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Samantha Newman is getting older but though she is beautiful and courted by a large number of gentlemen she is restless and unhappy While she is staying in the country with her friends Jennifer and Gabriel she takes a walk alone and wanders onto the property of the reclusive Maruess of Carew She meets him far from the house and mistakes him for a landscape designer He is an ordinary looking man and is half crippled He is also friendly and unassuming and Samantha soon relaxes into a warm friendship with him It is only much later back in London when she is again threatened by the man who broke her heart years ago during her come out Season that Samantha discovers who her friend really is And this time she is tempted to settle for the contentment of friendship in order to escape the pain of love

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    Yes you read that right 7 times This is the 7th time I've read this and I still loved it Heck I think I will always love Lord Carew's Bride LOVE in caps lock and bold italicised underlined letters just in case you can't see how intense my feelings for this book are Now you doI'm not even ashamed to admit that this glowing shining 5 star rating is mainly due to Hartley our hero I don't know about you but I'm a hero centric reader so it's the main guy who makes or breaks a book for me And Hartley was every bit the perfect man He might have been imperfect on the outside—with his limp and broken right hand—but he was perfect for me I love him so much it scares my boyfriend Actually just between you and me I've already decided to name any son I will have in the hopefully distant future Hartley Sebastian in honour of this book's hero and of Sebastian St Vincent from The Devil in Winter I know I should at least sueeze in my boyfriend's name somewhere but Hartley Sebastian Gabriel hardly seems fair on a kid Oh well Every smile she gave Hartley Wade was a treasure to be stored up for future pleasure because each smile was guileless and sincere as well as utterly beautiful Every word she spoke to him had been committed carefully to memory Sigh Isn't that just poetry to your ovaries? He wondered if he was being hopelessly fanciful hopelessly romantic to believe that he would always remember her always love her Or at least what used to be your ovaries before they exploded into smithereens And he would never let his wife suffer For the rest of his days he would devote himself to her happiness Oh Hartley I would gladly make fictional babies with you Devote yourself to me lover boy For answer he leaned forward and kissed her swiftly on both cheeks brushing away the salt tears with his lips Let's fill a whole imaginary baseball stadium with our fictional babies As you can see Hartley was very devoted humble and insert all nice ualities you could think about here He's had the short end of the stick in life he's been widely criticised for his limp and disfigured hand and women were only after his money and title I'm pretty sure you know the type; it's the usual Beauty and the Beast situationBut what isn't usual is Hartley's reaction to what he was Unlike most heroes in the trope he wasn't a bitter angsty person who hated everyone who spurned him Sure he was lonely but he was never angry or vengeful He didn't have that toxic angst that men in similar circumstances were wont to have Instead he accepted his circumstances maturely channeling his energy on things he could control Further he was always kind and understanding to others even his criticsThat is why he is one of my all time favourite heroesAnd I guess that's why I've always had mixed feelings about Samantha our heroine The unforgiving fangirl in me felt that she was not good enough for him Well you see Lord Carew's Bride is really an exploration of the different faces of love Wow did I just get all philosophical on you? Sorry just bear with me Samantha has only seen the destructive aspect to it; how wild unbridled passion could burn so fiercely but so painfully as well She never knew that love could also be safe comfortable and kind That's why she never realised that she was already in love with Hartley until the last 10% of the book Believe me there were times when I just wanted to bitchslap the shit out of her Instances when I wanted to reach inside the book and shake some sense into her But it would be unfair to Samantha to hate her for that She was perfectly justified in her actions As a reader you would understand why she acted the way she did And to be fair she really was likeable if you can get past her annoying naiveness Her protective feelings towards Hartley was endearing and just what he needed Whole? She looked into his eyes You mean because of your accident? Do you think that makes a difference to me? Because you limp? And because you have lost some of the use of your hand? You are whole in every way that could possibly be of importance to me I regret these things only in that they cause you distressShe lifted his right hand to rub her cheek against his fingers She turned her head to kiss them I just want to mention a couple of things here though I want to say it explicitly Hartley mentioned his dead mistress Dorothea a couple of times If you know me you would know that that's than enough reason to get my panties in a twist; however this didn't bother me at all Why? Well I guess that's because I felt that what really existed between him and Dorothea was nothing than friendship He respected her yes but there was absolutely no trace of any heated sensuality or longing or love in the way he spoke of her Nothing at all to warrant you getting jealous on Samantha's behalf You would really feel that our heroine was special to him Plus he wasn't a manwhore by any means He had slept with one woman his whole life a woman who died long before he met Samantha So yes that detail never bothered meAlso I think I should mention that if you're not acuainted with Mary Balogh's writing you might find this rather tepid This is not a sexy steamy story It is however one of the the sweetest I've ever read and I hope you give it a chance

