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Grace Howard had told her husband that a youthful folly in love had compromised her virtue But the handsome lord who had betrayed her was not dead as she had professed and when he returned to seduce her again she feared her white lie would soon become a scarlet sin Original Regency romance

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    Several of Mary Balogh's old Regency romance novels have been reissued in pairs two novels under one cover A Promise of Spring was included in one volume with The Temporary Wife which had been recommended to me and which I loved This one not so muchIt has a couple of interesting twists for a romance novel Grace Howard is 35 years old single and living with her single brother Paul a rector who has just died She's estranged from the rest of her family because way back in her reckless youth she got pregnant and had a son out of wedlock when her boyfriend a neighbor and friend of the family abandoned her and married someone else Her son died when he was only 4 years old triggering the fight that led Grace and Paul to leave their familySir Peregrine Lampwick who is 10 years younger than Grace was her brother's best friend Perry is truly a good guy handsome kindhearted intelligent caring I'm not sure he has any faults? He's kind of a beta personality not into conflict Anyway Perry has always liked Grace in a platonic kind of way and feels sorry for her as she'll have nowhere to go now and for these not particularly compelling reasons decides to propose marriage to her Even Grace's story of her youthful troubles doesn't faze Perry So far so good but after the marriage is when trouble rears its head Grace told Perry that Gareth the father of her deceased child had died as well but it turns out that's not true When Perry and Grace visit her family about a year after their marriage to mend fences Gareth is now the neighboring viscount When he sees Grace again for the first time in 15 years he wants her badly probably because she's now married and contented It doesn't really matter to him that she's married in fact that seems to make it of a challenge for him So Gareth starts pressuring Grace to leave Perry or not; an affair would be fine with him too and take up with him He's that kind of alpha guyGrace doesn't want to have anything to do with Gareth's plans but she's kind of like a deer in the headlights not sure how to deal with Gareth Plus she feels guilty about everything and somehow that makes her think maybe she doesn't deserve Perry and it's her fate to be with Gareth And when Perry finally figures out what's going on he thinks he needs to sit back and let Grace make her own decisionAll The Drama People who could solve most of their problems if only they'd be completely honest with each other It drove me batty Plus there were a lot of secondary characters several of them from prior books in this series that I never developed any interest in I skimmed most of the second half Not recommendedContent advisory a mildly explicit sex scene

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    I adore the marriage of convenience theme greatly It gives the author room to have the characters adjust in a situation that is new and scary The biggest lure for me was the older woman younger man something of a treat and surprise as it's rarely seen A Promise of Spring started off very nicely You get the lay of the land with a backstory of the village and our main couple and what drew them together in the first place I was both relieved to have the heroine Grace Howard lay it out on the table Her past of not being a virgin and the death of her son the rift that this caused her brother who helped her through the years and herself of the family Grace showed such an amazing strength in the beginning I stood in awe of her as she and Perry marry and get to know one another Until her ex lover shows up on the scene This I could have done without There was enough angst and uncertainty for Perry and Grace that a asshat from the past wasn't needed for this couple This is where Grace faulted for me Her hemming and hawing about Gareth her ex was such a change from the strength she showed in the beginning it didn't feel like her Perry was a big ol' sweetheart His charm was his joy and happiness of everyday things His adjustment of being married to a older woman was a tad tedious in thought at times but somewhat understandable from a man's view as he wasn't sure of Grace herself not of her age the number Her grows into himself of being sure that made him even precious as he gives Grace the power to make her own choices Like Grace I felt he also hemming and hawing with his feelings Grace and Gareth I think he really should have put himself out there sooner instead of letting it drag on and on Each character were human and scared of trying to put their heart on the line This was great It just dragged with to many hindrances Sometimes you got to take a big chance and step up to the plate I felt Grace and Perry needed to do this sooner This still was a nice novel with a couple getting to know one another in marriage and not outside of it and with Mary Balogh’s amazing writing style it still a great read just not a keeper for me

