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I need no further proof that you are despicable Lilith Davenant's sensibilities were appropriately offended How dare the brazen Lord Julian Brandon kiss her when he knew full well the man she was to marry was in the next room It mattered not that the cad was handsome charming and wittyunlike the staid auburn haired young widow's fiance Lilith's repute meant all Never did she imagine the blackguard's amorous pursuit was the result of a wager to sully her flawless reputation Nor did she dream that one day she would yearn for Julian's irresistible embrace and that a reckless gamble would cause the notorious rake to lose his heartjust as Lilith discovered her own

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    I love this book It is probably old school HR there is no sex scene as such But the sexual tension the passion and desire these are all here in spades There is also seduction betrayal remorse and forgiveness And LC's writing is a treat as always This is a book where words and their meaning are important and how they are used even so I had tears in my eyes again third time through for me this time as an audiobook and my heart ached for both hero and heroine albeit for different reasonsIt is the story of Julian the Maruess of Brandon an initially unlikeable hero who lives only for pleasure He spends his time in relentless hedonism in an effort to stave off boredom knowing in his heart how desperately lonely and pointless his life is but refusing steadfastly to acknowledge its emptiness It is also the story of Lilith a young widow of 28 who has suffered through a short but soul destroying self esteem crushing marriage She has renounced any hope of a love match and enters into an engagement that will give her financial security and thus the means to bring out her nieces who are her ersatz childrenThe eponymous wager is made when the Maruess makes a bet with a courtesan that he can seduce Lilith in 8 weeks In return the courtesan will relinuish her claim on Brandon's young and rather dim cousin Robert For most of the book only he and the courtesan know of the wager From the first Brandon is attracted to Lilith recognising in her the challenge that has heretofore been missing in his numerous liaisons But in planning her seduction he brings about his own downfall a downfall that includes some brutal self realisation and ultimately deep shame His calculated pursuit of Lilith is horrible He knows every trick and manoeuvre rattling her and making her excruciatingly aware of himIt is like watching a train crash in slow motion you want to scream Lilith look outLilith is a very strong moral woman and she furiously resists his advances How sweet it was for me when his victory turns to ash He realises he has not won but lost his heart his peace of mind but most of all his self respect The endless jokes he makes about not having a conscience are supremely ironic He discovers he does have a conscience and it is remorselessly flogging him I never feel we know Brandon really well we read nothing about his childhood or youth or much about what he did in France for several years before returning to London He is a bit of an enigma Conseuently it took time for me to start to sympathise with him and I wished I had insight into his character However I truly felt his despair when he saw himself hoist in his own petard view spoiler after finding out about the wager Lilith gives him the cold shoulder and he is excruciatingly aware that she will never now believe any of his protestations of love and he has fallen in love with her because he had previously cold bloodedly used these self same words as a vehicle for seduction hide spoiler

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    Okay so this is the 2nd best reform the rakeseduce the prude story EVER This is an utterly fabulous wonderful read full of what I think are L Chase's great strengths brilliant hilarious dialogue; great vivid characters you come to love and understand; truthful points of view; plausible conflict; crackling chemistry; and a story that develops organically without any lurching lapses in logic Just effing brilliant I read this last night in one go Could not put it down This is Chase at the top of her game Full disclosure I adore the wit writing and characters in Lord of Scoundrels IMO the BEST RtRStP story EVER and though I've enjoyed most of L Chase's other books I had stopped hoping anything would ever rival LOS for sheer brilliance and wonderful characters until I read this Seriously This was a stupendously fun read Others have summarized the plot no doubt so I won't Suffice it to say the evolving chemistry was terrific the emotions complicated honest and non angsty and the outcome hard won and satisfying Every single sentence perhaps I exaggerate but not by much is a delight wry whimsical and laugh out loud perfect Now I have two love to death reread to stupidity books Happy happy joy joyIf you enjoyed LOS you will I promise you have a wonderful time with this maruess and widow He is as mad bad and dangerous to know as they come and she is his eual and in some ways his better without ever being a finger pointy twit Loved her loved him loved the secondary couple too It's chaste no sex scenes but I did not miss it The emotional intensity was all there without it22013 Okay so I'm re reading it already I know Pathetic but it's soooooo good 'Nuf saidBTW the AUDIOBOOK of this is delightful

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    He was spineless and dumb and she had no pride The OW won over all these dummies It was a book of her triumph There is but one Choderlos de Laclos and one Liaisons Dangereuses These kinds of pale imitation are contemptible What a waste of time

