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Readers Can T Get Enough Of The New York Times Bestselling Author A Favor For Jason, Vampire Hunter Anita Blake S Werewolf Lover, Puts Her In The Center Of A Fullblown Scandal That Threatens Master Vampire Jean Claude S Reign, And Makes Her A Pawn In An Ancient Vampire Queen S New Rise To Power

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    Welcome to the Death of a Series Once upon a time there was a girl She liked to read A lot She especially liked to read about books with paranormal alternate realities in them because the real world had lost its magic to things like Reality TV, male dominated debates about women s reproductive rights and vacuous celebrity worship One day she stumbled upon a book titled Guilty Pleasures and though both the title and the cover seemed rather cheesy she figured she d give it a try Enter one imperfect, stubborn, narrow minded but somehow highly lovable main character named Anita Blake The girl had never met such a bad ass chick Anita didn t take shit from anyone, never compromised her beliefs because of the opinions of others and never looked to anyone else to get herself out of an impossible situation The girl was intrigued Did she like this wise cracking hard ass Or was her personality too strong and grating at times With the arrival of one Jean Claude, master vampire and sex on legs love interest, the girl knew that she d stick around to see where the series went Who could resist such chemistry Who could resist such an original and detailed paranormal world Then came book two, The Laughing Corpse, and with it the progression of Anita as a character The girl watched this stubborn MC learn from her mistakes, adjust her behavior and her mindset as she gained and knowledge of the preternatural crowd into which she had been drawn The necromancer s mind began to open, just a little, but it was enough that the girl could see the character growth and could tell that there was to this MC than the tough outer layer she d been shown Following this was Circus of the Damned and the girl was treated to undead Ma Petite filled angst, an intriguing mystery and the introduction of a love triangle In The Lunatic Caf the girl realized that though she abhorred most love triangles this one was executed in such a way that she could actually tolerate it Not only that, but she could see no clear winner Neither of the men seemed the obvious choice for the heroine, in fact, the girl herself couldn t even make up her mind She was also shown the detailed inner workings of a werewolf pack and though she would have preferred another murder mystery she somehow didn t mind that this book focused on monster politics Three books later the love triangle ended in such a way that the girl began to get nervous Choosing a man because you fear him less than the other Because he seems the human of the two Should she stop Could she go on Yes To both By book ten the girl noticed that sex was beginning to become prevalent than plotline She wondered why the MC couldn t make up her mind and how she was able to love so many men at once Why was the character she once respected turning into a misogynistic bitch And what was with her raging lady boner for double standards and hypocrisy By book 12 the girlfuck it, we all know it s me By book 12 I wondered what happened to that character progression I had so looked forward to It seemed if anything, my beloved Anita was moving backwards in her beliefs and was becoming unable to own up to her actions, blaming them on things like The Ardeur and even other people She became whiny and overly combative and unlikeable I was also incredibly disturbed that Anita s va jay jay was beginning to resemble a preternatural black hole Why was one man not enough Why were five not enough Oh and lets not forget the bestiality shudders By book fifteen I hated almost every character and began to question my sanity I wondered if watching The Jersey Shore was a better use of my time.After reading the synopsis for Blood Noir as well as a few of the reviews I decided to bag up all the previous books I owned in the series and donate them to my father s skeet shooting club in the hopes that they d serve better for target practice than they did as literature I then sought a hypnotist to erase the memory of this series from my mind So far that hasn t panned outThis review can also be found at The Alliterates.

