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Miss Onyx Hamilton knew the risk of going to Major Jack Beresford's isolated country estate Surely her husband to be the right Reverend Andrew Littletree would not condone her leaving the safety of home for the perils that this place posed for so lovely and desirable a young lady Surely tongues would wag about what she was doing with so eminently attractive and intriguingly unattached a gentleman as the major But Onyx's worry was not what her fiancé would think or what the world would say Rather it was what she would do if Jack Beresford took her in his arms

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    What a marvelous Regency romance Though Carla Kelly blends a touch of the gothic into the story with attendant drama and emotional tides—at least in this one I generally have to be in the right mood to enjoy such stories Fortunately I found myself in exactly such a mood and this hit the spot marvelously Which is fortunate because as much as I liked Onyx and rooted for her and Jack to come together she was a little stubbornly self sacrificing for my normal tolerance It helped of course that she had courage and fortitude in spades and that Jack was so very patiently charming It helped too that the story carefully wedged Onyx into situations where her courage was important and she could begin finding the independence and self discovery that she deeply neededAlso helpful were the surrounding characters servants family foils and prosey noseys Kelly layers throughout They provide contrast and illustrative episodes that gave the story a depth that I really appreciated You could see the respect Jack had among his people for example the devotion And the love that Onyx earned through her heroic though uiet serviceI was a little surprised when I finished to discover that this was originally written 25 years ago I like Kelly's later works and had no idea she had such uality in her backlog I'm happy some of that is finding a new life through eBooks—not least because the accompanying price is a true bargain I'll have to make a note to look for a Kelly backlog rerelease the next time this particular mood hits

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    Everytime I picked up a Carla Kelly book I know each book is going to tear at my heart strings and shine with a brilliance of a gem reaching down deep to the emotions we face everyday from lost and love Carla Kelly’s Summer Campaign is another gem that dealt with the grief of losing a love one slowly to death wether by cancer or disease and having the chance to say how much you love them and good bye Kelly’s characters are always real and have a strength within that many of us have much like Miss Onyx Hamilton Onyx and her twin Gerald were left on the doorstep of the Rev Hamilton and was raised with love by him his wife sunned them as they were not her children to deal with When Rev Hamilton died and his wife remarried much of the joy went out of Onyx’s life as she was forced into the shadows and The last bit of happiness she held was taken from her when her twin died while he was serving in the army Onyx now being pushed to marry a vicar sets off to ready her new home and marry but when she’s attacked by highwaymen and saved by Major Jack Beresford her life changes over night as she feels a deep bond with Jack that will strengthen as their tested by grief and the healing of love Onyx has always been pushed aside by her adopted mother and her family Onyx’s strength and fire has been hidden So when troubles come her way she’s surprised how much backbone she truly possess Onyx still has many doubts lingering over her head ones that have been fed by her mother and the lack of not knowing whom her parents were This of course doesn’t stop Jack from pushing her to do and even laugh to reach for the stars Onyx never cried “Woe is me” she hid her tears and understood when Jack’s brother was dying how Jack was feeling So it doesn’t stop her when he asks for help she doesn’t stop to think she just goes and helps No uestions asks and that’s what made Onyx such an strong character in my eyes she didn’t uestion “Is this Wrong” “My Rep” No she took charge and lend a helping hand Jack’s life as a solider still effects him deeply as death and even death of those whom served under him still haunt his ever waking hour and dreams When he saves Onyx her starts to focus on her with his uick sense of humor and his cute stutter when he’s under deep amounts of stress Jack feels a bond toward Onyx as she takes charge of helping him after he’s shot by a highwayman and later as he deals with losing his brother Jack doesn’t lose him sense of charm that is endearing to the reader but his deep sense of caring even when Onyx finds he’s been caring for some baby wrens Jack unlike Onyx is able to say good bye to his brother whom is wasting away slowly He also feels a sense of anger his brother had everything and he wasted it away and anger of helplessness in the face of death that no matter what he does he can’t heal his brother and make him well again With Onyx by his side he’s able to make his peace with his brother able to say Good Bye and let him go Through our grief we don’t see this a blessing when we see a love one slowly slip away but when our love one is taken away from us in a blink of an eye like Onyx’s brother we’re left without closure sometimes but Jack was able to see what he was given the chance to be with his brother one last time as the gift it was meant to be I loved Jack with his sense of humor how he teased Onyx and loved her just as greatly while he faced his fears about death he was able to embrace life and in turn give this gift to Onyx While there was a few bumps in the road for this book with it’s feeling of being so short and Onyx letting her fears overrun her common sense and making her runaway the gift of love Jack gave her was what made her throw caution to the wind and embrace all of life’s joys by Jack’s side This story brought tears to my eyes but it touched by heart with the deep romance and common bond and love that brought these two characters together as they faced the darkness together and enter the light together hand and hand

