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Elizabeth Conway's greatest ambition is to discover a comet Unfortunately she is the eldest of eight daughters of an earl so her relative expect her to take her rightful place in Society The heavenly bodies she views through her telescope hold far fascination for Elizabeth than any mere male although her perpetual beau dashing Lord Bevis would change that if he could When Tom Conroy a distant cousin and the new Earl of Clanross appears after a year's delay Elizabeth offers him a cool welcome He is a dull stick and ill mannered to boot Yet he is the only man who has shown respect for her astronomical work and his concern for her younger sisters' welfare reveals a different side to him Then his heir Elizabeth's cousin Willoughby appears with the obvious intent of making a match between his lovely but silly sister and Clanross and with making as much mischief as he can Lord Bevis presses his suit with Lady Elizabeth until she agrees at long last to marry him She resists making an announcement though until he tells his somewhat traditional father that he will not only be marrying an heiress but her telescope Elizabeth discovers a comet Clanross proclaims his pride in her accomplishment but Lord Bevis's reaction is far traditional Willoughby introduces a beautiful woman into the mix and the twins further complicate it Distraught confused perhaps even heartbroken Elizabeth faces the uestion of what to do with the rest of her life And what to do about Clanross whom she just might love

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    Very possibly the most enjoyable Regency romance I have read yet All the usual genre tropes are here the sensible heroine in her late 20s her troublesome but amusing family the strong willed man who enters her life through uncontrollable circumstances But Simonson makes her characters breathe and feel as no other regency writer I've read The story is told in the first person and we are placed into the mind of a woman in the nineteenth century a very intelligent and educated mind but one nevertheless of her period with the period's prejudices It is painful to realize that even Lady Elizabeth who has spent her twenties peering through a telescope rather than marrying has ingested the poisonous idea that an intellectual woman is unnatural She is unusual to the modern reader in other ways she has little interest in her younger siblings and in fact doesn't know them well or provide for their education despite their dependence upon her The usual cliche of a hero realizing his love for a heroine by watching her tender care toward children or the sick doesn't hold true here And to readers used to Heyer's sexless maidens Lady Elizabeth's thoughts are uite inappropriate though not passionate she has an eye for handsome men I was surprised to find such character development emotional depth and complex interpersonal relationships I highly recommend this book to anyone who has liked Austen Heyer or any of the many regency writers so long as they're not hoping for a paint by numbers story

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    Lady Elizabeth Conway is 28 years old 'on the shelf' and could never be happier At a time when most women must depend upon a man for their survival she has a home and monies that her papa left her Not rich but satisified with her life she is also guardian to two identical twin half sisters They keep her life from becoming too bookishShe has had offers of marriage but she is content to view the nighttime sky through her microscope Until the new Lord Clanross enters her life Stiff and standoffish their personalities clash Fortunately for Elizabeth 'Tom' reuires her assistance when his life comes into peril They are given time together to learn to know one another And here is where a sweet romance comes into playWhat makes this clean love story delightful is the author's gift for words There is some very amusing dialog between all of the characters When Elizabeth finds out that she is needed to assist a friend who is a doctor to save Lord Clanross their conversation goes like thisDr You pulled me into this Charles added unforgivably Are you going to see it through?E Yes I hope your dog bites youDr His mouth relaxed Thank you my lady You relieve my mindThere are many Regency romances that have been written over the years There are traditional ones like this book and newer ones with a modern slant Some are extremely dry others contain slow reading and newer stories that take this genre to the edge with the author's twenty first century view If you are looking for some snarky humor personalities with a bite a little action on the side with kissing at the most try LADY ELIZABETH'S COMET

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    I picked this one up on the recommendation of Erica and I have to say it was a wonderful surprise I have a horrible coldflu right now I'm not up for much than either gazing at Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice or feeling incredibly sorry for myself and this book was just absolutely perfect It was like Jane Austen but with a fabulous heroine her heroines are great for their period but when I'm reading for pleasure I want something I can relate to myself And yet it was so much There were some really great secondary characters in here that made it all come to life And I LOVED how it was written witty clear and descriptive but without trivial boring details This is very Austenesue in the heat rating ie there isn't any but sometimes it's nice to read something that lays off the nipple tweaking and the hunt the sausage in the topiary gardenLoved it loved it loved it 5 stars All time favorites list

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    35 starsMost of the book reads like a scientific diary and it is in first pov She was an astronomer and the no none sense straight forward reasoning and language was probably used to make us understand her way of thinking It made her made her feel cold and not a character that the readers could easily connect to Th secondary characters are what saves this book

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    This book is a slow build and it takes a while to warm up to the lead female and to the first person tense but it is a beautiful account of day to day life and family doings I’d say it is that subtle sort of understated romance of the Pride and Predjudice style where all is conveyed in supportive actions or meaningful glances until the final conversation about feelings which is gushingly cute