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    SUPERSLUT POWERS, ACTIVATE Superslut Anita Blake is back While the overall story was good, Hamilton s attempt at erotica, as usual, was lacking When reading erotica, I expect, well, MORE The erotic sections are bland and unimaginative The horrible display of BDSM is appalling in that Hamilton has a main character in the series IGNORE the safe word No matter how well the characters know each other, there is no justification for ignoring the safe word If Hamilton wants to improve the erotic portions of her work, she should provide details to fire the readers imagination Longtime readers know that Micah is better endowed than Richard who is in turn larger than Jason, but in erotica, size matters, give us the details how large is large In Blood Noir we are told several times that Anita is riveted by Jason s stomach could not figure out if he was doing crunches or what, but it would help the reader to have detail I presume since Jason is a stripper that he has an appealing and ripped body, but details would help feed the imagination It takes to fire the imagination than stating that Jason has business short blond hair, a shade of blond of which Hollywood stars are envious Yes, we know Jason, he s been a supporting character forever, but please provide details if you want us to lust over him in the scenes Lack of personal details and imaginative sex, drags down the erotic sections of the book as it has with previous books Unfortunately, by this point in the series, the ardeur is played out How many people superslut Blake can perform with to save everyone is too clich , as we all know that is the only way Anita can save the day any.Excluding the unimaginative erotic portions of the book, the story was a nice piece on Jason Jason has been one of my favorite characters since his too brief appearance back in Lunatic Caf It s good to see him featured and learn about his past, his family, and his motivations Fortunately, as in the last few books, the erotic scenes are becoming fewer, but unfortunately, they are the only scenes giving the book direction.What was missing was the paranormal Where were the zombie raisings Where was the use of Anita s necromancer abilities Is her power growing If so, how and to what extent As in the last few books, the Mother of Darkness makes some appearances and Anita goes in superslut mode Anita appears to be a necromancer in name only these days Gone are the days of true action and paranormal abilities outside the tiresome ardeur I miss her stuffed toys, her coffee mugs to irritate Bert, how she flaunts her wardrobe at Animators, Inc to irritate Bert I miss new and or interesting villains dragging out the Mother of Darkness storyline into each and every book is becoming repetitive and indicative of lazy writing Anita lacks substance these days as she threads water What happened to the days when Anita was trying to save children and people and struggled with real world issues in a paranormal world Please do not get me wrong, as the book is a good read for the Jason story, but for the love of God, please do yourself a favor and skip over the bad erotica, unless bad porn is your thing.

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    I have decided to write off this series and not pick it up every again Hamilton has no sense of timing or style any longer She repeats phrases within paragraphs of each other Her one liners don t hold the same endearing quality and charm they once used to My fiance skipped entire chapters of sex scenes to get to the story and had it read in a matter of hours.The message boards are alight today Part of the problem might be her die hard fans that won t hear any bad critique, and keep telling her to write the sloppy mess the Anita Blake series has become Even here on Goodreads, the only Hamilton group has a softly worded warning telling you not to talk about how bad they have become.I suppose I should start my own Hamilton group and provide her with the real support a true fan wouldand tell her it s all gone to shit and she needs to turn it around before her sells get too low Working in a library I can tell you this, her holdings for the new book are sad, only five As compared to only three Blake books ago on release week it topped over forty.Don t even get me started on the graphic novels.UPDATE 1 22 09 Okay, I m trying to read this again I m in chapter 6 and the thought has occurred to me to edit the book to my liking The copy I have is a water damaged library withdrawn and I could just attack it with a pen and see what I m left with This could be fun I ll let you know when I m done, and how many pages I remove.

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    Hey, does anyone else remember when the Anita Blake books were actually kind of mysteries, with plots and everything Instead of page after page of the most boring ass relationship dissection discussions ever, all of which you have read several times before Seriously, this book advances the overall plot in the Blake oeuvre not at all Ninety percent of the book is Anita and Jason either talking about sex or having sex, with special guest appearances by other characters having sex or talking sex with Anita And all of the discussions and sex acts serve to prove two things 1., Anita remains frustratingly dense about the most basic social interactions and psychology, and 2., despite this fact, she is still the hottest woman ever and everyone and everything in the world, whether male or female, living or dead, human or not, desires to have huge amounts of sex with her Then Marmee Noir makes one teensy and ambiguous move, and then you get the standard last chapter that attempts to wrap up and advance every idea brought forth in the rest of the book in 3 sentences or less The writing in this series has also continued to go seriously downhill I used to love the dark atmosphere the early books created, but and , this series reads like transcripts from a sex addict s boring therapy sessions Personally, I feel that Hamilton has fallen too much in love with her characters, and ignores things like PLOT that tend to get in the way of her endless noodling around in her beloved characters psyches The fact that she over identifies with Anita has been obvious since one compared the author photo to the character s physical description in the very first book, but this trend has also gotten worse as time goes on One petty thing that bugged the heck out of me this time around all the characters took to saying like a lot, and it was punctuated incorrectly EVERY TIME For example, someone would say That s like really awesome of you, as opposed to That s, like, really awesome of you And sad to say, that s pretty much the typical level of the discourse in this book I certainly don t think I ll be rushing out to buy any of these.

