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What if you woke up in a hospital bed wondering how you got there or why a strange man wants you to leave with him In Lillie Spencer s debut romantic suspense, Manhunt, Nikki Wright finds herself in that situation when Michael Brennan shows up at her bedside determined to get her out of the hospital as soon as possible Unknown to her, Michael is her childhood friend turned boyfriend turned ex, but she inexplicably trusts him enough to go on the run with him.Nikki soon learns she was hospitalized after being abused by Sebastian, another ex boyfriend, who was found dead in her home All signs point to Michael as the murderer, but still Nikki finds herself drawn to him, wanting to believe his intentions were good.She slowly relearns her life and the circumstances that led to her present while they try to evade the police At the same time, Michael and Nikki rekindle their romantic feelings toward each other while wondering if happily ever after is even in the cards for them.One fact is for sure, nothing is what it seems by first appearances.Manhunt starts fast and keeps moving at top speed until slowing toward the end, which was a good thing I found myself so captivated in the story, I could not put it down and finished it in one sitting.Though the main characters have a lot of history, the amnesia element ensured that those aspects were not revealed too quickly, which added to the suspense.The characters were easy and enjoyable to follow Michael was definitely crushable, and Nikki s plight had me captivated from the beginning Their best friends and family members added to the intrigue, and I especially liked their friend Christian.My only complaint as far as characters went was that there were a few good ones who we did not meet until late in the book I would have preferred to see them introduced a little sooner so we could have bonded better, but it did not ruin the read by any means.A solid read and an even excellent debut, Manhunt is a great find for readers who enjoy their romance laced with mystery and intrigue.As a side note, our heroine Lillie and I both share a love for baking, which means you can look for a Manhunt inspired Reading in the Kitchen post soon.Rating 4.5 of 5Originally posted at www.change the word.blogspot.com Lillie takes us on an exciting adventure where we get to learn about our hero and heroine in bits and pieces along the way Romance, suspense, drama, and a good old who dunnit all wrapped into a nice package A definite must read. Sometimes You Have To Forget It All To Remember What Really MattersMichael Brennan S Life And Career Come To An Abrupt Halt When He Receives A Phone Call Telling Him The Love Of His Life, Nikki Wright, Is In The Hospital After Another Attack By Her Ex Boyfriend Sebastian Cross Rushing Back To Hershey, PA, Michael Turns Up At Nikki S Hospital Bedside Covered In Sebastian S Blood And Tells Her They Have To Leave Immediately Though Her Injuries Have Induced Amnesia, Nikki Inherently Feels She Can Trust This Man With Her Life Soon, They Find Themselves On The Run From Both Their Own Troubled Pasts And Authorities Hunting For Sebastian S Killer With Each New Day And Each Touch Drawing Her Further Into Michael S Embrace, Nikki Remembers About This Fugitive She Once Loved, And Who Still Loves Her Enough To Risk Everything To Protect Her And Keep Her Safe But Can She Love A Man Who Just Might Be A Murderer Manhunt by Lillie Spencer is incredibly exciting filled with suspense and romance I was immediately drawn to the main characters, Michael and Nikki, and their love for each other The story was filled with intensity exposing their complicated past of abuse, love, friendship, and worthiness Nikki was abused due to a unfavorable relationship with her past relationship with murdered victim, Sebastian She suffered Amnesia and Michael brings her memory back during an escape to reality The love scenes are incredibly passionate and very well written The plot was suspenseful and it was hard for me to stop reading this book What happens next is the question that comes to mind in each chapter It has an unexpected ending If you are Romance readers, this is a book for you Manhunt creates vivid scenes and I loved it 5 stars Excellent story I really enjoyed this bookclick below for a longer review and a giveaway I read a pre release copy of this book and it s smashing Lillie has a way of making it so that the story plays like a movie rather than reading text LOVE it. Manhunt by Lillie Spencer is her first novel, which is romance suspense It is a story of Nikki, who wakes up in the hospital badly beaten by her abusive boyfriend, and has no memory of how she got there The story also belongs to Michael, her ex boyfriend, but who is still very much in love with Nikki and is still her best friend, as he rushes to her aid It is Michael, who left his job as a doctor in the hospital, when he gets the call about Nikki, to rush to her aid But Michael makes detour to find Sebastian, the one who beat up Nikki The next time we see Michael he rushes into Nikki s room, having been told she has amnesia and doesn t know anyone Michael lifts her off the bed, disconnects the cords, and though Nikki fights him not knowing who he is, he calms her and tells her to trust him For whatever reason, that even Nikki doesn t know, she allows him to take her away From that point on, they are on the run Sebastian is found dead There is a manhunt on for Michael, who is suspected of killing Sebastian, and kidnapping Nikki Though the intense manhunt is on, we are treated to a very nice romance between formers lover Nikki and Michael It is Michael who refuses to tell Nikki anything of the past, as he wants her to gradually remember on her own Lillie Spencer does a good job showing how much Michael loves and has always loved Nikki How Michael broke Nikki s heart, when he went away to school to become a doctor Unfortunately for Nikki, she became involved with childhood friend Sebastian, who was a mean and jealous abuser But the first half of the book, is both of them on the run from the law, and Nikki slowly beginning to remember things from her childhood, and remembering how she felt about Michael Their romance was nice to see, and the love they felt