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Baby Mama Drama Rama Review Giveaway 3 6 2014 3 16 2014 When a book is quotable, I m gonna quote Adam snorted as he pulled on a faded green t shirt that said I Heart Coyotes Yet another sign that folding my clean clothes wasn t too big a price to pay to make him happy He didn t have any I Heart Christy shirts or I would have burned them already I thought we should apply that kind of thinking to the matter of Cristy s stalker He gave me a skeptical look No, really, I said Now that we know that Flores is really this nasty, fiery, superpowerful nothing can kill me demon from hell, maybe we should consider just giving Christy to him He laughed I m serious, I said Seriously Do you know how many guilty people are in jail None Gary s voice rose to imitate a woman s voice Honest I didn t kill him He fell on my knife Fourteen times You would think that our favorite coyote, Mercy, would have enough to deal with in her life when it comes to adversaries of the supernatural and furry variety But she may have to confront her biggest challenge yet in the form of the former Mrs Adam Hauptman That s right, the ex is in trouble and on the run from her psycho boyfriend And Adam wouldn t be the Adam that Mercy knows and loves if it wasn t in his nature to help others, especially the mother of his child.The ex, Christy, is only safest in Adam s house and with his pack even though several things aren t quite adding up But one thing is as clear as day, Christy wants Adam back and isn t afraid to play dirty to get him Mercy isn t going to take this lying down, but Christy s peculiar psycho boyfriend may have going on than some crazy stalker tendencies and as bodies pile up, it s up to Mercy to put a stop to it.Night Broken is certainly one of the memorable entries in the world of Mercy Thompson She s got bad guysand girls all around and it s hard to know who she can truly trust Christy s character is the one you love to hate We d been lucky for a while with her out of the picture, but since the character never died we knew she d have to crop up sooner or later And even death isn t always a guarantee that we ll be done with a character in the paranormal world, so it s always in our best interests to just wait and see I did thoroughly enjoy this part of the book, even if Christy made me want toMercy s snark was of the highest order this time around and I found it refreshing I loved this that novel tested the depth of Mercy and Adam s feelings for one another as well They define what it is to be a unit I think Adam fans in general will find him pretty swoon worthy.The villain was pretty interesting I wasn t always sure what direction Briggs was going to take with his character so that helped keep the read very engaging I did find myself annoyed than once with Adam s pack though It really disappointed me how they treated Mercy despite her dedication to them and the fact that she sticks her neck out there for their sakes time and time again I really wish they would get over themselves One saving grace is the fact that if they can t do it at once, they might be able to do it one by one I thought the developments with Honey were well done and are a closer step in the direction of where things need to go.My biggest gripe for the book would be the length The latest Mercy books have felt too short to me I mean, 350 pages might seem like enough but I feel like I whiz through it so fast I could use another meaty 50 75 pages per entry Additional pages would perhaps allow for inclusion of side characters whose presence I found myself missing, namely Stefan I know it s probably not very easy to figure out how to incorporate him now that Mercy s married to Adam, but I really like his character and his devotion to Mercy Though he plays an important role, he is featured so little here and that makes me miss the old times I am not very invested in the vampires as a whole in this world, just him Briggs does a wonderful job at making me care about pack matters in general, but I could still use a Stefan spin off But all in all it s a good read and I think the fans will enjoy it immensely The series still has a lot to offer and I look forward to what s next ARC Provided by the Publisher Review also posted to. This is an example of urban fantasy at it s finest I hate to say it, but I ve given up on a lot of the series in the adult UF genre that I used to love Why Well, it seems that after a few kick ass books, they turn into paranormal romanceor worse Take the Anita Blake series for instance The first few books had a badass heroine that rocked, and then the series transitioned into shitty erotica.That s not what I signed up for.I wanted magic and mayhem Not elongated nipples and ten foot werewolf erections On a side note, why does every PNR seem to include at least one scene with a vampire biting his lover down there Call me crazy, but that one always makes me cringe How does someone gnawing on your nether regions constitute anything other than a serious ouchie Sorry I m veering way off track here.I ve been reading these books for about 6 years now, and I still get all giggly when a new one comes out Briggs doesn t churn em out like a machine, and it shows in her writing Mercy is still Mercy She doesn t suddenly develop supernatural orgasm powers, or need to sleep with the entire pack in