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    Happy to see older novels by Loretta Chase hitting the stands again She is one of my favorite HR writers Knave's Wager first published in 1990 is available in e book format as well as audio I decided to read the kindle book rather than listening to an Audible download The cost for the kindle book was only 299 versus about 1399 for the Audible version I had never listened to Stevie Zimmerman and while her sample clip sounded fine I didn't want to spend a credit on an unknown narratorGood story A rake reforms An ice berg melts Engrossing Heart wrenching Historically credible with bits of trivia concerning Bonaparte did he really try to commit suicide??Superb dialogue and delightful plot lines especially the scenes involving the debutant Cecily This minx stole the show perhaps too much sometimes eclipsing even her Aunt Lilith the lead heroine Kudos to the author for her ability to create vivid sexual and emotional tension without ever mentioning taboo feminine slurs or reproductive anatomy this is a clean romance with only kisses and some caresses Just a few mild swear words No violenceUp until about 75% it was a solid hit Even though Chase lost some minor points at the end I still count this among the better HRs out thereuibbles Not sure about the portrayal of Julian His characterization wobbled some from dedicated spy to debauched rakehell to brotherly uncle etc I couldn't believe he made that wager in the first place since he certainly didn't need to resort to it and since Lilith had only recently played Good Samaritan to his wounded traveler Also while he didn't realize he was in love with Lilith he slept around with actresses I guess?? Unclear His eventual remorse and heartache was not as thoroughly rich as I would have liked But it was almost rich enoughTowards the end it fizzled for me a bit About the time that Lilith set out on THE SEARCH with Julian I was ready for some muck deep groveling and major making up Instead it went wonky Then at the very end too much wandering back and forth from the main couple Julian and Lilith to the secondary couple Cecily and Robert Also too much talk at the end not enough joyous loving and I don't mean sexy timesStill a solid four star regency I really REALLY liked Lilith Some reviewers felt she was cold Na ah Very warm hearted but guarded Courageous enough to take the plunge Between Cecily and Lilith the ladies outclassed the gents view spoiler Even the scheming hussy came through at the end hide spoiler

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    review found at wwwawesomebooknutcomSo this isn’t something I would normally read let alone review here on my blog since I mainly read young adult However I enjoy a good break from my usual genre in order to read something else This book was recommended to me by my mother in law who usually reads nothing but Newbury Award Winning booksso like middle grade or younger Which says something about THIS bookOriginally written in 1990 this is your typical reform the rakeseduce the prude story However shockingly this is clean What I mean by that is there are no graphic sex scenes gasps which is another reason why I’m reviewing it Hey if I can find a good fun relatively clean book outside my norm then hey I might as well spread the word Now that being said I would still say this for older audiences due to just the idea itselfLilith a widow known for her complete and utter “coldness” of nature Which in reality was pure discipline She is regal poise and always in control of her thoughts words and emotions Nothing escapes her without her consent She is know as “the ice ueen” for her rather cool and composed character Yet she is kind thoughtful and very generous Due to her financial situation that her dead husband left her in she accepts the hand in marriage to a man who seeks nothing but a life in politics And what better wife is there than someone as composed as LilithJulian Wyndhurst Maruess of Brandon bored spoiled and a known scoundrel who is rich and who knows he’s good looking Julian lives to enjoy himself no matter how it affected others A real rouge In order to save his cousin from entering into matrimony with his mistress he enters into a wager to see if he can seduce the impenetrable Lilith If he succeeds this mistress will leave his cousin and life alone but if he fails then Julian must not stand in the way of her happinessThe wit and story telling was wonderfully paced I enjoyed the slow moving and the slow thawing of this “ice ueen” I loved Julian’s humor and way of doing thingsI really enjoyed the story and thought it was well written and completely This is a romance novel with an actual storyline that does a great job without graphic sex Now this is still a romance novel and will say there are plenty of sexual understandingOverall if you’re an adult and looking for a witty romance check this outSexual Content moderateLanguage mildViolence mildDrugsAlcohol mild

