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Playing with Fire — Young widow Roxanna Drew was fair game in the sport of cads Her suddenly impoverished state made her as vulnerable as her beauty made her tempting to men with money than morals Lord Marshall Whitcomb who held her purse strings in his pawing hands was intent on luring her into his bed But even dangerous was Lord Winn who owned the dwelling where she sought refuge The dashing lord reminded the widow that the lure of sharing a warm bed on a winter's night might indeed be worth the risksLord Winn had trusted one woman and been betrayed That disastrous marriage had endowed him with a wariness of females in general and prospective wives in particular But when the door to the dower house on one of his estates was opened by a woman with a cautious smile and memorable brown eyes he knew here was danger to avoid at all costs if he really wanted to

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    A sweet and benign romance without any major complicationsLovely complete characters kids heart wrenchingly adorable and a simple yet engrossing storylineIt has some very endearing moments and flashes of brilliance where it draws you in completely So where lies the problem or part thereof? The H comes across as too mild and ineffectual at times despite many actions that are befitting only to a resolute alpha witness his war time adversities and heroism the unyielding way in which he divorced his cheating wife how he decides and acts on his resolution to save the h’s kids for her So his going away for long periods to let the h make up her mind when he should not only have stayed and forced her hand but also taken better care of his new familyThe h is pretty likable and is a determined doer Her love and relationship with her daughters is the best part of the book And for a change we had a h who knew her body’s needs and accepts it without shame But her taking the whole book to realize that perhaps she loves the H from the beginning is again a mehThe h’s daughters are one of the most adorable and well fleshed out kid’s characters I’ve read recently And I loved the them The older one serious and emotionally vulnerable while the younger one decisive and articulate a copy of her mom But the older girl at 6 acted almost like someone double her age and that rankled somewhatAnd the biggest problem is the length and the seemingly unending filler happenings that happen making me skim again and again and a communion in their wedding that did not They are two nice suitable and practical people who like and trust and lust each other so why do they decide to live apart as a moc couple and not give their marriage even a try like anyone sensible naturally would That was most frustratingBut unlike some reviewers I tried to understand and accept the redeeming of the villainous brother in law In the end it seemed befitting and meaningful It fitted nicely with the overall sweet and gentle tone of the book

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    Wonderful historically appropriate decent hopeful romantic novel It would be a brilliant thing if all romance writers were as consistent as Carla KellyThere's nothing in this book off the beaten path of Carla Kelly's typical fare Actually it's on the lighthearted side I say that but the heroine's husband is dead at an early age her kids are struggling to cope she has no money and she's being sexually harassed by her brother in law The hero is a divorcee blamed for the behaviour of his ex wife So still fairly heavy subject matter But somehow because all the main characters are good people and optimistic it's warm and enveloping and lovely Even the kids are non annoying CK weaves a great romance A relationship of convenience followed by a marriage of convenience and two people who fall for one another but for their own misguided reasons are sure the other one does not feel the same Watching them move their way towards one another is a thing of All The Suee It loses a star because it takes too long for them to acknowledge their feelings and whilst I'm not expecting a whole level of explicit sex from CK this is entirely fade to black And I wanted these two in bed together because they're so great out of bedGreat book though And if you're into festive reads in the run up to Christmas which don't overdose on the Holiday Hijinx this one is for you

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    This book is really interestingI have liked the intelligence of Roxanna Drew in such a desperate situationThe ending is so funny as well as romantic

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    In England during Regency times there were very few legitimate grounds for divorce and it was socially hurtful for both parties no matter what the reason Colonel Fletcher Rand Lord Winn knew the ramifications of this first hand Upon an untimely return from a battle in Spain he found his wife in bed with a friend from Oxford who was his best man Forgiveness might have come at a later date; instead he found that she had been 'in company' with many men Divorce was the only solution Even though he was the victim the dissolution of his marriage was unforgivable by the ton They shunned him Winn had told his family that he never wanted to marry again but it was a lie He was a lonely man This was of course before he met a vicar's widow Mrs DrewLord Winn was rambling between each of his landholdings when he came upon Mrs Roxanna Drew and her young daughters living in a dowager's house He soon acuired very strong feelings for her but the actual romance built slowly Mrs Roxie Drew made him want to take her in his arms and just hold her until moss grew over them both and they blended into the landscapeIn the background lurked Roxanna's brother in law Marshall Drew Nothing like his deceased brother he came up with a devious strategy that included forcing Roxanna to live with him at his estate Winn interrupted that planAll the signature trademarks of a 'Kelly romance' are found here The Hh talking to themselves weeping at various times by both parties trust issues and forgiveness This story included several minor misunderstandings found in the second half of the book that went on a bit too long for my tastes Even so I love that Mrs Kelly's world does not just center on dancing and the glitter of proper society Her heroes and heroines are complex people with flaws Her 'Regencies' lack the gimmicks found in many historical romances of this era but they are wonderful comfort books She tends to focus at least in part on the working class Lastly there was plenty of emotion and you can tell that the author enjoys writing it was not just a job