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    This was a charming Beauty and the Beast tale which is a favorite theme of mine mixed with a love at first sight storyHartley Wade the Maruess of Carew was the self titled Beast Crippled by a riding accident at the age of six he walked with a limp and had a crooked and useless right hand Despite that or should I say because of that he'd grown up to become one of the most confident and emotionally strong heroes I've met He was nice caring supportive and wonder of all wonders didn't jump to wrong conclusions when faced with situations that could easily lead to the hatred Big Misunderstanding that plagues Romancelandia Honestly he was anything but a Beast and I fell in love with him way before I was halfway through the storySamantha Newman was the ton proclaimed Beauty Even though she was already twenty four years old and on her seventh gasp London Season she had her own court of steady suitors and was still single by her own choice only She'd been deeply hurt by events that happened in Dark Angel Dark Angel #1 the first book in this series so she'd chosen to live a somewhat staid life and avoid the turmoil brought by love Even though I wanted to shake some sense into her for not seeing what was right in front of her eyes a couple of times I did understand her insecurities after all there's a thin thin line between hatred and loveThe love at first sight theme took me by surprise Hartley was in love with Samantha by Chapter 1 and he loved her by Chapter 2 That made me pause and think would I buy that? Well I shouldn't have doubted Balogh's writing skills I bought it all Even the fact that it was a mutual love at first sight though it took Samantha a lot longer to realize that what she felt for Hartley was than friendship She was just afraid to call it love since she thought that emotion only lead to dispairHave I mentioned that there was no Big Misunderstanding in this book? There was definitely room for it than once Hartley omitting to tell Samantha about his title and Lionel Hartley's cousin and Samantha's first love revealing to Hartley his past relationship with Samantha for example but Balogh chose wisely and didn't go that way I admit that my eyes got a little misty when I read the scene where Hartley talked to Samantha after he found out about her past with Lionel Wonderfully done Ms BaloghLord Carew's Bride Signet Regency Romance Dark Angel #2 was all about Hartley and Samantha and their journey to find love and conuer each other There was a good set of interesting secondary characters many of them with their own books either previous or next in the series but Lionel Kersey the Earl of Rushford deserves a special mention He was one of the most hatred villains I've met I just hated him Everytime he appeared on scene I wanted to slap his handsome face and pummel his gorgeous body I was literally cheering when Hartley did just that Bottom line I really loved this book and Hartley and Samantha are going to stay with me for a long time Balogh is kind of a new author to me yeah I'd been living in a cave LOL and this is only the fourth book by her I've read but she hasn't disappointed me yet uite the contrary