order to maintain some sort of cosmic balance.She doesn t overestimate herself, she doesn t doesn t get angsty and overdramatic, and she doesn t overreact to situations that are out of anyone s control.She s still cool, still tough, and still good.She s hands down one of the best UF characters out there today.And then there s the rest of the charactersEach of them have a distinct personality, and each of them react to situations accordingly It s really an amazing world that Briggs has created And if you haven t given it a chance yet, I d highly recommend that you remedy that, cause you honestly can t do better than the Mercy Thompson series.So.In Night Broken, you get an introduction to the ex wife and a lava monster.You d think the volcano god would be the scariest, but you d be wrong And while one of them might me able to melt your skin, the other one will make you want to peel your own skin off In fact, Christy might turn out to be the best nemesis of the entire series Forget the bloodthirsty vampires or scary powerful fae This chick will bake you into a corner, and then cry prettily while the pack tears you apart on her behalf.She s like the mega evil version of Martha Stewart shudderYou also get to meet Mercy s new old half brother, and find out a few secrets about Mercy s mysterious heritage Her elusive father, Coyote, pops up just in time to wreak a little havocOr maybe he saves the day The jury is still out on that one.Zee is only mentioned off page, but his son, Tad, certainly has a few surprises up his sleeve I wouldn t be shocked if the next book centers around him in some way.Stefan also makes a short appearance, but it counts for quite an interesting twist in Mercy s story He s definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.In the end, it comes down to Mercy s natural coyote instinct to survive, and her willingness to think outside of the box that saves the day.But I really wouldn t expect anything less of her P.S.The last line of the book Brilliant It s not a cliffhanger, but it leaves you desperate for Highly Recommended An Unexpected Phone Call Heralds A New Challenge For Mercy Her Mate Adam S Ex Wife Is In Trouble, On The Run From A Stalker Adam Isn T The Kind Of Man To Turn Away A Person In Need And Mercy Knows It But With Christy Holed Up In Adam S House, Mercy Can T Shake The Feeling That Something About The Situation Isn T RightSoon Her Suspicions Are Confirmed When She Learns That Christy Has The Furthest Thing From Good Intentions She Wants Adam Back, And She S Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Get Him, Including Turning Adam S Pack Against MercyMercy Isn T About To Step Down Without A Fight, But There S A Dangerous Threat Circling Christy S Stalker Is Than A Bad Man In Fact, He May Not Be Human At All As The Bodies Start Piling Up, Mercy Must Put Her Personal Troubles Aside To Face A Creature With The Power To Tear Her Whole World Apart Every book has an end but this one shouldn t I can read forever MY THOUGHTS ABOUT CHRISTY Just kill her already Most hateable character of historyCoyote and gary was my favorite They were better than mercy and adam D mercy was too tame about christy s actions Blue shampoo revenge thing wasn t enough Not even close And adam was unresponsive about her actions too he banned her from hospital what a big deal alpha man It was an awesome book I love every word of it I love you patricia briggs Please keep writing this kick ass series T rkiyede bu seriye devam edilmemesi ok ama ok yaz k oldu Harika tesi bir seri benim favorilerimden biri Mercy thompson gelmi ge mi en sert kad n karakterler aras nda elena ve hunter kiss ile yar acak kapasitede bir karakter Kitapta ba beladan kurtulmaya mercy i bu sefer bela adeta gelip kendi buluyor ve kap s na dayan yor Bu belan n ad christy Adam n eski e i jesse nin annesi Gerizekal kad n kendini ylesi bir belaya bula t rm ki i inden k las bir taraf yok Kanarya adalar ndan bir yanarda ruhunun insana b r nm haliyle yatm ve guyoata onun kendi ruh e i oldu una inanm Tabi bu tehlikeli ruh ona sert davran nca christy areyi adam a ka p yard m istemekte buluyor Adam ve mercy nin evine gelip saklan yor Bununla kalm yor haspa adam ve s r y geri kazanmaya al p evi himayesine al yor Mercy nin i inden onun g zlerini de mek gelsede susmak zorunda nk s r n n zellikle bayanlar mercy nin okta fan de iller Ve eski dostlar christy i hemen kanatlar n n alt na al veriyorlar e er mercy ona ters davran rsa her eyi riske atm olacak K sacas christy nin pisli ini yine mercy temizlemek zorunda kal yor Seriye eklenen yeni karakterler var Zack submissive kurt ilgin bir karakter gibi Ba ndan kim bilir ne travmatik olay ge ti ki bu kadar i e ekinik olmu Gary g lenk pek var birde D coyote nin o lu yani mercy nin vey karde i olmu oluyor b ylece O da akala d n en bir walker Babalar tam bir akal D ne i ler eviriyor ya En ok coyote nin kurnazl ndan zevk ald m diyebilirim erefsizin nde gideni kendisi.Tad n ka rmamak i in spoiler vs detaya girmiyorum K sacas bu seriyi okumay b rakanlara g l yorum ve t size diyorum neler ka rd n z bilmiyorsunuz This book is fantastic I loved every minute, every word and every page The set up promises an emotionally tense situation for the pack, Mercy and Adam This could have been done poorly but it wasn t Briggs writes the history and the complexity of Adam s ex combing back to town