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    I wouldn t say this continued the downhill drive of the Anita Blake books, but perhaps it hit a plateau It has the same flaws as most of the recent books in the series poorly written erotica, far too much navel gazing, not enough meaty plot but the flaws seem to have been acknowledged and have been worked on There were only two of the over the top erotica scenes, both with Jason although one included Nathaniel , although I could have done without the preceding chapter of discussion of who, where,why, and how the sex was going to take place before each scene There was a third scene that is only alluded to, which is even pleasantly surprising I don t think we can expect a change from the multiple partners and graphic yet not sexy scenes that seems to, as Anita would say, flat do it for LKH but at least she seems to be using the scenes and lifestyle reasonably.As far as the plottiness of the book is concerned, it was a little light until the end Mostly, there is a lot of introspection and wibbling from Anita about her relationship with Jason, and a lot of background on Jason, his hometown, and his family and then wham Quite a bit of action at the end Still, we haven t seen a lot of Marshal Anita Blake in recent novels, so it was nice to see those elements re emerge It gives me hope there may be even in the next novel, as from what I understand, this was intended to be of a side novel ala Micah Anita even references both of her jobs, as federal marshal and reanimator, so maybe eventually we ll actually see her do them again.As you can expect, there is of course a lot of wonky ardeur complications, Marmee Noir antics, and ever were animals insinuating themselves into Anita s life However, in the plus column, although we see the usual wanky Richard, we also see Richard as he was in the early days Dare I say I have hope for his character, too All in all, it seem that LKH has heard her fans concerns, and is addressing them to some small degree I do believe that some things will never change, and those that keep reading the series will have to live with the ardeur and the his em , as I have heard LKH call Anita s bevy of men, as well as Anita s continually growing powers I think the best we ll get is a blend between old Anita s action packed adventures and new Anita s erotically charged ones I guess I can live with that.ETA Reading reviews, I remembered a couple other little quibbles I had First, the dialog My god, these characters should not be tossing like into their sentences like teenage MySpacers, especially when it s inconsistent with their speech patterns from previous books As well, every time Jason referred to someone as soooo hot, it yanked me out of the conversation I know he s supposed to be a bit frivolous on the surface, but really again, he s not a thirteen year old girl I like Jason, he s one of my favorite characters, so LKH, please, stop undermining him.Second, complete FAIL on understanding how birth control works One missed pill should not create the pregnancy angst and drama that it did in this book, especially since Anita s pregnancy scare a few books back was a complete false alarm Ahem Anyway Two stars Or, for Anita and company, like soooo two stars.ETA 2 last time, I swear This is a response I posted to a review that assumed that those of us that are critical of the book are prudes and should just stop reading if we hate the books so much you know, the typical troo line of thinking I don t think it s fair to call fans disappointed with the series prudes or whining wankers I m personally a fan of romance and erotica, so the sex isn t the issue for me It s how the characters have changed so drastically from where they started off Re read Guilty Pleasures or The Laughing Corpse and then re read Danse Macabre It s barely believable that this is the same protagonist, and the same series That s the issue most of us have Yes, I understand character development, but the series has become something completely, totally different than where it started, and many of us, who still consider ourselves fans, miss seeing Anita working at Animators Inc and solving crimes, which has gone missing in favor of the long, involved, detailed sex scenes That s the problem, not the fact that the sex is present at all I cheered when Anita initially slept with Jean Claude after so many books of sexual tension I didn t cheer, however, when Micah raped her, or the swan mane changed on top of her, or when we had a whole book with no action DM YMMV That s the nature of reading and forming an opinion Just don t call it prudery I keep reading because I remember those first 8 10 books, and hope the series will return to its full potential I don t know about you guys, but that s why I don t just stop reading.

