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New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh weaves a sensuous spell of romance that brings together the unlikeliest pair of lovers in the unlikeliest place of all– an infamous London house of pleasure She was unlike any woman he’d ever met in the ton or the demimonde But Sir Gerald Stapleton freuented Mrs Blyth’s euphemistically dubbed “finishing school” for pure uncomplicated pleasure–and nothing else So why was this confirmed bachelor so thoroughly captivated by one woman in particular? Why did he find himself wondering how such a rare jewel of grace beauty and refinement as Priss had ended up a courtesan? And when she needed protection why did Gerald who’d sworn he’d never get entangled in affairs of the heart hasten to set her up as his own pampered mistress to ensure her safety–and have her all to himself? For Priscilla Wentworth the path leading to Sir Gerald’s bed had been as filled with misfortune as it suddenly seemed charmed But Priss couldn’t allow herself to believe she’d ever be to a man like Sir Gerald than a well cared for object of pleasure Now despite Gerald’s deep distrust of marriage neither scandal nor society’s censure can keep them apart–only the fear of trusting their hearts

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    I bought the reissue as an ebook rather than try to find a used copy of the original and it was well worth it despite paying a MMPB price for a category length storyA Precious Jewel is unlike any historical I've read The heroine is a prostitute working in a brothel the hero a beta of average intelligence and looks and get this the sex is initially uite uneventful for herWhat? you say The heroine isn't a virtuous maiden pretending to be a prostitute? Neither is the hero a take charge Adonis determined to rescue her? I'm not sure a story like this could be published today It's rather honest for a historicalSir Gerald Stapleton is our rather average hero and he visits Miss Blyth's brothel for predictable no drama sex with as much passion as someone visiting a chiropractor When he first visits fallen gentlewoman Priscilla Wentworth he tells herI don't like any tricksNone of the little arts you girls know to make things proceed faster I like to take it slowly at my own speed All I want you to do is lie stillAnd lie still she does There are no fireworks no treacherous bodies reacting to the heat of the other's touch just safe passionless missionary So pleased by her acuiescence Gerald becomes her regular client for months before setting her up as his mistressAs awful as this sounds I was compelled by the honesty of it In truth they use each other in the beginning Gerald gets his safe passionless sex and Priss gets her independence and the ability to be Priscilla the lady again From this sturdy amicable partnership grows a romance That it builds so slowly makes the eventual HEA much palatableGerald has been ill used by the women in his life His mother left him when he was uite young and his step mother was a less than savory character He has understandable issues with relating to and trusting women Unlike an embittered rake with woman troubles however Gerald is awkward and naive rather than selfish and dismissive Priss on the other hand had wonderful relationships with her father and brother before they died Her reluctance stems from her refusal to hope for something She has weathered her fall with grace and good spirits but she's not sure she could do it again Her facade of professional distance between them that the sex is just a business transaction is to keep her own sanityDespite both their efforts to the contrary these two form a tight bond They offset each other's weaknesses and strengths Priss finds herself hoping for and Gerald begins to trust her and place her pleasure and happiness before his ownA Precious Jewel is a slow moving book Those who prefer passion and desperate declarations of love would probably be bored with this book It's a gradual joining of two souls who are too afraid to lay themselves open and become vulnerable but eventually must do just that