so well Have you been missing Samuel Stefan Wulfe Tad The crew is back Full review to come closer to release date but damn good stuff.QA today at Badass Book Reviews 3.75 stars This installation of the Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series is noteworthy for two things Adam s ex wife Christy comes back into town, begging for protection from a stalker but also trying to steal Adam s attention and the werewolf pack s sympathy and loyalty away from Mercy, because that s just how Christy rolls And an ancient volcano god from the far off tropical Canary Islands I don t want to give away too much of the plot, but fiery Presa Canario dogs I wasn t fond of the whole ex wife subplot Part of it was that I m tired of the plotline where Mercy is still trying to win over the loyalty of so many members of the pack, who dislike having a coyote shifter as part of the werewolf pack Human mates okay coyote shifters not okay Why And although Adam is a good guy, the amount of attention and deference he gave Christy really rankled And Christy herself just, ugh I can t stand self absorbed pity party people like her But I can t say she wasn t a well drawn character, and the plotlines all made sense and came together well in the end.The volcano god plot was pretty solid, and a new character shows up, Mercy s half brother that Coyote sure gets around , who s a great addition to the story It took a couple of books to hit its stride, but I really love the Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series. 4 4.5 stars It s been a few years since I ve read a Mercy Thompson book When the 9th book came out and my husband read it, I was reminded I still needed to read book 8 I started this one on audio and as always, love the narrator that voices Mercy Even though it had been a while since I ve been in Mercy s world, it all came back to me as I started reading I ve been reading these books for a decade now and these characters are special to me Mercy will forever be one of my favorite heroines With each book, she shows how kick ass she is and how big her heart is There are a few things going on in Night Broken and we meet a few new people LOVED Gary He was a definite highlight of the book Then there is Christy YES one of the ONLY books where my name is used and the character is crazy annoying and a straight up bitch at times p Figures I could have used a lot LESS Christy She brought the drama into the story in ways than one There is drama in the pack, due to Christy, and drama she brings with her in the form of a not so human male things get crazy, but as always, Mercy stays strong and uses that fight she has within her I love Mercy and I LOVE her with Adam Their relationship is strong and even when things or people get in the middle of it, their love is still unwavering I adore them togetherMercedes Athena Thompson Hauptman, if I have not said it, you should know that you brought joy into my life when I thought there was no joy left in the world This is probably my favorite UF para series One I d highly recommend I definitely won t be waiting years to read the next this time March 2018 Reread Buddy read with Sarah and Erica I ve realized that despite hating some particular people in this book, this is one of my absolute favorites in the series.February 2017 Re read I still absolutely despise Christy.February 2016 Re read Buddy read with SarahIt could be said, prior to this book, that all of Mercy s problems have nearly always been aimed directly at her, Moon Called excepted That s not the case here This problem heads straight for Christy Adam s ex wife Adam, being who he is, can t deny protection And I love that about him, honestly, I do But I absolutely hate Christy in this book and a good number of the Pack.Most of the books prior to this we could see movement in the overall world and politics between the supernatural beings in it Not so much here There are glimpses, moments where we realize and find out that stuff is still moving along, and maybe not to the best of places, but for the most part this book focuses on Adam and Mercy s Pack That doesn t mean it s slow though I think back to my experience reading it, and I realize that Mercy spends a lot of time trying to get away from Christy, but that doesn t mean there s a lot of downtime We re moving from one revelation to the next, learning about some characters with a few surprising me hugely along the way.I don t want to rant any, like I did when I first finished this book, but I still do hope that Christy goes away and never returns She s the most selfish, self absorbed, bitchy woman I also really hope that someone puts the fucking Pack in their place The lack of respect that they show Mercy is absolutely fucking ridiculous Time and time again she s put her neck out on the line for them Time and time again she s never left them hanging, or in danger She s never backed down from a fight even when she didn t think she could win And how do they repay her With betrayal and snide comments Fuck that I am so pissed at most of them There are a couple of notable exceptions, and I couldn t love these four I want to gather them all into my arms and give them huge hugs for being decent, caring human beings.or werewolves.I found the mystery pretty interesting not because there was a huge mystery, I don t think, but because it was so different And there