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Jade Calhoun Was Never Fond Of Her Empath Abilities Now She S Discovered She Has Another Gift She D Rather Not Unwrap Magic But When Her Mentor, Bea, Becomes Gravely Ill And Insists Jade S The Only One Who Can Help, She S Forced To Embrace Her Witchy SideIt S Too Bad She Spent A Decade Shunning The Magical Community And Never Learned To Harness Her Powers Because Time S Run Out A Trapped Spirit Has Revealed A Clue To Jade S Long Lost Mother The Resident Angel Has Gone Rogue And Disappeared With Jade S Boyfriend, Kane And If That Wasn T Enough, Her Ex Appears To Be PossessedTo Save Any Of Them, Jade Will Need To Find A Way To Control Her Inner White Witch Without Succumbing To Black Magic Otherwise, She Ll Lose Everything Including Her Soul

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    3.5 stars Own in Jade Calhoun Series Boxed Set Books 1 3 Better than book 1 the Jade h, empath, white witch , Meri demon , Lailah angel battle is pretty epic I read book 3 immediately after this one Book 2 is the best in this set See highlights in boxed set review Jade Calhoun Series Boxed Set Books 1 3

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    Oh, this was such a bad book Such a very, very bad book After giving the first installment a good rating, I had high hopes that the second installment would be better or at least just as good Oh how utterly wrong I was Jade managed to annoy me from the first page to the last She consistently fucks things up throughout the book with a whoopsies, my bad type of attitude And her constant whining made me want to kill her myself I ve never seen a main character whine so much throughout the course of a second installment as much as Jade did Also, her relationship with Kane is soweak That is the only word I can think to describe it Besides them having a blatant sexual attraction for each other, there seems to be no other substance to their relationship You can usually get away with tricks like this in the first novel, but not so much in the second And last, but certainly not least, this book was so full rainbows, and sunshine, and love will conquer all moments that I started to have sailor moon flashbacks I hope the third installment will redeem this series I hope it s awesome and that Jade becomes a witch bad ass But truly I don t see that happening 2 stars.

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    Witches of Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase is a 2013 Bayou Moon Publishing release I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This second book in the Jade Calhoun series has Jade discovering that no matter how hard she tries, she can no longer run from her paranormal abilities When a group of portraits shows up at the club owned by her boyfriend, Kane, Jade has a reaction to them which gives her the idea her mother, who disappeared ages ago, could be trapped in one of the portraits Not only that, Bea, Jade s mentor is ill and only Jade can help her, and Dan, her ex boyfriend is exhibiting signs of a possession This is a fast paced adventure for Jade and her boyfriend and all the other colorful cast of characters Trapped spirits, black magic, demons, and a rogue angel all play a role in Jade s uncovering the mystery of her mother s disappearance The situation with Bea will open the door for Jade that she has fought tooth and nail to keep firmly closed But, there are just some things about ourselves that we just can t ignore no matter how badly we may wish to The only problem I had with this installment was that at times it got a little too busy Too many characters were involved at one time, causing me to have to really slow down and pay attention to what each one was up to so I didn t miss something important All of the loose ends were tied up except for one and I believe we will have to wait to see how that all pans out in the future, but we do know Jade s life will take on a new dimension from here on out Book three is sure to be very interesting indeed 3.5 rounded to 4

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    Witches of Bourbon Street is a fast paced read, heavy on plot, but slacking in depth There is a lot going on in the second installment of the Jade Calhoun series The pages are packed full of rip roaring paranormal catastrophe, which will whip you through New Orleans at record speed Considering the location of the story, I would have preferred if attention were given to setting and characterization There are some complex struggles taking place and at times, it felt too glazed over I think this had to do with the pacing than anything else for me the reader is literally taken to Hell and back in 48 hours Well, we don t actually get to go, but the characters are sucked in and outeveryone from witches to angels, to the average guy Despite missing a beat on dimensional depth, Deanna Chase still delivers a fun, quick read crammed with magical happenings For those who prefer plot driven YA paranormal, you ll likely enjoy this tour of New Orleans.