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    Jason Schuyler s dad is about ready to die, and Jason needs to bring back a girlfriend so his dad can die knowing that Jason wasn t gay Yes, this is a plotline too cheesy for the most sappy of Lifetime movies, but whatever We need to know about Jason now, so this is the plot we have to work with.So Jason takes Anita Blake back to his home to visit his family Why not his girlfriend from the last few books, Perdita Oh, she s a harpy that won t let Jason sleep around and wants monogamy And of course, it s totally OK for Jason to not want monogamy, even though in Danse Macabre , Anita chewed Ronnie out for the same damn thing.The two head to Jason s home and stupid crazy barely sitcom worthy plots appear look alike cousins Drunk brides A cheating politician s son And of course some vampires and werebeasts because Anita hasn t added a new man to her roster yet.Saying that the Anita Blake series particularly these last few books is a strange, addictive kind of awful is a bit boring, particularly if you have been saying it for at least 6 books And in my case, someone who is not a fan and is just trying to observe and analyze the phenomenon, I ve been critiquing this series from book 1 So if you ve been bored of me saying Anita Blake is horrible and The writing sucks , I can completely understand.So, to spice things up, I ve decided to tell this review in pictures that convey how I feel about different portions of the review After the pictures, I d like to try to summarize in the briefest of words my thoughts and then provide some quotes, if applicable.Without further ado Blood Noir, a Review in PicturesAnita BlakeTimes She Asks What does it mean 11Times Anita Analyzes a Handshake 3 Phyllis, Iris, and Alex Anita Blake Vampire Hunter The Executioner Necromancer And about a bajillion other titles She s the protagonist of the series, but as the series continues, it s harder and harder to think of her as a straight protagonist Her powers are uncontrollable They continue to expand exponentially, often taking control of those around her, and no one, least of all Anita herself, even THINKS to try to find a way to get rid of them.She continues to be the same hypocrite, rude, sexist, narcissist, who still hasn t gotten over the fact it s OK to want sex, she has been in the last 15 books And you just made all of your old friends think that I would allow any boyfriend of mine to ignore me for an hour as he was pawed by old lovers It s not OK if you cheat on me Now, me having sex with another man, that s OK, because I have the ardeur and it needs to FEED. Why was it always wrong for me to admit that I simply wanted to be with someone not because I had no choice, but because for once, I did I don t know, Anita I would think after having regular, frequent sex for the last 10 books, you would be OK with it now. You don t have any hobbies You don t do anything to relax, except sex Uh, this doesn t sound like a hobby it sounds like a sex addict.

    If he d been a girlfriend, I d have asked by now, but guy friends are different Sometimes you have to sneak up on them like some sort of wild animalall men are leery of their emotions Spook them and they ll shut down If you re careful, quiet, not too eager, sometimes you ll learn Men need privacy when they finally break down Ah, patriarchy So nice to see you are alive and well not To have someone who says she loves you limit how you express yourself in the bedroom is like a small death It kills the soul If he isn t getting pleased, it s not because they are sexually not compatible Oh, no, it s HER fault for squelching him. Could I just not tell the difference Was I so confused about sex and love that without Nathaniel or someone else, I couldn t tell the difference between wanting a man for lust and wanting him for love

    The concept of one single person being the all, end all for you, that I missed Because having eight men fawn over you and worship you is just so bleh compared to one.