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    When Sir Gerald Stapleton visits Mrs Blyth’s house dubbed “the finishing school” for his pleasure and nothing else never would he have dreamed he would meet the woman whom would change his heart and world forever Priscilla Wentworth Priscilla must heal Gerald’s wounds of his past and get bast both their mistrusts to have a future together After reading A Precious Jewel I can fully understand how Mary Balogh was able to break so many boundaries in romance novels with two unconventional lead characters that broke the stereotype mold here after Sir Gerald Stapleton has come to MrsBlyth’s house of pleasure dubbed the “finishing school” for how well trained the prostitutes are to act like ladies out of bed Sir Gerald is a little disappointed that his regular lady he sees is sick but takes the suggestion of seeing and trying out the new girl Priss After a blissful if not one sided encounter Sir Gerald decides to make Priss his regular lady to visit there after as she did what she was told and that was to do nothing and let Gerald has his pleasure and be done Soon Gerald can’t get Priss out of his head seeing her and each week which amuses his best friend Miles Ripley Earl of Severn who says he’s smitten Gerald brushes the remark off until he meets up with Priss one night to see her having been abused Trying to see beyond his anger he decides to make Priss his mistress in order to have her alone but to protect her from harm but having many misgivings through the whole enragement Gerald soon sees he’s fallen in love with his own mistress but his mistrust and distrust of females keeps him from truly giving his heart to Priss until an unforseen event causes him to lay his heart bare Priscilla Wentworth was raised a well bred lady but due to the death of her whole family and her cousin making her life a living hell she turns to her once governess MrsBlyth for help only to find out the so called “the finishing school” is not a school but a house of pleasure Priss sees no other way then to make due with what hand has been dealt to her and becomes one of the prostitutes of Mrs Blyth’s house Two months she’s worked in the house being always practical Priss tries to always sees on the bright side One night she meets Sir Gerald whom she uickly falls in love with who never demanding of her but knowing what she is she can’t let him know her love for it would only lead to heartache After being hurt by a customer Gerald takes her as his mistress Priss sees this as a positive knowing her time spent with Gerald is very precious After meeting his best friend and learning about Gerald’s past Priss can’t help but feel an even deeper love for Gerald until the need to protect him and knowing he would never love or marry him Priss runs away only to be found again with a chance at a future with Gerald at her side Preuelseuel to the Ideal Wife with many of the events taking place before Ideal Wife and some afterward With A Precious Jewel it can be read stand alone or before Ideal Wife with no confusion on the reader’s part A Precious Jewel reminded me greatly of a calm river as you float along the story pages with the river running deep with two very deep and unconventional lead characters in Priss and Gerald Gerald is slow but far from stupid Something he freely admits it takes a little time for him to grasp events and situations This only adds another depth in Gerald with many male leads being very smart very rich etc He’s not perfect but his emotions run soul deep along with his pains Gerald mistrust of woman goes all the way back to his mother whom supposedly left him and later his step mother who grown tried of her older husband and tried to seduce her step son before Gerald put a stop to it and went to school which was a nightmare To add to Gerald’s already hurt and wounded sprint was his father’s displeasure of having a son whom was so slow Gerald keeps a sort of shield around himself never letting anyone close When Priss comes into his life he can’t help but be drawn to her warmth which he feels is an act or is it the truth? Gerald goes through many hurdles of his emotions from the so called abandonment of his mother his father’s hate of him and the broken trust of his stepmother Gerald doesn’t know if he can trust Priss whom he pays for his pleasure but when he finally sees he loves her Gerald still has many issues to deal with when he goes chasing after Priss Gerald was far from perfect but that just made me even drawn to him as a character I understood where he was coming from at all times that didn’t stop me from wanting to shake him to see that he was pushing Priss away as he let his fears overrule but luckily the light goes off in Gerald’s head in time for him to truly convince Priss he loves her and wants her as his wife Priss was another who uickly drew you in always practical this keeps Priss from dwelling on the bad things in life Instead of crying and having a fit Priss makes due with her lot in life and keeps going This show of uiet strength and spirt is what makes Priss such a great lead She loved Gerald greatly never putting him down or rushing him but always steady and clam saw the man whom was a little slow and not so perfect and saw the strong man he could and would be Priss knew she shouldn’t or couldn’t fall in love but in her heart of hearts knew there was no stopping the love she felt for Gerald from growing When she’s faced with leaving him Priss lies which may turn some of us off because of what’s she’s hiding This was yet another side of Priss who’s broken heart strength and hope for another day would keep her from going on I could understand why Priss lied and in the face of what she was up against and not knowing if Gerald was willing to go that extra mile for her or that he even loved her she always held out a hope that he would come for her When he does Priss is still unsure if he wants her orit brought a few tears to my eyes when they finally admit their love for one another With the steam level set on medium each sex scene is different and not just about sex but showing a side of the character At the start Gerald is pretty selfish thinking of only his pleasure but when he falls in love with Priss he finally and truly makes love with her Although his mistrust and Priss fears later get in the way with them going back to the one sided sex you get a glimpse in each of their heads as both are still fighting their feelings and hurt and understand where their coming from This book may not be for everyone with it’s at times slow pace but the depth of this book amazed me that I uickly started to re read it again thinking I missed something on the first readOverall a truly remarkable book by an amazing author I was so happy I picked up this reissue with it’s great depth in it’s characters this book really truly broke the mold

