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Dated, but not really A good look inside of Gaza and how the occupation affected lives..and to some extent how the current blockade and controls by Israel affect lives Highly recommend.so one can see the other side of the story. This is a fascinating and depressing journey inside Gaza don t listen to a thousand diplomats and officials who get whirlwind tours where they are shown only a fraction, when you can read the book of a foreigner who lived there, and saw its daily ins and outs She does a very thorough job of focusing in on the things that go beneath the numbers to demonstrate the humanity that lies beneath them One starts to understand how suffocating the closures of the Erez checkpoint really are for the Palestinian economy, and how much Israeli policy has subjugated Gaza and made it dependent on access to Israel, which Israel then controls as a political tool in response to terror attacks. In , Amira Hass, A Young Israeli Reporter, Drove To Gaza To Cover A Story And Stayed, The First Journalist To Live In The Grim Palestinian Enclave So Feared And Despised By Most Israelis That, In The Local Idiom, Go To Gaza Is Another Way To Say Go To Hell Now, In A Work Of Calm Power And Painful Clarity, Hass Reflects On What She Has Seen In The Gaza Strips S Gutted Streets And Destitute Refugee CampsDrinking The Sea At Gaza Maps The Zones Of Ordinary Palestinian Life From Her Friends, Hass Learns The Secrets Of Slipping Across Sealed Borders And Stealing Through Night Streets Emptied By Curfews She Shares Gaza S Early Euphoria Over The Peace Process And Its Subsequent Despair As Hope Gives Way To Unrelenting Hardship But Even As Hass Charts The Griefs And Humiliations Of The Palestinians, She Offers A Remarkable Portrait Of A People Not Brutalized But Eloquent, Spiritually Resilient, Bleakly Funny, And Morally CourageousFull Of Testimonies And Stories, Facts And Impressions, Drinking The Sea At Gaza Makes An Urgent Claim On Our Humanity Beautiful, Haunting, And Profound, It Will Stand With The Great Works Of Wartime Reportage The Middle East conflict has been raging off and on since 1948, that much we know but until now the news reports and books for the most part have been slanted in favour of US and Israeli policy and as we all know, if you go against popular opinion and the mainstream press, you risk censure and ridicule If you dared criticise Israel you were accused of anti Semitisim or maybe neo Nazi sympathies, these days you d be accused of being a secret Al Qaeda supporter.Enter Amira Hass, an Israeli journalist for Ha aretz who took the unusual stance of moving to the Gaza Strip so as she could report on the Palestinian crisis Hass s mother remembers the women who stood by watching the cattle trains carrying them to Belsen during the war, they were bystanders and her daughter didn t want to be a bystander hence her unusual decision What she found in the occupied territories changed not only her life but the lives of many others who had been pro Israel She found Gaza to be under the heels of a brutal occupation army and called it for what it was, a siege with the West Bank and Gaza the largest open air prisons in the world She covers the years 1993 through to 1998 in the aftermath of the intifada and just after the Oslo treaty when Palestine was given a small measure of home rule Her accounts of what happened in those years are vitally important to understanding the current situation today.Her book outraged the mainstream press because it challenged popular opinion but that is what happens when you move from bystander to activist The book is easily read and has a great many facts and figures to support her arguments She also points out the failures of Arafat and the splintering of Palestinian groups to bring about a Palestinian civil war She is merciless however when it comes to criticising her own government and after all, isn t that what a true patriot is supposed to be doing A highly recommended book for anyone who has become suspicious of the US Israeli relationship Hass deserves the Nobel Peace prize for her efforts to uncover the truth behind the occupation It s heartbreaking reading but it stirs the blood and arouses a righteous anger in your soul Hopefully it will drawbystanders to speak out against the continuing human tragedy Politicians will only move to act when enough people threaten their precarious hold on the reins of power This book is your starting point. By far the best book i have read so far on the israeli palestine conflict Hass work is rare because as both an Israeli, communist and critic of Israeli policies she also dares to properly discuss the issues inside Palestinian society She is brutally honest in her criticism of the occupation the lockdowns, the checkpoint policies, the enforced poverty and unemployment on Gaza, the torture in prisons, the unjust imprisonments etc and that of the Palestinian leadership under Arafat its corruption, its suppression of the opposition, its clientelism, its silencing of free media etc as well as certain elements of Palestinian society the opportunism of Hamas, the violent attacks against marxists, honour killings, the all pervasive patriarchism etc. A journalist and a painfully honest woman, Amira Hass provides a detailed account of the deception and violence committed by both the Palestinian and Israeli leadership, in an effort to maintain power over their respective constituencies In effect, both sides try to distance their followers from the everyday human rights violations and myopic strategies which endanger their futures Using politics, religion and, in the case of Israel, hystsrical exaggeration, neither side acknowledges the decline of quality of life in Gaza and the destruction of the peace process in the region, the latter often because of a discrepancy over rhetoric rather than policy Hass quotes a Gaza resident, They can keep me from seeing my family, but Israel is afraid of a peace of paper Sometimes Hass, in making a very reasonable case for the justification of anger and protests by Gaza residents against Israel, fails to call this population on its pdejydices She does prove that these instances are far fewer than one might expect The sincerity and completeness of her decision to live in Gaza ahile reporting on the territory for Israel s newspaper Haaretz, has also won her the utmost respect from Palestinians across religious, social and economic ranks We are expected to see that the Palestinians bear no direct hatred of Jews per se by this quick acceptance that she is offered by her neighbors and her direct contact with members of Fatah, Hamas, etc I was convinced that Palestinians, just like most Israelis, would like peace and to readily accept co existence What wasvaluable was Hass insight into the stasis on both sides and the practical problems of Oslo Two State, One State, really doesn t matter What matters is that human rights are respected and that isn t necessarily the priority of leaders on either side. Started this book purely based off curiosity Never read much about the Israeli Palestinian conflict but this book provided a great overview of the conflict Although the coverage could be seen as biased, I m not sure the events as described can really be seen any other way The only reason it wasn t rated 5 stars was due to the names and events Coming from someone unfamiliar with the situation and players involved it has hard to follow at times In any case, great book. This was the highlight of my reading months I mean, it was an amazing book, and it made me weep Over and over again Every single American Jew should read this book Read it, and then argue to me that the Occupied Territories should remain in Israel s hands. If you read just one book about the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, this is the one to read.Amira Hass is a rarely sensitive and gutsy journalist who reports for Ha aretz newspaper from Gaza She is one of the very few Israeli journalists who knows Arabic and lives among Palestinians This account is balanced, personalized and devastating. Very well written and very informative Amira Hass writes a critique of Israel s domination and brutal treatment of the Palestinian people in Gaza If you have any doubt that Israel s occupation of Gaza and the West Bank is nothing short of colonization, read this book.