    And because LKH feels the need to tell us how awesome Anita is in case all her spangly super powers don t already prove it , she makes sure to intersperse the dialogue with lots of compliments to Anita most of them compliments Anita does not deserve I didn t mean any disrespect Peterson Yeah, you did, but my ego doesn t bruise that easily Anita You are one of the most grown up people I know Jason to Anita But then, you are one of the least commitment phobic people I know I stared down at him I know some people who might argue that with you I know there are people who would argue that I have no self control at all They re just jealous, he whispered Anita Blake and Jason SchuylerWhat is Anita s relationship to Jason Does she love him or just love having sex with him Or maybe who cares At this point in the book, Jason is just one of many Jean Claude, Richard, Asher, Damien, Micah, Nathaniel, Requiem, London, and Haven sorta Why do we care about his story Why do we care about his relationship with Anita Why is it important for them to figure out whether they are boyfriend girlfriend I m sorry, lovers , because Anita says that boyfriend sounds too junior high or f buddies And why must Jason be yet another one of the men with a history of abuse albeit not sexual or openly physical abuse Does no one in these books have a semi normal childhood The CharactersGood luck trying to pick out the characters in this book You have the evil, bigoted father, the tender hearted, long suffering mother, the bubbly sister, the grumpy sister, the drunk bride, the quirky maid of honor, the d bag politician s son who can t help but cheat on his fianc , and a thousand other clich s Even characters like Jean Claude, Richard, Nathaniel, and Micah are almost indiscernible from the noise of so many characters.A Bridal PartyAfter Jason sees his father in the hospital, he and Anita make their way to the best hotel in the town Of course, that is the hotel that Keith Summerland s fianc e is using for her bachelorette party And thus ensues hijinks and delightful misunderstandings , kissing Anita Sue s , and generally making women look like a horrible species.Pre Coital Consensual SexWhat sex scene is complete without a couple of chapters or 10 having the characters talk about their horrible childhoods Or whine about the metaphysical crap that has happened to them Or ask each other questions about stuff you the reader have known since book 1 What do you mean that is a mood killer The SexGrabbing people s thighs, sports cuffs and safe words like Enough are totally BDSM Black Out Non Consensual SexThere is so totally NOTHING WRONG with waking up and finding out you had sex with three men two of them complete strangers for the past two days You don t really need to freak out or ANYTHING The Wrap UpEh, writing conclusions are so tough And who wants to write a main character investigating bad guys Let s just spend the last few chapters wrapping it up.The WritingAnd because it wouldn t be LKH without some amazing writing, here we go He lived on that emotional edge for me That edge that felt familiar The edge that Nathaniel had lived on for awhile The edge that Asher had lived on His eyes were all blue skies, spring skies But as he leaned in towards me, the blue deepened so that his eyes were the color of summer and nothing as soft as spring He was thinking so loud, I could almost hear it I heard that sound, not with my ears but with my skin It was wrong, too, that I couldn t figure out what was wrong Jason felt my emotions, felt what Richard made me feel The quiet was strangely loud, as if I could feel him thinking furiously In some ways Blood Noir wasn t half bad, but what hurts the book most is its pointlessness Jason has been around for almost 10 books I really wasn t looking for a book dealing with his drama particularly when it was the same My daddy abused me wah wah type We already had a book with Anita and one of her lovers heading to a crime, and that book Micah was a lot better than this one because A it was shorter and B it bothered to actually address the plot And then we have the lamest plot contrivance ever when your characters are calling out how stupid your plot is, maybe you ought to rethink what you are writing Once again, if you ve loved the books up to now, you ll probably love this, but if you re a fan and have not liked the last few books, this isn t going to win you over unless maybe you are a die hard Jason fan Whatever you do, don t buy this book Be kind to your trees and check this out from the library.