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    This book is so full of suck it could cold start an 18 wheeler from the tailpipe And yes I am a minority opinion on this but I think I know whyTo begin with the main couple are just heartbreakingly naïve How they let this Lionel fartweasel dance rings around them is just unbelievably stupid They both of them know from deep and personal experience what a slimemonkey he is and that they let him jerk them around at all breaks new ground in the idiocy frontier This just drives me up a wall from both sides of the reader experience First Lionel makes zero sense as a character He's a psychopath plain and simple and I find those boring and unoriginal Worse most authors have to stoop to manipulation to make such characters work and this is no exception Someone like that who has left a trail of devastation in his wake simply wouldn't have the resources and access and wit to do the things he does You can get away with such an arch villain in a superhero story maybe but romance? Yeah not the placeSecond to work the author has to further manipulate the main characters so that they don't communicate and so that they don't use the brains God gave fungus So much pain could be avoided if they had the wits to believe the simple and obvious truth—that Lionel is a lying scheming scum sucking armpit who should be spit on before thrown into the gutter where he belongs They both of them know this already for heaven's sake And frankly Samantha's having any kind of palpitations about him is sad sick and wrong and makes me despise her just a little bitA lot of this reaction is personal taste Psychopathically evil antagonists just don't work for me Because they are stupid and unoriginal But also because I am at heart a paladin and they are my natural prey And having them safely ensconced in a novel with an indulgent author manipulating things for them is supremely frustrating on a deeply emotional level that ruins any chance for me engaging with the novel I'm glad I skipped the others in this series because it looks like he was a main antagonist in all of them I only regret I bothered with this one because all my friends who have rated it gave it four stars so yeah I really am the outlier here

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    I never thought I would ever confess to enjoying a book where the h is in lovelust with another man and the H is a definite beta medium heighted nondescript and disabled as well Hs with disabilitylimpsscarring usually exude an intriguing aura but not this H He apparently has nothing much to offer a woman but his title as a Maruess and his enormous wealthBut then Mary Balogh is a very talented writer and just lures you into this almost tale of ‘beauty and the beast’ It is so beautifully written and uniuely executed with relatable flawed characters that it simply draws you in Once you start you just have to know how the h will redeem herself in the reader’s eyes how the H will come out versus his good looking but deceitful cousin and if at all this marriage will work outThe villainous cousin is a remnant from the preuel ‘Dark Angel’ where he almost ruins that h and uses this h for his dirty work Now six years later he is back from his continental exile and decides he now wants the h The h although knowing him to be untrustworthy still feels drawn to him with that pull from the ‘depth of her womb’ WellThe H whom the h first meets during a walk into an adjoining property while on a country sojourn never lets on that he is the resident Maruess and she assumes him to be a landscape gardener based on his appearance They meet a few times He falls in love with her instantly She thinks him a dear dear friend with whom she feels safe Back again in London the om scares the wits out of the h because of the pull she feels for him which she knows is wrong but cannot shake it off So when she comes upon her ‘dear friend’ the gardener and he proposes she says yes Very improbable but there you have it Only after she accepts he lets on that he is a Maruess Her legion of admirers are heartbroken and baffled by her choice but she is calm and resolute So they marry he under the misconception that there is love on both sides and she thinking that ’love’ and ‘passion’ are dirty wordsfeelings and only friendship could keep her safe The H is expectedly crushed when he learns the truth but keeps his calm dignity and the h faces a storm of uncertain confused emotions in her heart and mindThe ending was hugely satisfying Very rarely we have a full on one to one fight between the H and the om Even better was the humiliation the h heaps on the om

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    Upon a re read Carew nearly took my heart with his within the first few chapters of the book The unfailing kind poor soul who believes that he may never find someone to truly love him and this fear is entirely reasonable in his situation who then experiences a miracle of an angel professing her love for him albeit initially for different reasons Ah what an emotional journey this was for me I can't recall the last time I rooted for a hero this wholeheartedly and was so glad for his new found happiness Isn't this the reason why we read romance stories?

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    Reread this one coming home on a long international flight I finished all other books that I had left to read on my kindle so I was desperately surfing for a good read Balogh is always a solid choice and I selected this one hoping I would enjoy it the second time around However I still stand by my original rating and review I really couldn't forgive the heroine's duplicity in Dark Angel or in Lord Carew's Bride It took a long time for her to see the evil in Lionel She fell a few pegs on my opinion of great heroinesI'm in the minority on this one but I was a bit disappointed with the story I was expecting something much stronger It started off with a bang but then it just fizzled out There were also a couple of places where things went in the wrong direction I liked the heroine but at times she acted childish for a 24 year old that had been through several Seasons Most of the time she was attracted to the wrong man She was much frivolous and self serving than is typical of Balogh's heroines Though the hero was scrumptious he reacted poorly to something he shouldn't have and that lessened him in my eyes I could have forgiven him anything had he groveled for the hurt he caused But everything conveniently reconciled with a Rocky type finish that was supposed to show his love and protection I would much rather have had him pleading with the heroine for forgiveness Oh well not one of my favorites by MB