for one another was beautifully done, even though the memories bring back for both of them the past relationship with Sebastian, their own flawed family, the friendship between Michael, Nikki, Jeremy, Christian and Sophia All these returning memories opens the door for Michael and Nikki to love each other passionately Their love scenes were well written by Spencer, showing the passion, love, and pure sexual intensity.The second half of the book was when they decided to return home and give themselves up Michael is arrested for murder, and a trial will decide their fate.Lillie Spencer has created an excellent romance filled with suspense, intense moments, a exciting ending, and some wonderful characters Michael and Nikki belonged together Christian was an awesome friend to both, as was his wife Sophia I loved Christian the best Jeremy was also a good adopted brother, and friend It is this family spirit, and the love of all to stand together that makes this a good story I thought some scenes in the first half could have been cut, moving it along a bit better, but overall this was an excellent first novel for Lillie Spencer.BarbThe Reading Cafe As seen on Ed and Em s Reviews 3.5 5 Stars Manhunt is Lille Spencer s debut novel and for a debut, it s pretty dang good, if I do say so myself.The author approached me to do a review and I was immediately intrigued When I went to check it out on its Goodreads page, I didn t like the cover, but the synopsis Dang, it sounded like it would be a lot of fun to read And it really was When a book can suck me in just from the blurb alone, it usually is a book that I won t soon forget While the wasn t the best book ever, if Ms Spencer keeps writing up her writing, I m sure she could prove herself as a best selling romance author Ms Spencer adds just the right amount of crime, suspense and mystery to make this is a thrilling read This is a great novel to hold your interest, but be forewarned, the basis of this book is definitely erotic romance Ms Spencer writes in stride though It s by no means a porn without a plot or a PWP The story would ve been just as wonderful without the sexual content that was just for fun Insert winky face here.I loved the characters They all had a special place in my heart and I was so happy to see them get their happily ever afters While Michael Brennan and Nikki Wright were great, my favorite character would have to be their best friend, Christian He was a great character and everything you d want in a friend loyal, supportive and genuine All of the minor characters were supportive of Michael and Nikki The best friends, the parents and even Michael s brother It was nice that there were so many people in these two characters lives to help them through this difficult period of their lives I don t believe they would ve made it without these people they consider family.The major twist was pretty predictable and the timeline was sketchy, but those were really my only issues with the book It was a fast read, one that kept me up all night and I m not complaining I really enjoyed the story that Ms Spencer wove together The ending is sticky and sweet I love the fast forward of epilogues, so that was a total bonus I really enjoyed the insight.I m very happy to have been given the chance to read this book I recommend to fan of romantic suspense It s a fun, on edge read that will capture your interest from the very being and keep you in its grasp until the very end. First, I had to read this because of the subject matter Got to tell you about my family first My hubby was in an accident some time ago He still doesn t remember the accident or 5 miles before it I love how the brain protects the body from pain physical and stressful I am a labor and delivery nurse and have been to court for domestic violence issues My brother was a great domestic violence deputy until his son was killed by a gang from one punch that broke open an artery.And just got a call from my daughter recently to tell me that her husband had been physically and verbally abusing her We suspected by had no evidence So this story had so much for me to see and feel Warning Be prepared to read about domestic violence and all the dirt that goes with that I loved how her characters lived All led or saw tortured lives Some coped well others different Ms Spencer wrote their lives and all their coping mechanisms good and bad I loved Michael and Nikki s story He would do anything for her and did Well just about everyone did do everything for her You know that something bad happened with a jerk of a guy who was there when Michael wasn t You don t know the whole story at first The story slowly evolves as Michael kidnaps Nikki from the hospital and they go off somewhere she doesn t even know To make matters worse, Nikki doesn t know who she is or who this guy is that just kidnapped her, whom she has known all her life.Nothing ever goes well for them on this journey They are running from the FBI because of this kidnapping and something else Because Nikki slowly remembers things but not the violence that caused her to forget everything When the law catches up to them, Michael is ready to go to jail to protect her from her memories I loved how Ms Spencer portrayed the system as not all bad Too many stories out there of how the system fails everyone.What got me the most is that I didn t see the ending coming I didn t realize the full extent of Michael s love for Nikki until then I cried I loved it I love a good romantic suspense novel and this was definitely a good romantic suspense novel A lot of times I get so lost in a book that I finish it before I realized what really happened, especially when there is a lot of drama and running going on but with Manhunt, I found myself having to step back a few times and think about what was happening I didn t get lost in the story, the story grabbed so much of my attention that I found myself constantly questioning what just happened and how in the world are they going to fix it there is no doubt that Lillie did an amazing job of keeping me on my toes with the constant twists and turns I bet I had 3 different theories in my mind before the truth came crashing down and to say I was stunned is a bit of an understatement Awesome Job Lillie Full Review to come..