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    Carla Kelly writes gold Out of three books I've read by her I've loved all of them Summer Campaign makes her three for three now This was a great story with a heartwarming beautiful romance The perfect mix of humor and angst and two characters that I loved both as people and as a couple Jack is fresh from Spain tortured by what he did and saw as a soldier His dream is to get home again On the road home he encountered a woman about to be raped by highwaymen He saves her but also gets shot and its up to her to protect them both which she does Then this young woman has to nurse him back to health from his gunshot pretending that they are man and wife That's how Onyx and Jack meet and a beautiful friendship develops But also a bond that allows them to see each other through eyes of loveI felt for Onyx her having been rejected for something that wasn't her fault Constantly berated by everyone forced into marrying a man who is nowhere good enough for her I was urging her to run off with Jack from the beginning of the book and fearing how thing would unfold knowing she was too honorable to seize her own happiness that way I have to say I really like the way this story concluded There was a purpose to the painful journeys that both Onyx and Jack take This is a sweet love story yet you know that there is plenty of passion between Jack and Onyx and they will have a very happy life together Even though I was sad about some parts I ended this book with a happy smile on my face

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    There are three facets to this book a sweet charming start the slowdownletdown and so did not need that last unsavoury revelationCharm offensive The hH interaction is uite simply fun adorable and cutesy The connect so easily and instantly And that’s just how I like my romance Full marks to their interplay and sweet instant chemistryAnd the humour is wonderful CK has written in some fine witty lines I only wish little Ned was mentioned If not conceived at the endThe middling chapters let down with their clod plod the h refusing his advances and proposal well what else an already engaged girl with a dubious parentage to do? repairing vicarages turning into a self taught nurse Nightingale so much so she seriously considers taking it up as a career enduring om drama well the poor vicar had to turn into a bigger nuisance for the h to turn him down in all good conscience some nursing and repeatedly declining the H's marriage proposalsWith spoilers As for the unsavoury part that was one revelation I could have done without at the end It’s the revelation of her parentage I could not imagine a bigger cruelty and I dare say that with authority after reading the worst of parents in my HP HR readings The said parent lets her suffer as wanted to see what stuff she’s made of? Hasn't she been proving herself all her life? And why should she be held to any test at all?Totally ruined the book for me Not just the h’s sufferings and humiliations I was even thinking of her dead unlamented twin brother lying in an unmarked grave somewhere in Spain and whose remains weren’t brought back for want of intent and money Sad and bewildered is what this revelation made meSo it's not the hH who diminish this book at least not the H he's perfect The h maybe with her self sacrificing ways and her refusal to reach out and grab what any sane RL woman would without a second thought It's frustrating to watch her deny him and herself a very true easy and deserving happiness

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    Just imagine that for days than you could remember your life had been planned by others Who you talked to where you went when you ate whether you cried and even who you married This was what happened to twenty two year old recently betrothed Miss Onyx HamiltonMajor Jack Beresford had seen firsthand the horrors of war As an Englishman he had performed his duty while fighting in Spain against Napoleon He witnessed atrocities that no one should ever see The end result was that he had been tortured wounded with scars and had a speech impediment he stuttered He dreaded sleep because his nightmares continuedAfter four long years he was finally returning home when he came upon Onyx and her companion Alice Their coach was crippled on the side of the road In the process of being robbed and molested he came to the ladies' rescue Within a split second he was shot and everything in Onyx's and Jack's fragile world would change Onxy?She raised her head Good God the man's hearing was acute And I was so uiet She looked toward the closed door sighed and stood upMoonlight filled the little room and threw a wide band of brightness across the blanket that covered Major Beresford His hands were resting on top of the blanket in that moonlit space and were the only part of him that she could seeOnyx?It wasn't so much a uestion this time or even just her name It was an entire sentence subject verb and direct objectIf you have never read a historical romance by Carla Kelly I recommend you give this author a try Her method of writing her characters talk to themselves and she mixes first and third tenses may be a little off putting but don't let that deter you from reading her books Even her 'clunkers' are better than many other writers' best stories Why? Because she writes about real relatable people dealing with genuine problems Her characters play the hand they've been dealt with dignity humor and love And what could be better than that?