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    Samantha Newman was first introduced in the DARK ANGEL Six years ago she had made her debut with the ton She also had met and was kissed by the villain Lord Lionel Kersey There was so much that happened and for this important reason you need to start with that story firstFast forward to the opening of LORD CAREW'S BRIDE Samantha is a four and twenty beautiful young woman with no intention of ever marrying She is currently spending time with her dear friend Jennifer and her husband Gabriel at their northern estate There are other characters from previous stories in the StapletonDownes series that poke their heads in But no matter what is going on Samantha still feels something is missing from her lifeWhile walking on the outskirts of Jennifer's home one day she is admiring the forested land when she hears a voice A kindly disabled gentleman with a knack for landscaping introduces himself As Hartley Wade True to his name over the next few weeks they develop a uiet friendship 'Mr Wade' is none other than the reclusive and rich Lord Carew and the owner of the property He had every intention of telling Samantha whom he is but he sensed in her a deep hurt She accepts him and that is dearly important; he is an average looking man with a lame leg and damaged right hand The hours they spend together walking over the lands fill a void in both of their livesAnd oh there is so much that happens with these two heartbreaking characters I cared for Samantha but I deeply loved Hartley Except for his money and title he was not the typical hero we read so much about these days and I enjoyed thatThis is the fourth story in this sort of but not really a series and at present my favorite As mentioned earlier if you are interested in reading LORD CAREW'S BRIDE just be sure and read DARK ANGEL first If you don't do this you won't understand why Samantha and Hartley suffer the way they do And the villain I mentioned in the first paragraph Lord Kersey? He finally gets his comeuppance and in a most unusual and deserved way Yeah

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    This is a somewhat unusual Regency romance for two reasons Firstly the hero isn't an emotionally damaged Adonis and Secondly not very much happens But that's not a bad thing at all in fact it's rather refreshing There's no big misunderstanding or evil relative trying to get hold of the hero'sheroine's title or fortune; instead this is the story of a young woman who is determined to play safe when it comes to love Samantha had her heart broken several years before and at the ripe old age of 24 regards herself as being on the shelf She meets a crippled landscape gardener in reality the incredibly wealthy Maruis of Carew and they strike up an easy friendship He falls head over heels in love with her at once and although it's clear to the reader that Samantha is also a good way down the same road she herself is unable to see it Carew is merely her best friend she thinks and when he proposes marriage she accepts thinking he will keep her safe from the man who broke her heartCarew himself is almost too good to be true and I suppose if he was angelicallydevilishly handsome he wouldbe He is not ashamed of his physical imperfections and doesn't suffer from an inferiority complex or any bitterness He's well adjusted and isn't duped into believing his cousin's lies about SamanthaSamantha eventually comes to realise that what she feels for her husband is love not just friendship and one of the things I really liked about the book was the way it didn't try to diminish the value of true friendship pointing out how sound a basis it can be for a romantic relationship

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    I had recently heard a lot of good things about this story so I just had to read it and I loved it Loved the Hero in this one ♥️

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    My first Mary Balogh read Truth be told I have high expectations since she indeed is a well known HR author A brief read since it didn't even reached 300 pages No dull moments and fortunately no unnecessary dramas as well I do enjoy the plot albeit the absence of much twists and turns Nevertheless I still ended up enjoying the novel The characters exceeds my expectations despite how short the novel is the characters still managed to capture my heart especially the hero and the heroine The leads are perfect for each other Beauty and the beast as the hero describe it The hero was not your typical handsome rogue for he is half crippled insecure not handsome but not handsome as well but alas the heroine and I have come to love him for who he truly is The heroine on the other hand despite her alluring beauty is not conceited A mature responsible lass Comfortable in a country life