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    LKH has a talent for stretching out a single, seemingly pointless scene into chapters of painful to read dialogue between characters that does nothing to further the plot In the course of the last 5 books, Anitas harem of men have become amaeteur therapists for Anita, making unbelievable and often ridiculous observations re her beauty, innocence, naivitee, selflessness, etc that she herself we are supposed to believe has never considered These eye rolling therapy sessions provide unconvincing justification for Anita s dramatic 180 degree character reversal, in which she transformed from a self righteous, morally superior paragon of justice into an intrepid, promiscuous supporter of the BSDM scene The plot Jason s father is dying of cancer and he wants Anita to accompany him home and pretend to be his girlfriend to correct his father s false impression of him as gay Upon their arrival, Jason s uncanny resemblance to his cousin, the son of a presidential hopeful, creates a media furor over a case of mistaken identity that also has causes problems for Jean Claude among the vampire community when its reported that Anita has left Jean Clause to marry his pomme de sang During the uproar, Marmee Noir the momother of all vampires makes another play at waking from her millennium old sleep which she s been doing for the last 3 books now and causes trouble for Anita by trying to possess her.What to expect campy self revelations by Anita as told from the p of v of multiple, fawning male studs, boring it takes me three chapters to write this scene sex, and another attempt by the author to villify Richard Incidentally, he remains the only lover in Anita s revolving harem who doesn t fawn all over her, which is perhaps the reason his is written as a such a pathetic, self loathing sap Who s missing Jean Claude has a phone conversation with Anita, but otherwise remains absent Asher is mentioned in passing Damien is missing entirely thank God Edward is on hiatus.Anita s new conquests Crispin, a 21 year old weretiger and Alex Pinn, another weretiger, both of whom she mind rolls with the ardeur under the spell of Marmee Noir The plus you don t have to read the 4 chapter miniumum of gratuitous sex between them since Anita wakes up with amnesia in the hotel room after a 2 say sexathon with the new guys.Anita s new powers she magically takes back her rage from Richard, gains Jason as her personal animal to call, and Richard gains the power to roll Anita with his own form of ardeur that only works on AnitaThe plot thread left hanging the other masters of the city perceive Jean Claude as weak because Anita is screwing multiple men, but he s monogomous to her, and the only way to correct this in the world of LKH is for Anita to allow Jean Claude to start having sex with other men for real Oh, and Anita may need to deliberately infect herself with other wereanimal viruses to combat the 2 tigers she has now.

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    Blood Noir is one of my favorite books in the Anita Blake series The insight to Jason and Anita in this book is exhilarating The analytical and entirely too serious discussions are intriguing, especially the way everyone responds to them Anita Blake Vampire hunter and animator Necromancer Succubus need I go on Covered in scars, drowning in anger, dripping with lust and doubt you just can t get much better than Blake Her character totally rocks and I applaud Hamilton for this entire series Great job, chickadee Anita s scars No, they aren t They ignore them and pretend they aren t there Or they stare, but don t want to Your cars embarrass people, make them uncomfortable Jason The explosive and never ending trap of emotional debris leftover from the on again off again relationship between Blake and Richard is well I just don t like it They need to leave each other alone or get alone Something Anything different from what s going on with their characters now I guess I m just a wee bit tired and bored of Richard walking into the room and throwing a little hissy fit The anger that rolls through Anita every time he makes her heart ache is astounding There, a little emotion I knew the emotion now anger I should have fought it Anger is bad when you carry beasts inside you But I didn t fight it, I welcomed it I fed it sweet words and coaxed it hotter Anger was so much better than the other emotions running through me emotions so awful I didn t want to look at them, let alone feel them. Some insight to our wonderfully funny and full of smiles Jason I ve always liked watching people, but then once I thought I d be an actor We collect mannerisms the way other people collect stamps And of course. where there is anger there is sorrow People talk of sorrow as if it is soft, a thing of water and tears But true sorrow is not soft True sorrow is a thing of fire, and rock It burns your heart, crushes your soul under the weight of mountains It destroys, and even if you keep breathing, keep going, you die. The new characters in this book play a significant role in the oncoming books The tigers are fantastic, and they will become a part of Anita that will consume her and threaten the relationships she currently holds dear I recommend this book to all mature adults in need of something interesting A change An eye opener..anyone in need of an amazing and entertaining new world of sexiness Mild to moderate sexual content Mild to moderate violence This book is about introducing new characters, suffering through old relationships, entrapping new beasts and wading through sensitive family and old friendship dramas Now, on to Skin Trade Happy reading 3

