready to sacrifice herself, just to be with him even in death.Some lore is explained here by Valene and at the end the solution to the main problem is found in founding a new court Wyvern s Court, where avians and serpiente will live mixed together and where the mixed blood child will be accepted as ruler.We ll see in the next books how that will work D

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    This was not a good book and shared very little with its predecessor, Hawksong I thought I read somewhere that the author wrote the first book when she was a teenager and ended up publishing it herself Unsure if this book followed the same self published route but it had none of the personality nor spine of the original In that sense, this is akin to poor Susan Ee surprising us with her self published book Angelfall but then disappointing for the two sequels THE GOODThe reveal of the identities of the two Falcons were a surprise to me This was also a short read I wasn t in mundane misery for long.THE BADThe problem was that Hawksong took place during wartime from Danica s perspective That wartime element alone meant there was a strong overall story as well as smaller, personalized stories going on with Danica and Zane, and then with Danica and Zane together This book, however, took place during peacetime Peacetime is nowhere near as interesting as wartime.Another problem was at the end of Hawksong, we left Zane and Danica at the point where they just stopped hating and mistrusting each other Snakecharm starts months after the first book where peace is booming, Zane and Danica are blissfully in love, and Danica is pregnant What the Why leapfrog over the part where we learn where the mutual trust and devotion between Zane and Danica happened THE VERDICTThis is where I stop the series Snakecharm was incredibly dull Zane s perspective was extremely flat, the plot was flat, and characterization was almost nonexistent.Would I recommend No.

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    Solid 3 stars This world that Atwater Rhodes has created is wonderful but the books are just too short and too fast paced On the other hand, there is barely any plot drag that current YA fantasies seem to have Despite the Keisha ra series being an MG YA fantasy, the author s really good with her romance I remember Hawksong being so sensual even though there wasn t anything extra in it just good word choice Not so much here I kinda wish she would slow down a bit, a fantasy needs that, and I deeply regret that the she did not extend the newly wed phase of Danica and Zane.

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    well this is awkward.i loved hawksong it has always been one of my favorite books and although i thought i hadn t read this one before, i remembered a lot of it as i continued to read and i remembered just how boring it was so the premise of the book is that syfka, a royal falcon, comes to the serpiente court to announce that a fugitive is living among either the serpents or the avian people being that danica is pregnant, the falcon s presence is a huge source of concern for zane.and then some stuff happens or well, nothing really happens words are said, and characters walk around and talk, and.yeah this book meandered most of it was conversation, discussing what to do with the falcon, sykfa, and her demands characters went places, they talked, and then they went to another scene, where they talked some the characters felt like vehicles for information than anything else, and all the relationships seemed to take a backseat to the plot with the falcons.this should not have been narrated by zane or it should have switched povs around for one, his narration isn t that interesting, and for another, the main characters of this story were definitely kel and rei the plot did not revolve around zane and danica s characters, so much as the falcons and for how much they were discussed, we didn t see much of anything about them it was supposed to be the central conflict of the story, and yetit fell completely flat on its face.the entire book fell flat there were moments where it picked up, mainly zane and danica s interactions and their concerns with the pregnancy, but plot threads were dropped and other picked up, then they too were dropped to pick up earlier, unresolved plot threads in a way that was very haphazard.the halfway point is where it lost any momentum it had, at least for me there were moments of tension, but what should have been important plot threads were delegated to the background.namely, the climax of the story view spoiler rei and kel had been taken by the falcon heir and this is where maybe point of view should have switched to follow them and their imprisonment and sentencing instead, valene flies out to speak with the queen and we are left with danica and zane planning the details of the wyvern court there was no tension before the end, no building suspense all of a sudden rei and kel were back and talking about their time spent imprisoned and then the books ends hide spoiler

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    Charming, charming, charming NOT Let me start off by saying I had high hopes for this book, Hawksong its predecessor was a light exhilarating read With Snakecharm however, you feel that it is too fast paced and too rushed For example, view spoiler Danica only named Zane as her Alistair a a year ago and barely able to trust him In Snakecharm, she s pregnant How absurd The character development changed immensely in ONE YEAR enough to have a child hide spoiler

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    Despite the fact that I love Hawksong with my whole heart, I still went into this book somewhat hesitant I d heard some negative reviews with this novel, resulting in my thinking that perhaps it wouldn t live up to its predecessor But it DID I LOVED this book I still am partial to Hawksong, but this book and Hawksong sort of go hand in hand I adore them both.I love how much you learn in this novel In Hawksong, it was about the war, in Snakecharm, it s about the peacetime And because it s the peacetime, this novel is relaxed, and I could see how some could find that boring, but I found it captivating I love how you learn about the serpiente and their fascinating culture.Atwater Rhodes has really developed this world she s written The characteristics and language and attitudes of each culture really shine As do her characters If the most minor ones seem to be known.LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEA definite reread hopefully sooner rather than later PS Read it in one day Just like Hawksong D