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    Blurb Miss Onyx Hamilton is about to make what everyone agrees is a perfect marriage―until handsome Major Jack Beresford comes galloping into her life But with his fortune and connections Onyx knows he’d never ask for her hand would he? New and longtime fans alike will relish this delightful romance from Carla Kelly Charming sweet and full of fun it’s simply impossible to put down Wow the blurb was absolutely right I couldn't put it downThis is another wonderful Carla Kelly story with a war weary teasing rogue of a hero and a heroine who believes that marriage to a prosy hypocritical parson is the best she can hope for Really her fiance makes Mr Collins look like an ideal husbandWith a large cast of secondary characters there's adventure romance tragedy and healing in this lovely story One unnecessary and unconvincing disclosure near the end did not bother me enough to deduct even half of a starAny fan of Carla Kelly will love this book

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    This book is so touchingIt shows that selfless people exist in this selfish world But then most of this author's books convey this messageThe readers will like the climax which is really surprising and unexpected

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    In many reviews Reverend Andrew Littletree is compared to Mr Collins from PP and I must admit they’re right LOLPoor Onyx is forced to marry Mr Littletree after having been browbeaten by her adoptive family about her being a non entity a shame to be kept hidden because illegitimate without worth etc The step family was also very cruel to her the fact that she was forbidden to cry after her brother’s death made me madAfter years of that treatment she’s convinced that she doesn’t deserve anything elseLittletree is a pompous and hypocritical idiot but the same as Mr Collins very bootlicking towards those he considers his betters like her stepfather or her stepfather’s sister Lady BagshottHe doesn’t ask Onyx for her hand but just informs her that they’ll be married and start listing things she will or will not have to do in their new vicarage Onyx is very submissive at the beginning but when an extraordinary situation forces her to act she acuires courage and backboneI liked her better when she was not near her “family” but it took her a lot of time and pages to assert herselfI liked Jack better He was a very unusual hero His temper I volatile she cries then laughs and jokes but he’s fundamentally honest and good His love for his family rings true he’s devastated after finding out his brother’s illness but at the same time angry with his for how he neglected the property and suandered the money His sister in law is an essentially useless wimp but she’s also a very nice person who doesn’t know better She made me think about a fluffy kittenWhen Onyx is faced with a challenge consisting of having to treat the brother manage his wife and all the staff of the house she reveal her true nature and becomes aware that she’s not cattleThe twist on the end made me mad too I wanted to slap the so called noble mother How dare she???Still I liked this book mostly because of Jack and also because of Onyx but only after she stopped treating herself like a lesser being

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    You can find this review in English belowMe ha encantado Esta es otra historia maravillosa de la Sra Kelly Con personajes de andar por casa con problemas de todos los días con escenas de la vida cotidiana y con personajes ue me gustaría pensar eran lo normal de la época Nada de duues libertinos auí Ni bailes y waltzes y mamas ansiosas por casar a sus hijas pubertosas respiro de alivio No Auí hay personajes serios y maduros con problemas reales ue se enfrentan al lote ue les ha tocado vivir con decencia y corajeEs lo mejor de esta autora con diferencia Lo ue más me atrae de ella la cotidianeidad de sus historiasSiempre puedo contar con ella para encontrar un poco de cordura en las aguas de la ficción históricaI loved it Another wonderful story by Ms Kelly With normal people with uotidian problems with daily life scenes and with characters who I would love to think were the usual these days No rake dukes here Neither dances nor waltzes nor unbearable mamas dwelt on marry off her puberty sh daughters sigh of relieve Nope Here there are mature and sensible characters who suffers from real life problems and who try to improve their lives with decency and courageIt is what I like better of this author Her stories´ everyday natureI can count on her to put some sanity in this genre

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    Well the title and cover do not match the story within a person imagines sunshine and silliness when the opposite is true inside this book How I loved this book yes there was plenty of sadness but in a way that touches you because you yourself have experienced the same There was class differences and trying not to love when all they wanted to do was love Really love Carla Kelly's writing style she makes everyone real Now what to read after two good books in a row???