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    Blood Noir by Laurell K Hamilton is the 16th good golly installment in the sexcapades of Anita Blake, theoretical Vampire Hunter I hate to begin a critique of a book I am trying very hard to be impartial about with snark, but sometimes I just can t help myself.Ok, game face.Hamilton has taken a lot of flak for what her series has become and I am not in any way an apologist When I sit down to think about how the series has evolved over the years, it makes me like many fans nostalgic for the early books of the series when she was fighting the good fight The novels used to follow a case of some sort she was helping the police with or her work as an Animator that would be a raiser of the dead, not a cartoon maker It used to be edgy, engaging and adventurous The world that Hamilton has created, an alternate earth where vampires and werecritters are out and everyone knows about them, is interesting and rife with storytelling potential Nonetheless, and , it s all about sex and Anita s ever growing list of metaphysical powers, lovers and emotional issues.The story follows Anita and her friend with benefits Jason as they travel back to his hometown His father is dying, and she has agreed to pose as his girlfriend in a last ditch effort on Jason s part to convince his estranged father once and for all that just because he liked theater and dance in school doesn t mean he s gay Throw in a bit of mistaken identity, a few old girlfriends and a visit from the mother of all vampires and you ve got a party.I ve read that this was originally written as a novella and fleshed out for publication as a full length book and, well, I could believe it I think it would have been better as a novella, because the stuff crammed into the middle about Marmee Noir the aforementioned progenitor is kind of haphazard and left largely unresolved.In what I think is a first for Hamilton, Anita s two day sex binge is actually done offscreen There are actually only two explicit sex scenes in the whole book, the rest two day binge and aftermath aside is actually quite a bit of character development We learn a lot about Jason, who has been a favorite character of mine for a long time His relationship with Anita gains depth, and I m glad to see Anita finally connect to someone outside a bedroom context She has a lot of lovers but very few true friends.Finally, I have to mention Richard I really hate the lengths to which Hamilton has gone through to vilify Richard, Anita s long estranged love interest I understand that she based him on someone she loved and that when they broke up she felt a need to eviscerate him in prose What I hate is that she just can t let it drop She has to keep bringing him back, gives us a glimpse of redemption and a hope for resolution, and then drags him back through the mud Enough already I won t spoil what happens, but I will say that there is significant character development with Richard in this book that may open the door to some sort of future resolution with him.I read this book in two days I could not put it down I m not sure what that says, but I guess it didn t suck as much as the last few It was shorter, if nothing else, and holy crap she actually kills some vampires I d recommend it to the folks who are fans of the series or like me still following it in the hope that it will redeem itself It s left me with a little hope, at least.

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    If you liked the first 5 books of the Anita Blake series, thought the next 5 were going downhill somewhat thought the next 5 descended into romance page counts, then you feel about the series as I do If you thought the writing got poorer in the past few, we also agree If you felt ripped off by Micah , we still agree In that case, don t bother to read this book Seriously, keep the few good memories you have.I m afraid that Hamilton has had it as a writer This was the worst book I ve read in the past couple of years Certainly the worst one I finished Why did I Because I ve read the all the previous ones I skimmed a LOT with the forlorn hope that things would get better Also, the book was given to me.The plot was poor half the book took place in one hotel room Bring lots of cheese, because all the characters do is whine about to each other about their lives, feelings, relationships powers The only displays of the last are filled with remorse, anger desire but the last isn t even very well done It s not even good soft porn Basically, it s a very negative play of how to have bad, supernatural relationships spend hundreds of pages whining about it There is no suspense Every possible suspense element is obvious hackneyed They re usually immediately revealed One is saved for the very end, but it is so obvious that I knew it from the start kept hoping for a twist Didn t get it though The book was nothing, if not predictable I think Hamilton is just tired.Finally, I got to the last chapter which could have been a good book should have been the book, with all the wasted pages beforehand edited down to a couple of chapters at most In a few terse paragraphs, all the action that should have been in the book is summarized in a very passionless voice This happened, that happened, end of story Yeah, it s the end of the Anita Blake story for me It s a shame I loved the first books but I can t bear to read another.