are some downright amazing things that happen because of it I can t wait to see the consequences of some of the choices that were made here.I think that most fans of the series will hate the main aspect of the book Christy trying to worm her way back into Adam s, and the pack s, life and I can t blame them I hate it, too A lot But what I can say is that Adam makes it bearable Those four other characters gave me hope to hold onto Also, Mercy s a better person than I I m not sure I would have taken Christy s jabs with such grace I get why she did because of Jesse but, man That took some serious strength.I love this book Now if Christy would just die, I d be a happy woman Or I, at least, hope the Pack gets an awesome set down in the next book, Fire Touched.and that Christy goes back to Eugene 8 December 2014 2.27 on Kindle16 October 2014 3.64 on KindleReview to come I need to process The I think about the things happening here, the impressed I am This was a episodic book than some of them in that there was the Big Bad and only small movements done to the overall world arc I, personally, loved that but I can see how it might bother others There s a lot of tension in this book, a lot of division for a good portion of it But I like the way things are heading view spoiler Although, I swear to the gods, if Christy moves back to the Tri Cities I m going to freak the hell out I don t think she will, because I think she finally realized what a using bitch she was and still is , but I will freak out if it happens I hate her I hate the discord she sows wherever she goes I hate how she blames everyone else for her choices and problems I hate that she can effortlessly manipulate people to doing what she wants and that she uses it for nasty reasons hide spoiler 4,5 stars read for me It was so good being back in Mercy Thompson world You can always count on Patty Briggs to deliver quality story imo and Night Broken was no exception.Bare plot Christy, Adam s ex wife is running from a nasty stalker, so she decided to seek protection with Adam and his Pack Unfortunately for Mercy, stalker in question is dangerous supernatural who can end them all and Christy just won t take the hint that there is a new Alpha s Mate in Columbia Basin pack When blurb for this book was released my main concern was how is Patty going to handle whole Christy thing I had two issues with this First is tied to series Adam and Mercy are one of my favorite couple exactly for the reason that they don t go through relationship dramas or misunderstandings that can be resolved with one honest conversation We read them get together, becoming pair and running a Pack They are solid.I love that Second thing is general I just don t like love triangles and storylines with ex gfs getting back because it s rarely done well not to appear as a between filler meant to drag series and because at one point I am probably going to want to smack hero for doing something extremely stupid tied to his ex Well, fear not None of this happened I had a wish that some of wolves EAT Christy every two pages, so to say that Mercy had a tough time is an understatement Christy was such a unlikable character She is one of those women who will tell you venomous words using their sweetest voice She was whiny, selfish and manipulative in the worst way possible You have Jesse who loves her mother and Adam who has a mile long protective streak and she was not above using that and emotionally blackmail entire Pack Now the thing I liked the most was Adam He never strayed from Mercy, never lost connection with her or had trust conversation issues In his heart and mind there is only one his Mate And because of that, Christy was never a real problem for me For example, view spoiler when Christy called for help wanting to come, he didn t say yes right away, he was thinking and looking at Mercy giving her the say in whole thing as well, and Mercy knowing that she is Jesse s mother and thinking about Pack said get her to come hide spoiler I forgot to update this re read This is one of the many covers that I love I loved this one as much as the others with one exception.CHRISTY Yes, the stupid ex wife to Adam I can t stand her I would not be able to be as nice as Mercy, I would knock her arse out I hope before this series ever ends, that she does just that SPOILER ISH This time the stupid woman meets some man while she is out gambling and sleeps with him because he takes notice of her It ends up he s some fire god that she awakens and has to come crawling back to the pack and live with Mercy and Adam until they can help her Of course she tries to take over I m sorry, I would not be the good little coyote I would take her down and let her know how it is, we will help you, but you will do as I say PERIOD Ok, I m done ranting about Christy So they have to figure out how to fight this demon jerk Also, they pick up a new wolf traveling through, he s a submissive so he s not much trouble A Gray Lord wants Mercy to get the staff back from Coyote You have to read the books to know about the staff It s a bunch of crazy going on as usual I don t like what happened to the dogs They should have loaded them up and taken all of them with them Just saying We also get a cameo with Stefen I love him A new character is introduced, although I don t think he is coming back Anyway I loved the book as usual