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    This had such strong potential but it unraveled as the story progressed I couldn't relate to Grace's victimized approach to life and there were times that Perry should have made a stronger stand on issues for the sake of decency and commonsense I was also disappointed that the whole Gareth plot just disintegrated into nothingness when it had been such a major factor throughout the book I'm mixed about this one but I will give it average

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    The story was too melodramatic and the heroine a liar and coward What she hid from her husband view spoilerthat her former lover was not in fact dead but made a mockery of them and their marriage by openly inviting them to his home and ruthlessly pursuing her hide spoiler

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    DNF so will not be rating it Perry is a bit to mild mannered and nice for me LOL I may get back to it but I doubt it

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    I love the role reversal in this romance the villain is the passionate possessive uber masculine dude and the hero is the sweet nice guy who wants the heroine to make her own decisions and so would inevitably get slotted into the let's just be friends slot in a different book Way to see the nice guy finish first for a change But it's hilarious that the publishers chose a scene between the heroine and villain as the inside blurb as the only way to get the standard kind of romance interaction

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    155; 2 stars; C I have liked or loved pretty much everything I've read by this author except for the Devil's Web series edit I didn't realized until I reviewed it on GR that this book is considered #4 in the Devil's Web series There is nothing wrong with the writing it comes down to the characters I thought the premise of the story was great younger man offers marriage to the older destitute sister of a recently deceased friend Perry the hero was the most level headed kind hearted smart and steady male you could hope to find Even the character of Grace had a lot to love However I got thoroughly fed up with angst and hand wringing and negative inner dialogue especially on the part of Grace There was too much repetition of the same doubts and fears and way too many opportunities to be honest about feelings that were passed by Can you really spend YEARS wondering if someone loves you when you know that you love them but have never mentioned it because you're a complete cowardly weinie?? This is one of the tropes I hate

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    Could not believe in the main plot conflict that the heroine would be almost irresistibly attracted 15 years after the fact to a louse who abandoned her when she became pregnant with his child even though she is now married to a wonderful man who accepts her completely and is ten years younger than she is

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    Totally don't understand why she'd feel drawn back to Gareth even though he was a such a bastard to herAlso why did Balogh have to repeat everything so many times? The dead kid the age difference etc etc it was driving me insane Oh and another thing sometimes yes is not an answer

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    This is not the 4th book in the Web series; it is like 15 for its time span is before during and after the first Web book The Gilded Web I admire Balogh for the breadth of male romantic leads she depicts from uber alphas like Jocelyn in More Than a Mistress and Wulfric in Slightly Dangerous to charismatic charmers like Dominic in Web of Love and Flavian in Only Enchanting to tormented Byronesue figures like James in The Devil's Web and Geraint in Truly But I especially appreciate her beta leads men who are not caught up in proving their masculine bona fides men who like women and treat them with respect and admiration Sir Peregrine Lampman is definitely in this final categoryPerry's long been friendly with the local vicar barely noticing the older sister who kept house for the clergyman But when the vicar dies in an accident leaving his sister Grace destitute Perry offers to marry her even though she is ten years his senior And despite everyone's belief that the marriage is strange and unlikely to prosper Perry finds he than enjoys the uiet life he and Grace create together reading gardening and sharing the companionship of a bed It is Grace who is wary for she's had a horrible past experience of love an experience that lead to a break with her aristocratic family In trying to mend that break at Perry's gentle urging Grace confronts once again her old lover and fears that her past obsessive feelings for him will damage her relationship with Perry a relationship she too has come to cherish Rather than upbraid Grace for lying to him she led him to assume her old lover was dead or insist that she repress her past Perry allows Grace the emotional space to come to terms with her wounds in her own way and in her own time Even while his rival for Grace's love continually upbraids him for his lack of masculinity for his cowardice and lack of force So lovely to see the beta male given the lead role with the the aggressive love obsessed male shown to be selfish and cruel