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    35 stars a really nice old fashioned Regency romance first published in 1985Lady Elizabeth is a spinster astronomer and Clanross is the distant lowborn cousin who inherited her father’s estate and title When they first meet Elizabeth rather stupidly misinterprets his stiff demeanor which is caused by a debilitating war wound They are thrown together during his recovery and there’s a long slow enjoyable journey to a happy endingElizabeth’s hobby is a smaller part of the story than you would expect given the book’s title It’s mostly used as the reason why she hasn’t yet married despite being handsome and wealthy and titledI liked that this novel is written with a single point of view Elizabeth’s I tend to be annoyed by the constant ping ponging POV in most romance novels and I think the tension builds effectively when you only know the thoughts of one partyThe Regency setting is nice and this has an agreeable assortment of secondary characters I look forward to reading of Simonson’s work

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    Talk about a romance getting off on the wrong foot She's cool somewhat uppity and a bit off putting He seems stiff and unfriendly He has a reason for his behavior She not so much and is a bit unlikeable at first but not to worry there will be some personal growth hereLady Elizabeth Conway is one of eight daughters of the late Earl of Clanross The aloof earl never tried to have a real united family and you sense that Lady Elizabeth in particular has grown up rather cold and self involved She's a serious astronomer with her own telescope and observatory at the dower house where she lives and that's what her life centers around As the story begins two of her younger sisters have come to live with her Two others are married and the three youngest girls live with one of the married sisters Not a particularly close familyOur hero here is the late earl's heir Tom Conway a distant cousin When he arrives to take up his duties as earl Elizabeth is as mentioned before cold and a bit snooty The new earl isn't so very friendly to her either but as mentioned before at least he has a very valid reasonAdd to the mix a rather spendthrift schmooze with the ton heir to Clanross that heir's beautiful sister Elizabeth's handsome charming beau from ten years ago who renews his suit a very charming governess the appealing 14 year old sisters of Elizabeth and even interesting characters The result is a very delightful witty book with the best dialogue I've found in ages This is one of the most intelligent and subtly humorous Regencies I've ever read It was published in 1986 and that's probably why I like it so much I'm stuck in the past when Regency romances depended on plot and dialogue and less on sexy scenesI do need to mention however that although the vocabulary choices and behavior seem period appropriate overall Simonson's use of crikey was a bit jarring I'd thought that word came into usage in mid Victorian times

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    I just re read this book this month for the first time in over fifteen years probably my tenth re read however This was by far my most favorite Regency from my adolescence By and large this holds up though I'm far interested in the hero's good nature and flashes of caring empathy than in his stoicness in the face of both physical and emotional pain than when I was a young lady Lady Elizabeth an astronomer actually falters a bit as a feminist hero in retrospect though she's probably a bit true to the historical time period than someone who acted like a third wave feminist My 2018 self would prefer this to be about 30% longer than my 1998 self was happy to accept Still a cherished and familiar friend

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    The only flaws in this book are the multitudinous typos Otherwise it is completely engaging very humorous with a touch of angst after Elizabeth realizes who she really loves and thinks it is a lost cause Written in the first person the heroine's and wonderfully so

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    Absorbed in tracking the dark nebulosity she had discovered in the course of her astronomical work Lady Elizabeth Conway the independent eldest daughter of the Earl of Conway still unmarried at twenty eight finds her uiet routine interrupted by the arrival of a distant and unknown cousin the heir to her father's title and estates Although she does not immediately take to Clanross whose stiff manner and criticism of the education she is providing her two young half sisters sets her on edge Lady Elizabeth soon comes to appreciate the better ualities of this most unexpected relative Unlike the charming Lord Bevis her erstwhile suitor who arrives on the scene determined to resume their courtship Clanross respects and admires Lady Elizabeth's work Will she see where her heart lies in time or will she surrender both vocation and true love?Or course there's never much doubt of the outcome in Lady Elizabeth's Comet as any reader of Regency fiction will immediately recognize but it is still entertaining to witness the heroine's gradual awakening The second of Sheila Simonson's four Regencies following upon A Cousinly Connexion it is written in the first person an unusual approach that both limits and strengthens the story It takes a while to warm up to Lady Elizabeth who is a much self contained character than the usual female lead in a romance such as this so the first person narrative is helpful in forcing the reader to identify with her perspective But it also make Clanross of a mystery as he would have been to Lady Elizabeth and prevents the reader from really knowing him I liked that Lady Elizabeth's vocation as an astronomer was an integral part of her character rather than being an affectation meant on the author's part to make her unusual and I also liked Clanross's political and social views These may have sometimes felt a little too ideal Clanross values intelligence in women and wants Elizabeth to continue her work he speaks up for Irish rights in the House of Lords and so on but were nevertheless appealing All in all an engaging Regency romance one well worth the time of fans of the genre