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    I'm going to have to go against popular opinion on this one I respect Ms Balogh's work to no end but this really really didn't work for me In fact I found it downright disturbing Still reeling with the shock of it all I've come to the Internets to find out if other people reacted similarly and instead I've learned that it's a much loved much praised book Okay so I'm a weirdo This review is for you other weirdos out thereFirst I love the concept I love that the heroine is a prostitute and the hero is an average gentleman I wanted to love the book for that alone But that originality does not make up for the flaws My problems are easily stated The heroine is a robotic doormat martyr The hero is dimwitted and selfish with creepy mommy issues which make him prefer sex with an utterly passive partner It could get a little spoilery from here on out but I don't talk about the later parts of the bookIt's like a regency Stepford Wives with her suppressing all her emotions and individuality and saying over and over How can I please you? and him taking his ease in her whilst marveling how comfortable and uncomplicated she is A long time ago I saw these male masturbation devices sold in vending machines in Japan which look like big cup o' noodle cups but which are filled with some kind of gel that you can warm in the microwave You then take your pleasure in the comfortable and undemanding cup The hero treated her like a noodle cup But you know different strokes for different folks If that's how they like being together in bed that would be okay But do they have any sort of relationship outside of bed? None that I can see All they talk about is the weather I swear to god It could be a drinking game My recreation of a typical encounterLovely weatherWarm for MayWould you like to go upstairs?Yes PrissThey go upstairs She disrobes and lays flat on her back How may I please you?2 minutes pass where she imitates a blow up dollThank you Priss It hope the weather holds tomorrowThank you sir I hope so too but May is so changeableWell good bye PrissAh The romanceShe falls in love with him on his first visit to her brothel I have no idea why She works in a Disneyland brothel run by her old governess This is never explained where the women only have to serve 3 clients a day She is supposed to be securely protected by the strict rules of this classy brothel but the first time a man steps outside the rules she being a martyr doormat does nothing to defend herself even though it's very clear from the text that the madam would support her She doesn't want to make trouble So she gets beat up and raped off screen and doesn't do anything afterward but prepare for her next client the hero She doesn't tell the madam Her bruising of course gives the hero the motivation he needs to take her into private keeping Which is fine But she could have defended herself or at least reported the bad client afterward or cancelled her next appointment or reacted to the rape and beating in any way at all and still have been taken into keeping This scene happens very early in the book and that is where I snapped I couldn't respect the story any but I had to wade through to the finish hoping against hope that there would be some character development in either the H or h No such luck The hero is a tool It's okay that he's not smart or handsome but a hero has to have some redeeming ualities One at least In his case I would have recommended that a big heart should be his virtue but he was remarkably selfish blind and clueless He never saw her as a person For instance he never figured out she was a fallen gentlewoman He accepted that her various talents and perfect elocution came from her 4 months tenure at the classy brothel He never even asked her last name A very kind hearted reader can find the evidence in the text to show that he was emotionally shut down and blind to things he subconsciously did not wish to understand Fine But he was still a tool If you're looking for a good prostitute romance try Courtney Milan's Unclaimed Highly recommended Bonus it has a virgin hero

