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Kissing Coffins Vampire Kisses, 2 , Ellen Schreiber I totally love this book so much and Alexander Sterling I wish Alexander Sterling was real Just like Edward in Twilight CUTE Okay , ack to the book I loved it.I read it in like two days, which is pretty awesome for me.I couldn t get my nose out of this book. Not Far From Dullsville, Someone S Lurking In The Dark After Meeting The Handsome And Shadowy Alexander Sterling, Goth Girl Raven S Dark World Has A Bright, New Glow But As In Her Favorite Movie, Kissing Coffins, Raven Knows That Love Always Has Its Complications, Especially When Alexander Has A Big Secret To GuardWhen Alexander Suddenly Disappears, Raven Leaves Dullsville To Begin A Dangerous Search To Find Him Can She Stay Safe, No Matter Who Or What She Encounters On The Way Ah, yes Another throwback from my teen years Kissing Coffins, the second book in the marvelous Vampire Kisses series.Just a gentle reminder, these books are Young Adult novels with young, lovely characters who act like immature kids because, they are YOUNG If you re looking for a True Blood or Game of Thrones level of maturity, you ve come to the wrong place.As a teen, these books were my LIFE They were a big part of my high school years and I was madly in love with them I wanted to find my own Alexander and live in a big, spooky house I idolized Raven and her style because, let s be honest, she was my inner self At the time, these books made so much sense young mistakes, young love, lots of young fun Reading them as my older self, obviously I wouldn t make the same decisions as Raven because I have life experience But I believe Ellen did a really good job of making Raven feel like a real teen Well, a real teen from my timeline.That being said, this book is a lot of fun, full of goofiness and full of adorable romance Alexander and Raven are a really cute couple and they really deserved the many books they got in this series I found this series was a lot fun to binge read then read alone I wanted the story to keep going because I was so addicted Not every reader has found this to be true, but I sure did I love escaping into a YA like this series, and sinking into a fun, not totally realistic book Did anyone really expect a vampire romance to be realistic This series is like a vampire, soap opera for teens It s excellent.My biggest con for this series was at the time of my initial reading, I had to actually WAIT for the next series in the book Oh man, was it frustrating I m glad I can jump back into this series as an adult and read it all in a row like I dreamed of back in the day Other than that, I found this book to be fun and flawless I love Ellen and her books Five out of five stars Still enjoying my reread of this series It s so nostalgic and Raven is still my favorite goth This second book in the series of Vampire Kisses gets a 5 stars from me I absolutely am in love with all of the characters in this series I can not get enough of the books, I cant read fast enough, trying to take it all in I cant wait to see where it goes with our Goth, Raven and her precious vamp Alexander Will she become a Vampire as well, this is the question I have never been in love with a fictional character before until now, ohhh Alexander Sterling, every Goths dream On to book 3. To me, this one was not as good as the first I disliked the fact that Raven lost some of that kick ass independence that she had in book one, and somehow she turned into a needy girlfriend Typical I still liked this book, however because it still kept my interest Even though some of the characters underwent personality changes, some new ones were introduced evening out the plot Overall a book you should read if your continuing the Vampire Kisses series. After meeting Alexander, Raven s world is so sunny ops magical dark I mean Don t you think that it s such a pleasure to take a nap in a coffin with your one true love by your side and later to organize a pic nic to the holy grounds of the local cemetery Gothic girl lives her dream and you are welcome to follow Great for a Halloween read and such an amazing idea for student couples to dress like Raven and Alexander They say that you can t know good literature until you ve read bad literature And after reading this book, I can testify that it is true The reason I recommended this to Twihaters is this read this book, and Twilight starts to look amazing I read Kissing Coffins after reading Twilight, when my friend recommended it to me, saying If you liked Twilight, you ll like this how was I supposed to know that my friend only liked Twilight for the vampires Because that is the only thing the two have in common This book is about a goth girl as she helpfully reminds us about five hundred times throughout the course of the book named Raven seriously No, wait, SERIOUSLY seriously who goes after her AWOL vampire boyfriend, Alexander Sterling, after he mysteriously disappears at the end of the first book, or so I m told After reading thisReasons This Book Sucked No Pun Intended One Raven is absolutely the most one dimensional character I have ever had this misfortune to read about Ever And I read a lot She is pretty much the epitome of a gothic Mary Sue She calls herself Goth all the freaking time with that same self righteous attitude, like anybody who isn t Goth sucks The end Everybody supposedly hates her, but she really isn t terrorized by anyone aside from Trevor, who she could probably have arrested for stalking her, with how obsessed he is with irritating he Oh, and he also happens to be in love with her Nice The book spends waaaaay too much time describing Raven s OMG Gothic outfits and far too little time with character development She is, of course, obsessed with vampires and has been since she was five, since all Goth kids are just born Goth They don t grow into it She always wins her conflicts, whether through her sharp wit and sass which by the way, wasn t all that impressive Which kind of made me feel that the rest of her world is just really, really stupid, to be bested by Raven or through her physical strengths, which are implied to excede that of a star athlete at her school And my biggest issue with this chick is that she s Goth and likes vampires, and that s it She really doesn t have anything else going for her and the sad thing is, if she took her mind off being Goth, wanting to date a vampire, and how much everyone supposedly hates her, then she woudl probably find something interesting she s good at But she doesn t So I guess she can just wear black for a living or something That might be okay if she had a good personality, but she doesn t She s spoiled, selfish, arrogantthe list goes on and on Two I find it hard to believe that Raven is the only alternative chick in her town Even in my tiny town in the middle of scenic nowhere, I ve got like, three Goth friends and I ve seen around the school On a related note, I also find it hard to believe that she only has three friends Going back to my town, there are plenty of perfectly nice people willing to hang out with Goth people You just have to look for them But then, I don t find it surprising that Raven hasn t done that, considering how proud she seems to be of being an outcast Three What the heck is up with all those stupid exclamation points Seriously, was the author s period key broken or something Four Raven is a hypocrite She whines constantly about how the Dullsvillians you never learn the actual name of the town Raven calls it Dullsville as a joke, and she s so witty and hilarious that it keeps being funny by the end of the book Or, you get the sense that you re supposed to think that, anyway always judge her without knowing her, but she labels those around her like label makers are about to be outlawed Five The vampires sleep in coffins that are plastered with band stickers I can t even elaborate on that It speaks for itself There are a lot of other stupid things I could rant about, but I don t really feel like it Kissing Coffins is justnot a good book It s of a monument to Raven s incredible Gothness than a story At the end, I kind of liked Jagger and Trevor the vampire and human villains, respectively a lot than I liked Raven So go ahead and read this book It will make every other book seem that much better. This book is almost as amazing as the first book in the series The last book ends with Alexander flying away, and the begining of this book Raven wants to find Alexander She travels to a town called Hipsterville to visit her aunt But the real reason is because she thinks Alexander is there But durring her hunt she meets another vampire who wants Alexander Raven then runs rides the bus, all the way back to her home town to keep Alexander safe But things don t always work out The new vampire takes Raven to the grave yard by Alexanders home and trys to make her his eternal wife It doesn t work Alexander then tells Raven the story of why he s after him And the book ends with Alexander seeing his ex eternal feonce.This book as taught me to look deep witin a person to see if they are someone I want to hang out with And that things aren t always what the seem and sometimes niether are people.