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    I really liked this one I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the Carla Kelly books that have been recently published I liked that this one was not your typical regency It takes place entirely in the country which was a nice change of pace Ms Kelly certainly knows how to tell a story you uickly get sucked in and the characters become real Roxanna was a really likable lead very strong Even though she may put off bad news she always figures out how to take care of things I really liked her cute daughters Helen and Felicity they were so endearing especially little Felicity And then there is Lord Winn I really liked him Even though his life has been hard and had a disastrous first marriage he was still positive and kind of a tease I guess when you’re smitten with someone it brings out your good side and that is definitely what happened with him He was so cute with little Helen and Felicity; it was easy to see why the girls fell for him so easily I normally don’t got for the whole “love at first sight” angel but in Winn’s case it was believable I thought Winn and Roxanna had great chemistry together; I especially enjoyed their playful banter I love that he was willing to do anything for his Roxie I admit there towards the end the two really could have used a little communication but I did end up liking how everything played out I guess every good story needs a good misunderstanding Overall really enjoyable and one I would totally recommend Content Clean Mild innuendo

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    By far one of the best regency romances I have ever read If you are a fan of romance I highly recommend It's now available electronically so do not delay

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    It was sweet it was touching it was warm The hero was a truly good kind man I'm a big fan of sweetness and warmth and I adore kindly heroes who I'd genuinely adore in real life So far so good right? Can you feel the looming 'but'? I should also add that I devoured this book with uncharacteristic uickness and it was on balance my favorite of the Carla Kelly novels I've read And yet somehow I'm still left realizing that Carla Kelly just isn't for me I completely understand why people adore her I just can't bring myself to feel the same It's a tired analogy but in this case an apt one For me her books are like that guy who looks as if he'd be perfect for you on paper who you want to love and know you SHOULD love but who you just can't uite click and connect with The overall style tone and feel of these books just don't work for me In my admittedly unpopular opinion her books tend to be too maudlin and overwrought in certain places and too stiff in others There's also something I find oddly uneven about the pacing and plotting In this book we're ambling along gently almost TOO gently and then suddenly in the second half we get a sort of 'everything but the kitchen sink' litany of conflicts and issues hurled at our H and h The h by the way while admirable is a bit of a Mary Sue I've found that many of CK's heroines are a touch too unrelatably 'perfect' for my taste not to mention adored and desired by everyone who's not an outright villain And there's a contrivance that keeps our H and h from confirming they love each other until the last couple of pages that I found particularly eyeroll worthy There are a few wildly popular romance authors whose appeal completely eludes me Carla Kelly however isn't among them I really do get the affection for her work; I've just found myself woefully unable to share it

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    What a delightful readIt's offical now Carla Kelly is one of the best authors I love to readI couldn't stop reading it and I finished the book whole enthusiasm until the end I couldn't remember when was the last time I was affected by a plot I must declare that I love every charachters every part of the story Hero was magnificent heroine is such a sweet and loveable lady I can't express how cute 2 little girls and their relations with hero There are so many good things about to mentionIt was very charming very happy reading for me I want to thank you Linda and Luli for bringing the book to my attention

