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Rarely can a novel hook me so early Interdimensional travel, Secret Government Agencies, Paranormal Studies, Black Ops Style Vampire Hunters, and a Blend of Action and Romance.If you re reading reviews on GoodReads because you saw this book is FREE on iBooks, and you thought you d see what other people were saying before you made your decision Let me stop you thereRead it The whole series is freaking fantastic Victoria Danann set up a complex character system with ease, centered around one fierce female lead Each character was well crafted, and the Author managed to flip POVs seamlessly sometimes with only a change in paragraph I ve recommended the book to countless friends already I eagerly await the continuance of this series I m invested in the characters and the strange and exciting organization that is The Order of the Black Swan Some of My Favorite Moments view spoiler She quickly realized that the tunnel Monq had pushed her though might as well have been Alice s rabbit hole She was in a world similar to the one she had left, but with differences that were inconsistent, surprisingly so She was a stranger in a strange ish land.He caught her by the arm Elora, are you very, very sure about this Starting deep in her throat he heard the beginnings of an ugly noise that sounded like chicken clucking.He scowled Bawk bawks Unbelievable He glanced away like he was trying to gather patience Are you serious Elora s bawk, bawk, bawks were growing in volume and intensity I give you a first rate education in pop culture and then you use it against me Bawk bawks getting louder And she was good at it, too There was an art to bawk bawk delivery Oh for Fine Waitin here hide spoiler I loved the ideas within this book and the new world of rules of the Order of the Black Swan, a vampire fighting secret organization Elora, the heroine, falls into a new world via a time travel parallel universe device she s pushed from her world by a family friend and mentor as her family s home is attacked in a revolution.Sir Storm, a knight within the Order of the Black Swan, and his mates, find her she s a bloody, beaten mess While his friends want to kill the stranger, Sir Storm insists on saving her and brings her back to the compound s infirmary.Soon after, Elora recovers and realizes that she has new found powers and is able to fight as well She begins friendships and attraction with the three knights, Sir Storm, Ram and Kay Both Storm and Ram have strong feelings for Elora, but only Ram recognizes her as his mate, as he is an elf.I have to say that I really wanted Elora to end up with one of the particular men, and she didn t at the end But that is the wonderful, heart pulling nature of a great book We readers don t always get what we want but what we get what is best, a terrific story.I can t wait to read the next book in the series which I understand is slated for fall Even though this book is only listed for 99 cents, it is worth much A terrific, must read for paranormal romance lovers I have to say that I did not know what to expect in this book, but am very glad I tried it The story is about a young woman that is pushed into an portal that transports her not gently into a parallel earth I was completely caught up in the story and can t wait to see what happens to our favorite people in the next books Elora finds out that because she is not from this dimension, it has many benefits to her physically makes her stronger, faster than the other people there She starts to work for a secret organization that hunts vampires to keep the rest of the population safe The relationships in this book make the book great I hate love triangles, but I was sympathetic to all three involved I rarely change from my first choice in a love triangle and usually get mad if it doesn t work out the way I wanted it to, but I changed my mind during the book than once and was happy with the resolution I really hate love triangles that are spread across multiple books even than having a love triangle in the first place Elora was a kick ass heroine but sweet She is sweet and has honor but she could be stubborn and demanding as any normal woman can Ram and Storm were both a little stunned having never seen Elora on a rip Being short on actual relationship experience, neither of them understood that every woman has a Medusa side Kay is a great character and I would love to see of himhe keeps all them from spinning out of control than once and he is the berserker of the group Elora was the focus of this book, but I grew to love all of the secondary characters and enjoyed watching their interaction and want to see of them in the next book. I started out reading this book thinking that it was one of the strangest books I had ever read Turned out to be one of the BEST books I have ever read Victoria puts things together in her own way and they come back through and mesh together unlike anything I have ever seen You don t see things coming the way you do in some books, up until the very end she keeps you on your toes I had the worst book hangover after reading this as well I was so beyond sad that it was over I knew she had books in the series, but, when has an author ever made a book better than the first Once again, Victoria proved me wrong They all are fantastic, some could even be MORE fantastic than this one, but you will have to read them to find out Purchase this book, sit down and start one hell of an adventure A wonderful introduction to a great new series Fantasy, romance, strong heroes and heroines, what could you want I love the characters they were believable and stayed true through the book I thought the story line was very interesting and creative The only thing I didn t like about the book was the end seemed rushed The rest of the book was very detailed and seemed to cover everyone s point of view, once you hit 85% mark it races to the end.All that said I can not wait for October for the next book in the series and I hope I don t have too long of a wait after that for the 3rd.I gave this book 5 stars because even with the rushed feel of the ending I felt this book was very well written Victoria Danann has a new fan A fresh look at the paranormal, vampires, romance and strong male and female characters Good, solid characters and their personal growth as life happens and challenges are met. This book was so good I could not put it down I love all the dimensions it takes you to If you are into paranormal romance you definitely need to get this book the squeal I am a forever fan now So now I have read this book 2 times It is even better the second time around I fell for Storm the 1st time The second Time I found Rammel Hawking totally charming Lets not forget about Istvan Baka what a sexy Vampire Please if you have not read this Yet get your free copy NOW It is totally Riveting Winner BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE Series Four Years Is A RowReviewer S Choice Awards, The Paranormal Romance GuildIn A Matter Of Minutes Elora Laiken Lost Everything Familiar She Escaped Assassination By Being Forced Into An Experimental Device That Left Her Broken, Physically And Emotionally, In Another World She Woke Up To Find Modern Day Knights, Elves, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Demons And Fae This Is The Story Of How They Became Her Allies, Friends, And Family New York Times And USA Today Best Selling Author, Victoria Danann, Brings Us A Complex, Unique, And Wonderfully Heartwarming Serial The plural of vampire is vampire Right then, onto the Paranormal bit first there is vampire involved but this in no way is the only part of the story In fact, they are not mentioned much at the beginning and I was a bit confused why I was reading about them when the story didn t seem to involve them There is a vampire who has regained his human consciousness think Angel from Buffy and now is working with the secret Order of the Black Swan to help neutralise the vampire threat But this book is so much than just that It is a story of a woman, thrown from all she knows and in dire circumstances, to a world similar to ours but in other ways oh so different It brings you into the story as she tries to figure out where she fits in this new life The only family she has are the people who found her and trust me, if you re going to be lost then you want to be found by these guys They are all Alpha males and brilliant I have been laughing out loud during this book as well as falling in love with them bit by bit myself.Absolutely brilliant but if you ll excuse me I m off to read The Witch s Dream Book 2 of the Order of the Black Swan