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    Solid 4 star book This book continues with Jade Calhoun and her love interest Kane dealing with the after effects from the first book I enjoyed seeing a softer side of the characters and the rounding our of the secondary characters including Payton and Ian I was glad to get answers to Dan and his mystery and the ending involving him was unexpected and heart breaking I am hoping he gets happiness and While I love Kat I m hoping she finds happiness elsewhere.Watching Jade deal with her past and the mysteries therein was interesting I felt slightly like Ian at times where it was aggravating o see her shun it so much but with her past it was also understandable.All in all it had good meat to it and kept my interest.

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    Book Title Witches of Bourbon Street Jade Calhoun Novel 2 Author Deanna ChasePublished By Bayou Moon PublishingGenre Supernatural Recommended Age 18Reviewed By Emily Tuley AngelsCryHavocBlog Reviewed For Great Minds Think Aloud Literary CommunityRating 5 RavensDeanna Chase really pleased me with her first book on this series so much so that when I heard of this second book and that there was a chance to read it out there I went on the hunt to find it When I did I was so pleased to find that I was not going to be disappointed Though it has it s spots of romance the scenes are always tastefully done and leave one waiting for the next, but the book does not just revolve around that Something that to many supernatural romance books have a tendency to do they often just loose sight of the concept that they first start with and leave you wondering what the point of it all was This is why I rave about this author she has yet to do this to me and makes me keep turning the pages I stay up at night when I start her novels just to finish them For that I have to thank her We pick up in this book a time later after the first book of Jade , she s still going strong with Kane and she s happy, Bea has started trying to train her in the white magic after finding out that Jade is a very strong white witch It would be a lot easier if Jade would just give in and learn instead of being so adamant of hating magic and wanting nothing to do with it She has a good reason for her hatred but it s something she s faced with getting over especially if she wants to save her family, friends and life once again as Jade has a run in with Meri a demon that s hell bent on revenge and doesn t care who she uses or who gets in her way Once again Deanna Chase has out done herself and I can not wait for the next book in this series and just how it will play out.

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    Jade wants nothing to do with her gift or with being a witch To her all its done was give her heartache But when her friend ends up very ill and Kane disappears she has no choice but to embrace it I enjoyed the first book so much I went and bought books two and three even before finishing the first Sometimes it s a roll of the dice when it comes to the follow up to a great book I am happy to say this one didn t disappoint Though a couple characters angered me just a little bit, Jade being one of them All and all by the end I was pretty happy with all of them.Though there wasn t much hot smexy action, that didn t deter from making this an enjoyable read The action was nonstop from beginning to end And it left me guessing all the way to the very end I definitely will be diving into the third book asap I definitely recommend this book to all paranormal lovers out there If you haven t read the first book, Haunted on Bourbon Street check it out its FREE I promise you, you will want to continue on..

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    3.5 stars.listened via audible Narrator not bad but I thought the book kinda dragged at times but the overall storyline is a decent one I ll likely read or listen to book three eventually Not jumping up down but I really like paranormal stories the battle of good versus evil white magic versus black magic is always intriguing to me I m guessing READING would be a much better experience for me personally so I could create my own version of the intense steamy scenes in my own words, so to speak Sometimes being guided by a narrator that isn t fabulous kinda takes something away from the story for me it s a little distracting for me anyhow Idk, maybe I m just rambling due to the recent surgery prescription medications P I ll hush up now Cheers Lisa NurseLisainOhio

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    My mother mysteriously disappearead I have this terrible gift My ex is bound to a witch and the pair of them kidnapped me for any number of unknown reasons My boyfriend was making out with a so called angel bitch And a spirit trapped in a ridiculous papier mach portrait, claims if I set her free, she can lead me to my mother Jade s words at one point summarize what s going on in this book But there s .Sadly, this book didn t appeal to me as much as the previous one I m not a big fan of witches and spells and this book had a lot of both However, it doesn t mean I m not interested in the series any.

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    3.5 stars This story is filled with heartwarming friends who battle with the evil of a demon who is bent on destroying many lives However, this book had some very frustrating moments for me regarding the main character Jade and her mentor, Bea My frustration was mainly with Jade s hard headedness and her lack of finesse However, the book was still a good read and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.