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    Not to be totally flippant but the following images ran through what’s left of my Harleuin RomanceLand riddled brain for various reasonsGerald the hero emotionally vacant hero in search of Freud He’s Forrest Gump down to the wire Never let a stupid thought go unsaidPrissy the heroine The heroine has buckets brains than the hero which isn't saying a whole lot but don’t call a heroine Prissy Ever PRISSY As many times as I have seen GWTW every time Forrest called her Prissy all I could hear washttpswwwyoutubecomwatch?v5TmeReviewEmotionally slow hero hires Miss Priss to be his catatonic lover He really does care for her but in that way that Mary Balogh has she makes the relationship both realistic and creepy In modern days I am so afraid we would be talking plastic raincoats red ropes and I can't go there The H is both sweet and pathetic MB really pushes the line of discomfort when she makes him slow enough that it takes him a couple of days to go through his estate books that Prissy can see are fine from a few glances Poor guy I don't want to pity my hero that way Pity if the heroine has shivved him but not because he's slow And Prissy my heart was with her as she is forced into a life of prostitution or as the H says a whore Except we find out that her madamex governess offered her some other jobs that she turned down because the h wanted to stay “honest” Sympathy drop Really? Regardless love blossoms s l o w l y like a time lapse flowering in a National Geographic nature show And in the Iceland spring the Dryas octopetala opens in the two hours of sun of an Iceland summerHEA? I really don’t see how as she was a whore Even in 2017 that would be a big step to go from prostitution to respectability This would have been a three star but on one of his visits to find out what happened to the heroine he has sex with one of the other prostitutes because he's too embarrassed to ask the madam where Prissy is When I'm embarrassed or hesitant I blush or procrastinate I don't have sex with someone else

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    Welcome to my HR Purgatory shelf In Roman Catholicism the purgatory is where the souls of the dead wander in an indefinite state They stay in such a state unless they become fit for heaven at some point Similarly this shelf is where books that I am warned about stay—untouched and unread—unless a very compelling reason forces me to read themReasons for putting A Precious Jewel in this shelf Heroine is a prostitute Sex play is basically the H treating h like a blow up doll H is also a hypocrite of monumental proportionsThank you Evie Byrne and Feminista for your reviewEvie Byrne's Review 's Review

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    I think we can all agree that Mary Balogh writes romances with at least one flawed individual and a complex storyline As a writer she manages to get into the heads of her characters and the reader For good or for bad she plays on our sympathies A PRECIOUS JEWEL was a powerhouse of bittersweet emotions; it was a character driven romanceUsing Mrs Balogh's website I started with THE IDEAL WIFE where I first 'met' the self absorbed Sir Gerald Stapleton On his own I wouldn't have continued to read about this unlikable man But 'Priss' was mentioned numerous times and I wanted to get to know her character better Gerald had no other women in his life and she was his paid mistress During TIW he was in denial of the importance Priss played in his lifeMistresses courtesans and prostitutes are not my favored type of heroine I usually avoid them like the plague but for some reason I wanted to learn why Priss chose this lifestyle And why oh why did she have a relationship with Gerald except for the money?Though listed as part of a series on Goodreads this story runs parallel with THE IDEAL WIFE It starts before Miles and Abby's story and ends months after TIW has finished That and a couple of other reasons are why you need to read A PRECIOUS JEWEL after TIWYou are a good girl Priss Gerald knows little he doesn't want to know or care about her Not her full name or where she lived before joining Miss Blyth's establishment Where was her family? Did she have a family?You are pleasing me well Priss His needs are simple direct and uncomplicated He expects her total obedience After all he is paying for her services And thenI want you to be happy Priss Gerald had such a difficult time trusting women He was very much a beta male; at times even an omega male There was lots of baggage attached to him; I felt like I was walking through sludge He doesn't want Priss to be different from other women and he fights it on every levelAgh I was utterly drained by the time I finished this book I started it early in the day and couldn't put it down late that night That was how bad I wanted to finish the storyI am giving it a generous three stars I am still not sure whether I like Gerald but if anyone could make him a better person it would be Priss

