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Betsy Taylor Thought Entering The World Of The Undead Was A Big Adjustment Being A New Bride Isn T Much Easier The Blush Has Only Been On For Two Months, And Betsy Has A Lot To Do Set Up The New House, Finish Writing Thank You Notes, And Raise BabyJon, Her Half Brother And Legal Ward Just Another Happy American Family Adjusting To Marital BlissBetsy S Husband, Sinclair, Has Been Perusing The Book Of The Dead, And Betsy S Visited By A Ghost Who S Even Insufferable, Stubborn, And Annoying In Death Than She Was In Life She Not Only Blames Betsy For Her Condition But Insists She Fix It It S All Just A Prelude To The Fun And Games Awaiting Betsy And Sinclair When A Pack Of Formerly Feral Vampires, Hungry For Blood And Power, Pays A Visit To The Happy Couple Undead and Unworthy is the continuing story of Betsy the Vampire Queen , and her gang of friends It s the seventh book in the series, and unfortunately I felt that it was one of the weakest.MaryJanice Davidson prefaced the book with a note to the reader letting us know that this is the first book in a new story arc Along with new cover art, it seems like the story lines have gotten a little sexier and lighter But it just didn t seem to have that much substance to me The past novels in the series were also light and sexy, but there was enough character development to draw me in In this one, it just seemed like event after event after event occurred but I didn t really care what happened to whom, or why, or how.I used to really like this series, but I think it s gotten a little too fluffy for me I just wish there was a little for me to sink my teeth into Ha That was some bad vampire humor I m not sure if I ll continue with this series I might give it one go since I have a soft spot in my heart for it, and it is a pretty quick read But this one almost put me off Unworthy, indeed. Another fun romp with Queen Betsy with the wonderful Nancy Wu making it a lot fun There was a brief synopsis of the events that led up to this book, but Davidson still wasted a lot of words recapping I hate that This is pap If I picked up the series from this book, I really wouldn t miss anything without the recap It s just not that complicated Spending 5 minutes telling me the back story on a character is not needed plain boring. It s been than 4 years since I read the previous instalment of this series, and in the meantime either my tastes have changed or the author got lazy, because this was barely worthy of finishing, let alone 2 stars I m in a generous mood This used to be a fresh, fast and funny series, but this book in particular was just 240 pages of recap and wisecrackery Granted, there is the smallest kernel of plot, but I suspect I d have to read on to judge whether or not it advanced the story at all, and I m not sure I m prepared to do that. Undead and UnboringThis series never disappoints Quick , easy, fun reads This book included I love the antics that go on 4 Stars The series is fun and mindless to read Her last two books of this series were getting to a better story line yet without much plot However, it just keeps getting better and better and I cannot wait to see what happens next Among some of my favorites Outstanding literary work The characters are well developed, interesting The liked characters are likable and the hated are unlikable The writing is captivating enough to keep you interested until the end and leave you wanting It has a fairly original or uniquely well developed plot The pretense and romance was well balanced and done with properly distributed amounts of hints, behaviors and chemistry Not so much predictable if at all Overall, loved it, I recommend reading At one time I loved this series It was witty, cute and easy to read A wonderful beach read or break between heavier books And then MaryJanice Davidson broke a carnal rule one I believe in a lot She allowed a situation to alter the timeline I presume she did this so she could undo some decisions and happenings from previous books that were unpopular with readers or because she had written herself into a bit of a corner and wasn t sure how to get out of it again to keep things moving Either way it s despicable to me that Davidson did this I read one book after this to see if I could get into this new world and absolutely couldn t I just hate knowing that the six books before this one are or less wiped out of existence If you love this series stop at book 6 Make up your own ending and carry on to a different series I suggest trying Macalister Katie her dragon and vampire romance books are very similar and equally funny if you want something similar. I love the Queen Betsy books as well as MaryJanice Davidson s other books I found that this one had to same humor in it But I would really probably give it 3 1 2 stars Better than average, but not as good as the others.It was the beginning of a new arc, as expressed by the new cover art People have had significant problems with the new cover art and many actually said they wouldn t get it or would import the British version so they would not have this cover on their shelf While I don t think it is the greatest cover and it doesn t really represent Betsy to me, I think that s crazy It s a picture not picked by the author and doesn t represent what s inside Inside, it s the same lightweight book it s always been.What did bother me about the book was Nick He was constantly bitching and moaning and being nasty I get that Betsy felt bad about what she did to him in the first book, but she took a good bit of verbal abuse from him without reacting I found the lack of anger at some of what he was saying strange Anyone else would have kicked his ass And the fact that Jessica still stayed with him despite the open hatred and desire to kill her best friend puzzled me And he was in the book for a good majority of the time I was actually hoping he would die I m also hoping that the break up between Nick and Jessica means he won t be in the next one He s the reason I didn t think it was as good as the others I was just really annoyed anytime he was there.Who I do want to be in the books is Marc I honestly forget him as a character until he pops up again I like him while he s there, but he s almost never there Still, MJD did trim down her character pool a little, though it was sad, and maybe they won t be replaced for a while. It was entertaining I may have chuckled in a few places It isn t rocket science I m not even sure what the plot arc was But I m not walking away thinking it was a waste of my time. MJD points out in her introduction that the new cover of UNDEAD AND UNWORTHY reflects the new direction that this book and the two upcoming ones will follow a mini story arc within a story arc Frankly, I m not all that thrilled Betsy is still Betsy still childish, still prone to immaturity, still interested with having sex with her new husband as often as possible, still the new guardian of Baby Jon although he s conspicuously missing from this installment , still back and forth with best friend Jessica, still vampire non grata for Detective Nick It s all still there, with a bit of humor thrown in, and a new weird sideline into what I guess is the aforementioned arc My biggest complaint with the story was the fact that, although after seven books I realize that MJD never goes into much description for ANYTHING, I was shocked that there was a major and majorly depressing conclusion to the book that was summed up in about three pages I hate that Really I don t expect the author to go into intricate detail a la Stephen King of description, dialogue, and backstory as I said, it s not MJD s trademark , but just a few pages when you ve seriously lessened the number of main characters Okay, overall, I didn t mind spending 2 1 2 hours reading UNDEAD AND UNWORTHY And I ll still follow the series, even though it s not as great as it once was basically, during the first two books But I m putting MJD on notice that, really, it s just not right to indiscriminately kill off some of my favorite characters.