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    July’s prompt for the multi blog TBR Challenge was to read a book that had either won or been nominated for a RITA award; Mrs Drew Plays Her Hand won the award for Best Regency Romance back in 1995As she does in so many of her books Carla Kelly imbues a serious story with humour warmth and tenderness and writes a pair of engaging central characters whose flaws only make them seem that much humanRoxana Drew was happily married for a number of years bearing her husband – a clergyman two daughters before he became seriously ill For the last few years of his life he was a bedridden invalid and Roxana nursed him cheerfully and tirelessly Six months after his death she receives a very unwelcome and unpleasant proposition from his older brother Lord Whitcomb He must appoint another to the living which means that Roxana and her daughters – Helen and Felicity – will have to find another home He suggests that they all move into his house and that in return for providing shelter Roxana should become his mistress seeing as his own wife has absolutely no interest in the physical side of marriage and is unlikely to give him any childrenRoxana is naturally stunned and horrified by this suggestion and realises that she must make alternative arrangements and make them uickly When she is on one of her many long countryside walks she comes across the uninhabited and somewhat dilapidated dower house on the neighbouring Moreland estate She suggests to the bailiff that she could rent the property and help to renovate it – and he agrees When Whitcomb finds out he is livid but with the help of the bailiff and a few of the estate workers Roxana and her daughters very uickly move to their new homeThe owner of the estate – and the house – is Fletcher Rand Maruess of Winn a former officer who has spent little time in England of late and who rarely visits his various holdings Winn was married to a beautiful woman who cuckolded him repeatedly – and so he divorced her Divorce at this time was incredibly difficult and scandalous but even though Winn was the injured party he is still persona non grata as far as society is concerned That doesn’t particularly worry him although it does mean that marrying again – should he want to – will be very difficult as most of the suitable young ladies avoid him because of his tarnished reputation That suits him however given his previous experience of matrimony although his sisters are continually nagging at him to remarry and provide an heirAs one way of avoiding his sisters’ company Winn decides it’s time for him to make the rounds of his various estates and it’s on one such trip that he encounters Roxana and her daughters Stunned to find the vicar’s widow is a lovely young woman he soon finds himself falling for her He has intended to stay in Yorkshire for only a short time but he so greatly enjoys spending time with Roxana and her family that he can’t bear to tear himself awayWhen just before Christmas Whitcomb threatens to remove the girls from Roxana’s care she is distraught but Winn comes to her aid once again with a rather outrageous suggestion If they marry he will be legally responsible for the girls and her brother in law won’t be able to touch them Roxana uickly sees this is the only way to secure their futures and agrees to a marriage of convenience She finds Winn very attractive but he has given no sign that he feels anything for her other than friendship and in spite of the relationship that has developed between him and the girls he is adamant that he doesn’t like children or want any of his own and makes it clear that he does not intend to “bother” his wife by actually living in the same house with her for than a few weeks a yearThis part of the story is rather frustrating because Winn is so very cautious about showing Roxana how he feels that she has absolutely no idea that he’s fallen in love with her She takes him at his word as not wanting another wife because of the way his ex wife treated him so she is very careful not to overstep the boundaries of their convenient marriage which in turn signals to Winn that she’s not attracted to him when in fact she loves and wants him desperatelyOtherwise Winn is an engaging endearing hero who is kind generous and possessed of the sort of competence and self assurance that is incredibly attractive In spite of his assertions that he dislikes children he is immediately captivated by Helen and Felicity and I loved the way Ms Kelly shows us through their interactions how much Winn actually longs to be part of a loving family and what a great father he could be Roxana is strong and pragmatic but sometimes wishes she had someone with whom to share her burdens She misses the companionship she had enjoyed with her husband and misses the physical side of marriage something about which she feels than a little ashamed because of course “proper” ladies didn’t enjoy sex or think about anything below the waist The conflict towards the end of the story which is exacerbated by both protagonists’ particular negative traits; her tendency to procrastinate and his fear of rejection – is somewhat frustrating as is the rather improbable volte face by Lord Whitcomb who hangs his head in shame and is then forgiven for his earlier nastinessOverall however the book is very well written the principals are likeable well drawn characters and their romance is sweet and develops at a sensible pace The dialogue has a naturalistic feel to it that makes it easy to believe in the strength of the emotional connection between the two leads and the characterisation is strong all round I’m not a big fan of children in romance novels but Ms Kelly brings truth and warmth to her depiction of Helen and Felicity which isn’t something every author can do In spite of my reservations Mrs Drew Plays Her Hand is a really lovely story and one I enjoyed very much

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    I'll preface this with the disclaimer that I've read Carla Kelly's work before and while I really enjoyed The Lady's Companion Mrs Drew Plays Her Hand fell pretty far short of the mark Her setup was good the premise was really good her dialogue's passable and I even enjoyed the kids in the story even if the youngest did kind of cross the line into sickeningly cute territory My problem is that Kelly has a real problem writing any negativity I get that these books are written as an escape that a lot of people want to go somewhere pleasant for a few hours of their lives But Roxanna Drew is being preyed on by her lecherous brother in law Marshall Drew is the one conflict point in the story and not only is he rarely brought up when he is utilized in the story it's either as the cartoonishly villainous fiend or the suddenly contrite brother in law who's oh so sorry he ever caused his brother's widow a moment's harm There's no build up to the resolution of the story he's just better and not being an ass any and the things he tried to do are totally OK with everyone He physically assaulted the heroine at one point in the story but it's OK because he just didn't know what he was thinking Seriously?I couldn't bring myself to like any of the characters Fletcher is a weirdo He likes Roxanna but keeps up this creepy inner dialogue that the reader is treated to constantly while not having the guts to tell her how he feels And Roxanna the imbecile who can't seem to figure out that Fletcher likes her the incomparably sweet and competent widow who doesn't know her own beauty Spare me She's two tiny steps away from being a full blown Mary Sue and Fletcher is her dimwitted pervy acolyte It's not terrible but it's way too saccharine not nearly witty enough to balance the cutesy crap and the romance is far from satisfying I don't need gratuitous sex scenes or flowery declarations but a little tender heart to heart might be nice Something It was a disappointment I think I'll go find a Lisa Kleypas book I haven't read yet