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    Rating 2 out of 5Could have been so much better if the hero wasn't an ignorant hypocrite Ignorant because he doesn't see what's right in front of him and makes up make believe scenarios and hypocrite because only he can call her a whore and treat her like shit but of course no one else canI had a lot of respect for this author for writing about a legitimate fallen woman story in historical times But the hero was too much and so was the heroine for accepting the hero's actions and words like they were her due

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    Where to begin? This was definitely not my favorite Balogh book and I feel a little cheated for itThe story is simple enough insecure lord falls for his gently bred mistress It's nothing out of the usual and could have a great deal of potential HoweverIssue #1 the hero is so terribly insecure he can't acknowledge the possibility of caring for Priss even though he clearly does When he does find himself becoming emotionally entangled he immediately withdrawals says a few mean things to her then disappears for a while Naturally Priss takes this as a rejection and a reminder of the fact she's just his paid employee so then she withdrawals as well It's a common theme that uickly becomes repetitive and annoying Issue #2 Priss supposedly has backbone and strength of character Yet all we see is a submissive little weakling It makes sense that she behaves this way at the brothel and also hides behind it every time he emotionally retreats but she doesn't strike me as being a strong character at allIssue #3 Every single character at one point or another refers to Priss as a whore some do it repeatedly Towards the end the word whore is bandied around so much it became impossible for me to conceive the Hh could ever have a normal relationship Society thinking that of her is a given but her future husband and his bff saying it? That's a problem Issue #4 there is a lot of creepy dead fish type sex That's how the hero likes it They finally kiss for the first time somewhere at the halfway point in the book Not a whole lot of romance in this one that's for sure

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    As I sit at my computer writing this review I am a mess I read this book in one sitting and I am a complete emotional wreckI love it This feeling is how I feel after I've read something special something other something uniue something unforgettable This is how I feel after reading A Precious Jewel Priscilla Wentworth is precisely what that titles saysshe is a precious jewel Resorting to prostitution after her fatherbrother leave her penniless she encounters Sir Gerald Stapleton at the brothel in which she workslives He is a paying customer and she completely dazzles him not because of her beauty but because of her sweetness and willingness to be and act exactly as he wants her to Finally not being able to bear watching her be abused by other men he asks her to come under his protection by becoming his mistress The relationship develops from this point Let me warn youit is slow to develop Sir Gerald is a man with lots of baggage and it takes time for him to trust Sir Gerald is in many ways a tragic character than Priscilla is The love scenes between these two are some of the most uncomfortable that I have ever read because they are so emotionally unattached and mechanical The reader soon comes to realize that Gerald is not capable of anything else He is incapable of giving anything of himself to another human being because he fears rejection and protects himself against pain He has incredible baggage from his parents and stepmother and it takes him a great deal of the book to come to terms with the ghosts of his past in order to be able to give himself to Prissy This is not a light romanceif your looking for that check out The Famous Heroine This is an extremely complex and emotional read that will have you hooked in no time The book evolves as do the characters within it and by the end you will be cheering and cryingbecause it had to end

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    I'm giving this a 3 stars I liked it because even though I think the story itself was uniue well written emotionally gripping and pretty much perfect for the characters it featured I personally couldn't get much excited than I liked it throughout the book That said two moments made me cry so apparently I was invested enough in the story to feel that much However my overall feeling upon finishing it was I liked it but it was too angsty for my tastes I should really know better and I admit that this is my own fault for picking it up in the first placeI note that the prostitutemistress heroine is totally not my trope of choice by a long shot I was surprised by how much sympathy I felt for Priss and her monstrously unfair life choices She was a saint for bearing up so well under the circumstances I initially was unsure if her gentle saint like ualities would translate into doormat heroine but yeahin this book I think she was exactly what Sir Gerald needed for a matchOverall the technical uality of the storytelling writing characterization and emotional depth is excellent; in terms of personal satisfaction though I'm giving this book a 3 stars rating Objectively though I do recognize it merits a higher rating