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    An older Loretta Chase – a mixed bag of sorts – but still it’s a winner for me Actually I liked it better than the reviews suggested The h a cool collected widow is a forbidding figure who seems to terrify half of London with her ‘ueenly reserve’ and demeanor One look from her sends society matrons and grown up men scuttling for cover Not so the H – a jaded indolent rake with no scruples that one can discern So while the h’s cold persona hides a lonely but warm loving person who goes beyond duty to help others and family alike it’s what you see is what you get with the H Even when helping out in a family circumstance he agrees to do so as it only goes with his own plansWith SpoilersThe hH first meet when she rescues an unconscious H from a curricle accident and its only later she realizes that the thankless flirt is actually one of her dead husband’s group of dissipated friends who led him on to the path of depravity from which he never recovered The H is intrigued by the ice ueen and when he learns she’s gotten engaged to a staid gentleman politician he reasons she’s ripe for seductionThe younger couple and their romance clashesmeshes with the main one and is actually the raison d'être for much of the deception on the H’s part The H’s young cousin has thrown the whole family in a tizzy by stating his intention of marrying his French mistress The H is called in as reinforcement and when he confronts the demimonde she in a strange twist suggests that as she’s too weak an adversary for a lord she’ll state her champion whom the H will have to ‘vanuish’ in order for her to comply – to give up the younger man and some incriminating love letters So they set up a wager and she picks up the legendary ice ueen who’s uite unaware of how her virtue and reputation are being staked who will have to be seduced by the H for a win He agrees as that was what he’d come to London for anyways So two birds and allThe chase begins and the h initially disdainful and unyielding melts slowly beneath his slow and sweet strategy Now to the standouts and the nitpicking The h’s niece – part of the younger couple – is perhaps the best part of the book Sure to evoke a smile or chuckle with her forthright wit and smartness Her bucolic wholesomeness hides a canny scheming mind and a lovely loving nature I like her as she’s the only one who truly understands and cares for her human island of an aunt And the way she manages everyone especially her beau the oh so sophisticated but actually witless nephew of the H is something to watch and learnSome reviewers have a big misgiving about the ‘ow’ I didn’t see her as the problem but rather it’s her interactions with the H that is For one she’s not the ow in the strictest sense – rather she’s an angle in the secondary romance She’s a woman looking out for her interests and I actually felt some admiration for her Yes the author did give her a lot of rein over the progress of the story – even in the hea which I can see could have been done differently My one problem with the last meeting between the lady and the H broken hearted and going away to Paris by now was not how she manipulates him but view spoiler that he asks her to go away with him to Paris She laughs and refuses thereby gaining an even bigger aura I couldn't hate her but I was completely shocked out of my frayed but still present fuzziness I didn’t see any other reviewer point it out but perhaps for them she as a whole is the problem hide spoiler

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    I've given this a B for narration and B for content at AudioGals so I'll leave it at 4 starsKnaves’ Wager is one of Loretta Chase’s earlier titles having originally been published in 1990 The author’s trademark wit and humour are much in evidence the principal and secondary characters are strongly drawn and the story features a sweet secondary romance as well as the very well developed central one The book also boasts one of her wittiest sexiest heroes and lots of wonderful battle of the sexes banterJulian Wyndhurst Maruess of Brandon has recently returned to London from the war torn continent having been summoned home to deal with a family emergency – which it turns out is his cousin Robert’s intention to marry his mistress of two years’ standing Julian is not pleased at having been called back for such a paltry reason but Robert has not only expressed his desire to marry his chère amie he has committed his intentions to paper which puts a completely different complexion on thingsReluctantly Julian confronts the young woman fully intending to buy her off but she is made of sterner stuff and instead proposes a wager If Julian can seduce the thoroughly proper and upstanding Mrs Davenant within the next eight weeks she will bow out gracefully return Robert’s letters and agree never to see him againHaving already formed the intention of laying siege to the widow’s virtue and fully cognisant of the effect upon women of his exceptional good looks and confident in his ability to charm the birds from the trees Julian acceptsLilith Davenant is cool composed and has the reputation of being an ice ueen She is reserved but is kind thoughtful and generous to those who know her best as well as possessing has a dry sense of humour that she rarely has the opportunity to exercise Her late husband did not treat her well and left her in straightened circumstances Having no children of her own Lilith has made it her mission to bring out her numerous nieces but now her finances are dwindling to such an extent that she is forced to consider the idea of marrying againJulian however will have greater obstacles to overcome than his bad boy reputation and Lilith’s sense of propriety for she blames him for her husband’s demise Even though Davenant was ill Lilith believes his end was hastened by his association with Julian’s set and the final indignity was that her husband died owing Julian a very large sum of money which has caused the depletion of her financesOf course Lilith can’t help but find herself reluctantly drawn to the gorgeous maruess and of course he can’t help falling for her and then being too stupid to recognise his feelings for what they really are But even such a clichéd plotline can’t detract from the sheer joy to be found in this story The chemistry between the leads is potent and the author builds the sexual tension between them by slow degrees so that nothing feels rushed or forced Julian and Lilith eventually manage to put their preconceptions aside and develop a genuine friendship in which they discover that they enjoy each other’s company and like each other as people as much as they are also attracted to each otherYou can read the rest of this review at AudioGals

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    The hero's an asshole and totally beyond redemption The heroine has feather for brains Put them together and you have an illicit affair the heroine is engaged to another Oh God Why did I ever read this book?

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    325 stars

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    Another guilty pleasure trope the bet Usually made by a conceded rakish type I love that moment of discovery the betrayal I'll admit that's cheesy of me but this one was so very well done I should be forgiven My most favorite character was the MC's niece she was delightfully clever 5 fluffy feel good stars